The Swimming Hole
Growing up in a small town, there was a small group of my friends that lived in town and we did almost everything together. Every summer we would follow the creek on the edge of town about a mile back into the trees. There we had a kind of club house set up with some old chairs, a table and an old mattress.

Right near this clubhouse we there was a perfect spot to build a dam on the creek and make a swimming hole. Normally the water would get to be about three or four feet deep, but after a good rain it would be up to ten feet deep and on those occasions the swimming area would be very large and we would even jump from the railroad trestle into the water.

There was only about five or six of us that knew about this clubhouse and it was almost always just us guys. We would go out to the clubhouse, get naked and go skinny dipping in the swimming hole. We would spend hours out there swimming and playing in the water. We would then lay around in the sun where we knew no one could see us and sunbathe in the nude. Many of the girls asked some of us how we had such good tans, little did they know that it was while laying around nude with three or four other guys.

At first, that was all there was to our little adventures to the clubhouse. Then one day one of the boys introduced a new element as he had brought along a Playboy magazine. Jamie Lynn Bauer was on the cover. She was a big soap opera star at the time. After swimming for a while, we lay in the sun to dry off and then started looking at the Playboy.

We were all still naked, so it was pretty obvious when the pictures got us turned on. One of the boys suggested we go into the club house for a little more privacy while we looked at the magazine. We all agreed and moved onto the mattress in the clubhouse. We were all sporting erections and kept passing the magazine around with the turn of each page, which showed another lovely babe.

Just then we hear someone coming up the trail to the clubhouse and we scurried to get our swim trunks on so that no one would know that we had been sitting around naked. Luckily we all had our trunks on when two girls came walking into the clubhouse. One was the older sister (Kim) of the boy that had brought the Playboy and the other was her best friend LeAnn.

Kim asked us what we were doing and her brother told her we had been swimming and we just sitting around talking. At that point Kim told her brother that she saw him leave the house with the Playboy magazine and followed him to this spot. We were all a little scared now that she had told her parents about it and if that was the case then our parents would know by the time they even got to our clubhouse.

Kim then said that if we did not want all of our parents to find out about the Playboy and our hiding place that we must tell her what we had been doing. One of the other boys, Tim, blurted out that we had been skinny dipping and pointed to where the swimming hole was. The girls walked over to see if there was indeed a place to go swimming. They came back and LeAnn asked what we had done after swimming.

Steve started talking first, saying that we had just been sitting around and talking about girls. Tim then added that we were just about to go for another swim when they had come up the path. Kim did not believe the boys and she turned to me and asked me directly what we were doing when they were coming up the path because she had heard quite s commotion as she was making here way through the trees.

I did not want to tell her the truth, but I had no doubt that her and LeAnn would at the very least tell other about our clubhouse and the fun would be over. So I told her that we had been looking at the pictures in the Playboy. LeAnn asked, "What else?", not being convinced that that was all we were doing. She added that she knew teenage boys looking at a Playboy magazine would most certainly get turned on. She then asked if we weren't skinny dipping because our suits were not wet even though our hair was.

Tim admitted that yes, we had been skinny dipping. Then Kim says, "So you were skinny dipping, then came in here and were looking at the naked women in the magazine and that is all?"

"Yes," I replied, "that is all we were doing."

Kim then turned directly at Tim and said that he knew their dad would not be happy about him having one of his Playboys so he better fess up to everything. I could tell that Tim was going to cave even before he answered.

He told Kim that we were setting on the mattress (as he pointed to it) naked, looking at the magazine. She wanted to know what else and Tim said that we all had erections, but that was it, nothing else had happened.

Kim did not believe him and the two argued back and forth for quite a while. Finally LeAnn interrupted and said maybe we were telling the truth. Kim and Tim stopped arguing and Kim and LeAnn whispered back and forth to each other. At this point Kim asked for the Playboy. Tim picked it out of the bush where he had thrown it and handed it to her.

Kim and LeAnn then paged through the magazine together and commented on some of the women. They said that Jamie Lynn was a bad girl on "The Young and Restless" and were not surprised to see her on this magazine. They also commented about how we must have liked looking at all of the naked tits. As they were talking about the different pictures, I was noticing how good looking Kim was and how she might be prime material for Playboy and so I asked if she wouldn't like to be in Playboy.

She looked at me with a mean look at first, then smiled and admitted that the thought isn't too bad. I asked if she would like guys looking at her body. She answered, "It is not too much different than guys looking at me with my bikini on."

