The Snooper ll
"You two better hurry up, your father will be home any second" mom yelled from the kitchen. Mike and I had been watching tv in the family room when an ad for the Victoria Secret runway show came on. The scantily clothed women were beautiful and we looked at each other and knew it was dick sucking time.

Dad was at work, we had over an hour before he got home so we had stripped naked and started to play. After my mom licked my ass I was hooked on having a warm tongue back there and Mike never complained when I asked him. I leaned over the arm of the couch and spread my legs while my best friend knelt and started licking around my hole. His tongue felt incredible as it pushed inside my tiny hole, my cock was already hard he reached through my legs to stroke it.

Mom walked past us to use the bathroom and shook her head "you boys..." She said with a smile. I looked at her and said between moans " feels so good". "I know it does sweetie", she said as she proceeded to the bathroom.

By the time mom came out we had switched places, I had a hand on each of Mikes ass cheeks and my tongue buried in his cute little asshole. "You like it too Mikey?" Mom asked. "I love it" he said as he ground his ass in a small circle, moving my head as it rotated.

We had started taking our time making each other cum, ass licking was our new favorite foreplay and we did it a lot. We figured out how to lick each other at the same time, that was great. Mike would lay on his back and I would sit on his face and lean over, pull his legs back and attack his hole. I could easily lick his balls like that too, which is exactly what I was doing when mom yelled to hurry up.

Mike and I quickly got in a 69 and started sucking each other. This was the best part, cuming in each others mouths at the same time. If one of us came early, we promised to hold the cum in our mouth until the other came so we could swallow together.

"He just pulled in, hurry up and get upstairs" mom said, running in. We grabbed our clothes and ran up the stairs naked to my room, I closed my door just as dad walked in the front.

"That was close" I said to Mike, "now, where were we?" Mike layed on my bed and soon our mouths were sliding up and down our cocks again. "Hey, I wanna use my butt plug" Mike said pulling his mouth off my hard dick. "When are you gona try yours?" He asked. I told him I had no problem cuming and didn't need it, but the truth was, I felt nervous about using it.

I got up and went to the closet to get Mikes plug when there was a knock at the door, I knew right away it was dad just by the strength of the knock. I threw Mike his clothes and we rushed to get dressed as I said "who is it?" Mike was dressed and turned the tv and xbox on as I pulled my shirt over my head and heard dad announce himself. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

"Hey guys, whatcha doin" dad asked. "just playin video games" I told him. "Hey Mikey, how are ya" dad asked. "I'm good sir, how was work" Mike asked. "The boss is up my ass all day" he said. Mike and I broke out laughing at the irony. Dad started laughing and ran in my room saying "so you think that's funny heh". He grabbed me in a head lock and nuggied me. We made small chit chat for a minute before he left saying they were ordering pizza for dinner. "Can Mike stay the night?" I asked. "Buddy he's been here everyday for the last week, I think your mom might need a break" he said. "come on down and wash up, the pizza will be here any minute, Mike, you can come back tomorrow".

There was no use arguing, after dad left I locked the door and watched Mike strip to put his underwear back on, I looked at his flaccid dick in disappointment one last time for the day."I'll see you tomorrow dude" i said.

I looked upset all through dinner and they both noticed. "Son Mikes been over everday, your mom could use a break, she needs some time to relax too you know" dad said. "did you guys have fun today?" Mom asked. "Yeah, it was ok" i said. From that comment, mom knew we had been interrupted. "I don't know what keeps you two so occupied all day" dad said. "I went to the store the other day and bought them new toys" mom said with a slight grin. "Hey sport, the Victoria secret runway show is on tonight, you in?" Dad asked.

Dad was in his recliner and mom and I snuggled up on the couch as the show started. The most beautiful women in the world strutted across the stage half naked and my dick stirred in my pajamas. "god she's got a nice rack" dad said. Mom playfully threw a pillow at him and said "hey, mine are bigger". "yes they are dear, yes they are" dad said.

Mom snuggled closer and her tit was against my arm, she was in her nightgown and didn't have a bra on. She used her hand to brushed her nipple back and forth over my arm and that was it, my neglected dick got hard.

Mom noticed right away and grabbed the blanket off the back of the couch and covered us up. My hand crept up to caress her nipple and mom purred quietly in my ear. At the commercial, dad got up to use the bathroom and mom said "you guys didn't get to finish, did you" I said "no, dad came in and kicked Mike out before either of us got to cum". Moms hand caressed my boner and she said "You'll see him tomorrow". "l know mom, I was just so used to going to sleep tasting his cum" I said in a disappointed tone. Mom just looked at me with sad eyes, she wagged my boner and said "I know sweetie".

I went to bed after the show and played video games awhile when mom and dad came to say goodnight. I gave hugs n kisses and they went to their bedroom and I went back to the Xbox. Soon I was ready to masturbate and go to bed.

I turned off the TV and took my pajamas off and climbed in bed naked. I was thinking about Mikes hard cock in my mouth and stroking my dick when there was a light knock at my door, it sounded like mom.

