The Unknowing Hubby III
'Your life may be on hold' she thought to herself as she saw Ben drive by in his landscaping truck. Her pussy was soaking wet and her dumb fuck hubby had not even given her the satisfaction of asking if she wanted to fuck.

She was sure Ben would be up for that later as she looked at her hubby through her sunglasses. 'Your life may be on hold' she thought ' but mine may be just beginning.' She licked her lips and thought of Ben's huge cock she was going to fuck later. Under her dress,no panties, her pussy began to even get more wet.


"Has the jury reached it's verdict?" Judge Anderson asked the foreman.

"Yes we have your honor." A balding middle aged man with a skinny mustache answered.

"And how do you find" the judge asked.

"Your honor, if it pleases the court, we find for the prosecution in rendering a guilty verdict against Tony Vincuzzi on all charges."

"And it is unaminous I assume?" Anderson asked, almost bored to death of these formal questions.

"Yes your honor."

"Very well...The jury may be excused and I want to thank you for your time in doing your civic duty for the Commonwealth. Again, You are excused."

Almost trampling each other, the jury more or less single filed out of the courtroom into the back where there would be no reporters. A calm had descended in the courtroom when the last juror left.

"Your Honor" it was Tony's eight-hundred dollar an hour lawyer speaking now, "I move to have my client remain free on bail until the sentence report is complete. He is not a threat and he will turn over his passport and will voluntarily wear an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet, the fees, for the bracelet, will be accrued by him of course your Honor."

"Your Honor" a smart dressed young woman shot up from the prosecutions table and spoke " Mr.Vincuzzi is culpable in many illicit activities. The reason for this trial was to put an end to these illicit activities. The end of the trial has come, so should too his illicit activities. I move to remand bail and have him transferred to the local jail until sentencing."

"The young lady has a point." Anderson said as he eyed Tony who was staring blankly at the great seal behind Anderson. "The defendant has run his course as a free man until he was just found guilty... unanimously." He let the last word hang there as if to say he agreed with the verdict, even though that was not in his job description.

"Bailiff take the defendant away please."

Tony stood up, knowing this was the most likely outcome all along. He placed his hands behind him well before the cuffs were out of the officers belt. He looked at his lawyers flanking him and shook his head left to right as if to say "it is what it is." That his lawyers had their hands on his shoulders bothered him the most. He was not a kid and did not need a reassuring pat. He knew he was fucked.

Alexis sat stone still, her face was a distortion of horror and calm. How she looked so awkward was surreal to those who looked and she did not care. She had practiced this face countless times in the mirror and she knew it evoked the very words and emotions she wanted it to. She stood up, pressing her hands to her sides as she stared at the back of Tony's head. She let out a small sob and Tony turned around to look at her immediately.

Not caring about protocol here, the bailiff hesitated a few feet from Tony and Alexis. He had seen this many times before and knew what happened and what was said before the married couple ever did. He stood and stared at his feet and let them hug.The only thing he had to make sure was that no contraband was ever passed between the now prisoner and spouse.

It was always difficult to watch and he knew from the hugs and tears which marriages or relationships would last and what ones wouldn't. With Alexis and Tony, he had no idea. But he did know that Alexis was the most gorgeous wife of a prisoner he ever laid eyes on and he felt for Tony a small bit.

"Tony!!!...Ton...Honey is it?...what is happening Tony?" Alexis made sure she sounded as distraught as she looked and held her arms out to hug her now incarcerated husband.

"Baby, its see, its okay. I will call you tonite if I can...if not then...." He looked at his lawyers for answers and the second chair spoke up immediately.

"You two will see eachother in a while...Tony?...your going to be in the holding cell till court is over and then they will transfer you to local jail...Alexis, you can see him shortly in the holding cell...till then lets just remain calm...ok?" She spoke as if she had said this to countless other couples. Tony and Alexis just hugged. No kissing was allowed.

