The Train Ride
Heather stood up and tried to walk provocatively out of the Dinning car to give him a better look at her body. She quickly realized that attempting to walk seductively on a moving train was not going to be an easy task, but she did anyway.

As they walked to her compartment, Heather glanced at his reflection in the window noticing his admiring gaze at her. Once in her compartment Victor took a seat on the couch facing her; continues admire her, with a soft smile on his lips. He obviously found her interesting enough, enough for him to stare blatantly at her.

Heather started to find the idea of taking the seduction further intriguing but knew it was not the proper thing to do and she was not that type of a woman. Sigh she did not know anything about him except he was someone intriguing with a lure of mystery around him.

They must have remained in their respective positions for a few minutes, during which time Heather walked towards the window. Putting her hands on the windowsill, she leaned forward pushing her bottom out knowing that this pose would give Victor a lovely side view of her round firm ass. As the train went around a curve, Heather had to catch herself from losing her balance. The mere thought of falling onto this man's lap made her giggle slightly. On hearing him clearing his throat, Heather made no move to face him, but continued to stare out the window. "It is not very ladylike the way you are teasing me. You have no idea who I am, yet you think nothing of flaunting your body at me," Victor said with a soft grin and a serious look in his eyes.

"Who are you to judge my behavior?" Heather said heatly, her bottom lip quivering.
Heather slowly turned towards Victor sitting on the couch with an attitude of total mastery.
"Excuse me! Who are you?" she asked him in a feisty tone with hands on her hips.
"You are looking for trouble by acting this way. Do you think a woman should be flaunting herself before a stranger?" he asked calmly looking her up and down.

"Well...No, but..." Heather hesitantly as his question took her off guard.

"I am just standing here admiring the view."
"You are standing there hoping I will admire more than just the view," Victor said almost laughingly with a wick look in his sterling gray eyes.

"Come here."

Heather hesitates until Victor still in his seated position holds out his hand to her. She takes his hand quickly Victor pulled her close towards him.

"Shame on you for parading yourself in front of a stranger like this," Victor said in a low voice.

"Well...there really is nothing bad about it. I was just, being playful," Heather said interrupting Victor.

"I didn't mean anything and you certainly are not hurt. I don't see as my behavior is any of your business," she added.

"I think you should be taught a lesson not to tease," he firmly said with his lips close to hers.

"What are you going to do, spank me? You know there's nothing you can do," Heather said it in an offhanded but equally challenging tone, almost taunting him moving back out of reach.
"Yes! I think that would be the appropriate discipline for such behavior," he replied in a quite decisive voice towards her.

"Wait. Wait. Wait a minute. I was only kidding," she said fearfully. "You have no right to do this" as her words fell from her mouth. He pulled her closer to him, leading her to his right side where he proceeded to pull her across his lap. Victor had a good grasp of her wrist; all Heather could do was comply as he forced her to lie down across his lap.
"Wait. This is not fair. You shouldn't be doing this!" Heather said not believe the position she had gotten herself into now. She started to shake with fear.

"You have to stop! I'll scream," as she made a move to get off his lap. She could feel all her nerves in her body becoming alive close to the surface of her skin as Victor maintained his control.

Victor continued positioned her over his lap so that he had perfect view of her magnificent round cheeks. Feeling his cock slowly start to rise to the occasion, as he thought about it.
"Wait. Please," she begged as he slowly lifted her skirt up towards her waist revealing her ass encased in baby blue satin panties, taking in the view lying in his lap.

A low growl escaped from his lips as he took in the view lying across his lap waiting for his disciple.

"You can't do this." Heather protested. "You have no right!"

Try as she might she could not move from her position. Somehow, she knew this was going to happen no matter how much she protested.
Heather gasped as she felt his hand on her ass. Sheer humiliation sat in as she laid there. Suddenly she felt Victor's hand glided over the small of her back sending small shivers up her spine.

Victor held her securely in that position with his arm as his right hand gently began to in one long motion caress from her waist, down, over across one cheek, lingering for a just moment at, then down along her inner thigh. Victor looked down at her then sarcastically laughed in a deep voice as he dragged his hand up over her other cheek, making circles with the palm of his hand. Raking his nails along her tender flesh of each cheek, he could a quiver racing through Heather's body, as he watched the goose bumps rise on her skin.

Heather closed her eyes and moaned at the wonderful sensation of his touch, involuntarily Heather lifted her ass up to him in response. His hand moved to her other thigh, fingertips teasing her until they were between those gorgeous legs. Heather embarrassed at her response just laid there, but she waits in anticipation for his touch.

"Enjoying this, Heather?" he asked in a knowing tone.

Heather did not say anything at first then Victor repeated his question in a tone she knew that he expected a response.

"Yes," Heather answering in the subtle voice with embarrassment and anticipation. She did not want to admit it, but this excited her. Feeling the moisture gathering between her now quivering legs attested to that and Heather prayed that he would not found out.Suddenly her ass exploded in excruciating pain, making her jump as Victor began to spank her ass.

