The Third Hole
I am not one for golf, tried it and left it. But potting holes can be very enjoyable

Now - "Strip, bend over, spread and beg"

"Please ... please fuck me... fuck me hard and deep, I am yours..."

"Patience my sweet" I whisper.

You hear me approach but your head remains bowed. Your wetness increases as I bind your limbs to the four legs of the chair that you are bent over.

You love the feeling of abandoned helplessness - an overwhelming excitement and anticipation builds. You experience a delicious kind of freedom as, in all humility, you are surrendered, exposed and wanton - longing to be impaled

You sense movement near to your bowed head and detect the delicate musk of my excitement. You look up to find me straddling the chair, my cock inches from your upturned eyes. "lick" I whisper. You reach out your tongue and taste the salty sweetness of my desire.

Your tongue plays lightly over my shaft travelling its full length. You are, at first, reluctant to open your mouth, but my persistence and obvious arousal gets to you, I guide my cock between your lips. You feel its warm, pulsing length as I thrust, burying deep. You find it difficult not to gag. My hands reach around to the back of your head and I begin to pull you towards me, timing my thrusts, eager to take your wanton mouth, urging you on - I explode and you push down a rising panic and swallow.

"Rest a minute, my sweet", you hear me say - "one hole down and two to go".

You savour the taste - despite the growing cramps in your limbs you don't want this to stop. You are delighted when I stand and move around to your upturned, exposed rear. You feel my hands on your buttocks, and the soft spread of a cool liquid. Slippery fingers are exploring your anus, working deep inside you, stretching your sphincter. Your dripping pussy is crying out for attention now, but it remains ignored. A kind of delicious frustration now creeps into those swirling thoughts - a fascination and a hunger, once again, to feel that throbbing cock deep within you.

"mmmm, two holes to go, he said", you relish that thought. You feel your lovers ardour now insinuating itself into your rectum, pushing, pressing, invading you virgin hole, insistent, persistent as it seeks entrance. You feel a delightful fullness as it is eased slowly home.

I gently whisper into your ear "On to hole two now, my darling" - and then the pounding begins. It hurts - it is stretching you - but you are enjoying that pain as it mixes so beautifully with the sense of fullness, of being taken in such a degrading but exhilarating fashion.

The pumping builds, in out in out harder, faster, furiously now as your lover seeks release, seeks to spill the seeds of his desire deep within you, the seeds that you so crave. You push back now against each thrust. Timing is everything, you need to find your lovers rhythm you are anxious to heighten my enjoyment, to bring on my orgasm. You so want my cum. You whimper as I climax.

You have mixed feelings as I withdraw - an emptiness now but your pussy is still on fire, your whole being seems centred on your sex, on your 'third hole'. You are desperate for release, you are desperate to feel my cock in the place where it truly belongs. You need to be filled, to be penetrated, to be pierced, pounded, pumped - your pussy is begging, you are begging "Please, please, now the third hole"

My cock slowly returns to life, I stand before the final entrance, listening to your pleading, enjoying your begging, relishing the thoughts of that final hole, the deepest, wettest, hottest, sweetest hole facing me now, ready for me, waiting for me, to be taken by me

Your pathetic whimpers fuel my fire, goad my longing, stoke my desire. My cock returns to its former glory. Hard now, very hard - it is beginning to throb once again with pent-up fury. Once again it seeks release. Once again it seeks to exert its dominance and power over my cowed angel.

I grab your hips and in one powerful, insistent, unstoppable motion impale your pussy on my pulsating length. Deep, so deep, filling you to your core. Your whimpers and moans of longing and frustration now transform to cries of delight and ecstasy. Tears of emotion and desire flow from your glistening eyes, floods of your passionate juice coat my sword and with a furious urgent pumping and pummeling we explode together.

My hands wrap around your hips, hugging you tight. Your cramps forgotten, you slowly melt into a quiet satisfied fulfilled peace and happiness, willing me not to withdraw, savouring the feel of me, so deep within you. Wishing there was a fourth hole for me

So much more enjoyable than a round of golf
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