The hug was too short for Tony as the bailiff came and patted him on the side, a signal to put his hands behind his back and to go. Alexis let out a real sob when she heard the clink of the cuffs and saw Tony walking toward the back door without looking back.


Tony was not scared or nervous as he walked down the hall toward the processing room. It was only a holding block and then to local jail. When he had to go upstate is when he would be a tad worried he decided.

There he untied his tie and took off his belt and suspenders. Corrections frowned upon suicide. Here he was also issued a orange jumpsuit and some slippers that made him long for his Gucci's, but this was his life now and he had better get used to it he thought as he smiled for his corrections i.d. photo.

"No smiling" A huge guard said from behind the camera.

Tony obliged and gave him his best Al Pacino face from 'Scarface.' The guard took the picture and led him to his cell where a bag for his personal effects was laid on the bunk. Looking in the cell he was content he had this to himself.

Emptying his pockets proved unremarkable as did emptying his wallet and money clip. The only thing he had to relinquish was Alexis's photo which he felt terrible about, but they stressed it was for HER own safety. Totally understanding this, he kissed the photo and put it back in his wallet and handed the wallet to the guard.

"Nice looking wife there." The big, young smart-ass guard said.

'Fuck off.' Tony felt like saying as he sat on the bunk. He buried his face in his hands and felt a shudder emanate from his body. Soon a puddle of tears had formed at his feet and he did not care.


Alexis was in her, or Tony's car on the phone with Ben while she waited to see her hubby before he went off to the local jail.

"Guilty, on all counts Ben. All counts!!! I did not think that would happen but it did. He is looking at some serious pound me in the ass time." She laughed as she flicked her cigarette ash.

"Damn are fucking mean to say it like that girl. Damn....So when am I gonna' be tasting your sweet nectar baby?" Ben asked as he stroked his huge cock over his pants in the cab of his truck.

"Hopefully soon my big, big stud...I have to see him before he goes, it will look better this way." Alexis said as she stubbed out the cigarette and looked at the courthouse, now looking much more empty since the reporters and news vans were gone. "I was going to wait till all these reporters were out of here but they are already gone. So I see Tony then I see you my big stud muffin." She giggled into her phone. She then licked her lips and was horny as hell as she thought of Ben's BBC and what she had in mind for later.

"Okay Alexis, but I can't sit here forever, where'd your bitch keep his house key?" Ben asked.

"Its under the planter by the mail drop, the code for the alarm is 34323531. Got that?"

"Mmm hmm, lets see, where do I begin my new life?" Ben asked no one in particular as he stepped into the foyer of the mansion.

'Not here and not with me' Alex felt like saying but knew better and was in too giddy of a mood to spoil it. "I want you in your breifs when I get oil and the works sugar." Alex purred into the phone.

"No problemo Ms.Vincuzzi. In your bedroom or?"

"Please dont call me Ms., makes me feel old...the bedroom will be fine. I have to go. It might be awhile but it will be worth it." She disengaged the conversation and looked at her self in the rearview mirror.

Her brown hair was fine and needed no attention but her mascara was running and her lipstick was a bit shoddy. Dolling herself up a bit in the mirror she stepped out into the warm, muggy air. Her feet were killing her in her 4 inch heels and her short black DKNY dress was wrapped tightly around her perfect figure. She was hot and she knew it.


The holding cell block was putrid, the smells of human filth intermingled with bleach and other odors that only added wonders to ones olfactory glands. Alex just breathed through her mouth as she passed by the array of different rooms and cells that lined the hallway. The catcalls came from every corner of the block and the guards did their best to try to quell them to no avail.

She did not mind the catcalls, in fact she found them quite charming she thought as she wiggled her perfect ass in her tight dress as she walked by the locked-up men. 'Horny men', she thought, 'they'd fuck a hole in the wall if you told them it was a pussy,' she laughed inwardly.

