The Trio
The Trio
By: Sassy Sue

It was the weekend, and Suzanne was spending the day before her late flight. Suzanne is a very sensual woman and whenever she was in town, we would spend time satisfying our carnal desires, and today was no exception. She had me on my back, legs in the air and her rosy cheeks between my thighs as she is slurping on my cunt. Ravenous as usual and she is fucking, sucking, and fingering me, making me cum and driving me out of control.

Now cumming again, Suzanne let my legs fall, we collapsed in each other's arms, kissing, and groping each other until Suzanne regained the strength to take me again. I loved this women's intensity, her desire to bring me to orgasm but now the time for my lover to leave was nearing. There was a knock on the door, I was not expecting any visitors, and I rolled from the bed. Wrapping a thin housecoat around me I cracked the door and there stood my fuckbuddy David, I forgot he was supposed to come over and now I had a hot man at the door ready to screw me and a naked woman in my bed who has been banging me for the better part of the day.

A dirty delicious thought crossed my mind; this would be the perfect time to introduce my lovers. I could have my cake and eat it as well. I wrapped my arms around David's neck and pulled him into the apartment door, and kicked it closed. My thin housecoat fell open as I kissed him and caressed the growing bulge in his pants.

David pinching my nipples and I undid his pants to free his aroused dick. I wanted him naked and this did not go unnoticed.

"What's the hurry Beth; I have all day to make love to you sexy."

David was quite naked now, with a huge erection jutting out and up from a careful trimmed patch of pubic hair, and I took his hand leading him to the bedroom.

"Close your eyes and don't peek, I have a surprise for you," I said in my most seductive voice.

Suzanne is laying on the bed on her side, her head resting on her hand, her nipples hard and her left leg bent so her foot was flat on the bed and her cunt still wet from our sexual foray. Her finger is languidly rubbing her bare mound over her clit. Suzanne's dark eyes sparkling, an impish grin on her face and she slips a finger between her wet lips for David's benefit. Suzanne is unflappable!

"Suzanne this is David..." and Suzanne cut me off.

Ah, yes, David, the man who satisfies your desire for cock, the man who makes you cum and screws you into a blissful state. What a pleasure to meet you, especially under these circumstances. I am Suzanne, Beth's bi-sexual lover; we fuck whenever I am in Dallas and now I see she has introduced a new dimension into our little arrangement. Come here," Suzanne growled and patting the bed beside her.
"Yes I am David and I had no idea you were here or I would not have intruded on the two of you. But I am glad to meet the infamous Suzanne that Beth raves about and your sexual prowess."

I let David's hand slip from my grasp and the thin housecoat slipping from my body floated to the floor and I joined the naked couple on the bed.
Come Beth; let us make David welcome into our sex nest feed him your nasty little gash and I will take care of his hard prick as her hand is pumping playfully on David's erect cock.

I swung my leg over David's chest and David pulling on my ass pulls me to him me so my well lubed pussy touches his lips. David softly kisses my wet labia, tasting the juices both mine and the remnants from Suzanne's cunt. Now I rocking my hips and David's tongue is fucking my pussy and flicking my firm pink clit ensconced in a pool of cum juice. David is devouring my slit with every intention of making me cum and I do not resist. I feel hands touch my shoulders.

The hands are firm and Suzanne is straddling David's, no longer jacking his cock, but her dripping pussy is poised above the glistening, head of David's throbbing manhood. Suzanne lowering body and her pussy swallowing the head of David's thick cock, she pauses taking in the pleasure of a man entering her and moans. I can feel her tits brushing my back as I ride David's tongue.

Suzanne eases her hot pussy down, taking David's cock and then the two of them settle into a fast fucking rhythm with Suzanne riding David's prick, tits flopping and her pussy squishing. I have lost all control of my body and I am cumming and cumming again.

"FUCK!" I scream with which I punctuate with a few more guttural sounds and curses and I cum in David's mouth.

Cream oozes from my pussy, down David's chin onto his neck and a copious amount in his open mouth. With each thrust David and Suzanne share, I bounce a little on David's mouth. David squeezing my ass cheeks hard and he shrieks as he explodes in Suzanne's cunt.

Suzanne leaning back, her pussy gripping David's cock taking his seed as he fills her. She is biting her lower lip, Suzanne is delaying her orgasm, and she is up to something delectable. David pressing deep in her cunt, writhing, trying his best to make this bitch cum but Suzanne refuses and eases her cunt from David. David looks at her in bewilderment. Suzanne lays back with her legs and her cunt brimming with David's cum and she smiles.

"Get ready David, I want you to fuck Beth from behind, take her nasty, used, pussy doggy style and that will make her cum. Once she cums, you can fuck me and make me cum." Suzanne whispered.

David nodded and he rolled me over on my tummy, coaxed me into the doggy position and then he mounts me with his hard cock splitting my lips. I arch my back, push back, and take his cock. David begins to fuck me with long deep strokes sliding in and out of my sloppy cunt. I am looking at Suzanne sitting with her back against the headboard and her knees bent with her feet flat on the bed. Suzanne has her legs open wide, her finger teasing her quivering, and saturated snatch. She wiggles her finger, beckoning me to eat her.

I lower my face to her cunt and begin to lick her pussy. To lap the cum that David left in her after cumming and now he is fucking me as I eat her cream pie. Suzanne is right I can feel my orgasm building as David is pounding my cunt from behind. Each time he slams his cock into my pussy I nudge my tongue a little deeper into Suzanne's exquisitely wet slit. I go for the gusto and nibble on her clit as I cum on David's prick, coating it with my cum. I am waiting for him to cum but it never comes, instead he pulls his dripping cock out of my warm pussy and wedging himself into Suzanne's cunt.

I move to the side and suck on Suzanne's big tits and David pushes her legs up, her leg pressed on me and his thick, throbbing cock is spearing her cunt. Suzanne is rocking out of control as David pumps in her pussy and I feast upon her hard nipples. She trembles, her body shakes and her chest heaving Suzanne is cumming and cumming hard and David is still fucking her hard ramming his cock into her creamy pussy. His face is twisted, his cock is deep in her and he tenses as he fills her pussy with his cream. David is drained and eases from Suzanne and the three of us lay there partaking in the residue of hot sex as our bodies bounce back for more.

Suzanne announces that she must take her leave and get ready to catch her flight a little later. She rolls form the bed and tells David what a pleasure it was to meet him and fuck him and gave him a little kiss.

Walking her to the door, I wrap my naked body around her, gave Suzanne a mouthful of tongue, and bid her goodbye until the next time. She thanked me for the great time, and for introducing her to David.

"Best not keep that man waiting too long sexy, he won't be hard forever," she said as she closed the door.
I returned to the bedroom to find David stroking his wonderful man flesh and we spent the rest of the day partaking in the pleasures of the flesh.

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