The Twitcher
Adele walked over the road and into the shady wood the buzzing of the insects in the trees filling her ears, it was cooler so she pulled her denim sirt shut and thought maybe denim shorts weren't a good idea. After about 30 minutes she hear the running water of the small river, she walked down the step overgrown path and came out on the bank, the noise from a waterfall was very loud. She carefully picked her way across some rocks trying to get to the other side, she tried to jump a gap near the opposite bank landing on a mossy rock she slipped and tumbled the cold water soaked into the leg of her shorts and shirt. Cursing she stood and walked out onto a small sandy beach. She looked round and found a way through some bushes, she could see a field bathed in sunlight, she climbed a low wall and into the long grass, as she walked the grass tickled her lightly tanned legs, there was only the faint sound of the river making any noise. She saw in a corner a ruined building and headed for it, she sat on a fallen down wall and took off her shirt shivering a little.
Looking around she could see no one and there was no sound, she knelt in the grass out of the light wind the sun was so warm. She undid the button and slid the zipper of the soaking denim shorts, wriggling out of them she placed them on the wall in the sunlight to dry, she glanced round again and thought fuck it, undoing the wet shirt she hung it on a nearby fence to dry, stood there in her pale blue bra & panties she giggled "what if someone could see her". She lay on the soft grass the heat of the sun warming her lightly tanned skin. As she lay she reached behind her to unclip the bra, her 36c breasts pulled the straps free, she threw it onto the grass next to her, lying back her nipples were hard from the cold fabric, she cupped them and rubbed her thumbs over the hard tips making her gasp, she loved having her breasts and nipples played with since she had split up with her boyfriend 3 months ago they had not had any attention. She stopped suddenly worried what if someone could see her, slowly she sat up looking round all was quiet. She giggled and lay back again her finger tips closing around the stiff nipples , she gently rolled them between her fingers her grip getting a little firmer which made her moan, wriggling her hips, pressing her thighs together as she felt a tingle in her stomach. She looked down at her scarlet nipple pinched between her fingers it ached she bent her head and flickered her tongue over the tip making her body shudder, she could feel the wetness between her thighs, slowly she slid a hand over her stomach her skin covered in goosebumps, then into the waistband of her panties parting her legs her finger tip sliding over the wet lips of her shaved pussy, then curling parting them and slipping a little deeper into her, she moaned. Lifting her hips she pushed the panties off grinning to herself. Planting her feet she pushed her hips upwards, she exposed her clit, lightly circling the sensitive flesh panting and gasping, she pushed 2 fingers inside her slowly pushing deeper then withdrawing, biting her lip her eyes closed she pumped them faster her hips responding, she felt her juices flowing over her ass.
Feeling herself getting close she stopped crying out grabbing her boobs squeezing them her wet fingers rubbing her nipples, the smell filling her nostrils slowly she licked her fingers the taste so sweet. Rolling onto her stomach she crossed her legs tightly her body shaking the soft slightly prickly grass against her nipples making her gasp. She scrambled to her knees her whole body felt raw, she cupped her left breast bending her head she sucked her nipple, her right hand between her thighs her fingers circling her clit, she bit her nipple gently holding it between her teeth flicking her tongue over it freeing her other hand to slide 2 fingers back into her, her hips bucking making her breasts shake pulling against her teeth making her nip a little harder.
Suddenly her stomach lurched her whole body shuddered making her bite down hard on her nipple, she cried out her breast free from her mouth, she clamped her hands between her thighs, her stomach fluttering as she came , whimpering and crying out hear head fell forward her long blonde hair touching the grass, her body jerking uncontrollably, she felt her juices flood past her fingers coating her thighs. She collapsed onto the ground panting her body tingly and sensitive unable to move the sun warm against her skin.
Sat in a bird watching hide about 30mtrs away the birdwatcher leaned back against the rough wood looking at the creamy cum dripping off the wood, his cock softening in his hand the smell of his cum strong in the confined space, he reached into his bag finding some tissues and cleaned himself. When he looked out of the small gap she was gone, looking around he could see her swaying ass disappear into the trees across the field.
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