The Stork Twins
The place where I grew up was a medium-sized coastal city, a couple of hours away from Sydney, and it was a great place to live and to call my home town. My dad was sent there on a job transfer to take over as district manager for a big finance company when I was so young I can barely remember living anywhere else, and he liked the place so much that he used to tell my mother that if the company ever tried to move him again, he would just quit and find a new job.

Now, about twelve miles out of town there was a little village called Carter's Mountain, although to tell you the truth, it really wasn't a mountain at all. It was just a little village, nestled in the coastal foothills of the Great Dividing Range, but over the years, Carter's Mountain people had developed a certain reputation. You see, twelve miles doesn't sound like much today, but back in the days when people walked everywhere or rode a horse, those twelve miles were just enough to make Carter's Mountain a little more isolated, and it's people a little less worldly, maybe eccentric, perhaps even a little inbred. Of course, none of this meant anything in modern times, but over the generations, people from Carter's Mountain had come to be regarded as "different."

In my school year, there were about eight or ten kids from Carter's Mountain, and even at that age, some of the other kids had picked up on the old Carter's Mountain thing from their parents and other older people, so the Carter's Mountain crew had to put up with a lot of schoolground teasing. Among those kids were the Szabo twins, Tanya and Erika, who stood out even more than the rest of the Carters Mountain kids for a few other reasons. Firstly, they were identical twins, with a Hungarian surname that stood out from the Smiths and the Jones's and the other Anglo-Celtic names we all had, but then there was also their appearance. They were exactly alike, and they were tall and thin, with long, skinny legs, and they had high cheekbones and big eyes that combined to give their faces a kind of birdlike appearance. They had a few nicknames over the years but the one that seemed to stick with them all through our school years was "the Stork Twins" because of their birdlike appearance and their long, skinny legs, and they were often teased relentlessly at school.

In all honesty, I don't think I was ever mean to their faces, but I'm not making excuses here because I was just as happy as anybody else to talk about them behind their backs and to make smart-arse remarks about them with my friends, and I'm not proud of that, but we all know kids can be very cruel sometimes. By the time we were ten, the Stork Twins were taller than most of the other kids in the class, and just as skinny as ever, and the teasing just kept going on. In Australia, we don't have middle school, so high school starts in Year seven, the year most kids turn thirteen. By that age, the twins were taller than a few of the kids in the year ahead of us, and even some of the boys had to look up at them to tell them what freaks they were.

A couple of years later, when we had all turned sixteen, the Stork Twins were about five feet eleven inches tall, and probably still had some growing left to do, but interesting things had happened to all of us. The girls had all developed breasts, and their figures had become curved, and their butts had become more rounded and womanly, as their legs became more shapely. The boys had changed, too, and as our voices deepened and our shoulders widened, we all discovered a newfound interest in those breasts, curves, butts and legs, and a whole lot of new topics began to be discussed among us in our recess and lunch breaks. Naturally, the figures of the Szabo twins were developing as well, but their breasts were fairly modest, as were their curves, because they were still very thin, and their long legs were still as skinny as ever.

Even at that stage, I still did not know one from the other, but as we had all gotten older, the playground teasing had given way to a different form of bullying. The "cool" girls ignored them completely, and the guys from the self-styled "tough guy" group would try to embarrass them about their appearance, or tell them they were freaks of nature, asking them which swamp they came from, openly taunting them while the rest of us watched and stayed out of it. I'm not proud of that, either. Even so, the twins had their own friends, mostly among the less cool kids in our year. We used to call the boys from Carter's Mountain the "Mountain Men" and a few of them were now big, hard guys, who spent their weekends driving tractors on their parent's farms on the other side of the village, or picking crops, or chasing cattle around, and they were no longer being bullied at school. They played football like their lives depended on it, and some of them even had facial hair when they were sixteen. Even the "tough guys" left them alone these days.

It was around that time that my dad started talking about how he would like to get out of the suburban sprawl and live in a house with some land around him. It started out as dinner table talk between him and my mother, but over time they became more definite about it, and then they started looking around at real estate, and talking about mortgages and refinancing. Even so, it was a long time before anything definite happened, and it was not until my last year of high school that they finally bought a big house on four acres at, (you guessed it), Carter's Mountain. I was going to become a Mountain Man.

We moved up there in the school holidays in early autumn, and because I was born in February, I had just turned eighteen years of age a few months earlier but I still had seven months of high school left, because the school year ends in December in Australia. Our new house was the second last one in a dead-end road with a turning circle at the end, and there was one last house near the turning circle, a few hundred yards from ours.

After we had settled in our new house, school started back after the autumn holidays, and my dad drove me to school on the first day back, but I had to catch the bus home after school. I walked out of the school gate and got on the Carter's Mountain bus, and halfway down the aisle, I saw the Stork Twins on the left side, as I faced the back of the bus. I still didn't know one from the other, but the girl in the aisle seat said, "How come you're on this bus, Troy?"

"We moved up to Carter's Mountain in the holidays," I answered.

She smiled and said, "So, you‘re a Mountain Man now? That means we're neighbours."

"Looks like it," I said with a smile, as I slid into the empty seat behind them. They both turned around in their seats to talk to me, and it was during this conversation that I finally learnt that Tanya, who was in the aisle seat now on my left, had a little mole on the left side of her neck, and that was the only way I could tell them apart.

"We'll have to show you the sights," Erika said, on the right, and then Tanya added, less enthusiastically, "What there are, anyway."

They both had a little giggle and Tanya added, "At Carter's Mountain, we have to make our own fun," and then Erika looked at her for a moment as though she thought she might give something away, but we just continued talking and laughing for the rest of the way home, as they told me all about life up at Carter's Mountain.

There were two bus stops in Carters Mountain, but the bus had to turn back in my dead-end street, so the driver said he could drop me off at my house, and when I got off the bus, there were only the twins left. Then as the bus got to the dead end, they got off and I saw them walking in their long-legged stride to the house down the road. It turned out we really were neighbours, but there was about three hundred yards of open ground between our houses.

My mother had a job as a duty manager at a big hotel in town, and she had different starting times. On days when she started early, she would drive to work in her own car, but when she had a 9 am start, she would go to work with my father, and after I got my licence, she would usually let me drive her car to school when she didn't need it. On my second day back at school, she had a late start so she went to work with my dad, and she said I could take her car to school. I drove her car up the street towards town, and I saw the Szabo twins walking to the bus stop, so I stopped and buzzed the window down and said, "You ladies want a lift to school?"

They were both dressed in their school uniforms, consisting of a blue and grey plaid skirt, and a pale blue blouse, and they smiled at each other and one of them said, "Hey, that sounds good. Thanks for that," and they walked over to the car. When they got closer, I saw the mole on Tanya's neck and I knew she was the one who had spoken. My mother's car was a two-door hatchback, and I popped the hatch and got out to open it so they could put their backpacks in. Then, I walked around to the passenger door to open it, and Erika was the first to get in. Being so tall, and with those long legs, she had to bend over and lift her legs high to get in the back seat, and I got a flash of her white lace panties as she climbed in. I had a quick look, and then I turned to see Tanya standing there, looking at me, and she laughed at me for looking up her sister's skirt. I felt a hot flush of shame for getting caught, but I said nothing, and walked around to get into the driver's seat. Erika was now seated in the back, and she looked up as though she had missed something, and said, "What was so funny?"

I said nothing, and braced myself for an earful, and Tanya giggled a little and said, "Troy was looking up your skirt when you got in the car," but Erika just laughed and said, "Well, it's a good thing I've got clean undies on, then," and then she laughed even more.

"Sorry," I said, avoiding eye contact, but Erika just shrugged and said, "It's a guy thing," like it was no big deal.

I started driving, but when I checked my rear view mirror the first time, Tanya flicked it up and giggled mischievously, and said, "No perving up Erika's skirt in the back seat."