Upon coming to her husband's cell she stopped in her tracks and looked at him. She could tell he had been crying by the small puddle by the bunk. She felt bad but 'oh well' she thought, 'if this is what it takes to make me free and still not have to be divorced then so be it.' She decided right there. Besides, she thought, the assets were all still in her name and Tony had made sure no one but him or her could ever find all of them. If she divorced him, she would only get half and that was a sizable half indeed but she wanted it all.

She noticed the same envelope from the nightstand on the bunk next to Tony and stepped up to the glass and bars that separated the husband and wife.

"Hi okay?" she almost whispered for no real reason.

"Best as I can do in this situation. They even took my suspenders. My fucking suspenders!" He thundered and turned to look at the guard who made it a point right then of longingly staring at Alex's perfect tight ass. Alex had no idea the guard was mind fucking her tight ass. He smiled and looked at Tony.

"You two have five minutes...not six, not four...five." He held up his huge fist and unfurled five long fingers and walked away whistling 'I've been Workin' on the Rail-road.'

"How many?" Tony asked sarcastically as the guard ignored him and kept walking.

Alex, who had no idea of the tension between them spoke, "We have five minutes Tony."

Tony laughed and remembered how cute she could be sometimes.

Tony put his hands to the glass and mouthed 'i love you' to Alex as she stood there and mouthed it back to him.Lying.

Her emotions were conflicting and she decided that Tony talking would be best since she did not know if giddy or sadness would be in her voice.

Tony tried to speak but he could not, there was really nothing to say. He just held his hands up, palm to palm, with the woman he thought loved him.

"I will be back tomorrow honey, the lawyers say we can be in a room together for like a half hour or something. Okay sweetie?" Alex spoke softly to deflect any emotions in her voice.

"Sure babe...i just don't know what to do till tomorrow..." He said dejectedly.

'Well start by getting to know your nice new neighbors' Alex wanted to say but refrained and instead told him to try to sleep.

"Thats probably all there is to do babe. Are you going to be okay?" he asked.

"Sure honey, I hope. I will go home and call the office. Can your family wait a bit before flying down? I just need to get our business in order and make sure you are okay. No offense but your mother would only add to my anxiety." She lied.

"Its okay hon. I told them not to bother you. I know you and ma are a bit estranged and thats fine. You two are adults and your old enough to pick your own quarrels."

Tony sat down on the bunk and looked at his wife's perfect figure. Of all places his cock started to get hard and he noticed she noticed. She gave a weak 'nothing i can do' smile to him. He just kept staring at her perfect body, wondering who was going to be fucking her. Erasing those thoughts right way he held up the folder from earlier.

"Tony this is not the place to."

"I know, I know...just listen. I have these with me cause the lawyer thought it was best I shredded them in here without you seeing them. I did not tell him you had already seen them but he says no divorce is whats best for business."

"Tony...divorce or not... we can work out something."

With that Alexis blew him a kiss and turned around and walked away. Tony, still holding the folder, was in a world of hurt and confusion.


Upon pulling up to the driveway, Alexis noticed the loud R and B music coming from the windows. Thank God the neighbors were a mile away and could not here this or they would be quite suspicious. She locked the doors with her remote and headed to the double doors in front of the manse.

Opening them, she felt her pussy tingle as she smelled Ben's manly scent and baby oil mixed together. The thought of Ben's hard chocolate body and cock covered in bay oil almost made her cum right there.

"Up here baby...bring your fine ass to me." Ben yelled over the music.


She smiled and kicked off her heels and headed to the stairs. At the top of the stairs she stopped briefly and took off her engagement and wedding ring and placed them on the upper foyer's Chippendale table.

There were even boundaries she did not cross. This was one of the few rare one's. "No one but Tony can cum on these rings." She and Tony jokingly made it up some 20 yrs before, when she was still practically a virgin.

She came to the bedroom and looked in. On the bed, in his briefs with his huge black ten inch pole under them she saw Ben and wet her lips. She walked to his side of the bed and pulled down his briefs, exposing his beautiful glistening cock. She stroked it as she looked at him and asked, "How does it feel?"


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