The Teacher and the Tattooist
The Teacher and the Tattooist
By: J. B. Stone & Sassy Sue

"Ah, here it is."

The naive teacher, Laurie Winchell, is fresh out of college and new to the local public system this fall. Laurie wanting to commemorate her newfound independence and decides getting a tattoo would be the perfect way. New to the city, Laurie relies on word of mouth to find the perfect place to get her first ink. Many people had spoken of a place called Whiskey Jack's Ink over in the industrial section of the town. Laurie overheard students talking about a place called Whiskey Jack's Ink and it is the best place to get ink. The students rave about the cool tats and the fact that the shop staff is very lax in checking identification. Laurie had made it her quest to find the tattoo parlor she had heard so much about. Apprehension is in full bloom her heart is beating at a furious pace and feels as if it is coming out of her chest. Laurie has wanted a tattoo ever since graduating college. Unbeknownst to Laurie she had two students in her classes whose father owned Whiskey Jack's Ink. Linsey Pike, a rebellious teenage girl with attitude to spare and Bobby Pike a big surly jock with plenty of ink on his arms.

Whiskey Jack's Ink is not in the best part of town, but then again, Laurie was not knowledgeable of this town as she needed to be and that coupled with her youthful innocence with a blind trust of people is her recipe for disaster. Once again, her impulsiveness is overwhelming her judgement and in from an aging, dingy establishment just outside the door of Whiskey Jack's Ink.

Laurie had come from a small Midwestern town and attended a small liberal arts college. Nothing much there to do but attend classes and study and that is just what she did for four years. She graduated magna cum laude in English with a minor in psychology. She thought she knew the ways of the world but what lie ahead for her was nothing she had ever thought was possible in real life.

Her beauty is that of a cute, innocent young woman, not really showing her true
age of twenty-four. Everyone she met thought she was an adorably cute pixie, the girl next-door type, loving shy and trusting with a seemingly naive personality.
Laurie knew about sex, as she was not a virgin, having lost that title in high school and she liked the sex that she had with her ex-boyfriend. In the years to follow, Laurie had come to enjoy a very vanilla sex life consisting of hand jobs, blowjobs and when she really put out, intercourse missionary position only.

Laurie is a petite woman with sensuous curves that are concealed with loose fitting clothing that gave her the prim and proper image of a dowdy schoolteacher. She liked her body but always felt a bit self-conscious when she wore anything showing any amount of cleavage or a hint of flesh below the neck. Laurie wore nothing provocative to school to teach certainly nothing that would tempt the young men in her charge. Her 34B breasts always concealed with opaque buttoned up blouses or baggy tops. Her skirts when she wore them always at knee level or below the knee and never tight over her bubble butt. The slacks Laurie wore, always worn loose and not revealing the slightest hint of her tight little ass, that she is hiding from public view. Laurie's upbringing gave her the idea that teachers are professionals and as such should dress accordingly.

What Laurie did not realize there were all kinds of sexual predators and monsters that lie in wait just prey on young innocent women, like her. Nor did she comprehend that at that very moment, she is standing in front of the gateway to her personal sexual Hades and that all she has to do is step over the threshold of Whiskey Jack's Ink to meet the devil incarnate, Chet Pike.

With her heart, still racing and her mind still pondering her fate and she could not quite bring herself to open the door and enter the monster's liar. She thought back to her classroom and the how the students, not much younger than her, showed her
some respect but she still had some rebellious students that were becoming less and less respectful of her as an authority figure. Laurie knew that when there is a pretty and new teacher to any school system there are always some students willing to test their resolve. To test a teacher's ability to hold the line in the face of a student's defiance and disrespect of a teacher's authority is a rite of passage for new teachers. Laurie felt that obedience and respect is the keystone of a teacher student relationship.

She could not quite figure out why she was thinking this as she stood there in front of the tattoo parlor. Maybe it is fact that the badass students were always talking about the tattoo parlor as if they knew all about Whiskey Jack's Ink. How could such young kids seem to know so much about tattoos and the business of tattoos, she muses and reaches out to grasp the cold metal handle?

"It was now or never," she said to herself as her hand twists the doorknob with her shaky hand and her heart pounding in concert with her self-doubt. Laurie leans into the heavy door and pushes it open then enters the sleazy world of tattoos. What would come of that would be a decision that Laurie would come to regret for quite some time,
maybe even the rest of her life. As the handle turns slowly, Laurie steps in and she realizes there is no turning back. She is going to go through
with her insane drive to get a tattoo. Hashing this decision over, six ways to Sunday and the result is always the same she is going to get ink today. It was not just any tattoo, but one that she knew no one would have ever thought in a million years this sweet thing would have considering getting a tat let alone letting a stranger mar her body for life.

The shop looked like what she expected with artwork scattered over the walls and the odor that rivals that of an emergency room almost in spite of the shop's general state of dinginess. The aroma of the sterilization liquid, conjoined with the stale sweat of nervous patrons who are on the edge of panic gives Whiskey Jack's Ink a unique scent. As she approaches the counter, there is a pungent smell that Laurie
knew she held had experienced before but could not quite place the origin.

Laurie smiling at the man behind the counter and Laurie steps forward with some apprehension again, but acknowledges the burly man behind the counter.

"Can I help you pretty young lady? I am Chet, the proprietor, tattoo artist and body modification specialist extraordinaire at your service," Chet said warmly. "What is the nice innocent looking lady looking for a tattoo or maybe a body modification," he asks Laurie.

Chet's questions breaks Laurie's trance as she looks up at him and smiles.

"Well ,um...I have an idea just not sure of the detail," she replies.

"You've certainly come to the right place. I can do most anything you want, from small hearts to wavy designs. Maybe you desire some body jewelry in a most intimate location. Perhaps a tongue, nose or an eyebrow piercing, to satisfy whatever your pretty, little heart desires," he exclaims as his eyes meets hers.

"The question isn't so much what you want, but where you might want this tattoo or piercing isn't little lady, he quires Laurie.

"A tattoo, no piercings," Laurie answers, but I am not sure of all the details.

"I think you came here to get a tattoo but you are embarrassed to show me just where you want it. I saw you hesitate outside my door and you know you want it, but just could not bring yourself to enter, now could you?"

"Yes, that is pretty accurate," Laurie, answers.

"You want it and want it bad but where you want it will be on a most unlikely spot for you a place where it cannot be seen. You are not the first; I have seen it
so many times before with women just like you, prim, and proper. Allegedly, shy tells me that you want this ink on your boobs, your butt or you want to be nasty and get the ink on or near your pussy. Is that assessment correct Miss?

Laurie just looks at him in amazement, as he knew exactly what she was thinking and dealing with in her mind.

"The so called good girls want to show their bad side but only to their lovers that they are most intimate with. The lure or taboo of a tattoo on or near your pussy or near your nipples arouses you, and allows you to be someone you think
you want to be but can't, because you can't let yourself go."

Laurie wanting to melt into the dirty floor as Chet was spot on in his assessment of her. She did want to feel like a slut but did not want others to know of her degrading fantasy. A tat, in a very personal place would let her realize her decadent desire each time she saw it or let someone else set the artwork that only a true slut would have on her body.

Feeling like his eyes were putting Laurie in a trance, she could feel and see his presence but could do nothing to stop his overwhelmingly strong hold he seemed to have on her. She seemed frozen in time and space. She felt an overwhelming desire to turn and run but something kept her feet frozen in place. A little voice in her head told her she may live to regret her decision to enter this establishment but she stood her ground much like a deer in a cars headlight.