I readjusted the mirror and said, "I need it to drive," but in the back seat, Erika said, "Well, at least, it's good to get checked out for a change, and not have some guy calling you a freak for once." I wasn't sure if I was meant to laugh at that but Tanya giggled as well, and she added, "I think we'll hang out with you more often," so I let myself have a little chuckle.

We had a few more laughs as we drove down to school, and as we turned into the street where the school was located and I parked across the road, Tanya was giving us a lisping impression of Mr Hennessey, our effeminate biology teacher. We were all still laughing at Tanya as we got out of the car and the girls got their backpacks out, and we walked to the school gate, where the twins turned to go one way, and Tanya said, "Probably see you in English, after lunch," and then they walked off in one direction and I went the other. I saw my two friends, Detlev and Owen, standing against the wall and watching us, so I walked over.

"Here he is, David Fucking Attenborough," Owen said as I got closer.

"What are you on about?" I asked although I had an idea where he was going with it.

"Following those two giraffes around," he said with contempt, as we both watched them striding across the quadrangle to join their friends on the other side.

"They're okay," I answered, "They're kind of funny when you get to know them."

"Yeah, funny-looking," Owen said, "Don't tell me you're trying to get a fuck out of one of ‘em?"

"Or both of them," Detlev added, smirking.

I looked across at the twins again, and Owen and Detlev both followed my gaze across, and I said, "Are you telling me you wouldn't fuck one of them? Just because they're tall?"

"Yeah, tall and fuckin' freaky looking," Detlev said, "Like a couple of swamp birds from the wetlands."

"I might fuck one of them," Owen offered, "but I wouldn't tell anyone about it."

"You're fucked in the head," I said, smirking myself because I was talking shit with my mates, "That's about the only fucking you're gonna be doing." I looked back at the two guys and added, "Besides, we're neighbours now."

"That's right," Detlev said like had had just remembered, "Because you're a Mountain Man now, aren't you? Moved up there with all the inbreds."

I nodded, and said, "Yeah, that's me," and Owen said, "You better watch out you don't grow two extra fingers," and we all had a chuckle, and I said, "Well, that might come in handy when I start sitting on my porch, plucking my banjo." Then, we had another laugh and the conversation went onto other things.

After school that day, I drove the twins back home again, and we had a few more hilarious laughs going back up the hill towards Carter's Mountain. When we got home, they invited me down to their place, so I went down after I parked the car and we hung out for a couple of hours. I found out that their father was a builder who worked away on projects most of the time, so he was only home on weekends, and their mother worked at an aged care facility in town, so when she was on a late shift they had to get their own dinner and do their own thing in the evenings. They were used to looking after themselves and they were very self-sufficient. I also found that they were a lot of fun to be with, something I had never known before, even though we had known each other at school for nearly twelve years. We talked about all kinds of stuff, and I found they could find something funny about almost anything. They also had that habit you sometimes see in twins, where each one starts or finishes off each other's sentences.

Over the next three weeks, I got to know the Szabo twins better than ever, as we hung out at Carter's Mountain together. They showed me the sights, just as they said they would, including the lookout, and the walking trails around the state forest, and the two swimming holes. One was used by everybody, and they told me the other was more private if you wanted to go skinny dipping, but we didn't try that because it was coming into winter. During those weeks, I found that they really were a lot of fun to be around. They knew they weren't popular at school and they wished it wasn't like that but they couldn't do much about it anyway, but they were twins and they had each other so they just got on with life.

I still went down into town and hung out with my other friends, but a lot of the time, I just felt like staying up at the Mountain with the twins. After a while, Owen and Detlev stopped being outright nasty about them, but they would ask me if I'd fucked one of them yet, or they would say stuff like, "You should fuck both of them and give them a score out of ten," or tell me I should try for a threesome. That was Detlev's idea, and he told me he'd even loan me his dad's video camera for the occasion.

So, three weeks after I moved up there, it was a Friday afternoon with the weekend coming up, and the twins and I were all sitting on the wide seat across the back of the bus as we rode home from school, laughing about all kinds of stuff as usual. As I looked across at them, I was thinking about things that had been going through my head for at least a week or so.

Like all the rest of us, the twins had changed over the last couple of years. They still had those high Hungarian cheekbones that a lot of girls would kill for anyway, but their faces had filled out and changed in shape, so their big eyes were now an asset because they were more in proportion. With their wavy brown hair growing down past their shoulders, they were actually kind of pretty now, and then there were those long, long legs, that were still thin, but had become more shapely since I last took any real notice. It's just that I had spent years looking at them as freaks, like everybody else at school, but it occurred to me that if you met them for the first time today, and you had never spent years laughing about their unusual appearance when they were younger, you would probably think they were cute. I sat there on the bus, listening to them and laughing along with them, and it occurred to me that they had more life in their faces than all of the stuck up tarts from that "cool" group of girls at school who all loved themselves to death. I also wondered to myself, if I was seeing these things, were any other guys at school also seeing them? Probably not, from what I was hearing most days.

The bus stopped outside my house and as usual, the twins and I were the only ones left on it. "You should come up to our place for a bit, after you drop your stuff off," Erika said, as I got up to go, and I said, "Yeah, okay. See you up there," and I got off the bus. My train of thought about the twins continued as I went into my room and chucked my school backpack on the bed, and changed out of my school uniform into jeans and a sports shirt.

I had only ever had one girlfriend at that stage, and her name was Cindy. We had met earlier that year at a party, only a week after my eighteenth birthday. Even though she was a year older than me, and had already finished high school and was working in a pharmacy in town, we kind of hit it off and started seeing each other. Cindy took my cherry within a week, and she was on the pill so we could fuck without a condom, and we went at it like rabbits for just over a month that we were together. Unfortunately, her friends started calling her a "cradle snatcher" for going out with a guy who was younger than she was, so she said we should break it off, but she left the door open to getting back together maybe after I finished high school and had a job, so all was not lost.

Cindy had also asked me if I wanted to go down on her one day, and naturally, I wanted to try that. That led to her showing me how to do it properly, and how to make her cum by licking her pussy and sucking her clit, and after I learned how to do that I felt like I had some kind of superpower, being able to make a girl have a writhing, moaning, gasping orgasm with just my lips and tongue, burying my face in her pussy and tasting it like that. After she broke it off, I was back to rubbing one out on my own practically every day, and I wasn't sure if that was going to change any time soon.

Up till now, neither of the girls had said anything about a boyfriend, so I as I got ready to head up to their house, I started thinking I might make a move on one of them. That of course left me with the question of which girl. They were identical twins, and were so much alike they were like the same person multiplied by two, so how would you decide? I thought I would just show a little interest that way, and see if one of them showed any back, and see what happened. Hopefully, one of them would respond because it could get awkward if it turned out they were not interested at all, and these were the thoughts going through my head, as I walked out my door and up towards the Szabo residence.

The front door was open when I got there, but I rapped on the open door frame and Tanya came out and said, "Hey, come in." She was still in her school uniform, but she was now barefoot, and her pale blue blouse was untucked over her plaid skirt. I followed her inside to the right of the entry foyer and into the living room, where Erika was lying on a long couch, with her back against the right arm. She was wearing a purple tank top and some denim shorts that had been cut down from a pair of jeans, and I could see she had a purple lace bra under her tank top. She bent her legs and shuffled back a little against the arm of the couch to give me some room, and she said, "Have a seat."

I sat in the middle of the couch, and Tanya sat on my left, and I turned to look at Erika. The edges of her denim shorts were frayed and cut fairly high, and with her legs bent like that I realised I could see the crotch of her white panties, and I noticed they had pale purple flowers printed on them. I only glanced for a quick moment but I looked up and saw that she knew what I was looking at, and she sort of exhaled a giggle, and said, "You can't help yourself, can you?" She was smiling when she said it, so it didn't seem like a big deal.

Erika looked past me at Tanya, and said, "Tanya, tell Troy what you heard at school today," so I looked around at Tanya, on my left.

"Yeah, I was talking to one of our friends after lunch," Tanya started, "and she told me she heard some guys talking about Erika and me at lunch time. One of them said we were the most unfuckable girls at school."

