The Sunset
We sat laughing at the restaurant, simply enjoying each others company. Our time was spent delving into the fascinating personalities that made us unique. Mirrored in each other was the same quirkiness. A quirkiness that was irrepressibly enticing. Nothing overtly sexual happened while we ate. In fact we didn't even touch. But I was aware of you sitting across the table.

After our meal, we decided to take a quick stroll through the mall. Now my body was on full alert. You were right beside me. Occasionally we brushed against each other. I was fully aware of every single accidental touch. You seemed totally oblivious to these touches. My mind was on overdrive. I began to blatantly press my body against you at every chance. I pressed my breasts against your arm. My hand brushed yours. Everything and anything I tried it all. There was no external response from you. I secretly delighted in the need to get to my knees beside you to search for something on a low shelf. I looked up the length of your body and you just grinned and dropped to your knees beside me. I know you, I knew you were not oblivious to my conspicuous display but you were playing it cool. On we walked. I touched you at every turn, pressing against you at every opportunity. Finally you touched me. While sniffing some lotions you grabbed my hand to put a sample on me. The touch was fleeting but it sent a ripple of excitement through me. Momentarily in that store, the sexual tension surfaced as you told me that the lotion made me lick-able. We both laughed as I jokingly rubbed my hands all over my body, an open invitation for you to lick. You knew I bought that lotion because of your comment, but neither of us realized at that moment the impact that the scent would have on my mind as I used the lotion in the weeks to come, the scent brought back memories of what was yet still to come. But by the time we left the store, the calm unruffled you was back. I redoubled my efforts when we hit the bookstore. I had my hands on you, my body pressed against you. I was undeniably throwing myself at you. You calmly took it in stride, determined to be the true gentleman.

Our mall excursion completed, we decided to take a drive. The battlefield seemed the perfect place to go. We entered the visitor center together and began to go through their small museum. I was still laying it on thick with my touchy feeling routine. It wasn't until we paused to comment on some low seating that was placed in the room that the sexual tension really started to come to the surface.

"We could do it on the chairs"

Both of us laughed and I dropped to the chair and you immediately came forward to stand between my legs. We both mimicked the sexual action of thrusting for a few moments and then laughingly continued on with the tour.

If I had thought that you would be relaxed and open. I was wrong. You still tried to hold onto the semblance of a gentleman. I stood pressed against you and you held yourself firm in the good guy routine. We walked together toward the observation deck. I have no earthly clue what we went out there to observe though, because that is where you folded and joined in with the sexual play. We walked out the door and I decided to go for broke.

"You know I'm extremely wet don't you?"

You came up behind me and wrapped your arms around me. Your arms felt so good. You whispered two words into my ear.

"Prove it"

There was no hesitation on my part. I slipped my han into my pants and down into my panties. Oh my word, I was so wet. The moist heat made me groan. I made sure I withdrew my finger with as much moisture on it and half turned and slipped my finger into your mouth.

I leaned back against you and savored the feel of your arms around me. I have no clue what I was supposed to be looking at, every sense and every fiber of my being was focused upon you and how your body felt holding me close.

Finally we parted the visitor center and drove through the scenic area. Boldness was the name of the game at this point. I openly stroked you while you openly caressed me.....all of this through our clothes. I knew what I wanted and it was definitely not available as I drove around.

I pulled into a parking lot and we stroked each other through our clothes as we stared out the window at the beautiful sunset before us. Your pants were wet with your precum and you could feel the moist heat from me as you pressed against my clothed body.

"Lets get out and walk down there"

You were quite willing to follow m lead as we walked down a set of stairs. At the bottom of the stairs we sat down. I wasted no time. I knew what I wanted. I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and lowered them enough for your fingers to delve into my hot dewy heat. Your fingers were magical as they brought me to the edge over and over. You were relentless with your fingers as I cried out. I forgot all else but your touch.

When I finally returned to my full senses, I turned toward you. My fingers traced your hard length, so prominent through your jeans. But I needed to feel your smooth skin. I needed to feel your heat. My fingers worked in tandem with you and finally you were freed from the constraining clothes. My hands immediately reached for you. With one hand, I gently cupped your balls and with the other hand I reverently touched your cock. I focused primarily upon the head of your cock. I swirled my palm against you an lightly pinched your pronounced ridge. I reveled in the feel of your hardness throbbing in my hands. I played with your body. I had a difficult time deciding what to focus on. Should I watch my hand stroke your shaft or should I watch the rapture on your face as you approached the impending release. My eyes darted back and forth. I wanted to soak up every nuance and feeling of the moment. Eventually my ministrations paid off. I watched with awe as you came, your bodily release a thing of beauty.

We both sat on the steps for a few moments gathering our thoughts and breaths. The sunset before us was a gorgeous array of colors as we just sat and enjoyed the last moments before real life once again intruded, but we knew that the door had been opened for more.

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