Chet sensing that and took full advantage of her vulnerability as he slowly moves from his position just behind the counter to a position right in front of her, and slowly easing his arm around her waist. Chet standing at a mere five foot nine inches he did present an overpowering figure. A stocky built man with broad shoulders in comparison to Laurie being so petite and only five feet tall he does tower over her. She could feel Chet's strong hands on her hips, steading her she though, but no Chet kisses her on her lips and Laurie stood on her to toes to meet his lips. She did not resist as their lips met and a surge of tingles surges all through Laurie, from the tip of head passing through her engorged nipples to the crown of her womanhood, her clitoris. She had never had such a feeling as he lifted her off her feet and Chet pulls her tight against his exposed hairy, tattoo-covered chest. His bulging chest crushing her tiny breasts and nipples to him like the mere slip of a woman that she was.

Much to Laurie's surprise, her mouth opened to accept his tongue. He did not have to force her mouth open as she is succumbing to his will that she seemed so susceptible to put her at an ease she could not explain, yet fearful of what was
to come her way. He continued to kiss her but rougher now as his mouth and tongue lapped at her tongue and lips. She felt so overwhelmed, but having never been taken this way before she began to enjoy it and kiss him back with everything she seem to have inside her. Chet grabbing her shoulder length hair with his left hand, holding her head wherever he wanted it as his continued to ravish her lips and tongue. While his left hand controlling her movements, all Laurie could do, is squirm in his massive arms and Chet held her wherever he wanted her. He broke the kiss and pulling her head back exposing her neck. Chet began to nibble on her soft neck leaving her with a multitude of love bites on her neck.
Laurie now at Chet's mercy lays back and takes whatever chose to do with her. Her love juices were flowing freely now as she could feel her panties soaked from this attack. She never experienced anything so brutal, yet so erotic. She knew she was his now but what else did he have in store for her, she mused silently. Chet was relentless in his ravishing of this young, sweet, and innocent looking woman, who is not much older than Linsey, his daughter. He knew as soon as she walked in what he wanted to do to her and none of it would be pleasant for Laurie, at least not at first.

Chet forcing her onto the counter with an easy swing and slams her face down hard almost knocking the wind out of her. Chet immediately grabbing both arms and he pulls them behind her back, securing them with a pair of handcuffs. Next, he threads a strap around her biceps and pulls her arms together behind her back. He then slipped a strap under both biceps and pulled back. This forcing Laurie's breasts out and the force of her arms bring restrained made her breasts seem
like they were being torn from her chest as her shoulder blades touched one another. These violent movements made Laurie scream with all she had but Chet just laughed. He knew the walls were sound proof, Whiskey Jack's Ink is in the industrial section of the city for a reason, and no one could hear anything going
on in his shop of his or paid the least bit of attention to the place.

He pulls her up and slaps her face but not hard enough to hurt her, just enough to let her know that he was now in charge of her. He knew his strength and he
knew he did not want her hurt so a slight slap would show her that he is serious. Grasping her hair in one, he pulls her head back and looking directly into her eyes Chet rips her white blouse open and with a flick of a knife he cuts her skimpy bra, jerks the garments off her torso.
"Very nice, but small nubile titties, that you have little girl, the more fun I will have making them bigger. Your nipples are in for a real treat," Chet enthusiastically proclaims.

Laurie could not believe what just happened and now she knows he will do with her as he pleases. Half-naked, lying on the stained counter has left Laurie compromised and speechless.

"Let's see what goodies you are hiding under this skirt little girl," he said tauntingly and he places his hand over her vulva.

His grip, vise like squeezes her tender mound and Chet's eyes light up and he can feel her love juices gushing onto his palm as if he just crushed a ripe tomato. His fingers grasping the waistband of her thong and with a savage jerk he rips the thong from her cunt exposing her to the world. Without a hint of warning or remorse, Chet makes a fist, sticking his middle finger straight up and drives it into Laurie's snug little pussy. His knuckle pressing on her pussy lip, Chet had his finger deep in her with a single, swift thrust. Laurie's eyes are wide with shock and she can feel Chet palm her mound as he curls his finger inside of her.

Laurie gasps for air but do to her restrained position she just could not manage to get enough air to manage a gasp, instead she bucks against the restrains and Chet's finger that is still deep in her twat.

"My, oh my, you like this treatment, don't you little lady?" as his finger continues to fucks her vagina.

Laurie, stunned at the decadence of the act, feeling shame coupled with regret of her impulsive decision to enter Hades. Her body is now shaking that from the angst of thinking that this vile man is finger fucking her and she is getting off from his finger in her. Her body was responding to his manipulation, her mind said yes but her voice is muttering a series of weak, muted, drawn out denials.

"I'm going to love fucking you my dear," Chet exclaims said as he pulls his finger from her succulent cunt. Laurie give a little sigh of relief thinking Chet had tired of fingering her but that was not the case. Chet had no intention to stop but to insert three fingers into this slut's cunt and resume his finger banging of Laurie.

"Oh you have one tight little cunt girly, I need to loosen you up a bit so my thick cock will can finish stretching your box. I cannot wait to fuck your pussy and drive my cock into you hard and deep. You have never had a man fuck you as I am going to fuck you. If you get used to taking my dick or even you like taking my dick that is immaterial to me, it is going to happen just as sure as your pussy is dripping right now. Only time will tell us that answer but I will tell you this fact my family will take great pleasure in finding out just how you roll."

Laurie's mind racing after hearing Chet's commentary and her juices are now flowing over his palm and down into the crack her butt. Laurie is on the cusp of an orgasm, when Chet jerks her head up and sinks his teeth onto her erect nipple. A piercing shriek escapes her lips as the pain shoots through her nipple and breast. The effect on her pussy and her boobs just overwhelmed Laurie, and she loses physical control of her cunt, as she becomes a gushing mini fountain of girly cum as Laurie succumbs to her first orgasm gushing once again all over his palm. Her body shaking, quivering, her back arching and her eyes roll upward as her intense orgasm washes over her ravished body. Completely losing control of her body's functions as Laurie's orgasm reverberates throughout her body.

Chet releasing her nipple but still maintains his fingers deep in her sex, and he like how quickly she reaches a climax with the intensity. Now the challenge is to train the slut to train her to delay her climax until she has permission to cum.

"That's it good little girl. I love how you cum and you will be one terrific cum slut for me when your training is complete. It is going to be pure pleasure to train you Missy and I cannot wait to see you with my family later some of which you have already met. They are going to be surprised at the prize I have to share with them."

Holding her close to him Chet keeps his fingers in her snatch while she quakes like a fish out of water. Beads of perspiration decorate her body, her back arching again Sweat beads formed everywhere on her as her body arched once again. Chet scoops her up with ease, tosses her over his shoulder, and carries her into the tattoo parlor dumping her on a doctor's exam table modified with restrain straps to secure her arms and legs. Laurie is on her side, her tremors subsiding by not ceasing and Chet strips away her skirt leave Laurie naked. Next Chet removes the handcuffs and straps just to secure a spent Laurie to the exam table with the restraints on the table. Securing each arm above her head, stretching her upper torso to its limit makes Laurie can feel the tightness in her torso. Splaying her legs wide Chet places each foot into a stirrup with her feet bound with straps at her ankles to the footrests. Next, Chet drapes a strap over each of her supple thighs, cinching the straps tight, prohibiting Laurie from moving her legs. The design of the table is to immobilize Laurie making her to feel hopelessness and helplessness, which she did.

