The Unknowing Hubby
She hung up her best clothes. The day was long and the events tumultuous and alas' she was going to rest her head. But how? She thought as she slipped on her lacy black nightie and sat on the empty king sized bed. How was she going to do this for the foreseeable future? Her innocent husband was in prison and she was not so innocent.


The preceding day had started with a doom and gloom atmosphere at the breakfast table she was sharing with her husband. Annoyed she asked why he had such a sour look on his face after she had given him a nice wake-up blowjob.

"You sure are pissed about something" she said as she brushed by him to clear her dish in the sink.

Not slow in getting to his feet he quipped,

"Well let's see...I am facing 20 years in prison for a crime I know I did not do, and I am a little sour to you?" He asked angrily, staring at her while his fist balled up on the table as he hunched over it.

"Your worrying about something you have no control over...try to breathe and remember to smile at the jury and judge when they come in." She half-smiled at him, knowing his ass was soon to be someone else's. Her clit tingled at the thought and she felt her face reddening a small bit as she turned to go upstairs to change. "Honey...why don't you follow me and help me pick something to wear?" She called to him, knowing his cock would heed the call. It did.

"Uhhmmm...yes, ya sure babe, I'll be right up" he said as he felt his cock growing. He rolled up the newspaper and threw it in his briefcase. The headline read, "Mayor Jury still out on Corruption Charges."

He walked into the bedroom and saw his beautiful wife Alexis standing in front of the full length mirror. Holding the dress up to her nice tight figure she turned to look at him and whined " Does this make me look old and fat?"

Not being possibly the worlds biggest idiot he automatically, without thinking, answered "Hell no baby, you look as beautiful as the day I laid eyes on you." He was not lying, Alexis was one of those rare cases of beauty that only got prettier and sexier as she got older. At 43 she was stunning and the swimming routines she did every morning showed in her beautifully sculpted body.

She dropped the dress on the bed and looked at Tony. She could not help but feel sorry for him and she was going to fuck his brains out right then and there she decided. Not saying anymore she walked up to him and placed her forefinger on his lips."Shhh" she cooed as she grabbed his cock through his flannel pajamas. He responded by cupping her breast and kissing her passionately.

With his cock growing in her hand she could not help but compare it to her lover's in her mind. Her lover, Ben, was at least 4 inches longer and considerably thicker than Tony's. But Ben had no personality and seemed to be just a magnificent fucking machine. And a magnificent bore to match.

Her husband had compassion and warmth and all the endearing qualities a women looks for in a good man. Why was she cheating on him? she thought as she knelt down to suck his six inch cock. She remembered quickly why as she deep throated him almost too easily.

He grabbed her head and began to face fuck her as she fingered herself. His mind was racing and he could not help but think this could be the last blowjob he ever got from her. Almost instantly he deflated in her mouth and she pulled away, a bit worried and annoyed.

"I cant do this mind is there but my body is just too spent...I am way to stressed right now babe, I'm sorry."

With that he turned around and walked toward the walk-in closet to get dressed.

On her knees still, Alexix spoke softly to him.

"Its gonna' be alright honey. I swear to you it will be alright." She lied, damn well knowing that the "evidence", shoddy at best, was stacked aagainst her hubby.

Being an Italian male in a position of legitimate and legal power only narrowed the cross-hairs on him even more. There was nothing anyone could do about it and that was just too damn bad...and sad, She thought, slowly getting to her feet while wiping her mouth.

Walking up to him in the closet she pulled a nice tie from the rack and put it around her neck to tie it for him. Looking at her in the mirror in front of him he could not help but smile for the first time in awhile as he realized how cute she could be sometimes.

Especially when she did not try to be.

He was a lucky man for having to have known her he thought dreadfully as he knew there was no way she was going to wait if he was found guilty. Why should she? he thought. They had no kids and she was a bombshell, even if she had waited he would find it hard to believe she had remained faithful to him...and he would not blame her one bit if she was unfaithful.

The question he asked himself often was this...If the roles were reversed, would he wait for her? The answer that gave him the chills was a resounding 'yes.'

"Baby, I need you to open the nightstand drawer. There are some papers and stuff I want to show you."

Alexis stood back, looking down to see if the knot she tied was ok and walked to the nightstand to retrieve the papers. When she opened the drawer and saw the 'Attorney at Law" written on the folder she almost recoiled.

"You mean this folder here?." she said holding it up and looking at him with a worried face.

"Ya babe thats the one. Why don't you sit on the bed for a minute. I think we should have a certain discussion before we go to court."

With trepidation she sat down next to him, grabbing his knee as he opened the folder. He slowly pulled out the papers and looked at her and smiled a closed-lip smile that hid his perfect teeth she thought. He is going to drop a bomb in my lap Alexis noted as he started to put the sheets of paper in order.

"Alex, you are a wonderful wife, a loving friend and a great lover. You are the sun and moon of my days and nights, the air I breathe Alex...the air I breathe taste better when I am around you. My senses come alive and I... I just love you so much baby." Tony said as he fought back a single tear that was forming on the brim of his eyelid.

What a fucking pussy she thought as she pulled her legs up to her chest and patted him on the back reassuring him that it was okay to talk.

"This...these papers here are divorce paperrs Alex. I had them made up when the lawyers told me what I could be facing if I am found guilty...I just have a bad feeling and maybe you should sign them so you don't have to wait for me or anything...I mean if you don't want to wait in which I totally understand baby."

Faking a shocked and dismayed look, she grabbed the papers and read them. She looked at him and back at the papers.

"I..." the words had a hard time reaching her tongue.

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