The Stationery Cupboard
I've got a new job. I'm selling accounting software (it's called Onion - a subtle play on words). I decide to call on System Lynx, a new company on my area; I've been told I should ask for Pauline Connolly, who has an interest in this sort of software. I arrive at reception unannounced and security puts a call through to this Pauline Connolly. Yes, he confirms, she's prepared to see you. I am escorted through to Mrs Connolly's office and left with her. She seems to be rather flustered at my arrival. However, she goes through the charade of pretending not to know me
I look her up and down as she inspects my software package. She's wearing a very smart dark grey suit, with tiny pinstripes running both ways and wide lapels; it's complemented by a white blouse. I wonder if she is wearing stockings under the shortish skirt; as if to read my mind, she leans over the desk to find her glasses and I see the outline of a suspender as the skirt stretches tautly across her thigh. She notices my interest and smiles wryly. I feel a stirring and alter my stance to hide it.
Pauline suggests that we might go and look in the stationery cupboard, where all the software packages are kept. She thinks she may have an earlier version of what I'm trying to sell. I follow her along the corridor and she opens a door at the end, quite a long way from the main office. It seems very quiet in this area of the block. She leads the way into a small room; she switches the light on and I see shelves lined with various items of stationery. As I make my way in, she nips behind me and locks the door from the inside. She turns and faces me. "Welcome to my cupboard," she says.
I don't speak, but close the distance between us. Grasping her shoulders firmly in my hands, I pull her towards me and press my lips to hers. We kiss greedily and my hardness presses against her thigh. Keeping my grip, I propel her gently towards the shadows at the back of the room. I spin her around and ask her to put her arms up against the wall. She complies. I stand behind her and bring my hands under her arms and undo the buttons of her jacket. Pulling the blouse out of her skirt, I thrust my hands over her breasts and then kiss the back of her neck. She moans slightly and pushes her buttocks against my rigid cock. I quickly unfasten the catch on her front-fastening bra and release her breasts into my palms. I rub the nipples with my thumb until they grow hard as marbles. She squirms even more. After a few moments of kneading her breasts and tweaking her nipples, I release her and unfasten the belt on my trousers, allowing them to drop to the floor together with my pants. Her left hand reaches behind her and finds my stiffened cock. She moans again as she encircles it with her fingers and she begs me to fuck her.
I find the hem of her skirt with both my hands and tug it up to her waist. I grasp her thighs above her stockings and caress the flesh, until my fingers find her damp crotch and, after pushing her pants to one side, I slip a couple of them into the moist crevice of her vagina. She cries out again and stifles her moans by thrusting her the knuckles of her hand into her mouth. I motion her to lean forward into the wall a little more and to thrust out her buttocks. With my cock in one hand, I rip her pants off with the other, and attempt to shove my cock between her cheeks into her vagina. But I am too high up and I cannot manage the angle. Quickly discarding my shoes to lower my height, I try again, and this time my cock slides neatly into her. With a cry she pushes back against me and I begin to pump in and out. I sense the urge building quickly in her and this spurs me on; within seconds almost I can feel my climax approaching. Her vagina tightens around my cock and then I am spurting into her, filling her up. She groans loudly and then slumps against the wall; I am still standing behind her, deep inside her and holding her tight, until gradually the beautiful sensation in me subsides.
Back in reception we shake hands. She winces slightly at the pressure from my grip.
"Thanks for the order," I say.
"My pleasure," she replies. "You must come again, Mr Connolly."
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