Now Chet began her training as Chet slowly runs his fingers along Laurie's inner thighs and just barely caressing her engorged labia. Her rosebud is puckering as he Chet strokes her anal ring. The stirrups are now spreading her legs even more and simultaneously elevating Laurie's legs. Her legs almost touch her tits and almost form a "V" providing open access to her pelvic area. Chet admiring her new position, the bottom of her feet facing the ceiling Chet had a perfect view of all her orifices and Laurie had never the experience of having her legs spread in this manner. Laurie felt so open that she could feel the cool air kissing her gaping pussy.

Laurie is defenseless to most any type of torture that Chet chooses to inflict upon her. Her head is spinning as Chet pulls on the last strap around her waist, snugging it down on her belly. This strap along with the leg straps would keep her
just where he wanted her pelvis region for accessibility to her love holes.

"I am so going to enjoy you this afternoon little girl," he said. We have not been formally introduced now have we little lady? My name is Chet Pike can call me Stubby most of my friend do. Given your current situation and our degree of intimate contact, I would say we are at least friends. And your name sweetie?"

Laurie chose not to respond and just lying there remaining silent.

Chet reaches over to her tits, takes a nipple between his thumbs and index fingers as her took each nipple in his fingers and twists them with his short rough stubby fingers. Laurie yelps, tears streaming down her cheeks and stammers faintly.

"I...I...I...I am Laurie, Laurie Winchell."

"It is a great pleasure to meet you Miss Laurie Winchell; I am quite sure you were not expecting to meet a tattooist quite like me now did you?"

Again silence from Laurie, and Chet responds to her silence with another sharp twist of her tender nipples.

Answer me slut or I will rip your nipples off your pretty little tits and stop your damn bawling," Chet shouted!

"No, no," she whimpers her answer.

"Now I will tell you the Whiskey Jack's Ink house rules Little Laurie. From this point, you will address any male as Master and any female as Mistress. Now you have to have a job in order your keep you will become my little sex slave. You will also be a cum bucket for my family and our friends when you perform for them. I think once you have complete your training you will make a fine porn star and a great escort," as Chet twists Laurie's nipples for emphasis. Do you understand and are you willing to comply with the house rules my little cum slut Laurie?"

Laurie's head is spinning, her tears flow down her cheeks as her whole body aches and she shivers.

"What have I gotten myself into," she asks herself.

Laurie looks at Chet, answering slowly, reluctantly and draws out the words, "Yes Master!"

"That is very good my little whore, he answers. Now let me explore that voluptuous body of yours."

Her mind raced filling with dreaded anticipation of what is going to happen to her. Yes, she enjoyed her what little sex she had had with her ex-boyfriend but a little voice in her head is screaming at her that the sex she was embarking on is not just a bump and grind between the sheets. Laurie's body, just minutes betrayed her, showing Laurie what her body is capable of when she surrendered to Chet. Her body, her mind capitulated by letting Chet finger fuck her bringing her to probably the one of the most intense orgasms of her young life. The orgasm was swift, powerful she evoking her desire for more. Initially her mind kept telling her no to his advances but her but then her body succumbs, her minds follows and Laurie knew her body wanted to be taken and to be taken roughly with no remorse on her assailant's part, but only his desire to watch her squirm as she begins her metamorphous into Chet's submissive sex slave.

The faint tingling of the front door bell is announcing the arrival of someone entering the shop breaks her trance. Laurie did not have a clear view but could see a young very cute and yet strong looking young lady is looking around. The girl is aware of her surroundings and quickly realizes that the proprietor was not at the front counter where Chet usually was at this time of day. The girl looked somewhat familiar to Laurie, but she could not see the girl's face clearly.

"Where is he? What fuck is he doing now," she muttered to herself, as she sauntered confidently past the front counter. She knew this stillness and her suspicions came to fruition when she passes the counter, down the hall and into the prep room.

She calls out, "Anyone here, it's me, Linsey."

Just as she entered the prep room and sees a woman shackled to the modified exam table and instantly Linsey realizes what exactly what was going on. Her eyes meet Chet's eyes and he smiled at her.

"Afternoon darling daughter, look at what we have here," Chet gestures to a naked Laurie restrained to the table.

No sooner had the words passed his lips, Linsey stood there, starting into the face of a very familiar face, her English teacher.

"I'll be damned Dad, just who do we have we here," Linsey asks sarcastically?

"I think you know who this is, don't you Hon," Chet ask rhetorically?

"I guess I do," Linsey replies.

"Hi there Miss Winchell, you look so lovely strapped to my Daddy's table. I'm sure he is treating you has some very special things and I know he has some interesting things to teach you. Be a good example and show your students how well you learn your lessons little miss teach," Linsey said with her words dripping with contempt for Laurie.

Laurie, staring into Linsey's eyes and it dawns on her that this is Linsey Pike one of her students. Laurie also knows she has an obnoxious older brother, a jock, and a pain in the ass student whom Laurie has had confrontations with and has referred him to the principal's office for discipline, but she said nothing. .

"Ah, my little cum slut, you didn't answer properly, now did you?" Chet exclaimed.

"You have shown Mistress Linsey disrespect. You are big on respect, after all you sent my boy to the principal's office for disrespecting you. I think Mistress Linsey needs to show you some discipline and teach you respect your owners.

"Linsey, would you please teach my cum slut the proper way to address us; while I prepare her Botox injections. I was about to close up and do some injections when you arrived."

"Why daddy, I would love to give this uppity bitch a lesson on respect," and Linsey picks up a serrated flat ruler like device and held it so Laurie could see the instrument.

Laurie's eyes popping open wide upon seeing the nasty looking device with its very intimidating serrated edge and she did not have a clue how they would be use it on her body.

"Now teach this is what happens when you fail to answer to your master or Mistress properly," as she slowly rakes the jagged instrument across Laurie's right nipple, making Laurie jump and squirm with no chance to escape the bite of the ruler.

"Oh damn teach, I almost forgot, you need to count every stroke I give you and be sure and add the proper title to every number or you will force me to start over and double the amount from the point where you screwed up. Do you think ten strokes is a good start, which are five for each one of your hard nipples? Now let see what kind of a student you are," Linsey asks Laurie

Linsey holding the flexible ruler at the bottom with one hand and pulls it back with the other hand, she takes aim and lets the ruler spring forward. A loud resounding whack the cold metal hits Laurie's supple breast just below her left nipple and a welt instantly began to form. Laurie shrieks, almost gagging from her own saliva but somehow manages to count.

"One, Mistress."

Another whack, now this time on Laurie's right tit just below her nipple and again Laurie shrieks and barely gets the count out.

"Two, Mistress."

Alternating breasts, rotating around Laurie's engorged nipples; Linsey administers the punishment lesson to her teacher and just grins at her teacher with each smack of the ruler. Linsey changing her target for the last two strikes of the ruler; Laurie grimacing, not sure she could take two more strikes is sobbing. Laurie pausing, reaches between Laurie's legs, and slips two fingers into Laurie's pussy. Laurie arches her hips to take the invading fingers when Linsey pulls her fingers from Laurie. Linsey fingers are dripping with Laurie's nectar; she holds them up for Chet to see.

