The Temptress
It was well after lunch before Justin opened his briefcase. The morning had been full of meetings and he was just getting into his large office for the day. He ran his hands through his sand blonde hair while he stretched his tall lean body. He opened the briefcase and pulled out the stack of papers neatly tucked inside. His eyes immediately noticed the bright pink post it note stuck to the top page.

Expecting the usual "I Love You" message that his wife was so fond of tucking away from him to find at random moments throughout the day, Justin was surprised at the waiting message.

"I am at home and I'm playing with my pussy in anticipation for your arrival home."

Justin sucked in a deep breath as Amanda's words coursed through his body. His cock jerked to life, growing harder as he reread her words. He grinned and tucked the slip of paper into his pocket. He sat down at his large desk, thankful for the closed door, allowing him privacy. His hand idly moved down to his hardening body. Idly he began to stroke his body as visions of his lovely wife popped into his head.

Breaking his focus, he decided to get to work, still lightly stroking he picked up the phone to check his voicemail. The very first message was from Amanda.

"Hey babe," her voice rang out across the room. "I can't wait for you to come home this evening. I've got a big surprised planned for you."

Just groaned and flipped his arm to glance at his wristwatch. He knew that his focus for the remainder of the afternoon would be on imagining what Amanda could have in store for him. Resolutely he tried to be productive and work.

The knock on the door a short while later interrupted Justin's solitude. He looked up as his secretary poked her head into his office. He smiled his welcome and reached for the package that she held out toward him. Justin took the package and thanked her as she walked out before turning his attention to the small package that he held within his hand.
The package was small and weighed almost nothing. It was wrapped with non-descript brown paper and was adorned with only one name "Justin". Speculatively, Justin fingered the small box. Unable to sit unknowingly any longer he slipped his finger under the taped flap and pulled off the paper. His eyes immediately began to sparkle. Chuckling he discarded the wrapping and held the gift in his large hand. A purple cock tie beckoned to him, tempting him and causing his cock to grow from the mental stimulation that flowed through his mind.

The sound of the phone ringer pealing across the empty room jarred Justin from his quiet reflection. With the cock tie still held between his long fingers, Justin picked up the phone. Before he could even get his full name out as a greeting, Amanda's voice trickled through the receiver. "Do you like your little gift?" Not waiting for a reply Amanda charged ahead. "Please put the tie on right tight as you can stand it."

Justin groaned, partly out of excitement but partially due to the knowledge that a tight tie around his cock would keep him constantly aroused until such a time that he could remove the tie.

Amanda laughed, realizing his thought processes. "I promise you it will be well worth it." The phone went dead.

Justin started at the silent phone for a few seconds before quietly setting the phone down on the cradle. It only took him a few seconds to ponder his choices. He knew almost immediately that he would follow Amanda's directions exactly.

After darting a quick glance at the closed office door, Justin leaned back in his desk chair. He cupped his cloth clad balls and gave them a light squeeze before unzipping his pants. His cock sprang free from the confines of his clothes, bold proud and totally erect. Unable to resist the allure, Justin quickly gave his stiff cock a few good strokes before carefully slipping the tie into place and tightening it as directed. He sighed at the tight grip on his cock, just enough tightness to keep his focus totally centered upon his cock but not so tight as to cause discomfort.

An hour passed and finally Justin began to stuff his work papers into his briefcase to go home for the day. The last hour had been a futile exercise to focus on work and not his manhood that remained slightly aroused from the tie. Standing up to leave, Justin paused as the phone started to ring. He picked it up, still holding onto his briefcase while standing beside his desk.

The sounds that greeted him were strikingly familiar. Amanda's voice panted out her greeting. "I need to cum, but do not touch yourself." Amanda's words died away as her breathing quickened and her moans intensified.

Justin's briefcase dropped to the floor with a thud as he fell back into his chair. His hand idly stroked his chin as he listened to the unmistakable sounds of his wife approaching an orgasm. Justin licked his lips as he heard Amanda fall over the edge into a bliss that could only be achieved by sexual satisfaction.

"My God baby, that was incredible," Justin crooned into the phone. "Can I please touch myself now?"

Amanda's answer was clear and concise. "NO!" She softened her voice to a low sexy tone, "but get home as soon as possible."