"They're just fuckheads," I said, looking first at Tanya and then turning to Erika, "They probably couldn't get a girl if they tried anyway. Don't worry about them."

"Whatever," Erika said, a little flatly, like she was unimpressed with the whole idea, and who could blame her? I wasn't really sure what to say next, and there was silence for a moment, like we were all thinking, but then Tanya said, "Do you think we're unfuckable, Troy?" Her tone was a little mischievous.

I looked at Erika on my right, and she was watching me as though she was waiting to hear my answer. "Of course not," I said, but I wasn't sure how to continue, so I looked away.

"Well, I'm glad somebody thinks so," Erika said, and I glanced her way again, but then Tanya added, "So, if you don't think were un-fuckable, does that mean you think we're fuckable, then?"

"Come on," I said, looking straight ahead and avoiding eye contact. I could feel the sheepish expression on my own face, and I continued on with, "You're really putting me on the spot now." To tell you the truth, I kind of liked where the conversation was going but I was taken by surprise so I felt totally self-conscious now.

"Come on," Erika said, from her reclining position on my right, and she tapped me on my right thigh with her foot for emphasis, "Tell us. We want to know, now." She now had the same mischievous tone as Tanya.

I looked at Tanya, and I said, "Come on, look at you. You're both cute, you're both tall, and you've got those legs that just go on forever. Who wouldn't like that?" Then, I had to look away from both of them because I felt self-conscious again after I got that out. Once again, we were all silent for a moment.

Erika broke the silence. "Have you got a girlfriend, Troy?"

"No," I said, still looking at the wall across the room, "I had a girlfriend for a while but she broke it off." I turned to look at Erika and added, "Long story."

"It's always a long story," Tanya added, on my left, and I noticed she was looking at the wall as well. I turned to look at Erika, and I said, "So, what about you two? Have you got boyfriends?"

"I was going out with a guy called Trevor," Tanya started, turning to look at us, "He used to work on one of the farms up the road, but he left to get a job in the mines up in North Queensland, so that was that."

"Oh," I said, as though I'd learned something, and I looked at Erika, and I said, "What about you, seeing we're all talking about these things."

"Not at the moment," she answered, "I was seeing this guy called Dennis. He worked at the transport depot, but he went and joined the air force. He said he'd keep in touch and see me again when he got out of basic training, but I haven't heard from him since." She pursed her lips and raised her eyebrows, and added, "I think it's over."

"It's over, Erika," Tanya said, and from the tone of her voice, I think they'd had this conversation before." The twins made eye contact from either side of me, and then Erika sad, "So, Troy, did you and this girlfriend of yours, umm, do the deed?"

"Have sex," Tanya added on my left as if I needed help to understand. I couldn't help a little chuckle when she did that.

I was still feeling self-conscious, but again, I liked where the conversation was going, and I answered, "Yeah," nodding as I said it, like it would be obvious. Then I had to clear my throat. The twins were now smiling, and I knew that my awkwardness was part of the reason, but I said, "So, if we're all talking about this now, what about you two? And the guys you were going out with?"

"Yeah, we did," Erika said, looking down now, and I turned to Tanya, who kept eye contact as she said, "Us too. Trevor was my first. The only one up till now."

"So some guys think we're fuckable, anyway," Erika added, smiling. I laughed and once again there was a brief silence. The girls exchanged another glance, and then Erika said, "What about other stuff, Troy?"

"What do you mean?" I asked, and Erika said, "Well, put it this way. Have you ever gone down on a girl?"

I was really surprised to hear her saying it just like that, and I had to swallow before I could answer, but I said, "Umm, yeah."

"Us too," Erika said, and she looked at me like she was waiting for my reaction.

"You mean, with guys, right?" I said, looking at Erika now, but she said, "Yeah, with guys, but with a girl too."

I actually felt my jaw drop when she said that, and all I could get out was, "With girls?" Even so, I felt a cold flush of something going through me when she said that.

"Well, not just any girl," Tanya added, on my left, "Only with each other," as though that totally cleared it up.

I turned to look at Tanya, who was looking past me at Erika, so I turned to her myself and said, "Why?" Then I had to clear my throat again before I could continue with, "How did you come to be doing that? With each other?"

"Why do you think?" Erika said, smiling at my reaction, "Because it feels good."

Then it was Tanya's turn. "You've gotta promise you won't ever tell anyone."

"Yeah, I promise," I said, looking at the wall again. I probably would have said anything to hear more, but I meant it.

"I mean, really promise," Erika added, so I nodded, and said, "Yeah, I promise." Then I looked at her and said, "Now, how did you come to be doing that? I mean, to each other?"

"Well," Erika started, "We're twins right, and we share everything." I nodded, and she continued, "So one time, we were talking about guys and stuff, and we thought, if we ever have a boyfriend, we should know how to kiss, right?"

Then Tanya took over, "So, we tried practising on each other, you know, kissing each other on the lips and stuff, and we liked it. So we started doing it all the time, making out and kissing each other."

"With tongue," Erika said, giggling and taking over again. "So, one night, we were doing it, you know, kissing and stuff, and for some reason, Tanya started tickling me." I turned to look at Tanya, who was smiling at her twin sister as she remembered, and Erika went on with, "So, we started tickling each other, and then I said, ‘Have you ever noticed how you can't tickle yourself?'" She paused for breath, and then said, "So, Tanya says, ‘Well, what about when you tickle your girl parts?'"

I couldn't believe what Erika was saying, but I sat back on the couch, as that cold feeling of excitement went through me again, and Tanya moved a little closer on my left, looking past me at her sister. I could feel the warmth from her and it was a good feeling. Then Erika continued her story. "You see, even though we were so close, neither of us had ever talked about touching ourselves, but we started talking about it, and Tanya goes, ‘I wonder what it's like when somebody else does it."

"So we tried fingering each other that night," Tanya said, taking over, "And it was fantastic. So we started doing it all the time when we were kissing each other, kissing and fingering each other's pussies."

"Seriously?" I said, amazed at what I was hearing, but I wanted more. "So, how did you get from that to going down on each other?"

"How do you think?" Erika answered.

"Well," I started, stammering a little, and having to clear my throat, "Umm, did one of your guys do it first?"

"Naturally," Erika answered, "See, it was like this. We had these boyfriends. Tanya had Trevor and I had Dennis, and well, we started having sex with them."

"I was first," Tanya interrupted, smiling, and Erika smiled back, and went on, "Yeah, so Tanya and Trevor did it first, and then one night, Dennis and I started doing it, you know, having sex and stuff."

I turned to look at Tanya, and she was smiling like she was enjoying the story as much as I was, even though she was part of it. Erika went on with, "So, one night, Tanya comes home after she's been out with Trevor, and she's all, 'Erika! You're not gonna believe this. Trevor went down on me. It's fantastic!"

Then, Tanya took over, and said, "So, I started telling her about it, and Erika wanted me to show her how he did it."

"So, you just licked her pussy? Just like that?" I asked.

"Of course," Tanya answered, like it was so obvious, "How else was I gonna show her how good it was?"

"We're twins," Erika explained, on my right," and we share all kinds of stuff anyway, so it was almost like going down on yourself."

"So, really, Troy," Tanya said on my left again, like it was really important to her, "You've gotta really promise, Troy. Promise you'll never tell anyone. People think we're freaky enough as it is."

"Yeah, I totally promise," I said, turning to her, and I really liked the conversation now, but then Erika took it up a notch.

"So, anyway, it's Friday, no school tomorrow, and we've got the house all to ourselves," Erika said, on my right, "Dad's not due home till midday tomorrow and our mother won't be home until after eleven o'clock tonight."

"And here we are," Tanya added on my left, "Feeling a little bit frisky, and any other time, we'd probably go down to one of our bedrooms and get into some girly fun stuff together, if you know what I mean."

"I think I know what you mean," I answered, and I know it was a pretty lame answer but as excited as I was feeling, this whole conversation was taking me by surprise. Then, I added, "But what's different about this time?"