"Look dad cum slut likes getting her tits spanked. She has cum after only eight hits."

On line with her new target Linsey pulls the rule further back than the other eight and lets the ruler spring forward and the rule strikes Laurie squarely on her left nipple flattening the distended nipple and Laurie lets loose a long piercing scream that dies as a whimper.

Laurie sobbing, almost she almost forgets to count but at the last second she snivels weakly, Nine, Mistress."

Linsey already taking aim at the right nipple, lines up the shot, pulls the ruler back and releases the ruler. No sooner does the ruler strikes the right nipple inflicting the final shot of pain to Laurie's tits as Laurie screams for the final time then defiantly screeches "Ten Mistress," as if she has won a prize.

Laurie drops her head, sobs, and longs to rub her hurting tits but with her hands restrained, her tits sag in pain.

"Dad your cum slut took ten hits on her tits and she has seen the error of her defiance."

"Great I will be ready for the bitch in a few minutes," Chat announced.

Much to Laurie's surprise, Linsey is cupping Laurie's breasts, then raises them up, and to softly kiss Laurie's nipples. After kissing them Linsey caresses the aching flesh Linsey takes some lotion and rubs Laurie's nipples and areolas gently lower her head to kiss the inflamed tissue. Laurie's nipples hurt like hell as tears streamed from her eyes and down her cheeks. She could not have taken one more swat of the ruler, but the caring of Linsey to help with the pain puzzles Laurie but it felt good, even if it is at the hands of the merciless Linsey.

"She has cum probably more as she is sitting in a pool of cum, Dad," as Linsey stuffs a finger in Laurie's snatch again.

"Oh yes, she loved my three finger fucking and came almost immediately as I got my fingers in her cunt," Chet exclaimed!

Laurie felt so humiliated. Here she is strapped down and fully exposed to a student of hers and now that student is fingering her already wet and abused cunt. Laurie could not think of a greater embarrassment than to have a student see her this way let alone be playing in her vagina in such an intimate manner. There was no doubt in Laurie's mind that she would cum again at the skillful hands of the young teenager, which is her student.

By now, Laurie knew she is beginning to enjoy the finger fucks and she wants to cum again, but Linsey knew just how far to go to leave Laurie on the edge. Linsey pulls her finger out just before Laurie could have another orgasm. Linsey smiles at Laurie and pats her slimy love mound as she leaves the room to lock
up the shop.

"I'm so going to love to hear you scream when I inject your pussy lips and your fat clit. Your clit and cunt lips will stand so full and proud when the Botox takes effect and they will be so sensitive just a mere touch may send you into spasms and uncontrollable orgasms."

Laurie wanting to plead for him not to do this to her but something kept her from speaking. Once again, her body is betraying her in the worst, but yet the best way. Laurie's true submissiveness may be surfacing at the hands of this artist and his daughter.

Linsey returns to the prep room just as Chet is preparing to have his fun with Laurie's clit and labia. Laurie looks down, feels Chet spread her pussy lips open and directs Linsey to hold them open for him. Laurie feels Chet's thick fingers trying to grasp the slippery clitoral hood in order to skin it back to expose Laurie's dark pink, engorged clitoris but has no success so the task falls to Linsey. Laurie closes her eyes as Linsey grips Laurie's clitoral hood, revealing the textured nub for Chet. Chet has the needle in position to pierce Laurie's clit and she bites her lip as she feels the needle perforate the pink nub. Laurie can feel the needle that Chet is driving into her little love button and she has never felt so much pain in her life. Laurie screams, tries to roll her body, wiggle, and buck in an attempt to dislodge that metal spike from her nub but fails. In one swift push of Chet's thumb on the plunger sends the Botox coursing into her tender fleshy nub.

Linsey and Chet smile as Laurie's body continues to convulse and she screams at the top of her lungs.

"Argh, no, no, not my clit!" Laurie bellows.

Chet, withdrawing the needle from Laurie's clit and Linsey taps Laurie's clit to stimulate the flow of the Botox, as if Laurie requires any more stimulation.

"Now the pussy lips," Chet said as he brandishes the second needle with his hand.

Linsey once again, knew her job, pulls Laurie's left labia out stretching it flat, and smooth. Chet aligns the needle to the lip lengthwise so the needle will be embedded fully into the heart of the lip and he expeditiously plunges the sharp needle into Laurie's left pussy lip.

Laurie's gut wrenching screams came again as she felt the liquid enter her outstretched cunt lip. For Chet the screams from the art of his injections gave him a hard-on, he just loves watching, and making his cum slaves yell, and squirm but the best part is that his daughter loves being part of the process with him.

"See how I pushed the needle swift and true, Linsey. You cannot go slowly. Once you align the needle, just touch the skin, and push the needle directly into the pussy lip. When you push, the plunger you want to push steady and slowly so Miss Teach receives the maximum effect of the Botox and spreads throughout her pussy lip.

"Yes that's so damn hot, daddy," Linsey replies, "can I do her right pussy lip?"

"Sure baby, you can do the cum slut's right pussy lip."

"How much more can I endure?" Laurie asks herself. "Never did I imagine this to happening to me, never!

Chet pulls the needle from Laurie's pussy lip then Linsey, once again rubs, and pats the swelling flesh. The last needle is ready.

The duo swapping places and Linsey prepared the needle under Chet's supervision while Chet's pulls the right lip taunt, and flat. Linsey like her father did not waste any time as she finds the sweet spot of the labia. She presses the point of the needle against the malleable lip and with a rapid shove; the needle pierces the pussy lip. It is in a perfect position and Linsey depresses the plunger slowly and smoothly, just as Chet did. Laurie screaming again as the Botox floods into her labia. Linsey retracts the needle from Laurie and Chet is now massaging her pussy lip. Laurie's screams go unheeded as Chet congratulates Linsey for a fine job on her first injection and a job well done.

Laurie's tears continue to flow from her eyes as she feel her clit and labia swell. Amazingly, it did not hurt but almost felt good as the clit doubled its size in a few short minutes. Her lips felt fat but tingly, as her now engorged nether region was ready for any and all visitors to enjoy.

Linsey bending down and kisses Laurie's cheek saying, "You did good Miss Teach. You're training begins shortly but there is the matter of one last item to install in you."

Laurie's eyes popped wide open as a Chet proudly presented her with a large dildo facsimile of a man's penis. It was thick, with bulging veins, a fat mushroom like head with a slit in the center of the head. At the base of this monstrous phallus is s collar that looks like a cord trailing from the cock in lieu of the scrotum. The damn thing is long, intimidating and Laurie had only seen a dildo once at a sex toy party in college, let alone using one or even thinking about using one and nothing like this one. Chet held the formidable fake cock in his hand and you could see the pride in his face.

"This little Teach is my very amazing electric gag. You see, I know you will not be still while I do your ink, so I designed this to give you and all the weak sluts before you many orgasms and wear you out enough that you will be real still while I do my artistry on your love mound. I like my cum sluts you awake, alert, but just not move while I do my artwork. Especially when I tattoo your most sensitive areas, like your vulva or your perky little tits, so yes, little one, your nasty, little pussy is going to have a Chet Pike original tattoo on it for the rest of your life for all the boys and girls to admire when they fuck you. You will like that, won't ya teacher?"