Justin pushed open the door of his house with an air of excitement. The house was softly lit as he walked in. The first thing he noticed was the large piece of paper on the floor in the hallway leading to the bedrooms. He moved further into the house in order to read the sign.

"Welcome home" the sign said. Justin read further. "Please remove your clothes now and leave them here before going any further. You will no longer need them." Justin's grin widened as he read the note. He glanced around the house and chuckled as his eyes caught upon another large piece of paper laying in the hallway, beckoning him further. Unconciously he took a step, toward the next piece of paper, curious to see what Amanda had in store for him.

The note lay on the floor outside of his bedroom door. A pile of discarded clothes lay next to the note. Just could see the bright red lingerie that was Amanda's favorite poking through the pile of fabric. He quickly read the next message and laughed outright.

"I know you didn't listen! So get your clothes off and then get into this room, I'm waiting," Justin sheepishly looked down at his fully clad body and quickly began unbuttoning his clothes to divest them from his burning body. Within seconds he was pushing the bedroom door open.

Justin stopped just inside the doorway as Amanda hurried toward him. Her naked body glistened in the lamplight that cast its glow across the room. Her breasts bobbed enticingly as she reached out to grasp his hands and pull him completely into the bedroom.

Justin allowed himself to be led across the room and gently pushed onto the large bed. He lay there watching as Amanda grabbed a bottle off of the end table. His eyes widened with anticipation as he watched Amanda cover her hands with a glistening lotion. He sighed with relief as her slick hands descended upon his aroused body. Closing his eyes, he gave himself into the sensual feelings that ricocheted through his charged body . Her small hands tightly gripped his cock as she slid her hand up and down his throbbing shaft.

Amanda eyed him closely watching for his signs of arousal. She knew that the cock tie would help her purposes, but she wanted to bring him as close to the edge as she dared without allowing him to lose control. Amanda continued to watch as her hands slid sensuously along his body. She pressed her well lubed palm against the head of his shaft and her fingers against the ridge of his cock head. She grinned as she twisted her hand back and forth much as if opening a doorknob, teasing his cock and making him moan. She as the telltale sounds of his mounting orgasm and pulled her hands away. She chuckled as his hips arched upward to try to follow her retreating hands. Gently she pushed his hips back down against the mattress with a gentle admonishment to remain still.

Amanda quietly sat on the edge of the bed watching Justin relax. Every time he reached for her lithe body, she shook her head no. Finally with a grin, she reached to the end table and uncovered a small bowl. Justin's eyes watched as she pulled a kiwi out of the bowl.

"A kiwi," he questioned? Amanda leaned over to give him a quick kiss before allowing him to fully view the kiwi.

Justin's eyes turned inquisitive as he looked. The kiwi had one end cut off and Justin could see that all of the kiwi pulp had been scooped out leaving a hollow bowl. His mind in a whirl, he just grinned and shook his head at his wife.

Amanda moved closer and taking the kiwi, placed the head of Justin's cock inside the hallowed out cup of the kiwi. The cool pulp slipped over Justin's body. He gasped at the sudden coolness of the kiwi pulp. And the tightness as Amanda's hand closed over the cup pressing the kiwi tight against his cock head. His eyes widened as his body continued to react to the slippery kiwi cup that Amanda was twisting back and forth over his ever hardening cock. Amanda leaned forward and with no change in the kiwi motion on his cock head, she took his full ball sac into her hot mouth. Her hair fell forward and entwined around the base of Justin's cock as she quickly removed the tie from Justin's cock. She then rapidly matched the light sucking of her mouth to the rhythm of the kiwi that continued to drive Justin hurtling toward an orgasm.

"ARRGGGHHH, " Justin cried out. Amanda quickly pulled the kiwi off of his pulsing cock and moved her mouth into position. Without pausing, she opened her mouth and sucked his dick deeply into her mouth. The sudden heat and tightness of her mouth caused his body to tense and seconds later filled her mouth with her essence.

After swallowing every drop that Justin gave her, she slithered up his utterly exhausted body and nestled in to his warm embrace.

"A kiwi?" he asked incredulously seconds before they both fell into an exhausted sleep.
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