The Touch
Fingers trace my spine and I feel the warmth of his breath as he moves ever so close.
I feel him run his fingers through my silky red locks.
I want more. I need more, in my mind I am screaming touch me here!!!!
As if by will he spoons against me and I feel his growing member as his arms slide around me and cupping my breast his strong large hands slowly start to play with my nipples and it feels so good.
I hear my breath coming faster. I feel my woman hood become wet with the dew that taste like honey and I beg him "Please don't stop".
I hear him chuckle and he continues his full attention to my now hard nipples and I feel my self push back into him to let him know I am ready.
He comes closer with his mouth to where my neck and shoulder meet and starts to kiss and gently nibble on me.
His touch is making me so hot. I want more but it nearly feels too good! I feel my wetness seeping onto his thigh and he doesn't notice or ignores it.
I am about to cum just as he says "Cum for me baby.." I feel my orgasm grip me and I explode as I try to hold my legs together.
He slides his hand over my stomach and reaches my wet patch of heaven and starts to touch there.
OH his touch makes me feel so much like a woman, his woman, and I want no other to touch me.
I am his, totally now. I throw my leg over his and open myself up to him and he finds my g spot and makes me moan and explode again.
He then says I need to eat your pussy baby, I need to.
I know the touch of that tongue will put me over the edge and as close as I am now I nearly fear being so loud the neighbors will hear us. A cure for that too, he comes down on me so it is in the 69 possition and I feel his tongue touching me and pushing me further than ever as my legs start to quake with little shots of electricity running through me and my sex starting to drip uncontrollably.
I take his beautiful cock in my mouth and suck it like my life depended on it, I love this. I suck and swirl this member in my mouth as I feel it grow ever larger and thicker I rub behind his balls as another orgasm grips me and I pat his ass so he knows I think I am going to squirt so hard he may want to move for a second. He says "bring it on babes I am so ready" I do I feel myself squirt not as hard as I ever did but hard enough and I feel myself doing the only thing I can moaning and sucking and then I deep throat him. I feel the precum dripping down my throat and I love it. I massage his ass. I silently urge him for more. My entire pussy tingles and wants him again.
His touch Only his touch does this to me. I feel a massive orgasm awaiting and he starts to rock back and forth as he licks me clean it feels so damn good more I am screaming in my mind. More. He starts to move his hips and fuck my throat and I am sooo turned on I need more.
One last lick of that tongues touch and I am set to explode he then backs out and pulls me a bit sideways and sticks it in....that ONE touch of our bodies joining, That touch sends me there and I feel my pussy clamp down like a vise and I grab his beautiful ass and pull him closer into me, my face burried in his chest moaning wanting more but not wanting it to end.
I suck his nipple and that urges him on to do more and I feel him bucking harder with each thrust I cum more and more . I have to stop sucking his nipple to throw my head back and loudly moan and Ah and oh.... He thrust one last time hard and I feel him shudder and his cock hard and throbbing within me makes me cum and clamp even harder as my pussy pulsates milking him of all he has to offer.
He collapses on me and kisses me as I caress his back.
He comments "You have such a nice touch" and as he does I laugh thinking the very same about him about every part of his body that touches me.
We love to touch!
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