The Unknowing Hubby II
I just have a bad feeling and maybe you should sign them so you don't have to wait for me or anything...I mean if you don't want to wait in which I totally understand baby."

Faking a shocked and dismayed look, she grabbed the papers and read them. She looked at him and back at the papers.

"I..." the words had a hard time reaching her tongue.


"I...I don't know what you mean...what to say...why are you doing this now?" She asked as crocodile tears ran down her cheeks.

She looked at the papers again, this time really reading the lines and inwardly wondering if what she was going to say was the, the best move on her part.

"Tony I think we may be ahead of ourselves here and to look at this now, with this stress, this early in the morning..." She was almost whining to Tony's annoyance.

She had not flat out said 'no' as Tony would have liked but he remembered the role reversal thoughts and swallowed hard. He placed his hands on her bare shoulders and stared deeply into her hazel eyes. Noticing strands of her brown hair getting in her eyes, he gently pulled them away. He placed his forehead on hers and they both remained motionless, head to head, as they wallowed in their private

"Its not did nothing wrong Alex, your face is perfect and your tight body is amazing, your in the prime of a woman's life and I don't think you should have to serve my sentence also..." His voice trailed off at the end, nonetheless he was surprised at how easily the words came out.

"I do have a tight body." She laughed, trying both to brighten the mood for herself and make Tony uncomfortable. It worked as Tony pulled away his head and looked longingly at her up and down.

"You do do." He said almost pathetically she noticed.

She was beginning to like this for some very strange reason and wanted the wordplay to go on forever at this very moment. But she also knew the judge instructed everyone to be in court at nine a.m.. That was in two hours she reminded herself.

Two hours to show up and if the jury was still out she was going to go nuts. He had the briefcase of cash right in his passenger seat! Marked bills!!! 'What the hell was wrong with these people?!!!' she wanted to scream.

Having Ben wait around till she got back from court, hopefully alone, would not work since an African-American male in this posh white-bread neighborhood would only cause him trouble. It was racism and there was no other way to say it or deny it.

She wondered what Tony would do when he found out she was fucking a gorgeous black man while he was in prison. What could he do? She was free to fuck and suck anyone she pleased. He was going to have to suck and get fucked by hopefully a huge black man or men, she told herself, as the warmth in her pussy started to spread.

"Well this tight body is going to stand by her man." She purred into in ear as he kissed her neck.

"Really, you mean that?...if i go away for ten no 20 years you would wait?" He asked, almost pleading. He even noticed it sounded pathetic and stopped talking that instant and gauged her facial expression.

"Well twenty years is a long time Tony...we could still be married but I have some needs you know..." She felt bad saying it like that but for the first time in awhile she was being truthful and it felt good.

"Your needs?...I see....So like what? want to bang some guy on the side or something?"

"Some guy?!!! You make me feel like a slut when you put it like that" she laughed. "What I know is it would not be the same and I would not love him or anything like would be casual and...I can't believe we are talking like this." She stammered almost breathlessly while fidgeting with her hair as she sat crossed legged on the bed.

Tony for life of him, could barely make out the words as she matter-of-fact told him she was going to get laid while he was in prison. A newcomer in to the room would have heard a pin drop. He started to unwind the wedding band from his finger unconsciously and got up, without a word and headed to the closet again.

Armani would suffice, fuck the lawyers and looking humble. He was a self made man and he was not ashamed of it nor had he anything to hide. Why not look good before I don't want to look good? he nervously laughed to himself. He put his trousers on and walked to the full-length mirror to put his shirt on. Alexis sat on the bed sobbing and he had no idea what to do or say but just go through the motions like every morning.

"Tony you have to understand...I don't want to have to wait for something you did...why should I suffer also. You said that just a minute ago you asshole!!!" Alexis shouted at him without any attempt to hush her voice.

"OH... so now the princess reveals what she really thinks huh?...I am guilty to you now huh?...what happened to 'I know my husband, he is not that kind of man' speech you gave to the reporters? huh bitch?!!!" Tony yelled at the top of his lungs, startling Alexis who sat on the bed naked, cross-legged and sobbing.