"You're here," Tanya said, and then Erika added, "So, maybe you could come down with us and join in." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Half an hour ago I was thinking about making some moves on one of the twins, and seeing if either of them was interested, and now this. They were asking me to join them both in bed.

As I sat there, clearing my throat, and wondering if I was hearing right, the twins exchanged a look from either side of me. It was like they were communicating just by looking at each other, but then, Erika slid off the couch onto her knees on the carpet, and she shuffled across in front of Tanya, on my left. Then, as she kneeled in front of Tanya, she put her hands on her shoulders and they moved in and kissed each other on the mouth, right in front of me. It was a slow, sexy kiss, between two identical twins, and they broke their kiss, made eye contact, and then kissed again, this time a little longer, with a little more mouth exploration going on. Watching them, I felt that oily feeling of sexual arousal in my belly, and I knew this was only going to get better.

The two twins made out, kissing and embracing each other, but then Erika took her right hand off Tanya's shoulder, and moved it up under her plaid skirt. They continued their soft, sexy kissing, as Erika started to twist and move her hand around under her sister's skirt, and I could tell she was working it into the crotch of Tanya's panties. Then, Tanya flinched as they kissed, and made a little gasping sound in her throat, and I knew Erika's finger was inside her. Erika started to move her hand back and forth, slowly finger-fucking Tanya under her skirt. Just watching the girls kissing like that, breaking their kiss to make eye contact, then moving in to continue exploring each other's mouths while Erika gently moved her hand inside Tanya's panties under her skirt, making little squelching sounds, was incredibly exciting for me, and I'm sure they both knew, because I saw Erika glance at me as she tongue-kissed her twin sister, then they broke for air, and Erika gave me a quick smile before they locked lips again.

Then, things went up another notch, as Tanya moved her own right hand down from Erika's shoulder to the stud on her cut-down denim shorts. She unclipped the stud, as they continued kissing, and as Erika continued gently fingering her, Tanya felt for the zipper, and then unzipped Erika's shorts, exposing the front of those white cotton panties with the pale purple flowers printed on them. Their mouths parted momentarily, and Erika looked down at herself and then back at Tanya, with a look of encouragement, and then Tanya used her hand to pull down the waistband of Erika's panties. She didn't pull them down all the way, but the sight of Erika's pussy hair sent a wave of excitement through me, and a rippling feeling in my belly as Tanya worked her hand inside Erika's underwear. She started with the back of her hand against Erika's belly, but I saw her twisting her wrist so her hand was now palm upward, as she felt for Erika's pussy, and now it was Erika's turn to flinch and take a quick, shuddering breath, as Tanya's hand found the prize.

The girls were now fingering each other's pussies as I sat and watched, mesmerised by their sisterly fondling, and they broke their kiss, making eye contact with each other again. Each twin had a challenging look in her eye and I was wondering if they were trying to see who could make the other cum first, or perhaps it was more about seeing who could hold out the longest, before surrendering to the orgasmic waves of pleasure that were clearly imminent for both of them.

It was Tanya who began to shudder first, because Erika had already been fingering her wet pussy for several minutes, but then Erika started to breathe a little more heavily and I saw the look of concentration in her face, as she held back a little longer until they seemed to come to an unspoken agreement, and they stopped. Each twin gave a shuddering sigh as they relaxed, and Erika looked at me, and with a slightly more husky voice than usual, she said, "Did you like our little fingering duel?"

To tell you the truth, I was a little disappointed I didn't see both girls cumming together, but I sat back on the couch and said, "That was amazing."

Erika withdrew her hand from between Tanya's legs, and I could see a coating of her sister's juices on her finger as she pulled her hand out from under her skirt, and then Tanya began to untwist her own hand so she could remove it from Erika's shorts. I moved a little closer on the couch, so I could see better, and as Tanya withdrew her hand from Erika's shorts, she showed it to me, glistening with Erika's sex fluids. I took hold of her hand, gently turning it so I would not strain her arm, and I put it to my face, gently inhaling Erika's exciting, womanly scent, as both girls watched. Then I put Tanya's finger in my mouth, savouring the taste, and spreading it around inside my mouth so I could experience it properly.

I'm not sure if they expected that, but I could feel myself swelling with sexual excitement at the taste of Erika's womanhood. I returned Tanya's hand without speaking, but I licked my lips discretely as both girls looked at me.

"Here," Tanya said, taking Erika's right hand in hers and offering it to me, "taste mine." Erika's hand had a lot more fluid coating it than Tanya's, because she must have been able to get her hand further inside Tanya's panties, and I took it gently and once again held it to my face, now taking in Tanya's intimate scent, looking at the twins as I did so. Then I tasted Erika's finger, and the sexy, sweetish piquancy of Tanya's intimate recesses. I took a little longer because there was so much more juice on Erika's hand, and as before, I spread the fluid around inside my mouth so I could enjoy it properly. Then, I released Erika's hand, and both girls looked at it as I said, "You ladies taste really good. Thanks for letting me be part of that." I really wanted them to know I appreciated what they had just done.

"I love the way he calls us ‘ladies' after he's licked our pussy juice of each other's fingers," Erika said, smiling at Tanya, who sat back on the couch, closer to me. Then, Tanya turned, looked at me and put her right arm behind my neck, then pulled me closer without speaking, moving in to kiss me on the mouth. The kiss was warm, sexy, and just slightly moist, as she held it for a moment, and my excitement ramped up even more. She broke the kiss, but with her face still close to mine, and while looking at me, she said, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Erika?"

"Probably," Erika answered, and Tanya took her hand from my neck and sat back. "Your turn," she said to Erika, who shuffled forward on her knees and put her hands on my shoulders, leaning in to kiss me herself. Erika's kiss was just as warm and exciting as Tanya's, and she also held it for a moment, as I felt the excitement wash through me. Erika broke our kiss and knelt back with her left arm resting across my thighs. She looked towards Tanya, but she spoke to me.

"So, Troy," Tanya started, "how do you feel about coming down to the bedroom with Erika and me for a while? Maybe we can go down on you, and you can go down on us, and we can go down on each other, and we can have all kinds of fun together."

"Only thing is, we can only fuck with a condom," Erika added, "Because we're not on the pill or anything."

"But, we've got some condoms stashed away," Tanya went on, "so what do you think, Troy? You want to join us for some quality time together? The three of us?"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I wanted to say more than just, "Yeah," or, "Let's do it," on an occasion like this, so I said, "I'd feel kind of honoured," but Tanya smirked and said, "Well, that's nice to hear but we're kind of hoping you'll totally dis-honour us," and Erika just giggled at her, and looked at me, and said, "That's cute, Troy."

Then, she stood up from her kneeling position, straightened up her denim shorts, zipped them up and clipped the stud, and took my right hand in her left hand. Tanya also stood up, and she turned and took my left hand in both of her hands, and the girls pulled me up from the couch. "Come on," Erika said, as she let go of my hand, and she started to walk towards the doorway. The three of us walked out of the living room, and down a corridor to the girl's rooms. Tanya and I walked side by side but Erika went along in front and I watched her bottom wiggling in those cut-off shorts as she walked. Her bottom was slender but still nicely shaped, and I felt the excitement rise in me as I thought about where could be leading.

The twins had told me before that their father was a builder, and he had built matching bedrooms for them that were a mirror image of each other, with a shared en-suite bathroom between them. They each had a double bed in their room, and since I had met them, I had been down there a few times before. They had told me before that they often slept in the same bed together, but I had just thought it was a twin thing, but now that I knew about their sexy girl fun times, it all had a new meaning. We turned left at the end of the hallway into Erika's room, and she walked in and sat on the side of her bed, facing Tanya and me. Just inside the doorway, Tanya stopped and embraced me. I'm six feet one and she was tall enough to look me almost straight in the eye and she said, "You know, Erika and I are twins, and we share just about everything, but we've never shared a guy before."

"It's a first time for me, too," I answered, and from the bed, Erika said, "Looks like it's a first time for all of us. We'll just have to make it up as we go along." She smiled and patted the bed next to herself, on her left.

