The Tempting Temp - Part 2
Julie sat down as I tried to look at her in the eye and not let my gaze dip into her chest. She has very large brown eyes which seemed to twinkle. She said that it was a shame the pub was closing as she was enjoying the evening greatly and I steadied myself and said our apartment was only a 10 minute walk away and she was welcome to come and drink some wine. She looked at me and smiled "what sort if a girl do you think I am James?" I felt the ground opening up before me as she laughed, "got you silly boy, I'd love another drink".

We walked back slowly, chatting, the cool air sobering me up a little, we chatted again about relationships and people at work and quickly we got to our small apartment. I let her go up the stairs to apartment first and was greeted with the beautiful sight of her bum swaying in her skirt as she ascended.

I poured us both generous glasses of wine and I sat next to her on our one couch, keeping a slightly respectful few inches distance from her. I could almost feel her warmth on me as we chatted, I soon started to loose the thread of the conversation as I became steadily more enchanted by her. She kept smiling at me, and playing with her dark hair. I asked her if she wanted a top-up and she smiled, looking me directly in the eyes "I'd prefer a kiss silly boy" and leant over and kissed me slowly. My heart almost exploded out of my chest as I shifted next to her and as we kissed I slid my arms around her waist pulling her to me. I knew this was all wrong but nothing could stop me from falling off the cliff.

Our kissing became more urgent as our tongues danced together, my hand brushing through her hair, my other stroking her back. She was moaning slightly as I caressed her hair and I broke the kiss to whisper in her ear "god I want you Julie", she sighed deeply "good because I decided to have you weeks ago" her hands unbuttoning my shirt and rubbing my chest "mmm let me unwrap you" she purred as she pulled of my shirt and started to kiss my chest and nipples. My hands ruffled through her hair then fumbled to ease off her cardigan, before cupping her tremendous breasts. "mmm I think you like those don't you James" she teased as I moaned as the sensation of holding her chest.

We started kissing again passionately as her hands started to stroke my crotch, I couldn't speak the sensation taking control of my brain. I slip one hand down her chest and starting stroking her thigh, slipping slowly up her skirt, until I felt she had stockings on as the smooth silk gave way to bare soft skin. She moaned as I let my fingers slowly trace up to her panties, lightly circling them. Her hand was still brushing my cock through my trousers as she traced the outline of my swollen cock head.

We kissed like that for maybe 2 or 3 minutes just caressing and kissing when she moaned "take me to bed now baby, I need you right now". We slowly got up still kissing and I led her to the bed, I lay her on her back and as I eased off my trousers and boxers, she pulled down her skirt and panties, revealing her trimmed pussy, its lips glistening at me as she parted her generous, milky thighs. I went to kiss her legs when she moaned "no baby I need you in me now". So I slid up her body holding my throbbing cock until I was on top of her, my cock positioned at her moistness. I kiss her as I pushed my cock inside her slowly, we both moaned as we became locked together. The sensation of entering her flowed through me as she opened her legs wider allowing me to push deep in her. "mmm my baby boy is quite a man" she moaned as I pushed all of my straining cock inside, her pussy yielding to my thick shaft.

I was glad I had been drinking as I knew sober I would have cum so quickly, each thrust in her causing electricity to flow from my shaft through my body. Her soft, generous curves beneath me , we kissed and moaned as I moved inside her heavenly body, her legs wrapping themselves around my waist. We moved together, her moaning, "mmm yes my baby just like that" which spurred me on, pumping faster and as deep as I could, my cock felt as hard as it has ever done inside her, my whole body throbbing. Her moaning quickened as she bit her lower lip "oh fuck James you are going make me cum" she blurted out with some surprise. I started to fuck her harder, my cock like a piston, my whole body lost her as she started to cry out "fuck yes, yesssss" I felt her pussy start to tighten and ripple on my shaft "yes James don't stop my baby" she cried, the sensation of her pussy milking my cock caused my brain to fuse and I felt my whole body start to tingle as my cock erupted deep in her. "oh shit your cumming too baby, yes cum for me" she cried as I pumped wave after wave of my hot seed in her womb, I stared at her beautiful face racked with an intense orgasm as I thrust deep and hard, "god I felt you cum then" she moaned at the force of my ejaculation.

I slumped down on her, both breathing hard, kissing, my cock still oozing my cum in her. "oh god Julie" I panted "oh baby" she replied as I lay on her, her hands stroking my hair. "I think we needed that" she giggled. I pulled out of her and lay by her side, she purred as her hand wrapped around my erection, I slid my hand to cup her pussy. "ooo be careful baby" she whispered "I'm always so sensitive afterwards". My hand brushed her still enlarged clit, and I lightly stoked it. She moaned out in pleasure. I smiled at her and stroked it again and again she moaned out in pleasure.

"ooo James that actually feels so good still" she said almost puzzled. I started to caress and lightly rub her clitty as she moaned more and more, quickening as she started to writhe her body. "oh you naughty boy, what are you doing?" she purred as I slipped two fingers inside her soaked pussy, my thumb caressing her clitty. I slickly fingered her staring into her eyes as she moaned and purred, soon she cried out "oh god I'm cumming again" and to her seeming surprise her pussy clamped down on my fingers as another orgasm wracked her body. Breathlessly she kissed me after she had regained some composure "bloody hell, that's never happened before, you are so clever my baby". My fingers still in her I moved them very slowly as she kissed me again, once again moaning slightly, she let out a loud laugh "god it still feels so good you naughty boy" as I tenderly fingered her "do you do this to all the ladies?" she purred out.
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