"Linsey would do me the honors and shave this little things love mound silky smooth. That cute little landing strip must go. Oh and Linsey do not dry shave her."

"Sure Dad, it would be my pleasure to scrape her pubes off," Linsey said giving Laurie an impish grin.

"Open your mouth Teach, now!" Chet barked as Laurie parted her lips slowly. Chet took the penis dildo, pushing it into her mouth to the back of Laurie's throat making her gag some.

Laurie had sucked a couple of cocks before, she just never could get past her gag reflex and she never tried to either. Lodging the dildo firmly in Laurie's mouth, this is making her stretch her lips around the veiny shaft. It was thick and soft, yet firm unlike any cock she has sucked before but nothing this big. Granted she had sucked her ex-boyfriend's cock a few times but he was not near this big. A strap was drawn around her head to secure the dildo and keep it aligned properly.

"You see Miss Teach, as your saliva begins to build in your mouth it will activate the electric nerves sensors in the veins which in turn will send electric current to the clamps attached to your nipples and your Botox engorged pussy lips. Oh yes, your nicely engorged lips will each have a clamp to complete the circuit in this masterful device. As the saliva grows and even as you swallow some, the electric passes through each nipple and to your cunt lips giving you numerous orgasms. The more saliva the more stimulation and the more orgasms are produced. Your body will be in a constant state of arousal until I stop. The intent is to not only wear you out, but also keep you aware of just who controls you and your body. Therefore, I get to have a very limp and resistant free cum slut client as I perform my artistry on your love mound. Giving you my signature tattoo shows who owns this cunt. The family will be so thrilled to see such a fine petite and savory body and such a fine slut trainee."

Linsey, just finishing shaving her teacher's pussy, removing the scant little landing strip above her slit, along with the remaining peach fuzz on her vulva ran her bare hand over Laurie's barren cunt. Laurie's twat is just as smooth as a baby's bottom. Linsey pouring some alcohol onto Laurie's freshly shaved mound is making her wince as Linsey cleans the oil and cum from her teacher's delicate pussy.

Chet is busy adjusting the wires and clamps that ran from the dildo in Laurie's mouth to the nipple clamps and the clamps clinching her fat labia adjacent her clit to ensure there was a complete circuit. The clamps were biting into to her tender flesh, another new sensation that was making Laurie aroused. Chet had strung the wires from the vibe in Laurie's mouth to her nipples and to
her freshly shaved love mound. He pulled each nipple up, taunt, attached nipple clamps to each of her hard nipples, and lay on her darker areolas. Laurie tried to say something but it came out muffled but it went unanswered by either Chet or Linsey. The nipple clamps held her nipples upright and out from her breast as another set of clamps now were being attached to her much engorged labia by Linsey. Chet clipped each wire lead to each clamp and stepped back to admire his work.

"Now little Teach, here we go," as he turned the dial on the end of the penis vibe that is stuck in Laurie's mouth.

Laurie was salivating but not enough to activate this device, at least not yet. Chet knew that and signaled to Linsey where she began to rub both of Laurie's breasts and Chet began to finger Laurie's cunt. Her body began to react to the stimulation and her mouth began to salivate more and more. Even after swallowing what little she could, her nipples and cunt started to feel small current shoot though them.
Chet could sense this as he tapped Linsey on the shoulder and had her look at Laurie's pelvis area.

Laurie now was moving ever so slightly but enough to see her pelvis react to all the stimulation. Laurie began to arch, as if she is fucking and she kept moving her hips up and down now as if she were taking a phantom cock. Her body was not hers
now as the device was stimulating her erogenous zones.

Chet and Linsey released their fingers from Laurie's body and were now watching how the device was is awakening Laurie's sexual desires. Laurie knew she is on the cusp to produce her first of many orgasms.

"See how the as she tries to reduce the saliva she actually produces more. The dildo has a coating that stimulates her salivary glands. Now she will produce more saliva and that increases the electric shocks to tits and pussy. Her orgasms will be fast, intense and Teach cannot control her body. The device reigns supreme over her now. Watch as she succumbs to the torture, or should I say pleasure she derives from the vibrator."

Chet is correct, Laurie could not control her body as it reacted to her saliva and her nipples and cunt were being stimulated, something she never experienced before.
Laurie slowly began to surrender to the imposing vibrations and now she wanted to cum all the time. Just then, Laurie experienced a forceful orgasm that consumes her body making her convulse and spam out of control. The entire restraining device is quaking as she cums.

Laurie's cunt spews a large geyser that sprays all over her body soaking her torso and some on her tits. Another first for Laurie having never squirted before as Laurie could not believe her eyes and her body. This was giving her an orgasm she
never dreamed of and the squirting delivers copious amounts of her cum all over her mound and tits. Basking in her own juices, Laurie is in awe of what was happening to her. Her body would not stop convulsing, either from short quick orgasms or from massive fist clenching intense earthquake like orgasms that would seize her entire petite body. She is becoming fatigued but Laurie is craving more orgasms as each orgasm drives her need and she wants more. Laurie is addicted to cumming now and getting off is all that matters to the young teacher.

Beads of her sweat beads is covering her body, making her petite frame and soft silky skin glistening with cum and sweat. Chet and Linsey look on while occasionally rubbing Laurie's belly or her inner thigh and sometimes her firm ass. Chet's eyes would light up when Linsey rubbed that sweet little rose bud making him fantasize just how tight it will be to when he takes her virgin ass. He wanted to fuck this little teacher so bad but he knew she required training and he let Linsey play with her teacher as long as Laurie is orgasming.

Linsey could not resist and began to rub Laurie's little bung hole. Linsey wet her finger, and she slowly circles that sweet virgin dimple of Laurie's ass making Laurie's asshole pucker, much to Laurie's chagrin. Linsey slowly pushed her index finger in past the tight dimple and began to finger fuck Laurie's ass. Linsey loved this tight little hole and would surely love watching either or brother or her dad get to fuck this very tight and no doubt virgin hole later tonight but now it belongs to Linsey's fingers.

Chet's device is working flawlessly as he looks on with amazement and pride. Chet smiled and stroked Laurie's body rubbing her secretions into Laurie's skin. Never had he seen his device produce such a geyser from any woman who normally did not squirt. Now this little teacher is going to be quite the little slut with a moneymaker of a pussy. No doubt, they would be making big money form this cum slut slave.

"Ah it turned out to be such a wonderful day here in Whiskey Jack's Ink," Chet remarked to himself.

Linsey was about to undue Laurie's apparatus when the back door bell rang.

"Who could that be," Chet asked?

"I'll check it out," Linsey said as she left the room.

Chet just stared at Laurie as Laurie continues to have orgasms from her torture machine. She could not stop the spasms her body is experiencing, no matter how hard she tries. Laurie's mind is still punishing her for making the wrong decision. Now that she is, trapped and only god knows what is in store for her. What does this pervert going to do to me next Laurie quires herself?

Linsey returns with two people in tow "Look who is here Dad."

Chet turning, he sees that behind Linsey is a woman in a trench coat who is wearing a collar and Bobby follows. Laurie is smiling from ear to ear as she recognizes this woman.

Chet looking up and grinning but he had no idea whom this woman was, but it is obvious Linsey did knows her and Bobby who is prodding her along.

"Dad, this is another teacher," Bobby said; "Meet Mrs. Betty Clary."