Tanya and I walked to her bed, and I sat on Erika‘s left, and Tanya sat on my other side. I wasn't really sure what to do next, or whether I should make a move, but after a brief moment, Erika pulled me towards her and kissed my mouth. Her kiss was warm and sexy, and after she broke the kiss, Tanya said, "Why don't you move up on the bed, Troy."

As Tanya said that, Erika gently placed her hand on my chest, kind of urging me to lie back, and I moved back on to the centre of the double bed. Tanya scooted back on the bed to kneel on my left, and Erika turned and knelt on my right. My cock was now quite hard and there was a serious lump in my jeans, and Erika looked at it and held a hand over it for a moment, saying, "Do you mind if I touch it?"

I nodded my head, and, "Go ahead," and Erika placed her thumb and forefinger on each side of my tool through my jeans and gently stroked along its length.

She glanced at Tanya, who was also looking intently at my erection, and she said, "How about we get these jeans off?"

I nodded again, but didn't speak, and Erika unclipped the stud on my jeans, and then pulled the zipper down. Both girls then started to slip my jeans and underpants down and I lifted my hips from the bed to assist, and Tanya slipped off the bed to take my shoes off. Then Erika peeled my jeans off along my legs and dropped them on the floor, as Tanya got back on the bed. My erect cock was now exposed and I felt slightly self-conscious, but I said, "That's teamwork," to the girls after they had half undressed me in no time flat.

The twins were now looking at my hard cock, and its tiny dribble of precum, with Tanya on my left and Erika on my right. Erika ran her thumb and forefinger along its length again, this time without my jeans on, and I shivered at the sensation. She said to Tanya, "What are we going to do with this?"

Tanya replied, "I think if we put our heads together, we'll think of something." They both leaned in and kissed each other on the mouth, holding the kiss for a moment. Then, they broke their sexy kiss, and Erika put her head down, taking the end of my cock in her mouth. She had just the sensitive head in her mouth, and she gently teased with her tongue as she moved her head up and down. I felt myself gasp at the sweet sensation of Erika's mouth on my cock, but then she lifted her head, and Tanya moved in, taking a little more of my hard cock in her mouth than Erika. Tanya moved her own head up and down a little more vigorously than Erika who looked on approvingly, and I wondered if I could handle much more of this without cumming in Tanya's mouth. I didn't say anything because I didn't want to spoil the moment, but after a few moments of gently sucking my cock, Tanya lifted her head, glanced at me, and then the girls kissed again.

They broke their kiss, and then it was Erika's turn again. She repeated her previous technique, taking just the head in her mouth, using her lips and tongue to take me closer to the edge, but then she moved down, taking more of my cock, turning her head to work her tongue down the sensitive underside. I was about as close to cumming as I had been so far and felt I should warn them. I was a little surprised at how strained my own voice sounded, but I said, "Just letting you know, I might cum in your mouth if you keep that up. You okay with that?" Erika lifted her head and smiled at me, and Tanya turned to do the same.

"We must be doing it right, then," Erika said and looking at Tanya, she added, "but we better slow it down a little. Make this last." Tanya now moved her head down, turning sideways and putting her lips around my shaft, and stroking with her tongue, while Erika went back to working the head of my cock with her own mouth.

Incredibly, I now had my cock in both of the girls' mouths and I could barely believe it was happening. The sweet sensations going through me were building up, but I kind of realised I was not really giving anything back here, and I looked across to my left at Tanya's bottom, in that plaid uniform skirt. She was down on all fours, with her legs bent and her head at my cock, so her skirt was pulled up and I could see the crotch her white cotton panties, stretched across her vulva, moulded to her shape down there. I reached over with my left hand and gently ran it up her right thigh towards her pussy, but I paused for a moment, wondering if I should go further.

I thought, seeing what the girls were up to with my cock, there was no reason for me not to touch their pussies, so I gently caressed Tanya's pussy through those cotton panties and then probed between her lips through the material with my thumb. Without even lifting her head, Tanya kind of undulated her hips a couple of times to signal her acceptance, so I worked the middle finger of my left hand around the left side her gusset, feeling first the hair on her labia and then the moist, warm slickness of her pussy opening. I probed a little at the entrance to her womanhood, and then withdrew my finger, bringing it to my mouth for a taste of her juices. She was sweetish and tangy, and I felt a surge of excitement at the taste, and then I reached back over and gently caressed her pussy again, before reaching up under her skirt to find the waistband of her white bikini briefs. I pulled at the waistband and exposed her buttocks first, and then I got a better grip on her panties and pulled them down her thighs.

Tanya lifted her head from my cock, leaving Erika to keep on working her mouth around the head and she looked back at what I was doing, smiled, and lifted her right leg so I could get her panties past her knee. Then she turned to go back to work on my cock, but she now lifted her left leg to allow me to take her panties off completely, and I slid them along her long legs and dropped them on the floor beside the bed. I looked at her pussy, stretched open by the position she was in, with the pink pucker of her anus on full display. The tiny entrance to her pussy was pouting slightly, oozing a trickle of fluid between her parted inner lips, and the recess between them was glistening with her fluids. I worked my finger again into her pussy, being as gentle as I could despite my excitement as both girls worked on my hard cock with their mouths. Once my finger was in as far as it could go, I finger-fucked her gently, with a slight twisting motion, and once again she undulated her hips, matching their movement to the gentle thrusting of my finger.

I looked to my right and saw that Erika's bottom was further away, but as I gently stroked my finger inside Tanya's slick, slippery vagina with my left hand, I ran my right very gently along Erika's lower left leg, and she turned her head a little, as she worked my cock with her own mouth, and then shuffled slightly, so she was closer to me. I ran my hand further up her thigh towards her bottom, with those denim shorts stretched tight from the position she was in, and I fondled her pussy through the crotch of her shorts. Even with all that material between my hand and her pussy, I could feel the humid warmth as I bladed my hand and ran it down the groove.

While all this was happening, the twins were still taking turns with my cock, or sharing it, with Erika's sweet mouth around the head, and Tanya attending to the shaft, and playing with their pussies was helping to take my mind off the amazing sensations they were giving me, so I felt I could keep this going a little longer. I began to work my long finger around the right side of the crotch of Erika's denim shorts and inside her panties, once again as with Tanya, feeling the hair on Erika's labia, and the warm slickness of her birth canal. With those shorts on, I could only get my finger I halfway inside her, but I felt another hot wave of excitement as I lay there, with two identical twins sucking my cock, while I played with their oozing pussies.

I looked over at Tanya's pussy again, and I realised I wanted to taste it. I gently withdrew my finger and placed my left palm against the side of Tanya's left thigh and nudged gently. She lifted her head from my cock, turned back again with a half-smile, and shuffled closer to me, and then lifted her right leg over me. I felt another hot surge of excitement as she mounted me in the sixty-nine position, and as she did so, Erika also took her mouth from my cock and I heard her say, "That's my girl," with a tone of approval in her voice.

Tanya shuffled back now, pushing her warm, oozing pussy into my face, while I continued gently fondling the inside of Erika's cunt with my finger. I had not had my face buried in a girl's pussy like this since Cindy broke it off with me, and for a moment, I took it all in.
Tanya's pussy was spread wide, inches from my face and I took in the scent, feeling the urge growing in me to have it, to taste it, to lick it, to fuck it, and to totally possess it. Then I moved my head a little so I could gently kiss her inner labia. I kissed her there briefly, broke the kiss, inhaled gently, and then kissed her again, this time holding my kiss. Then, still kissing her like that, I used my tongue to probe gently into the recess between her inner lips. I tasted the sweetish, tangy flavour of her nectar, and then I moved my head a little more, so I could continue probing the very entrance to her pussy with my tongue.

