The Stream
I have always found water sensual; creeks, rivers, lakes, showers, rain...waterfalls and clear streams are renewing and sensual. I have imagined being naked and free in those waters many times.

You had planned us meeting at the cabin for several weeks, finally it worked out. The cabin was perfect and near the clearest stream with the perfect moss covered boulders. Such a sensual setting and very private.

I arrived first and could not resist the clear cool water on such a hot summer day. I stripped as I walked to the edge and eased my way into the cool water. Just thinking of how you would soon be joining me made me wet. I looked around; no one else around and trees covering my private skinny dipping perfectly...

I perched my body against a perfectly formed large rock, making the perfect seat while allowing my ass and legs to stay in the water, propping me up just enough out of the water...I imagined your kisses and how your fingers, tongue and hard cock feel inside me. I need you again.

As I think of our last encounter I bring my cold damp hands from the water's edge to my sun warmed breast. Caressing and teasing them like you do. Rolling my erect nipple between my index finger and thumb, they way you love to tease me. I feel my body temp rising, pussy throbbing and wetness increasing. I pinch a bit harder and moan and close my eyes, leaning back against the rock, moving my hand down my stomach, opening my legs wide. First caressing my pussy, teasing my lips, rubbing gently, caressing over my clit, back up and back down.

One finger slides inside then another, finding that spot you visit so often when we are together. Moaning and moving my fingers in deeper, moving them in and out faster. Pushing up, more pressure, more sliding in and out, more roaming and rubbing. I need you. I nibble my bottom lip, feeling my pussy pulsate, my body tightening up and the amazing feeling of an orgasm racing over me. My fingers push in deep, my palm rubbing against me...I moan as my fingers are coated and my body quivers.

You startle me as I open my eyes. You've been standing there while and I blush, you tell me no need to blush, it was beautiful and you join me in my skinny dip. I stand kissing you, our bodies warmed by the sun, cooled by the water. You're rock hard for me. I sit back down, perfectly even eye to eye with your hard cock.

I start to speak and you place your cock in my mouth and your hand intertwined in my long hair. I need this as badly as you do. My mouth watering, sucking, tongue swirling, hand gripping and stroking as I suck harder. Slurping sounds and moans from us both encourage me to suck harder, deeper. Your hand tugs at my hair, causing your cock to pop out of my mouth, You lean down and kiss me hard, standing up again and stroking your cock, I sick out my tongue as I look up at you, you pat my tongue with a few slaps of your cock and then I slide my mouth back around you, sliding all the way down your hard shaft to the base. Playing with your balls as you move my head, holding at the base for a moment as I suck and swirl my tongue.

You moan and I feel you tense up, tasting your precum I suck even harder, needing you to cum as much as you need it. I stroke and move all the way and down your hard cock shaft sucking so hard the sucking / slurping sounds are practically echoing. Your hand covers mine and as soon as you pop out of my mouth you shoot cum on my chin, neck and chest. I slide a finger across my chin, scooping up a bit of your cum as I smile at you and suck my finger.

We slide into the water kissing and caressing. "Hello lover, it's been too long since our last meeting, I need you...I want you...I'm going to please you more times than you can imagine this weekend" you say.... I smile and kiss you, taking your hand and walking out of the water together to the cabin... I need you inside me...

Halfway to the cabin, you pull me to you and kiss me again, fondling my breasts,our bodies rubbing against one another, you turn me around and bend me over a handmade wooden picnic table, my legs straight, feet shoulder width apart, my stomach on the table, my hands on the edge, wiggling my ass wanting you to thrust inside me.

I'm still wet from sucking you off and our passionate kisses. You grip my hips with your hands and lift me just a bit and place the tip of your cock in my wetness, you move one hand to grip your cock and slide it up and down my wet slit. I moan as you slide slowly, but deep inside. Your hands grip my hips again, pulling me back to you, you smack my ass as you thrust in and out, your balls slapping on me as I moan. You start fucking faster and harder, we both moan out and I tell you not to stop, I need more. You grab my hair and pull my head back, pulling me even closer to you as you slide almost out then thrust in, I stand on my tip toes, arching my back making you hit that spot...the spot. I moan and feel my body tense and my cream coating your cock. You slow down for a moment , watching yourself slide in and out of me as your cock glistens with what you created. I feel your cock throbbing, you fuck me harder and as you cum you stay in deep inside me, gripping my ass so tight, pulling me toward you as I push against you wiggling. You collapse on my back, kissing and nibbling my neck. We stand and kiss again....

To be continued.

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