Betty and I have come to an understanding, you see, she cheats on her hubby while he is off working out of town and I have been surveilling her for quite some time now. She likes to spread her legs for black men. Today she came to the stark realization that she was not so clever in concealing her deceptiveness. Now Mrs. Clary has decided to do as she is told. She has been a good teacher today and is learning what is expected of her. Now I thought I would share her.

"Wonderful! She certainly looks pretty, but I'm sure loosing that trench coat would help me determine just how pretty she really is, don't you guys think?"

Bobby reaches around pulls the coat open, then off her exposing her completely nude body except for her black high heels and her collar.

"Wow, what a figure. No wonder she is putting out. Damn fine pair of tits girl, let me feel those babies," as Chet reaches out and palms her tits.

"Damn fine set of tits. They are so round, so perky and her nips and aureoles are such a lovely color, Chet remarks all the while he fondles her "girls."
Betty here is our new "slave to be."

Betty grimaces a bit, as Chet gets a bit rougher with her mammaries. He could not believe these were real but knew from feeling many a tit that these were real.

"Oh such an asset this woman will be to our family," he thought to himself.

Chet could not help but notice how Linsey was looking very anxious beside him as he gropes Betty's ample tits.

Chet proclaimed, "I want to tell both of you right now that no harm will come to these tits.
We will use them but do not ever leave a mark or you will answer to me. These babies are damn near perfect and they will bring us lots of money!" Linsey, I know you and your mom could be jealous but just remember what I said," Chet commanded.

"Well now, Mrs. Betty Clary, so you have been cheating and old Bobby here found you out. I'm sure he made it very clear to you just how bad we could make it for you and your family if your hubby found out."

Betty stole a looks at Linsey and nods her head.

Linsey slaps Betty's face and scolds her, "That's no way to answer us Ms. Teach. From now on you answer correctly with a "Yes Master, No Master or if it is a woman you answer to its Mistress so and so. Is that understood, cheating slut?"

Betty whimpered, "Yes Mistress Linsey"

"That is much better. Now let me see something," as Linsey pushed her right hand in between the teacher's legs. "She's wet and gooey. Did Bobby fuck you before he brought you here?"

" Yes Mistress Linsey he did," as she replies.

"I'd bet he put you over your very own desk and fucked you hard didn't he?"

" No Mistress Linsey, he made me suck him off first and then I had to mount him so he could play with my breasts."

" Bobby, you have outdone yourself today young man. She's a damn fine looking woman, or I should say slave now."

Betty could not believe she got herself into this mess. Her life is going to change forever now that this family has her and her fellow teacher as new slaves. Her playing days were over with her many lovers but now new ones would emerge but not necessarily, the way she would have wanted.

Betty had to admit she felt a tingling all over her body from the idea that she would be fucked and fucked regularly but the roughness may not be to her liking. She certainly was not up to thinking that teenagers, her students would be using and abusing her and Laurie for their pleasure.

Betty was lovely woman with a very sensual body. Her curly, jet-black hair hanging down just past her shoulders and her unusual green eyes made her very alluring. Betty's very near resemblance of a more mature Nicole Sherzinger would aptly describe her. Even at five feet six inches, she could have been a very stunning model.

Her breasts were full 36 C cups with large dark brown oval aureoles with long pale pink nipples that consumed the tips of her breasts. She could easily go without a bra and look stunning. Breast feeding her two kids years ago did not affect her tits in a negative way and in fact may have given them more fullness. Betty knew her tits and nipples were her most alluring asset even though her ass was small and firm, she knew those mammaries of hers made her the envy of many a woman and garners stares from most men. Her husband remarked many times he had not seen a perfect pair of tits than hers. The implants she had seen on a few of her friends and in movie stars were no match for her real set of twins.

Her skin tone is an almost bronze color, which makes her look like she has a permanent tan and that is another one of her assets. Betty often wonders to herself why she was a teacher when being a model would have been more to her liking and to her body. She could not help but wonder just how much these people are going to maul her and her lovely tits.

"Let's put her to a test. On your knees teach," Bobby barked to her.

Betty fell to her knees and looked up in disbelief. Her mind now in a panic, wondering what was going to happen to her. Obliviously I am theirs to use and make me their sex slave, Betty thought.

Linsey pushed her naked love mound into the new slave's face and instructed her to eat her pussy and lick her clit.

It was not but a minute when Linsey shrieked out and backhanded the new slave.

"You little slut, you bit my fucking clit." Betty fell to the floor as Linsey jumped on top of her, sitting on her face and began slapping her cunt. Betty yelling as the men just looked on.

"Open those legs slut so I can punish you. In a flash, Betty splays her legs wide but not wide enough to please Mistress Linsey. The guys did not hesitate and each man grabbing one of her legs and held them wide apart giving Linsey unfettered access to Betty's bare pussy.

"Slap, slap, slap, slap," Linsey is spanking Betty's cunt turning her mound a crimson red.

"You'll find Miss Teach you don't mess with Linsey. You'll suffer now for such a bad mistake," Chet exclaimed to Betty.

Betty cries out as Linsey continues to smack Betty's cunt as hard as she can.

"Let her know who you are the Mistress here Linsey," Bobby said.

Just then, Bobby realized that he knew the other woman in the exam chair.

"WOW, Dad is that Laurie Winchell, our English teacher?"

" Oh yes, she wonders in here for a tattoo and quickly came under my spell. Doesn't she look cute all bound and gagged," Chet answered back.

"I'd say so. My God, we have hit the mother lode today, haven't we? Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought she would be here. Let us do something with these two How about we get Linsey's new slave to eat Miss Laurie's cunt. Then while she is eating that pussy, we will fuck the cheater. Better yet, let us fuck her virgin ass. I am almost sure she never let any man tap her ass so that ass is probably a virgin asshole."

" That is an excellent idea. Linsey hold up the slut. I think she has had enough. Go get your strap-on and the largest one you have. Meanwhile, Bobby and I will get MS Teach all hooked up to her new friend."

Linsey begrudgingly ceases hitting Betty's cunt as she gets up and leaves the room. Chet and Bobby get Betty up and shove Betty's face into Laurie's cunt with Betty's nose in Laurie's wet slit. Chet knew that Betty would feel some of the current Laurie was receiving and he would just let Betty wince and feel it and the men lash Betty's head to Laurie's cunt. Betty's arms are restrained with straps connected to Laurie's straps at her waist. Betty's body is lashed to the table with her arms outstretched grasping Laurie's aching tits. Her body is draped over a padded like saddle and her ass and cunt are now completely exposed from the rear. Betty's legs, secured to the table with rods that held her legs tight. Betty is incapable of moving the bent over position she is in, a position not comfortable for her but very good for the men giving them unobstructed access to Betty's ass or her cunt.

Chet and Bobby happy with their handiwork and they were fingering Betty's virgin ass. First with one finger then two and finally three fingers stretching her tight asshole as the men finger her ass. Betty can only grimace and whimper, then moan and squirm to no avail as the men ravish her brown eye.

Linsey came back with her largest black strap-on dildo jutting out in front of her cunt. Her dildo was a good 8" long and 3" in diameter. It is one big dildo for one virgin ass. This teacher would soon learn that Linsey was not one to fuck with and now she would pay for now.

Bobby and Chet backed away as Linsey lined her black monster cock up to Betty's cunt. Linsey slowly entered the teacher's cunt only to get her dildo slimy and coated. It was not but a few seconds and Linsey pulled out from the teacher's cunt and lined her cock with the little crinkled bud before her.