For a brief moment, in spite of what was going on in the present, I remembered back to an earlier time that day, in our English class, before lunch break at school. Tanya and Erika were sitting next to each other as they usually did, and I had looked across the room at them, and Tanya had given me a little smile, as the teacher droned on, and then she had looked back down at her book. The thought went through my mind that she had been wearing the same school uniform she had on right now, with those same white panties, encasing her pussy and absorbing the scent and the juices that came from her there. Who would have thought that later on the same day, she would be on her sister's bed, letting me peel those white panties from her, and thrusting her sweet, succulent pussy into my face like this, presenting it to me for some loving attention?

Those thoughts passed quickly through my head, but then I was back to the present, tasting the inner walls of the entrance to Tanya's pussy. These were the walls that would grip on a man's cock as he fucked her, and I briefly wondered if Trevor had ever been allowed to cum inside her when they fucked. I drew my head back slightly again, just letting the scent of Tanya's pussy work its arousing magic on me, as I gazed at her most private places, and then with my left hand, I pushed her skirt back up so I could see better. I wrapped my left arm around her thigh so my palm was resting just above her buttocks, holding her skirt up as well. I knew from experience with Cindy that once you started getting serious with a girl's pussy, licking and working her clit with your mouth, she would start to squirm, and I was about to get serious with Tanya, so I had my hand there to hold her in place.

At the same time, I could feel Tanya's mouth on my sensitive cock and I realised I couldn't keep track of everything that was going on, so I stopped working my finger in Erika's pussy, but I kept it resting in there so she knew she was still part of this whole thing. Then I moved my head a little, so I could get my lips onto Tanya's clit. Before I did that, I gently lapped at the pool of sweet juices in the recess between her inner lips, and I tasted the extra tang of her urethra as I did so. I felt her arching her back outwards a little, pushing her pussy into my face as though she was urging me to get to work on her clit, so again I worked my head down a little further and teased at it gently, with just the very tip of my tongue. I felt a shudder through her entire body, and she made an, "Mmmmm," sound that I heard but also felt, as she gently sucked my cock.

With what Tanya was doing to my hard cock, I knew I was close to cumming myself now, but I wanted to make Tanya cum with my mouth, so I lapped at the sweet, slippery juice that was oozing from her, and I got my lips nicely coated with it. Then, I placed my lips around her clit where her labia meet to form the hood, and I began to work my mouth back and forth very gently with the underside of my tongue dabbing at her clitoris.

With her mouth still around my cock, Tanya began to squirm a little, and to undulate her pelvis, so I used my left hand on her bottom to keep her from pulling away from my mouth. She continued squirming and wiggling her pelvis, and she changed her cocksucking motion to long slow strokes, as she began to moan. I could feel my chin getting covered in her slick pussy juices as I kept on working her clit with my lips and tongue, and warmth was now radiating her from her vulva onto my face. I was tasting pussy, smelling pussy, licking pussy, loving pussy, all I could see was pussy, and I was now on a mission to make Tanya cum hard with my mouth, as she continued sucking my rock hard cock with slow, sensual up and down strokes of her head.

Tanya's moaning now changed to a shuddering, gasping sound, and I felt her lift her head from my cock, so I knew she was close. I heard Erika's voice for the first time in several minutes, and she said, "Come on girl, go for it!"

I now had to push down on her bottom with my left hand to keep her in place, but I kept on working her clit, moving my head back and forth a little with my tongue pushed into her hood. I felt Tanya lifting her head higher, and now each breath she took was a shuddering gasp as she began to thrust her beautiful pussy back into my face. I kept on working that clit, sucking gently but working my mouth back and forth a little more vigorously, and then I heard Tanya's voice, and she cried out, "Oh, God, Erika! Ohhh God!! Ohhh, Troy, that's good!!" Then, she made a sound like a little scream, as her whole body spasmed twice, and she seemed to relax a little, but straight away, she put her head back to my cock and started working it again with her mouth as though sucking it was the most important thing into the world to her at that moment.

That was it for me. I had been close to coming for quite a while after watching the twins making out and then having them take turns with my cock in their mouths, not to mention tasting Tanya's fragrant pussy as she pushed it back into my face, but I had wanted to make her cum so I had held on. Now, I was ready to give in to her, and within seconds, I felt my own orgasm igniting inside me. That sweet feeling of liquid pleasure exploded in my cock and passed through me in three or four bolts of pure bliss as I delivered my cum into Tanya's mouth. Then, as the waves of pleasure subsided, Tanya relaxed on top of me as I fell back on the pillow and withdrew my finger from Erika's slick, slippery pussy.

"That was awesome, you guys," Erika said, as she kneeled up from the bed, and then lay down beside me on my right. Tanya made a little groan of satisfaction, as she lifted herself from me, and turned around to lie on my left side, and she said, a little breathlessly, "I hope you realise you're not finished yet, Troy." I looked at her and she added, "You've still gotta make Erika cum yet."

I put my right hand up to my face and tasted Erika's pussy juice from my finger to show them how keen I was to taste Erika's pussy, and I said, "Just give me a moment to get back to normal." My own voice sounded kind of raspy and strained.

Then, Erika moved a little closer and, with a mischievous tone in her voice, she said, "Troy, when you're ready, I think I want you to make me cum the old-fashioned way."

I turned to her, but before she said anything further, Tanya added, "She means she wants to be fucked, properly." Erika just smiled and raised her eyebrows in agreement, and I felt a cold flush of excitement as the thought of actually fucking her went through my head.

I said, "You might have to give me a few minutes for that," and I glanced down at my cock, which was now half-soft again but had not shrunk yet.

"That's okay," Erika said, looking at my tool, and then back at her twin sister, "Tanya and I can keep the mood going while you're getting your mojo back. No big hurry."

With that, Tanya climbed over me to lie on top, with her pelvis on top of mine, but her chest on top of Erika's, who had moved to lie flat on the bed. Their faces were close, and they gazed at each other for a moment, and then kissed softly, holding the kiss, mouth to mouth, as I watched on in excitement. I remembered that Tanya had no pants on under her plaid skirt, so I gently moved my hand up to caress her buttocks briefly underneath, and as the girls continued to kiss softly, I found the slippery wetness of her pussy opening, and I slipped one finger inside.

Tanya shuddered as my finger entered her private recess, and she broke the kiss and said softly to Erika, "Troy's got his finger inside me, you know. He's really into this." Erika turned, looked over towards Tanya's bottom, and smiled with approval before the girls got back to their gentle, sexy kissing. As I moved my finger inside Tanya's pussy, she broke their kiss again, shuffled a little, and then lifted herself on her arms. The girls made eye contact again, as though each one already knew what the other was thinking, and Erika used her left hand to undo the buttons on Tanya's blouse. She pulled it open, seeming to make sure I could see what she was doing, and I saw that Tanya was wearing a white sports bra that opened at the front.

Then, Erika unclipped Tanya's bra and folded it back so I could see Tanya's breast exposed to me for the first time. Both girls' boobs were fairly modest, but I still felt a wave of excitement as I gazed upon Tanya's breast. Tanya moved herself, shuffling forward, offering her exposed breast to Erika's mouth, and Erika accepted her offer, gently placing her lips on Tanya's swollen nipple. Erika sucked gently as Tanya closed her eyes with kind of rapture on her face. I felt the excitement welling in me as I watched Erika gently attending to Tanya's breast as I fingered her sweet pussy, and then Erika reached up with her right hand around Tanya's shoulders, holding her closer as she sucked. Both of the twins now had that same look of serenity and rapture on their faces as they stayed in that position for a few moments longer. Tanya's breathing seemed to change a little, becoming deeper and shuddering a little as she closed her eyes. I probed deeper inside her vagina with my finger, but I was more intent on just watching this beautiful thing happening in front of me, as Erika suckled at her twin sister's breast. Nobody spoke, and the only sounds in the room were the sounds of the girls' breathing.

For me, the excitement was almost unbearable, but after a few moments, Erika took her mouth away from Tanya's nipple and rested her head back on the pillow as Tanya gazed at her for a moment. Tanya's nipple was still wet with Erika's saliva and she looked down at herself, then back at Erika, before moving in to kiss her again on the mouth.

They broke their kiss, and Erika turned to me from the pillow and she said, "I hope you're not feeling left out, Troy, we just got a little carried away there."

