The Unknowing Hubby V
"But I am in a holding cell, how am I going to state , I have not even been sentenced yet...what is going on? wife is supposed to come here and see me before I go to local...she was here awhile ago. Shes coming back." Tony protested, reading the guards name tag that read 'Ben.'

"She said she will see you soon enough...stand up Tony...please do not make me ask again."

'Soon enough?' Tony wondered. 'What the hell is going on?' He thought as he got to his feet.


"So I see you are doing well for yourself out there." Tony said to his wife Alexis who was sitting across from him, legs crossed and looking impatient.

"Better than well Tony. I am running the business as you would, all the books are neat and the client list just grows and grows."

Hiding the fact that with the words, "just grows and grows", Alexis had an image of Ben's cock in her mind. She did not know that Tony had the same image, although not in the same way.

Alexis looked stunningly beautiful in her tight black workout pants and tight white mid-riff sports bra, her brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. She had gone to the gym that she and Tony owned and ran, well her now anyway, and did some aerobic training before heading to the local jail to see Tony. She knew that her outfit would cause Tony to get rock hard, as well as Ben, who would also be there 'keeping an eye on the prisoner.'

'Hell' she thought ' every guy in this local jail is going to be hard after seeing me.' She let her mind wander to a movie of a jail gang-bang porno she had watched in the past with Tony. Her pussy was moistening and she loved it.

"So you stopped by the gym huh?"

"Yeah. I was bored and today is Sunday and figured I would get some quiet time there to do my workout. It was fun...and quiet." Alexis looked down then up again, this time at Ben, before returning her gaze to Tony.

Tony looked at Ben after she had and back at her. "Like what you see?"

"Huh...wha?...what are you talking about Tony?

"I saw you look at the like him eh?"

"Tony your are just plain weird sometimes Tony...and now you are seeing things?...are you eating all right in here?"

"Don't change the subject Alex."

"Oh yeah he is my boyfriend Tony. I should have introduced you but I figured you would be upset. My big guard of a boyfriend and I could not be happier Tony." She sarcastically said as Ben laughed inside till it almost hurt. "Would you like to meet him Tony?"

"Sorry Alex, I just have too much time to think in here and one of the things I think about alot is you and... sex...what are you going to do about sex Alexis? We might as well spell it out here and get it over with."

"Tony you have not been sentenced are way ahead of the ball here." Alex said as she thought of the surprise Ben said he had for her later. "Besides, you never know you may go upstate and become gay on me!" Alex laughed, looking at Tony with her beautiful smile.

"Thanks Alex...nice to know you think of me that way babe...get the fuck outta' here you two-bit." With that Tony yelled "GUARD!"

Ben came over and cuffed Tony while staring at Alex in her outfit and felt his huge cock stir a bit, hitting Tony in the back.

"Whoa Big Ben, I don't think you want to do that, it ain't me big guy." Tony felt a bit surprised and tense.

Alex watched this unfold in slow motion and felt her pussy tingle at the un-expectedness of it, unaware she was the cause of it as well.

"Just relax sir, I did not do anything to you that I am aware of." Ben lied, kind of feeling bad for Tony and embarrassed by the 'infraction.'

"Well off I go babe, are you coming by with the lawyers on Tuesday? They think they may have found an avenue for us to appeal."

Alex put her sunglasses on and looked at Tony pathetically and wondered why he used the word 'we' in sentences when he was in here and she was out there. It was two different worlds and Tony for some damn reason kept acting as though the union between them was a bedrock. It was not even close and never would be she thought.

"I thought you were mad at me for saying you might go gay." She smiled.

Tony, swallowing hard and trying not to lose his cool said in an even voice, "baby if I even go upstate" he liked denial, it helped him sleep "I swear I would not go gay, how the hell can a straight guy with a beautiful wife go gay?" He half turned and looked at Ben who had no visible reaction but knew the answer.

Alexis could only smile at Tony and Ben and wonder if Tony had any idea what Ben had in store for him later in the week. Ben nodded in her direction as if to say 'see you later' and grabbed Tony lightly by his ribcage to point him in the direction of the cell-block.

"I know would not go gay because of me, blah, blah, blah..." Alexis moaned getting up from the visitor's table, her firm breast perking out not too far from Tony's face, "but we have other more important things like fidelity to talk about later. Try to get some rest so you can think clear okay sweetie?" She had her hands on Tony's chest and Tony, with his hands cuffed behind him, wanted to so badly reach out and hug her. To him she looked as innocent as an angel and he was the miscreant for having been put here he thought.

To think otherwise would be unthinkable in Tony's world.


Alexis hopped into her car, a nice cherry red BMW 540i convertible with a white top and sped away from the local jail while on the phone with Ben, who was leaving the locker room after changing out of his uniform.

"Hey baby, how did it go after I left?"

"Damn babe, you just left ten minutes ago, what could really happen in that time...what do you really want?"

"Nothing...are you coming by later tonight?"

Tired as hell from a long day at work, Ben knew he needed to get a good rest but the thought of Alex's pussy kept him up. "Mm-mm...will be by around nine, yes I know, be discrete."

"You are the sexiest and smartest man I know Benjamin...will you be bringing your friend too I hope?"

"Yes babe, he's coming, going to get him as soon as I get in the really are a horny thing aren't you?" Ben smiled, his phone pressed tight to his ear.

"I can't tell you how horny I am, all these years married to that and now your gorgeous cock, you babe, are in my life...and you want to share me with your friend? are my hot dream come true sugar pie." Alex cooed into her phone as she eyed the traffic light before her, willing it to turn green.


Tony was doing push-ups in his cell and mentally counting the reps. His thoughts were of Alexis and how he and her had to work something out that was in the best interest for the both of them regarding sex. Conjugal visits were okay by him but for her sexual appetite he had a feeling she wanted more than that. He was at a lost on how to think about something so far-reaching and complicated, yet so human and instinctive. He counted his one hundredth rep and turned over for one hundred sit-ups.


Alex peered from her bedroom window out to the ocean and the lights of Miami. The cool breeze made her shiver and she closed the wooden windows and walked to the bed. Ben and Issac were laying on the bed, each one was undressed down tho his briefs.

Their long, thick black cocks were easy to see and her mouth began to salivate. Dropping her robe to the floor and greeting the men in her teddy and garter belt, she laid down between them and kissed Ben, as Issac played with her moist, hot pussy...
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