I crept out of bed, unlocked the door, stood behind it and opened it a crack. My mother gently pushed the door open, came in, closed and locked it. She walk me back to my bed without saying a word and laid me down and straddled my legs. I looked up at her heavy tits as she leaned in and started to kiss me. Our mouths opened and I tasted warm cum flow into my mouth. My hands went to my moms hips, then up her back to hug her in a warm embrace as our tongues danced together. Like before, we pushed the cum back and forth between our lips savoring the load only this time it was a stronger heavier tasting load, but i didn't care, I had cum in my mouth.

We swapped the cum longer than we had with Mikes, mom caressed my face with her hand as I held her close and felt her tits against my naked chest. We were making out heavy and hadn't spilled a single drop yet, but our mouths were starting to get full. The cum and saliva mixed together and the spilling point approached. Our mouths were locked together when mom delicately pulled her tongue out of my mouth, and our lips came together and our mouths closed, sealing our mouthfuls. Mom pulled back a few inches and I looked into her eyes, then we swallowed together.

"I thought your dads cum might tide you over until tomorrow" mom said with a smile. "Thanks mom, that was great" I told her. "Oh sweetie, doing that with you really excites me" she said. "Your father refuses to taste his cum" she continued. I said "dad doesn't know what he's missing". Mom smiled and continued to caress my cheek.

"You and Mikey have really been into butt play lately, how do you like your butt plug" she asked. I told her Mike really loved his and always wanted to use it, I tried changing the subject by reminding her we were almost out lube. "I'll pick some up for you while I'm out tomorrow, has it made your orgasms stronger?" She asked. I finally confessed I hadn't tried it because I was nervous.

"Oh sweetie, when you cum, your butt contracts against it and it presses on a huge patch of nerve endings in your butt, you cum a lot stronger".

She explained. "I know mom, I'm just worried I might be gay if I used it" I said. Mom said there's nothing gay about pleasure. "look at how hard you got looking at the pretty girls tonight, I seriously don't think your gay son". She explained how when she was little, her and her girlfriends would sneak and play with each other.

"But your grandmother didn't teach me about pleasure like I'm showing you" mom said. She said it was natural to be curious about your body and it was nice to make others feel good, both boys and girls, it didn't mean you were gay, it just means you like to feel good.

As mom talked I started to feel better about it and finally asked if she would help me try it. "of course I will sweetie". Mom said she would go get her lube and I said "won't dad be suspicious". Mom said " after your father cums he goes right to sleep, a train wouldn't wake him"

Mom left and I went to the closet and got out my butt plug and got back on the bed. She came back in and locked the door, just in case. Mom told me just to relax, and had me get on all fours. Mom moved behind me on the bed and I closed my eyes tight. I felt her spread my ass cheeks, then I felt her tongue circling my asshole, it felt amazing, just like when Mike did it. "A good licking wakes up your butt" she said, and went back to my hole. Her tongue pressed against it and started to slide in and I felt her hand caress my balls. "Oh mom" I moaned, then her tongue went even deeper. She was licking deeper than Mike ever did and I felt my build up of cum churning deep inside.

My asshole was covered in my moms spit and she asked if I was ready, I shook my head yes. Her finger went first, slowly sliding in and out of my tight ass, it felt strange but it didn't hurt. Mom stroked my cheeks with her other hand telling me to relax as she fucked my ass with her finger.

She slowly pulled her finger out and squirted lube deep in my butt then worked it around with her finger. It felt cold as slippery, then she said "ready" in an overly excited tone. Again, I shook my head yes, then put my face into the pillow.

Mom pulled my left butt cheek and I felt the cold tip of the butt plug slide in. Moms hand left my cheek and went to my semi hard dick and started to stroke as she went deeper. "take a deep breath sweetie" she said. Then she pushed it through my expanding hole, I grunted and felt it pop into place inside my virgin rectum.

It wasn't so bad, I felt it press against those nerve endings mom told me about and it kind of tickled, and Mike was right, I felt packed full back there. Mom helped me up and held my hands as I carefully stood, I felt the butt plug massage my insides and noticed my cock was rock hard. Mom watched as I walked around the room feeling the amazing sensations with my eyes wide open. "do you like it sweetie" mom asked. I closed my eyes and said "its incredible".

"Sweetie....come here, look, your dripping all over the floor" I looked down and a long strand of prejizz hung from the tip. My mom wiped it off with her hand then rubbed the cum on my shaft. She was also caressing my balls while she stroked me, I had my eyes closed and I could feel my butt squeezing on my plug. Moms hand was so slippery, my dick was pouring precum, her hand glided and made wet noises. Then I was cumming.

"Oh.....sweetie!!!!!!" Mom said as my cum squirted at her catching her totally off guard. " god dang it" was the last thing I heard her say as her lips slid over my unloading cock. Mom slid her finger to the butt plug and pushed and jiggled it, it was pressing against something in my ass that pulsed with every shot of cum, then she pulled it from my ass completely, right while I was cuming!! I felt my hole start to close up as my ass desperately searched for something to grip on, then she shoved it back in then pulled it out again. Mom was fucking my ass while I finished up in her mouth, it felt good.

"You get some sleep sweetie, I'm sure Mikey will be here after breakfast". "HEY" I said, "why didn't you share". "That one was special, I wanted it all for myself".

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