The Spanking
We've become more than comfortable with each other after finally meeting and touching face to face...After waking me up in the most delicious way and giving us enough time to share caresses and kisses and the minor stuff like using the restroom, brushing our teeth, waking up completely, and planning our day of enjoying one remind me I'm overdue for at least one good spanking. I keep a straight face.

I slip on my soft cotton tank that barely covers my bare ass. I can tell you are serious, which starts to get me wet just thinking of you having that much control and such a simple act being so sensual and erotic at the same time. I want it just as much as you want to give it. I tell you I'm all yours....You stand up, holding out your hand, I place mine inside of yours and stand up facing you, you turn me around not allowing me to even sensually kiss before this begins. You are now in full control of this moment. I start to turn around to face you and you keep me turned away. You nudge me to walk, I start to speak and you smack my ass and make a 'shhh' sound. I feel my body temp rise and my mind race along with my juices. I can feel the cream starting to leak to my inner thighs...what a turn on this is.

I walk a bit, you put your hand on my shoulder to stop me. The desk in the hotel room corner is a good height to have me bend over. You motion for me to grip the desk and bed over. I place my hands on the outer edge, my arms flat to the desk surface, which is cold and feels good to my overheated body. I'm bent over, stomach touching the inner edge of the desk as you pull up the tank, just under my breasts, exposing my bare ass, you move your foot between my feet and spread them, opening my leg span more than shoulder width apart. My breath increases, my cream thickens and very evident on my inner thighs. You stand behind me and before beginning you use one hand to grip my hair and tug to the side turning my head and roughly kissing my lips and neck. mmmmm I moan and nibble my bottom lip.

You step back and admire this pose. You're rock hard, I see this is as exciting for you as it is for me. Thinking we would both be nervous as this is our first time in this position together or with anyone else, but we are quite in tune and excited.

You stand to the side your hand starts to make circles on one ass cheek. I react well to the touch and the anticipation is driving me wild, I moan softly and wiggle my hips a bit. You rub then I feel your hand leave and with a good forceful smack I get the first taste of what a true spanking is. SMACK, I gasp and breath heavier...what a delightful feeling; sensual with a sting. You pull back and once again SMACK, watching my ass cheek drop and wiggle as your hand pulls back, already seeing the red spot, you circle your palm around the redness before my third and more intense smack. I moan and let the word 'yessss' slip out...gripping the edge of the desk harder with my hands. The next smack stings even more, making me gasp and move a bit to the side, the next a bit more intense yet, making me gasp again and moan at the same time, lowering my head and softly biting my bottom lip.

You change sides and repeat five similar smacks and rubs on the other cheek. After the fifth smack, you move your hand around my cheeks, and spread my legs more, pushing me down on the desk a bit, your hand explores between my cheeks, rubbing up and down and into the wetness you have created, an intense amount of excitement. One finger slips inside me making me moan and push against you. You push two fingers inside slow and deep. I tell you I want you...which by breaking the silence entitles me to another smack. You pull you fingers out and taste your creation, then the hardest smack of all follows, driving me crazy and stinging more than any of the others. you step back and grip your hard cock in your hand and stroke a few times. You tell me not to speak but ask me to nod if I feel I need more, if I've been naughty and need another smack...I don't hesitate one second, and nod yes...and SMACK, moving my hips forward and making me press up against the desk.

My heart racing, my breathing rapid, my hands tight on the desk's edge. Without warning another smack. Then another. mmmmhmmmmmm. Surprisingly this is a major turn on, I feel my juices leaking down my inner thigh, I turn my head slightly to look at you. Your cock in your hand for a few more strokes, then pulling back for another smack, stinging, but so fucking sexy I want more. I watch you, our eyes fixed on one another as you slowly stroke then pull back again for one more smack. My legs shake, my body pressing into the desk once again, nibbling my bottom lip, gasping and moaning. I moan out louder after that last smack, the vibration on my wet clit makes me quiver. I know I will cum if you keep this up. You move to my side and grab my hand and place it on your hard cock, I stroke a few times and then another SMACK, making me tense my grip and stroke hard, we both moan.

You move back behind me. You don't say a word, spread my legs further, your hands on my hips, you slide your hard throbbing cock inside, my juices covering you and ooozing out of me, you slide out and back in, sliding back out and kneeling down to taste the abundance. A few tongue licks and you slide your cock back inside, slow and deep, just sitting there a moment, then back out and a slight smack before sliding back inside me. I'm moaning and gripping the desk tighter than ever...The most amazing sensation, wanting you more than ever. Your hands on my hips....gripping tightly, as your hips work your cock in and out, both of us so hot and horny and on the edge of cumming so hard....You wrap some of my hair in your hand and tug my head back, pulling me closer to you as you thrust in and then out again. Our bodies quiver as we both cum and moan....mmmmm I think I've been very naughty, maybe I need another spanking??

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