The Treasure Chest
I am shopping for lingerie and panties and I notice this new store in town it is called the "Treasure Chest". Once inside I am greeted by a salesgirl and she asks if I have ever been here before. I said I had not. She said that a couple own the store and they try to get the latest and greatest of things.

The store has all the usual stuff, bras, panties, lingerie and adult toys, nightgowns, etc. So I start looking around and then I see a gentlemen approach me and he announces he is the owner and welcomes me to the store.

You ask me what I am looking for and I tell you I am looking for lingerie and thongs. So you take me over and you show me several styles. Then I see some pretty eye-let Bustiers, demi bras, push up bras, thongs, garter belts.

I go into the dressing room, try stuff on. I am just blown away with all the nice stuff. I buy the fishnet lace-up thong, lace trim thong, embellished garter thong, lacy thongs, I buy an Eye-let Bustier, baby doll nightgown. I also decide to buy a few vibrators, lotions, etc.

You tell me that you have a store card for the "Treasure Chest" and if I want to sign up for it. I decide that I do. The whole time I am there I get the feeling that you are really looking at me and when I am applying for the card you seem to be staring at what I am writing. But I figure you are just being helpful. I shake your hand tell you it's a pleasure and leave.

I go home and I am trying all my stuff on and I keep thinking I feel somebody watching me. I go to the window and look around. I don't see anybody. I continue to try stuff on. I feel rather turned on and decide I will play with my new vibrator. I am wearing my new thong and a new bra, I lay down on my bed and I start to play.

First I just rub myself over my panty and then I do this awhile and then I start to play with my nipples, turning them and twisting them, I then move my thong to the side and start to finger myself. It feels so nice and I still feel like somebody is watching me but I am so turned on I don't care.

The man at the store is peering into my window, I think I saw him, but I am so interested in playing I don't even care. I put my first finger into my very wet pussy and I start to play ... I am so wet as I am fingering myself, I just keep doing this and it feels so good, then I insert two fingers, and move that all around and I am losing myself as I am fucking myself.

I hear some noise outside, but I really don't care as I am just enjoying myself. I then insert my vibrator into my wet pussy. I turn it up and the vibrations feels so good as I am putting it deeper and deeper into my pussy. I am definitely feeling a presence watching but don't care as I am so turned on. I continue to play. Then all of a sudden I squirt all of over my new thong and I am moaning and squirming as I am losing all my juices.

I decide to take a bath. I leave the soaked panty on my bed with the rest of the stuff I bought and I go into the bathroom. You have been hiding in the bushes watching me from the window and you get inside my house.

Once inside you take my panty and start to smell them and you are just loving the scent of my pussy. You have this fetish and you are looking at everything I have bought feeling them and smelling them. You are so excited that you unzip your pants and you start playing with your cock and your holding my panty smelling and tasting them you are then stroking your cock and you cum into my panty.

You are so aroused and you have your cock wrapped around my panty and you are getting off on this. I am in the bath and I am sure that I hear something now. I come out in a towel and there you are with my panties and your standing there playing and you have a full erection.

I don't scream, but I say, "Excuse me, why are you in my house". You look flabbergasted that I caught you. But just say that you are sorry you broke into my house but you have this fetish and I had bought such nice things that you had to come and look at them and watch me in them as you find me so attractive. You say your so sorry and that you are on your way.

But I am feeling so horny and am rather turned on I drop my towel and you approach me. We start to kiss and you say if I wouldn't mind if I could put the thong and bra on first. So I do as you say and then we begin to kiss. As strange as this is I am very turned on and we are all over each other.

We are kissing very deeply and passionately our hands are all over each other. Your hands are cupping my breasts and you are twisting and turning my nipples. Your mouth starts to suck them and I am moaning.

We lay on the bed, you undress me and then put your head between my thighs and your fingers are rubbing my clit as your tongue slides all over my pussy. I start to gyrate on your face and my juices are starting to flow.

I then decide I must have your cock in my mouth. I slowly put your balls into my mouth sucking them each slowly and then I suck your pre-cum out. I then slowly put your sexy hard cock into my mouth. You taste so good and your so hard and thick and I just want to slide you into my mouth. Deeper and deeper I take you. I am mouth fucking you. Your cock is so big but I can take you all in. I am looking into your eyes as I am sucking your hot cock deeper and deeper into my mouth.

We decide we can't take it and we have to fuck. I then get on all 4's and I guide your cock into my wet and throbbing pussy. "OMG", I moan as you start to fuck me. Your hands are on my ass as you ram your hot cock into my throbbing and very wet pussy. We are fucking like animals, sweat is flying around the air, we are grunting and moaning as you continue to fuck me. You pull my hair and slap my ass, a little pain is always pleasureful. The thrusts are very deep and very hard, I like to feel like I am getting fucked. "OMG, OMG, I am going to cum" I tell you. We continue to fuck and then you can't hold back and then on the count of 5 we cum together. Your hot cum filling my wet and throbbing pussy.

We just don't say much, and you leave and say that you hope this wasn't too weird for me, and I said that I had an amazing time and will look to see you again when I shop at the "Treasure Chest"
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