Heather cried out at the presence of his hand against her ass cheeks. His hands alternating between cheeks with medium pressure, she squirmed fiercely in his lap with each smack of his hand, feeling the passionate heat spreading across her tender flesh. As his hand landed on her ass, Heather began yearning insatiably to feel his hand now on her swollen clit, slowly manipulating it with his fingers.

Heather could not believe that she wanted this stranger, so badly because of a spanking. This was so embarrassing yet a part of her surfaced from deep inside her, that she never knew existed, that she liked to be spanked. With every strike of his hand, Heather felt her mound rubbing against his stiffening cock, still hidden inside his slacks. The action and the thought of his stiffen cock, creating a profound all-consuming fire deep inside her. Heather tried desperately not to respond to what Victor was doing but it was too late, the sensation grown to a feverish pitch inside her beyond her control.

Seeing her body lusting for more, Victor started to alter the placement of his hand, sometimes on one cheek, sometimes underneath each cheek, and ending some spanks to her inner thighs.

A low moan gasped from Heather's mouth, sounded like a purr, as her body began to betray her.
"Do you have something to say, Heather?" he asked expecting her to answer.

"No, I just hate this," Heather answered in a shaky voice, as her jade green eyes filled with tears.

A soft smile appeared on his face as he took his right hand and gently slid her panties down until they were resting below her knees. Exposing for the first time, that tantalizing redness of her flesh, caused by his exquisite handiwork, Victor was pleased. It was also evident that Heather was stimulated from the spanking by the big wet spot soaked into the thin fabric.

"Your panties are wet, Heather, it seems to me that your pussy is betraying you," he said.
Victor reaching down between her thighs took his finger, teasing it across Heather's engorged clit and slowly brought it up covered, glistening with her pussy juices. Placing his finger, now dripping wet with her juices in front of her face and with a look command her to lick his finger. He watches as Heather wavered for a moment, knowing not because she was afraid to, but rather because to do so would acknowledge his control over her. Heather knows it is too late to fight as the hunger to lick his finger, to feel it hard in her waiting mouth, over powers what little control she has left. She gives into his command and her desire. She sucks it into her mouth; Heather licks and sucks all of her juices from his finger. She was ready, dripping with her wetness, she, wanted more as she smelled her musky fragrance in the air and tasting herself on her lips.

Victor's hand once again began to spank her naked ass; this spanking was not to be as easy as the one before. This time her cheeks were bright red from the earlier spanking now Heather was much more sensitive. After each time his hand made contact on her cheeks, or her thigh, or upper leg, Victor would soothed her skin by rubbing his hand tenderly over the reddening area.

It was feeling a passionate blend of pleasure and pain with each touch of his hand, as Victor would rub his hand across her ass, he would let his hand down as to cup her ass cheek but instead would stroke her swollen clit. Victor brought his hands up between her legs, and started pulling on her little nub, causing her hips to grind into his lap. He smiled with pleasure as his actions achieved the verbal response he wanted from subdued Heather.

Heather moaned with desire. She wanted to cum so badly that her pussy quivering and convulsed with orgasmic pressure. She knew that she was so close to cumming that if he just touched her in an intimate fashion she would cum hard and fast.

"Did you say something, Heather?" he asked quietly looking down at her.

"Haven't I been punished enough?" she asked him in a passionate pleading voice.

"Your ass is nice and crimson colored and it is quite obvious to me that you want something. Is there something you want?"

"Yes. I would like you to stop...Please." Heather said quietly.

"Is that what you really want?" he asked as he closed his eyes and traced his fingers along the base of her spine.

Heather was not sure if she should dare admit it to him, but she wanted desperately to cum and this man held the key to her pleasure.
"This is not the kind of position that I am used to being in," Heather said quietly more to herself then to him. I admit that I am very embarrassed to admit I enjoyed the spanking."
"I would like to cum now please," she sobbed.
"What was that you little tease?" Victor asked.
Heather repeated again, as the tears rolled down her cheeks, "I would like to cum please!"
Victor looks at Heather for a moment still running his fingers up and down her spine "Beg me for this pleasure," Victor said in a whisper.

Heather was desperate for his touch, but she never begged for a thing in her life. Here she was now being told to beg for sexual gratification but was her need to cum greater than her pride. After a moment of careful consideration, Heather feverishly fought with the last ounce of her control forced the words from her mouth, to beg him for the pleasure she so craves.

"I want to feel you deep inside me, pushing hard with your cock, to take my pussy and use it as you wishes," Heather said as she turned and looked over her right shoulder and looked up at him.With tears running down her cheeks Heather cared less about being ashamed and begging for relief.

Victor grinned at her as he gradually loosened his grip on her lower back, assisted her to stand before him. As she slowly stood up, he knew she was totally in his power. Victor quickly reached out, grabbed both her hard nipples and squeezed them as Heather opened her mouth to speak as a reminder of who was in control. As soon as his fingers began to twist and pull her nipples, a wave of desire, a mixture of pain and pleasure rushed through her body causing a flash flood of her pussy juice to stream down her inner thighs.

"Tell me again. What do you want?" he asked in almost a sarcastic voice.

"Please, please I am begging you! Fuck me!" Heather cried out.

Just as fast as he grabbed her nipples, he released them; with atelic grin appeared on his face.