Linsey wasting no time and slide her phallus into Betty's quivering asshole without caring at all about the teachers squirming and muffled screams of having her ass penetrated for the first time. Linsey drove all the way to her faux nuts and bottomed out inside the teacher's ass. Betty is squirming and screaming but only muted sounds were audible from Betty. Laurie could feel Betty biting Laurie's cunt as Betty is not in a position to do anything but to hurt Laurie's clit as Betty had hurt Mistress Linsey's clit.

Linsey was beaming as she pounded the teacher's ass now as the men looked on in amazement. Chet could not help himself and reached under to play with Betty's lovely tits. Chet is squeezing and pinching and fondling mammaries as Bobby just looked on.

Linsey was enjoying this so much she is reaching for Bobby and began to French kiss him. He knew her thank yous were something to receive and he loved how she kissed him. They had been lovers many times as he had filled all her holes on many an occasion. His cock is twitching with excitement knowing he is pleasing his lover.

Betty is ready to pass out from the pain when a jolt of electric hit her tongue and she peed herself with a steaming stream splashing on the floor and splattering on everyone there. They all cheered as Betty continues to pee.

Chet was enjoying this fine specimen of his new sex slave. He thought how much fun these two will be to play with all weekend and how the family will enjoy these new slaves. His imagination was running wild with anticipation on just what they could and would do with these new slaves and just how much fun it will be to own these lovelies.

Linsey and Bobby continue to kiss as Linsey ravishes, Betty's well-raped ass with the monster black cock. Betty could not quit biting Laurie's clit and Laurie could not control her orgasms as the two new slaves are receiving an extraordinary amount sexual attention all three members of the family.

Chet sensing his cock to be at full staff and he needs to release so he releases Betty's tits and Chet goes for Laurie has face. Removing the electric dildo, Chet climbs on Laurie's chest replaces the dildo with his cock and starts to face fuck Laurie. Laurie could do nothing to stop this onslaught of her mouth and throat as his large cock drove into her throat. It did not take long for Chet to cum, flooding Laurie's with massive load of sperm into Laurie's throat. She almost gags but manages to swallow all of his seed.

Linsey and Bobby turn to watch as Chet unload in Laurie's mouth but Linsey is still pummeling Betty's ass. Bobby and Chet swapping places, Bobby is now face fucking Laurie's mouth; Chet returns to his fondling of Betty's plump boobs with very erect nipples. Pinching and twisting each nipple which arouses Chet and he grabs Linsey's hand placing it on his stiff rod. Linsey immediately know what he wants and begins to stroke his prick.

Bobby dismounts from Laurie's chest and reaches down to kiss her. She opens her mouth and he shoves his tongue into her mouth much to Laurie's repulsive disgust as their tongues meet. In same strange twist as repulsive as this situation is, Laurie is finding herself craving more abuse from the family members.

"What a damn fine slave she is already," he thought to himself as Laurie kisses him back with a fervor and passion he has not seen so appear so quickly in a sex slave, or even in any woman before. Her kisses were bringing his cock back to life when he realizes just how much he wants to fuck her.

Linsey is still pounding her new slave when Bobby said he wanted to fuck Ms. Betty's ass. Linsey laughs and thrusts hard one last time and she smacks Betty's ass then pulls the black phallus from Betty's lily-white ass. Bobby reaches up, squeezes Betty's ass cheeks spreading them wide. Bobby shoves his ramrod dick deep in her sloppy snatch for a few deep strokes. His cock now covered with her pussy drippings, Bobby pulling out of Betty's cunt and aligns his eight inch cock up to her loose rose bud, now stretched from the pounding from Linsey's monster black cock. Bobby impales her as swiftly and robustly as he bottoms out with his nuts coming spanking her perineum. Bobby is now serious, fucking this bitch teacher hard and as fast as he can. The after school screwing Bobby gave slut Betty he knew she would not last long until an orgasm consumes her, especially now that he could see she is calmer and appears to be enjoying her first ass fucking.

Linsey reached under Betty and attaching some nipple clamps to each rigid nipple and once again throwing Betty into a frenzied scream, well actually a loud muffle. Linsey just smiles and fondles Betty's tits after each nipple clamp became secure. Linsey then attaches two large weights to the chain that now pulls on her sensitive, aching nipples. Betty just mumbles something and quivers as the weights weigh heavy on her nipples stretch the pink gumdrops. Chet scowls at Linsey but he lets Linsey continue her blitzkrieg on Betty's, now Chet's, assets. Chet did not want those near perfect tits hurt in anyway but also knew that Linsey knows just how far to push the envelope. Linsey knows that Chet would show her no mercy if Linsey damaged Betty's tits. Daughter or not Chet would take retribution on her.

Meanwhile Chet kept kissing Laurie and Laurie reciprocated. Chet loves how this little teach is on the fast track to accepting the reality that she is now his sex slave. Her kissing is wet, wild, and very passionate, for a fresh slave, as he knew that this girl is succumbing to his will. She is his, and he can do anything to her knowing she will submit. He knows she will obey anything he orders her to do. That electric dildo and her afternoon of almost non-stop orgasms have driven her to total submission to him and now she craves for domination.

Bobby continuing to batter this new slave's ass while Linsey looks on and every so often would tap the weights hanging from the teacher's tits evoking another concert of muted mumblings from the constricted slave, Betty. Betty never had experienced bondage or discipline let alone sadism. An occasional light spanking by a lover is something she endured from time to time, but nothing to this degree of sadism that a family of masochists doles out so freely. Now the question in Betty's mind is not so much as to how much more can I take but why do I crave and enjoy it so damn much.

Bobby jolts her back to reality when his cock explodes in her ass sending her into a frenzy detonating an orgasm in her cunt that is one of the most intense cum she ever had. Body tremors are consuming her as the wave of exquisite hedonism washes over her body. Betty's tits swaying back and forth with the weights tugging on the nipple clamps with pain torturing her nipples, giving her secondary pleasure.

Chet realizing how much Betty was orgasming when he proclaims, "Ok it's time we get these two tattooed and get the weekend training going. Linsey and Bobby take Ms. Betty bind her to the other exam table. Then take this slut, pointing to Laurie, and get MS Teach restrained and put the dildo back in her to arouse her so she is docile when I am ready to ink her. In the meantime I will do little Ms. Betty's ink. After all, they came here for tattoos and tattoos are what they will get after all I can't disappoint a customer, can I?

Linsey and Bobby knew their fun with the teachers is over, but restraining Ms. Betty all strapped in and sticking and putting her electric dildo gag in her mouth. Watching her orgasm repeatedly would be their perverted pleasure.

Linsey kisses Betty firmly on the lips and whispered in her ear, "You're in for a real treat now Ms. Teach. Nothing you have ever done will compare to what you will go through in the next couple of hours.'

Betty had experienced some of the electric shock of eating Laurie's cunt while Laurie was strapped in. Betty did notice, when Laurie's head restraint was unhooked and she could see that Laurie's face is completely fatigued. They attach wires to Laurie's labia and then to her electric gag dildo. Then the students that sat in her class earlier that day were now removing the nipple clamps with the weights. Linsey even rubs and kisses Laurie's tender abused nipples as she removes the clamps. Bobby removes the labia clamps and rubs the red marks gently as he fingers her, just to feel his teacher's soft silky and much abused cunt. Bobby's mind fills with thoughts of this weekend and fucking this little thing will be such a pleasure. He knew just how much fun his family would have with these two teachers all weekend and he could hardly wait.

