The Surprise - Part 2
"Give us a minute, Glenn. Have a seat," Frank said to my paramour-to-be. We went to the kitchen and Frank told me, "I hope you won't get upset but I decided to find someone on the internet for you to have fun with. I interviewed several men and chose him. Glenn is 25 and is drug and disease free. I made sure he's clean before bringing him here. Better safe than sorry." I let Frank know that I was pleased with his choice. We walked back out to our guest.

"Linda, why don't you and Glenn get better acquainted on the couch? I'll sit here." Frank sat on the chair across from the loveseat. A younger guy, hell why not, I deserve it, I thought to myself. I may be 42 but I'm in good shape. "Glenn's studying to be a lawyer and you know the cost of education these days. He does this for fun and to make extra cash," Glenn explained.

"I would do you for free, beautiful," Glenn chimed in but Frank handed him the money he obviously promised him for his "services". "Thanks," Glenn said to Frank. "Now let's get to what I came for and that's you, Linda." He moved closer to me and pressed his thick lips on mine, before darting his tongue into my mouth. I looked into his deep dark eyes as his tongue danced eagerly with mine. My eyes shifted to Frank, sitting alone on the couch, watching and waiting for the main event.

Our kiss took a different turn when Glenn took hold of my tongue and sucked on it, taking it in as if he was going to swallow it. It was the most powerful kiss I ever had. The fire he ignited in my body was only the beginning of the sparks this night would bring. Little drips of wetness from my slit, poured down my legs.

It didn't take Glenn long to shift course once again. His left hand moved along my right breast, touching my nipple to see if his magic was working on it. He knew what he doing. It grew firmer, reacting to his finger titillating it slowly. His right hand was far from idle. When it reached the moist area in between my legs, his fingers pushed into my hole and I let out a soft moan. I quickly glanced over at Frank, and could see him stroking his exposed prick. My mind returned to what was happening to me when I felt more of Glenn's fingers gently probing inside my inviting folds of womanhood.

My hand started doing some wandering of its own. I looked down at his bulging cock. It needed to be released from his stretched pants. I eased his fingers out of my throbbing twat and fell to my knees. I unzipped, reached in and pulled out his prick from his underwear, freeing his imprisoned tool. I wanted his black dick in my mouth, where it belonged. I wanted to know it's full length, every inch, intimately. My desire to swallow his sperm took over. I could see that my spouse had done well for me. He knew I wanted it big and it was certainly that. His not yet fully erect cock was already a good 7 inches.

I licked his black manhood hungrily, letting my wet tongue hit every inch of it. The girth of his rod was huge and his now fully erect 10-inch dick matched it. Deep throating my husband's cock was something that I loved to do but the challenge to suck this one, only made it that much more appealing. I took to the challenge with gusto. I was determined to have this immense pole firmly down my throat and his hot cream filling me up.

To be continued...

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