He could not believe how fast the knot was unraveling. He knew this discussion should have taken place right after he was indicted but he never knew how to broach it. Alexis for her part, felt the same way.

" I should not sigb them? that what you are saying Ton?...Why did you go through the trouble to get them drafted if you did not want me to sign them?" She asked getting up off the bed and walking to the closet to grab her DK black dress that hung from the door.

Tony stood in the entrance to the closet not saying anything, He held out the dress for Alexis and did his buttons as she wiggled her sexy ass in to the dress. His cock stirred trmendously watching that and he felt like bending her over right there...

"Steph...just shut up , not a word." Tony said as he pulled her close to him.

"Tony what are you do...your an asshole you know that...Tony..."

With a strident lift he swooped her up in his arms and walked to the bed to lay her down. He lightly pulled off her half-on dress, exposing her beautiful nakedness to the four walls and Tony. He wasted no time in kissing her neck as she grabbed his dirty blond mane and pulled on it. Their breathing was becoming heavier and Tony licked her neck lightly from the back of her ears to her collar-bone. She moaned and placed her hand on his bulge and stroked as she wet her lips with her tongue.

'With or Without You' played softly in the background as Tony stood and neatly and slowly took off his clothes. Alexis loved this as it was like a strip show. Average cock or not, Tony had a hot body she always thought.

"Come here baby" she purred as she opened her legs revealing a wet pussy in which Tony delighted to look at, let alone lick. He got on his hands and knees and crawled to the bed as she watched him.

Peeking his head over the bed he lifted her legs on to his shoulders and with his fingertips drew a light line down the back of her legs as he slowly licked and kissed her inner thighs. She pulled on his dirty blond hair even more as he inched closer to her wet pussy. When he was there he licked around the clit gingerly and watched his wife as he smiled his perfect smile. 'Damn she taste so good' he thought, and opened his mouth more to get her pussy lips to his own lips.

She was gripping the Egyptian cotton sheets as she writhed on the bed like a newborn unfolded toward new feelings. Her gasps and oohs were in sync to her husbands hungry mouth that was slowly consuming her and setting off an indescribable itch deep within her. She let herself go, falling back to the pillows and letting the wave of climax engulf her entirely as she became unglued. Numb. More than content.

He pulled away and the juices of his wife were on his face as he licked his lips and pulled her down to him at the end of the bed. She readily moved herself toward his loving embrace and wondered what the hell was wrong with her.

Not wanting to be a buzz-kill she eradicated negative thoughts from her mind as ' Take my Picture' came on the radio.

She met his mouth and tasted her own juices as the slow kiss became deeper and more passionate, more fulfilling than ever before. Tony had his cock in his hand and was stroking it as she drew lines down his ripped back with her fingernails and nibbled on his neck. Together they stood up, still kissing. Alexis had taken over Tony's hand and was slowly stroking his cock as she looked into his blue eyes. Not wanting to miss a moment she knelt sown and took him into her mouth.

With strong firm lips she bobbed her head up and down on his cock as he held her head and sighed. She began to push her finger against his asshole as she cupped his balls and he responded by growing even more in her mouth, if that was possible she thought.

Without any words he came in her mouth, furiously rocking his hips as his load shot deep into her throat. She wass cupping his balls still and had managed to find his prostate as he just kept cumming and cumming all down her greedy mouth and throat, not missing a drop.

She stood up and kissed him, open mouth, and Tony being a good guy obliged his wife's wishes and kissed her eagerly back.


"So do you think the jury will be ready?" Alexis asked as they pulled out the cul-de-sac in their black Mercedes 560SEl.

"I hope so, this fucking shit is driving me crazy...I mean its like our life is on hold." He thundered, not mad really, just anxious.

'Your life may be on hold' she thought to herself as she saw Ben drive by in his landscaping truck. Her pussy was soaking wet and her dumb fuck hubby had not even given her the satisfaction of asking if she wanted to fuck.

She was sure Ben would be up for that later as she looked at her hubby through her sunglasses. 'Your life may be on hold' she thought ' but mine may be just beginning.' She licked her lips and thought of Ben's huge cock she was going to fuck later. Under her dress,no panties, her pussy began to even get more wet.


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