"He's not feeling left out at all," Tanya said, glancing to smile at me, and then looking back at Erika, "He's being fingering me the whole time."

"Our tits are really sensitive," Erika said to me, "Just so you know."

"I'll keep it in mind," I said with a smile, and I was pleased that they felt they could share that with me. I was also really feeling pleased with how relaxed the girls were with me, and how casual Tanya was about just letting me reach up and finger her pussy like that. I gently withdrew my finger again from Tanya's pussy, and as the girls watched with approval, I sucked it for a moment, tasting the thick coating of her love juice on it.

With what was going on between the twins, my cock was now starting to get into shape for its next performance, but it was not quite ready for action and I saw Tanya taking a quick glance down there, and she said, "While we're on that subject, and Troy's getting ready for round two, I think I'll get down here and give Erika's pussy a little love."

She shuffled down the bed and sat back, and then unclipped the stud on Erika's denim shorts as Erika watched her. Then, she slipped the shorts down Erika's long, thin legs, and dropped them on the floor beside the bed. Erika lifted her bottom, making eye contact with her twin sister as Tanya pulled off her white panties, with those pale purple flowers on them, and she dropped those on the floor as well.

I just watched, without speaking, as Erika drew her legs back, opening her pussy wide, inviting Tanya to go down on her. I felt a dry lump in my throat as Tanya leant down, gently placing her mouth on her twin sister's special place. She kissed gently and seemed to inhale the scent for a moment before moving back in, to place another gentle kiss on her sister's cunt. I was practically breathless, watching this sexy spectacle, and I turned to look at Erika's face. She had that same look of rapture that Tanya had when Erika had sucked her nipple, but she turned towards me and gave me a kind of encouraging look as though she wanted me to be part of this.

I moved closer and kissed Erika's mouth as Tanya's mouth gently worked her pussy, and I held the kiss for a moment. I broke the kiss and shuffled a little closer on the bed, and I used my left hand to lift the hem of Erika's tank top, pulling it up to expose her bra. She lifted her shoulders a little, and then reached behind herself to unclip her bra, and as it loosened, I slipped it up, exposing her right breast.

I took her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, gently caressing it, and then I let go and moved down to kiss her breast, beside her nipple. After kissing Erika's breast, I placed my lips over her nipple, gently caressing it with my tongue, tasting her flesh, while I looked out of the corner of my eye at Tanya's head between her legs, lovingly going down on her twin sister's pussy. Once again, I could hear the wet sounds from their oral lovemaking, as Tanya licked, tasted and explored Erika's oozing pussy.

I released Erika's nipple from my mouth and moved my head to kiss her mouth again. She must have been close to cumming now, as Tanya gently lapped at her, and as I broke our kiss, she closed her eyes and tilted her head back, taking in a long breath. She exhaled quickly then took another shuddering breath, still with her eyes closed, and said, "Tanya! I'm close."
Tanya stopped her licking and lifted her head from Erika's crotch, and said, "That sounds like you're up next, Troy." She had another mischievous smile as she slid off the bed and moved up to the top drawer of Erika's bedside table. She opened the top drawer and took out a packet of condoms, taking one out in its wrapper, and returning the packet to the drawer. I had moved back to lay on my right side, with my cock now fully erect again, and Tanya looked at it and said, "Whenever you're ready."

Erika turned on her left side and gently pushed my left shoulder, urging me to lie on my back. I moved across the bed as Tanya knelt back to give Erika and me some room, but I wanted to taste Erika's pussy properly before I fucked her, so looked at her and said, "Are you okay if I have a little taste, first?"

"I never say no to having my pussy licked," she said, and she looked at Tanya with a knowing smile. I looked at Erika's pussy, waiting for me, splayed wide by the position of her long legs, but I turned to Tanya and said, "Just let me taste your mouth first, after you've been licking Erika down there."

Tanya smiled eagerly, moving closer, and I turned around and embraced her before kissing her mouth, tasting the sexy sweetness of Erika's labia and her pussy juice on Tanya's lips. I held the kiss, taking it all in, as I inhaled her breath. I kissed her cute, pouting mouth with my own, knowing it was fresh from going down on her twin sister's cunny, and as our tongues gently brushed together, it was all the more exciting to think that only moments earlier, hers had been probing at Erika's musky secret places.

We broke our kiss, and now it was time to taste Erika's pussy properly. I turned around on the bed and shuffled over to get in position. The twins had kept their pussies natural, but probably trimmed a little, and Erika had a neat triangle of dark brown pubic hair, extending down the sides of her outer labia. Her inner lips were slightly puffy, and a little darker in colour than the rest of her pussy, and they were glistening with a mixture of her own sex fluids and her sister's saliva. Her little clit was erect, as though eager to join the fun, and a trickle of fluid already ran from the pouting entrance to her vagina. Erika's pussy was a thing of beauty, a strikingly beautiful cunt, and I was to have the honour of fucking her there, but first, I wanted to bury my face in it, to shower it with love, to experience it, to get to know it intimately, before I mounted her and occupied it with my cock. I was so excited by Erika's open cunt that I felt momentary light headed, but I moved in to kiss her gently on her clitoral hood.

I kissed it lovingly, the way a mother kisses a baby, as though Erika's vulva was a sacred treasure to be treated with reverence, and I held the kiss so I could gently inhale her scent as I had done with Tanya when she had entrusted me with giving pleasure to her own pussy. Then, after that wonderfully exciting kiss, I moved my head, turning it to the right, so I could rest my left cheek for a brief moment on Erika's tuft of pubic hair, once again basking in the scent of sexual arousal that was coming from her. I now turned, to kiss her again, this time in the centre of her pubes, inhaling just the scent of her skin and feeling the tickle of her pubic hair on my face.

Now, it was time to taste her properly, so I shuffled back on the bed slightly, and moved my head into her crotch, tilting it slightly to probe between her inner lips with my tongue. The juices oozing from Erika were sweetish, tangy and exciting, just like her sister's, and I swept my tongue between her swollen inner labia, tasting the extra tang, as I moved closer to the opening below, knowing it would soon be accepting my hard cock. On the way, I took time out to move my head a little to the left, gently kissing the soft, satiny skin of Erika's inner thigh, but then, I got back to business, dabbing at the opening to her pussy with the tip of my tongue.

Neither of the girls had spoken for a few minutes, but I heard Tanya say, in a kind of loud whisper, "He knows his way around down there," as she looked over at her sister, and I realised I was so entranced by Erika's pussy I had almost forgotten Tanya was there. I had almost finished my explorations now, but I wanted one more taste of Erika's nectar before committing my cock to its journey inside her, so I swept my tongue up between her inner lips again, tasting them, and coating my tongue with her sex fluids, before spreading them inside my mouth so I could fully taste her. Then, after a final kiss on her clitoral hood, I shuffled back away from her.

"You like?" Tanya said, with a smile, and from her lying position on the bed, Erika sighed and said, "I think I'm totally ready to be fucked now."

With that, Tanya peeled the condom wrapper open and held the rubber towards me. "Let's get you suited up," she said. I lay back, with my hard cock standing proudly upward, and Tanya knelt on the bed on my left, and rolled the condom over my hard cock. "Your mission," she said, looking at my cock and then turning to me, "is to fuck my sister senseless, and make her cum her brains out." She finished putting on the condom, and smoothed it down the sides with her right thumb and forefinger, making me flinch with the sensation, and she added, "Do you accept?"

"Gladly," I answered, and Tanya said, "Then, take no prisoners," as she lay back down on my left. I crawled across the bed to get between Erika's long legs, and I looked down at her pussy, open, glistening with moisture, waiting for me. I had kissed and licked her lovingly down there moments ago, but now it was time to put her beautiful pussy through its paces and present it with the cock it was craving. I moved in, guiding my rigid cock inside her with my right hand. Her pussy was warm, snug and slippery inside, and seeing the foreplay had started way back when the girls first started kissing and fingering in the living room, I got straight to it.