"Strip now, bitch!" he commanded.

Without hesitation, Heather quickly removed her clothes. Standing there completely naked before him, without a shred of self-esteem, she lowered her head. Victor reached around her, grabbing a handful of her long black hair, pulling it tightly he raised her head up.
Looking at her with a stern face and stone cold eyes, "Once again, tell me what you desire, bitch."

Completely demoralized, totally in his control, Heather slowly dropped to her knees in front of him. Wrapping her arms around his waist, her face firmly touching his body, she could feel his hard cock pushing against his pants. His hand reached down, slowly stroking her hair, Heather gently raised her head up, tears still rolling down her face, her lips quivering as she began to speak.

"Take your cock and fuck my pussy. Make me cum, please," she sobbed.

She was mortified at her desire, humiliating to be begging for his cock, to used, to be treated like the slut, but she knew and wanted this. She wanted to feel him inside her, to feel his hands on her body; she wanted to hear him moan with pleasure.

Still on her knees at his feet, Heather eyed the telltale bulge in his trousers, looked up at him as a though comes to her. Without his permission, she unfastened his pants, working them down his hips to the floor freeing a most impressive erection.

Peeking through her eyelashes to gage his reaction she licked her lips enticingly and pulled the head of his cock into her mouth. Sucking cock was something that she was very good at. Supporting the weight of his balls in her hand as she skillfully ran her tongue around the head savoring the salty sweet pre-cum.

"Oh fuck," he said in a hoarse voice, "deeper, take it all!"

Heather happily obliged him. She slowly swirled wet circles down his shaft as she swallowed his entire length. Her nails traced up the back of his muscular thighs as she moved her juicy mouth up and down his thick shaft.

Lost in the act of sucking cock; she slipped her hands up his ass cheeks and pulled him closer burring her face in his crotch. She kneaded his cheeks loving the way his soft warm flesh felt. She took his stiff prick firmly in her hand and jerked him off as she took his balls into her mouth and began gently sucking and tonguing them.

She moaned and slurped as she fed on his prick and played with his jewels. Wrapping her hand around his thick cock, she licked and circled her tongue around the head, up and down the shaft. She took him back into her eager mouth and sucked him like a milking machine. Working him closer and closer to climax with each lick, each suck.

After what seemed like an eternity, Victor grabbed her black mane firmly in his hand again, raising her up from her knees, pulling her, almost dragging her to the window. Victor pushed her against the window, placing her hands firmly on the window, her palms flat on the cool glass, on realization that he almost lost control.

Victor then continued to bend Heather over at the waist; her head was almost touching the glass pushing her legs further apart using his foot. Victor brought his fingers down deep between her trembling legs, grabbing her clit tightly between his fingers, starting to massage it slowly. Even with that delicate manipulating of her clit, Heather was already pushing her sensuous ass back against him and begging without words to cum.

Victor raked his fingers down her back towards her hips, grabbing them firmly as he pushed the head of his engorged cock up to and teasing her pussy.

Heather felt that her opening was convulsing with desire as she felt him pulling her closer, pushing himself between her sumptuous cheeks. Heather was moaning with euphoria lust and her carnivorous desire.

The corner of his mouth curled up as an evil grin formed as he slowly inserted his cock deep into her drenched pussy, letting them both enjoy that first deep, long, hard, thrust. Pulling her back firmly onto him until she felt his heavy full balls slamming swinging against her pussy. Victor started moving his hips grinding against her round red ass. The faster and harder he rammed his cock inside her, the more his balls slapped against her wet clit, teasing the tip of my clit with each powerful thrust. Causing Heather to buck up against him at a hard, frenzy fast pace.

Victor continued fucking her, his hands still tightly on her hips pulling her closer, burrowing his shaft deeper into the core of her being. His breath became rapid as he grunted and groaned his desire, sounding like a beast attacking its prey.

Pounding fiercely, unmercifully against Heather's g-spot Victor forced her into a earth shattering orgasm. He was not far behind; Victor continued ramming deeper inside her causing the walls of Heather's her convulsing vagina to massaging him to an orgasm. The screeching of the train's wheels against the steel track as the train started to pull into the station, Victor's destination, drowned out their screams of passion and release. Heather did not notice the train was slowing down coming into the station. He teased her by raking his fingernails slowly down her waist; over her ass as he pulled his cock from her still quivering pussy. Straightening up slowly, holding on to the frame of the window, Heather turned around to face him, a nervous giggle rushed from her lips and a sigh.

"Well, Heather. I hope you will remember the consequence the next time you decide to tease a stranger," Victor said as he let out a very seductive, low laugh from deep inside his throat as he pulled himself together.

"Yes, thank you. That was a lesson learned." Heather said smiling shyly at him as she bent down, gathered up her clothes quickly, and started to get dressed.

The train jolted to a stop in front of the platform, Victor reached down and picked up his briefcase. As he headed out of the compartment he turned, and said, "Remember, with a raised eyebrow, he headed down the steps to the platform.

As the train pulled out of the station, Heather settled in for the rest of her trip. As she did so, remembering a lesson taught is a lesson learned.
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