The Trip
I indeed was happy for spring to finally show the warmth that it should have gave months ago. With summer this close, I was looking forward to some sunning sessions with Sarah. I am very sure she is miffed at me for walking in on her and Jim, but hell, he is my husband. She did offer Tim, but I declined. I haven't had this much rejection in a very long time. Jesse first, then Tina, followed by Sarah. I was tempted to contact Pam but would have to submit to her puppy, and I just wasn't ready for that. I thought about Barbara but was not sure her feelings with Kelley as a new mom. I just wanted to feel like an ordinary woman. I decided that moment to go on a trip all by myself.

I did pack some sexy dresses, but most were business type outfits with blouses that only showed a hint of cleavage. Now that was unusual for me. I finished packing said a word to nobody, got in my car and started driving. I had made a reservation at the most expensive hotel along the route. When I got there, I outdid myself. It could have been a palace. It was more of a resort than a hotel. I checked in, and a cute little bellhop took me and my bags in the room. I did like that he looked me over. He earned a big tip. A small booklet was on the nightstand of the bed. The bed even vibrated for free! I had never screwed anybody on a vibrating bed, and that was certainly different.

I filled the tub with hot water and shed my clothes and climbed into that great hot water. I was just about to doze off when the phone rang, and wouldn't you know the bathroom had a phone, easily reached from the tub. It was the restaurant, asking me if I wanted reservations for the evening. I thought why not. I said into the phone, "Yes please for one." He replied, "Would 6 PM be alright?" I answered, "Yes, that would be fine." I did sit there, and I did touch my pussy, and when I felt those wonderful feelings down there, I knew why I was here.

I dressed for dinner. I decided one of my business suits would be fine, instead of one of my sexy numbers. I was not looking to get picked up. My light blue suit with a white blouse, which did show some cleavage but not that much that would set the world on fire. Heels, garter belt, and hose, with panties and bra all, laid out I was ready to play my role as a gracious guest. My makeup done, perfumed in all the right places, a girl can't be too careful, bra and panties followed by garter belt and hose, leading to the blouse, skirt, and jacket. Into the heels and with a look in the mirror, there was that gracious lady, which we always called a rich bitch.

I entered the restaurant and immediately seated by the hostess. She was all wrapped up in herself because of her youth and beauty. The waiter offered wine, and I did catch him peeking at my cleavage. Thank heaven I wasn't that conservative. The wine was just right. The meal could not have been more perfect. I was sipping on my after dinner drink, when and elegant gentlemen walked up to my table and introduced himself.

He told me he was the general manager of the hotel and wanted to welcome me to our little place in the woods. He asked if I was enjoying my stay. I told him that this was my first visit.

"Would you be interested in a tour?"

"Why yes, that would be very nice of you."

"Good, I will let you finish your meal, and I will be back in 30 minutes to escort you to our prize hotel."

Now this man was well groomed with gray hair. His voice was smooth, and his mannerism was perfect. He could appear in any commercial and sell the product. He was back in 30 minutes, and we began our tour. Meeting rooms, conference rooms, ballrooms, exercise rooms and a host of things which did not hold my interest. I listened and watched this outstanding man that I was not accustomed. I went turn quickly and my heel caught in a tile, and before I could fall he grabbed me and righted me. It was the first time he touched me, and I liked it. He could have easily got a sneak feel, but he didn't.

"This is one of our prize possessions," he said as we entered the Olympic size swimming pool. He continued with, "We shut it off to the public for an hour, and I swim to my heart's content. If you would like you could join me."

"I didn't pack a swimming suit but thank you so much. I wish I did pack one."

"That is no problem, we have many for quest usage who forget to bring one. I will send one up to your room if you like. We prefer that you use the robe in the room for your journey back to here."

I didn't care if I swam or not, but wanted more time with this hunk of a man. I told him that would be fine. He gave me a time I should arrive. He led me back to the elevator and standing talking to him I let my breast press against his arm. I knew he could feel it against him, but he did not move like it was just a natural thing. By the time I got back to my room, a suit was laying on my bed. He sure gets things done. It was an aqua blue one-piece racing suit. Most one-piece suits have extra pieces to give cover to the intimate parts. I took off my business suit and pulled on the bathing suit. I did not have to look in the mirror to see my nipples pushing out the top. When I looked in the mirror, a perfect camel toe stared back at me. The suit was high cut and looking at my backside my cheeks peeked out from inside the suit. Now a racing suit is usually black, and the camel toe problem is usually hidden, but not aqua blue. The more I looked at myself, the more I thought I might as well be swimming nude. I wondered if he planned this, but I didn't think so. At the right time, I put on the robe and made my way to the swimming pool.

He was there and diving in as I arrived. His build was marvelous for his age. He wore a snug type boxer suit. I was anxious to see what I could see when he came out of the water. He beckoned me to go into the water. He watched me as I took off the robe and waded into the water. He asked me how the water felt and I told him it was just right. He swam across the pool and back to me coming up short before he ran into me. I was getting very horny for this man. I swam not letting my hair get drenched. On my way back to him I did not come up short but floated right into him. He apologized like it was his fault, but he did let his hand glide across my breast. He got out of the pool to dive once more, and I got my look at that suit of his wet. Oh my, he had an enjoyable looking bulge in the front of his suit. He had ordered drinks, so it was my turn to get out and take a sip. I am sure the suit was riding high in the back, but I just stood there holding my drink at the side of the pool and give him a good look. It did not take him long to spot my camel toe. I watched him as he tried to be casual looking at my pussy. In the air, my nipples pressed hard against that flimsy top. If he asked me to fuck him, I would not hesitate for a minute.