Chet is standing back and looking at the two teachers that he just finished inking and is admiring his elaborate handiwork. Both Betty and Laurie lay side by side looking at each other's freshly inked bodies. Neither could see the artwork that Chet had had applied to their body but judging by the others ink it is not the tattoo they had in mind when they entered Whiskey Jack's Ink today.

Betty with her perfect tits is now lying supine on Chet's table with her breasts splayed apart to allow room for Linsey to apply the stencil for Chet. Linsey carefully places the stencil between Betty's voluptuous tits applying the outline of the tattoo onto Betty's flesh. It is a large tattoo, in fact it is one of four Chet would in on this teacher today. The first stencil in place and Linsey deftly applied the other three, and then set up the tattoo machines that Chet would be using to ink Betty.

Betty, drained from having so many orgasms and having her pussy abused by so many people in one day she lies there accepting her fate. Chet leans in and Betty can smell his nicotine and whiskey breath, the odor a woman on his fingers combined with sweat. He touches her naked body as he positions the needle of the tattoo machine and then she feels the first bite of the needle piercing her skin. Betty winces, bites her bottom lip as Chet is inking her body with the line work first, followed by the color and shading. The process seemed to take forever to Betty, but Chet worked swiftly and soon finishes with the largest piece. Chet then moved on to inking her breasts, which seem to hurt the most and brought tears to her eyes. Now Chet was working on her pussy.

The Whiskey Jack Ink logo is inked on her right pussy lip and in calligraphy script with the words "Property of " inked in black letters arching over the logo. Now Betty wears his brand and there is no doubt of who now owns this cum slut.

Linsey wheels in Laurie, and Laurie looks at Betty lying on the table, whimpering with her new ink on display. The artwork perfectly depicts a large snake curled under her right breast and the body of the serpent slithering up between gorgeous breasts, and rears its head with the mouth open and a tongue flickering at the top of her tits. Each nipple had a smaller snake inked on her areole with the snake's rattle raised. The Whiskey Jack Ink logo was a profile image of a hard cock with balls that is pointing towards Betty's swollen slit on her right labia with the word Property of arching above the cock.

Now it is Laurie's turn to get her ink. Linsey, once again serving in her role as tattoo apprentice applied the stencils, set up the tattoo machines and ink cups for Chet. Chet positioning himself between Laurie's thighs stated the line work for the Whiskey Jack Ink logo on her fat pussy lip and in a short time, Laurie is inked with his brand with the addition of a drop of cum clinging to the hard cock.

Chet is now inking under her breasts, an intricate lace pattern that wells up between her tits. Adorning each of her areolas with red a rose, makes Laurie weep from the bite of the steel needle piercing her sensitive tits. Across the top of each breast, Chet inks the words "Cum" on her right tit and "Slut" on her left tit in shaded black to red ink arching over the roses in Old English Text.

Now with the tattoos finished Linsey has one final touch for the teachers. She has the required equipment on a stainless steel tray and approaches Laurie first, and lays the tray on Laurie's legs. With the silver clamp in her hand, she locks it onto Laurie's left nipple and pulls it up to expose the nub of flesh. Next, she slides the needle into the flesh of Laurie's nipple and Laurie cries out as the needle pierces her nipple. Linsey draws back the needle then picks up a silver bar and slides it through the new hole in Laurie's nipple. Linsey screws on a ball on the end of the bar and Laurie now has a shiny new nipple ring to decorate her nipple rose tattoos. The right nipple goes just as quick and Laurie bites her lip as the needle pierces the flesh. She relaxes a bit as Linsey inserts the nipple ring and thinks she likes the new look. Not yet, finished Miss Winchell Linsey spreads Laurie's legs wide, and opens her pussy. Her fingers quickly locate the teacher's engorged pink nub still throbbing from all the fingering and that damn dildo of Chet's. With a fast turn of her wrist Linsey's captures Laurie's, thumping pink clit in the jaws of the clamps and tugs on it stretching it for Linsey's wavering needle. Laurie grimaces as the needle lances her sex button and squeals like the proverbial stuck pig. The pain is searing but brief and Linsey is retracting the needle. Linsey picks a third ring, a little larger than the other two and feels very strange to her when Linsey releases Laurie's clit with her new clit ring. Now the two teachers, fingered, fucked, ate and now inked with new piercings have earned a rest. Linsey leaves the two sluts on their tables for her mother, who will inspect the handiwork of her family and the newest acquisitions to the stable of fine educated teacher's that will reap profits for Whiskey Jack Ink and the Pike family.

Momma Pike is her moniker, a woman with a small frame and in her fifties but looking forty. Thin with red hair down to her shoulders and she was wearing a blue chambray shirt that is unbuttoned and hanging open. Her tits, small with large areolas and nipple with each nipple covered with a spider tattoo that spread out onto her breasts. Each nipple is pierced, with a nipple ring and a gold chain connecting the two nipple rings that pulls on each other as her breasts sway and jiggle. In the center of the chain, a small O-ring has a fine gold chain that hangs down between her breasts just to vanish under the waistband of her tan slacks. Who knows what it attaches to under her panties? Her tan slacks hug what little ass Momma Pike has. Momma Pike has many tattoos including a "Property of Whiskey Jack's Ink" tattoo on the top of her left breast.

After a while, the two women were returning to somewhat of a level of normalcy when Momma Pike, a gaunt woman, enters the room. Stopping at Laurie first she poked squeezes Laurie's breasts. Then she cups them in her hands bouncing them gently getting a feel for the heft of Laurie's tits. Next she spreads Laurie's swollen labia, examines the clit piercing and tugs gently on the ring making Laurie tense for a moment. Looks at the branding ink and finally she dips her finger into Laurie's pussy and get Laurie's pussy juice on her finger. Momma Pike then sniffs the pussy juice and then pops her wet finger into to taste Laurie. Momma Pike smiles with approval.
A quick rub of Laurie's cunt she moves onto inspecting Betty.

She takes in a view of Betty's perfect breasts or so says Chet. Tracing the tender flesh, then she is cupping Betty's full and heavy breasts. The nipple rings are perfect and the snakes are flawless encompassing her nipples. Betty moans a little as Momma Pike handles her tender breasts. Next Momma Pike open Betty's chunky lips and inspect her branding as well. Like Laurie, Momma Pike tugs on her clit ring, and then the taste test with her finger is conducted. A final rub on Betty's cunt and Momma Pike moves away from the two women.

"Not bad, the kids are becoming quite good at selecting fine quality sluts for my business. I will have to have you two sluts after you heal and before your first début," Momma Pike informs the women.

Momma Pike went on to inform her two new acquisitions the requirements of their new life. Momma Pike explains the consequences of disobedience in graphic detail. In addition, Momma Pike emphasizes how they will enjoy their new life of pleasuring others as well as themselves is laid out for the women. Loyalty to the family is the utmost important value they must always retain.
You are free to leave, return to your normal routine, teaching, living your life however, you cannot have sex without the family's approval. Each of you must bring another young single teacher into the family within a year. In six weeks or so, after your bodies have healed you will make your début at our version of a prom after the schools prom.

Momma Pike is looking forward to the women's future.

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