I took three strokes to get right inside, and then took the weight on my elbows, with my left hand behind Erika's head. I got straight into a nice rhythm of fucking, not deep, not fast or hard, but just a comfortable pace, and I moved down to kiss Erika's mouth, gazing on into her eyes as our lips melded, and our tongues greeted each other with a gentle but sexy caress. We were not fucking hard at all, just a nice warm-up rhythm, and with each of my thrusts, Erika was tilting her pelvis on the in-stroke, giving us that little extra penetration, making this a team effort.

I saw her take a shuddering breath, and she exhaled as she spoke in a kind of breathy half-whisper, "This feels so good, Troy, so fucking good."

Encouraged by that, I lifted her head slightly and moved down to kiss her hard on the mouth, as we fucked at a nice gentle pace, and I felt the silken walls of her pussy milking the pleasure from my hard cock through that thin membrane of rubber. Erika kissed back, hot and hard, putting her own hand behind my head to hold me there for a moment, offering her tongue with the same enthusiasm as she was offering her pussy to me. Then, we broke our kiss and I lifted my head, continuing with my steady fucking pace, and I heard a gasping sound from Tanya, on the bed next to us. I turned, without breaking my rhythm, and I saw she was lying on her right side, with her right hand up under her plaid skirt, fingering her own pussy as she watched me fucking her sister. I couldn't see her hand under her uniform skirt but I could see she had her wrist twisted, getting those fingers right up where she needed them.

As if fucking Erika wasn't enough, another rush of excitement ran through me with the knowledge that Tanya was pleasuring herself at the same time, right next to us, and Erika also glanced her way, and with a strain in her voice, she said, "That's it, Tanya, go for it!" She was still tilting her own pelvis to meet each of my thrusts, but she looked up at me, took a quick breath, and said, "You okay with an audience?"

"It's great," I answered, quickly as I kept on fucking her, and I added, "All three of us are gonna cum soon." I decided it was time to pick up the pace, so I started to thrust harder and deeper into Erika's willing pussy, and Erika matched my pace with that sexy, giving tilt of her pelvis.

Then, she tilted her head back, and closed her eyes for a moment, taking a shuddering breath, and saying, "Oh-ohh-ohh, God that's good." She kept her eyes closed for a few moments, and then opened them, looking up at me as I fucked her. She had to swallow before she could speak, and her voice was starting to sound strained as she said, "You gonna cum, Troy?" as though this was an important question and she desperately needed to know the answer?

"Yeah," I said, nodding, "after you do."

"I'm getting closer," she said, and I began to thrust even harder, as she turned towards Tanya, and she said, in a voice that almost sounded like she was frightened, "Tannyaaa! I'm gonna cum!!"

Tanya didn't answer, and I looked to see her with her own head back, with her eyes shut, gently biting her bottom lip, her chest heaving as she raked at her own pussy under her skirt. I looked back down at Erika, and her eyes were wide, her lower lip quivering. Her cute little right breast was still exposed from where I had lifted her tank top to suck on it earlier, and it was jiggling with the movement of our passionate fucking, and Erika reached up with both arms and pulled me down to herself, kissing me hard on the mouth again, but the kiss was short as she broke for a quick breath, and then pulled me to her for a second hot, sexy kiss. I could taste her mouth and feel her warm breath from her nostrils, and I knew this was the home stretch.

Erika clearly needed to cum, and her body was putting everything it had into making that happen. She was thrusting back at my cock with every stroke, driving me into herself, so I now ramped up my fucking pace to the max. I was plunging my hard, unyielding tool into her sweet vagina, knowing that it was a beautiful thing, a beautiful thing that I had earlier treated with such loving tenderness, but now I needed to fuck it mercilessly. I was now pushing forward with each thrust, ramming my cock deeper than ever into her. Erika's pussy was taking my cock, my whole cock, and nothing but my cock, as we fucked hard on that bed, in her room, with her twin sister next to us, her own hand between her legs, making it happen for herself down there.

We were both breathing hard now. In fact, all three of us were breathing hard, as Tanya frigged her own sweet little fuckbox, seemingly lost in her own world, as she writhed on the bed beside us. I still couldn't see her hand under her skirt but it looked like she was playing Tchaikovsky on an upside-down piano down there, so I knew she was as close to cumming as Erika.

"I'm gonna cum, Troy," Erika declared, "I'm gonna cum," she repeated, this time about an octave higher, her voice shaking, her chest shuddering, and then she wrapped her long legs around me, and her pelvic thrusting became ragged, random and frenzied, as her orgasm hit.

I knew I wasn't far behind, but I held on as Erika's whole body went rigid, her face took on that look of rapture, and she cried, "Ohh, Troy!" and her chest convulsed three times, as I let go and my own burst of pleasure exploded in me. For a few precious moments, all I knew was liquid bliss, as Erika's pussy walls milked the cum from me, spurt after spurt, into that condom, the only thing protecting her pussy from being flooded with my seed.

I was really only half aware of it, but at the same time, Tanya's own climax had hit her as she desperately fingered herself, and she lifted her pelvis from the bed, tilting her head back, gasping and shuddering as her chest heaved, with her eyes still shut, then relaxing but breathing heavily in the afterglow of her self-induced orgasm.

I came back to reality as Erika's body relaxed underneath me, and I used my right hand to hold the condom in place and withdrew my cock from her. I slipped it off and dropped it on top of Erika's denim shorts beside the bed, where Tanya had tossed them earlier. Tanya was now lying on her back but her hand was still between her legs, under her skirt, but Erika turned on her left side and shuffled back a little to leave me room to lie between them. I moved out from between Erika's legs and lay on my back between the twins, and Erika rested her right hand on my chest. "Well done, Troy," she said, smiling at me, but still getting her breath back.

Tanya merely sighed, but I reached over with my left hand, gently taking her right hand from under her skirt and saying, "Waste not, want not," as I put it over my face, inhaling the salty, tangy sweetness of her vulva from her fingers. Then, I put her first two sticky fingers in my mouth, tasting them as both girls looked on. I savoured the taste for a moment, took them from my mouth, and let Tanya's hand go, and Erika said, "You like the taste of our pussies, don't you?"

"Of course," I answered, "Who wouldn't?"

"Well, we've got the whole weekend coming up, and you know where to find us," she said with a smile as she lay back on the bed. The three of us lay there in Erika's double bed for a while, talking softly about what we had just done, and what we might get up to in the future. Once again, I liked where the conversation was going. I had lost track of time but it was now dark outside, and Tanya said, "I think we should start thinking about dinner. All this sexy fun has made me hungry."

The twins had planned to make pancakes for dinner and they invited me to say, but then I got a call from my mother on my mobile phone, saying she and my father were on the way home with take-away, so I told the girls I'd better head home. We got up and started to get dressed again. Erika put her panties and shorts back on, and I put my jeans back on, but Tanya just stood up and smoothed her plaid skirt down with no panties on underneath.

The three of us walked to the front door, and Erika took me in her arms and gave me a warm sexy kiss as she gave my tool a gentle squeeze through my jeans. With our faces close, making eye contact, she smiled as she said, "No wanking tonight. We want this thing nice and hard when we see you tomorrow."

As Erika stepped back to let Tanya move in for her goodbye kiss, Tanya added, "But if you do decide to rub one out, we don't mind if you think about us while you're doing it." She also kissed me on the mouth, and added, "Matter of fact, if Erika and I finger each other tonight, we'll call out your name when we cum. Do you like that idea?"

"I think it sounds great," I said smirking and chuckling, and I turned to go. I started to walk towards the gate and I looked back to see them both standing in the doorway, watching me.

"See you tomorrow," I said, and I walked up towards my own house in the moonlight, my footsteps crunching in the gravel. What a day! I could still taste pussy on my lips, and I felt totally satisfied all over, but there was a promise of more of this tomorrow. I felt like I had discovered something that nobody else knew about. The Szabo twins were fun, they were sexy and smart, and life was looking better than ever.

I was glad to be a Mountain Man.
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