"Carol, are you married?"

"Yes, but we are at odds right now. How about you?"


"It happens to the best of us."
"Carol, this may be bold, but I would like you to move your belongings into my apartment in the hotel. If I am too brash for you, I understand. You are such a lovely creature that I want to make love to you."

"I am married."

"Forgive me, I am just infatuated with you."

"How long would I stay? I don't want a one night stand."

"Stay for as long as you want, until you tire of me making love to you."

"Have them move my things from my room."

He was on the phone immediately. He then turned and kissed me. He did not do it for long, telling me, "Too public. I will not embarrass you here. Let's go to my apartment." He did kiss me again on the elevator feeling my breast through the robe. This smooth talker and elegant man were going to fuck me and I hoped it was as good as he talked. We arrived at his apartment, and he told me if I wanted to get out of that wetsuit to go ahead. He added that just wearing the robe would be a thought he liked. Those were my thoughts exactly. I was really horny for him.

I came out of the bathroom, and he also had changed to a bathrobe. Peter looked sexy to me, and it was just a robe. I went to him and ran my hand through that white hair. I asked him, "Are you white down her too?" I let my hand explore the front of his robe. He just replied, "You will just have to find out. But first I want to ask you a question." Right now, I would have been agreeable to anything. "Would you mind if my ex-wife joined us?" I was stunned. That was the last thing I expected. A threesome was not out of my league, and I wanted him very badly. I asked him, "Is she bi?" He said simply, "We both are."

I tried to imagine him sucking cock, and that was a hard thing to believe. When I said I was agreeable with his ex, he immediately got on the phone. As we drank our wine, in 15 minutes there was a rap on the door, and Emily entered, kissing Peter as she did. She slipped off her coat revealing nothing but skin. Oh, and what glorious skin it was. Nothing about her showed her age. She had been pampered for a very long time with everything that keeps you looking young. She turned to me and said, "And you must be Carol. Would you mind taking off the robe?" I did. Peter stared and as did Emily and she said, "Damn nice body! I hope you know how to use it." That was a challenge that I would ensure she came so fucking hard she would never forget it. She told Peter, "Darling, it is time to take off the robe." When he did, I was happy to see he had half risen by all the naked bodies in front of him. She went to him and kissed him, while he fondled her perfect tits. While she continued to kiss him, she turned to me and said, "Honey, if you want to suck on him, it would benefit us both." I got on my knees next to her, and while I made love to his cock, I played with her cunt. I enjoyed him in my mouth, and it didn't take him long to get rock hard. She tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Carol you are the guest. You get the first crack and having that thing you have in your mouth, in a different hole of yours." I did not hesitate because I wanted that in me all evening. I would have fucked him in the pool if he had asked me. I have had many of good fucks in my life, but as he got going, he would have been in the top three. He was all over my body, making sensations that I had long forgotten. When he did put it in me, the rhythm he used was so fucking erotic, I came too fucking quick. She pushed him onto his back and straddled Peter and rode that cock.

I came up to her and started kissing her and playing with her bouncing tits. She told me to play with her ass. I took my finger as she fucked and rimmed her. She was also quick and started cumming with a bellowing, forget the high fa looting upbringing, as she screamed at him, "YOU MOTHER FUCKER!" Poor Peter after two women fucking him he still had not shot his load anywhere. I went down on him, as Emily fingered my pussy and ass. When it happened, and oh what a load it was. I had a hard time swallowing it all, but only a few drops made their way down my chin and dropped on my boobs. Emily licked them clean and kissed me for some sharing. I could wait no longer and started making love to Emily. I touched and kissed everything until I wound up licking, kissing and sucking that perfect cunt of hers. When she fired, she did not call me a mother fucker, but resorted to ‘YOU FUCKING BITCH!'

Things settled down for awhile, all of us walking around nude sipping wine. I was getting horny again looking at all the perfect bodies in front of me swinging and jiggling to tantalize me. I was all set to start with one of them, when a knock on the door, made me forget that. Emily went to the door and opened it and said, "William!" William was introduced to me as Emily's boyfriend. A much younger version of Peter. Emily kissed William and said, "Sweetie he has been waiting for you." William shed his clothes and what a build. He went to Peter and started kissing him. I was just about over the shock of that when Peter got on his knees and started blowing him. A first for me, as I had only seen it in porn videos. I went to Emily and started all over again. She just said to me, "You are a horny little devil."

When Peter got done with William came to me and asked, "May I fuck you?" We all wound up in the same bed, Emily riding Peter and William riding me. Oh, happy fucking! A lot of trading going on and soon it all came to an end with the lack of energy the culprit. My sleep was interrupted all through the night by one of them. I once woke up and saw Peter in William's mouth. Eventually, morning came and after a wonderful breakfast from room service. That morning I was felt up so many times. What I didn't like was any care for my emotions. One of them at my boobs, another feeling my pussy. It got too much when William kissed me after blowing Peter. I like my cum straight from the source, and suddenly I was tired of all of this. I felt it was time to leave for home. A lot of begging for me to stay, but I had seen enough and enjoyed a lot of good sex.

I packed and left. As I drove home, I was trying to figure out what I would tell Jim. Whatever I decided, I definitely knew I needed something new closer to home...
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