The Store Receiver
Working in a grocery you meet alot of interesting people. But the one I'm most fond of is our store receiver. He has a very muscular body. Since I'm not working at my store at the moment, I make time to go visit him. Wearing a summer dress with nothing underneath. Wanted to make sure he gets to see all the right curves.
When I walked into the backroom, he looked up with shocked eyes of what he was seeing. He gave me a big hug and wet kiss. Which was awesome cause I love his touch which sends tingles thru out my body. And he has the most passionate kissed.
Since noone was around we went into his office and shut the door. Gave me another hug and kiss while reaching down to rub my ass, and discover had no panties on. He picked me and sat me down on his desk,where he lifted my dress up and started fingering my already wet pussy.
He than sat down in his chair and started licking & sucking on my clit. While using a vibrator I brought with me in my pussy. With my legs wrapped around his neck and my hands holding head down,he continued teasing me ever so softly which I love caused it make the orgasm ever so intense. As I get him to move the vibrator faster and lick and suck faster and harder I finally cum all over his face.
The orgasm was so amazing. Had my whole body shaking. As he remained seated I got down off the desk and unzipped his shorts. I started to lick the head and the shaft, while playing with his balls which I started to suck one by one.
I looked up to see how much he was enjoying me giving me oral sex.So I started to suck on his ever so hard cock.Stroking and caressing his balls with one hand and with the other I squeezed his nipples. Than I start sucking his cock faster & faster while stroking him.
He plays with my breasts while I'm doing him. I'm so ready for him to be in me. But I can feel he's ready to explode any moment and I cant wait to taste and swallow his cum. As I grab hold and play with his shaft & balls he explodes. I suck out every last drop of cum he has.
I stand and sit on top of his still erect cock.I slide onto him my pussy is throbbing to have him in me. As I slide up & down riding him faster & faster. He's playing with my clit with the vibrator. Which is an amazing feeling in it's self. But having his cock in me is like nothing else.
It brings us both to the most amazing orgasm ever. It was the most wonderful time ever.

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