So I challenged her to get naked right now and see if it is any different. She and LeAnn looked at each other and said they would get naked if we did. It took all of about two seconds for the four of us boys to get out of our swim trunks. The thought of seeing these two girls naked right there in front of us was were the risk or humiliation of being naked in front of them.

Kim and LeAnn were only about two or three years older than us, but when you are talking about the difference in maturity, it might as well have been ten years. The girls looked us over and had us sit on the mattress. We did what they said and all sat down on the mattress, four teenage boys side by side with not a stitch of clothing on, our legs touching each other.

We had been naked together many times skinny dipping and sunning afterwards and in the showers at school, but all of a sudden sitting there in these circumstance was different. We became very aware of our nudity and tried to cover up somewhat. LeAnn told us that we could not cover up or they would not take off their clothes, so we dropped our hands away from our privates.

The two girls then took control. They said now each of you has to make them hard. We kind of looked at each other and did not know what to say, but our pricks were way ahead of us as they started to grow. So I started by slowly stroking my cock and getting it harder.

The girls both stepped closer and watched as each of us were playing with ourselves and our cocks were now all standing at attention. Tim said it was their turn now to get their clothes off. Kim told him to be quiet and do what she told him to do. Now, you have to play with the boy next to you. We were shocked and did not know what to do.

LeAnn yelled at us to hurry up and get doing it or they were leaving. This time Tim too the lead and he grabbed a hold of Steve's cock and Steve grabbed Dave's. Kim then told Tim he would have to use both hands and grab mine as well as Steve's, so he did. Kim then told us to start stroking. We were already humiliated and so did what she told us.

The girls then had us move around in a circle so that everyone would have a hand on another boys' dick. We again did what they said and without them saying it we again started to jackoff the dick we had our hand on. This impressed the girls since they did not have to tell us to do that. It was obvious that we were all getting into this as we each picked up the pace and were stroking faster and faster.

LeAnn and Kim must have liked what they saw because when I thought to look up at them again, they were taking each other's clothes off and soon they were standing their as naked as we were. We all started watching them instead of paying attention to what were doing when Kim told us not to stop. But, a couple of us had already stopped playing with the boy next to us and had started playing with ourselves.

Kim said, "Since you did not keep going on each other like we said then you now have to do what we tell you next." The girls whispered back and forth and then LeAnn said that Tim should get some small sticks and she had us each draw one. The person with the shortest stick had to go first. Steve was the unlucky one and they told him that he now had to see who had the next shortest stick and he would have to suck on his dick.

Steve was beside himself and then I figured out that I had the next shortest stick. Le Ann told Steve to get started and so he came over to me and got down on his knees in front of me. He slowly reached out and touched my dick. It bounced when he touched it and everyone kind of laughed. He then took hold of it and very slowly put his mouth up to the head of my dick. The girls and the other two boys started to urge him on and he parted his lips and started to suck on my cock.

He sucked hard and harder as he got more comfortable. I was amazed at how good it felt. I was rocking back and forth in rhythm with his movements. While Steve continued, Kim told Tim that he had to do the same to Dave. Dave jumped right up and was ready in a flash. He could see that it was pleasurable and he wanted to experience it.

Tim was a bit quicker in getting started and soon there was just the slurping noises of two cocks being sucked. I again looked at Kim and LeAnn and they were looking back and forth between the two pair of us boys. Then each one moved closer to one of the pairs and started to participate.

Kim cam over to Steve and I and she reached out and started playing with my balls while Steve continued sucking. She got down on her knees and started licking me right beside Steve. She then reached down to grab Steve's cock only to find that he was already beating off. She put her hand over his and helped him stroke. With that assistance, Steve shot onto the ground in front of him and some of his come landed on my feet. Seeing this, I shot my load right into Steve's mouth and it was running down his cheeks but he did not stop, he kept right on sucking.

LeAnn and the other two boys were doing much the same. And after each boy had spent his load, Kim and LeAnn started to make out with each other. They laid down on the mattress and began nuzzling each other and feeling each other's tits. Kim reached down and dipped a finger between LeAnn's legs and so she spread them to give Kim easier access. LeAnn then reached over between Kim's legs and started playing with her pussy.

The four of us had hard dicks again and were standing around the mattress watching these to older beauties going at it and while we watch we started jacking off again. At first we were doing our own, then Tim changed it up by starting to jack off my cock and so we ended up masturbating each other and shooting our loads onto the girls below us.

We all were pretty well spent and decided to take a dip to get cleaned up. After swimming for a while. The girls asked if they could each bring a friend to our next get together??
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