The Very Thought of You

It starts with a kiss at the space behind my ear. I feel your warm breath against my neck as you breathe me in and out. While your, warm lips press your care against my skin. I smile as places start to tighten and loosen in anticipation of what is to come. Your lips moved down the exposed skin of my neck laying a path that will end somewhere beyond the start of this pleasure. My pussy begins to weep as I push my ass into your groin to feeling a welcoming hardness there. It is almost too much to take so I do the only thing I can do. I lay into you. You smile against the skin of my neck and then with a flick of your warm wet tongue you cause things to happen between my legs that leave me wet, hot and wanting. I become a slut to your desires and my needs.

"Take your panties off," you whisper into my ear as you suck the lobe between your lips.

I moan in pleasure as I laugh in glee.

"I don't have any on," I whisper back as I pull up my skirt and grind my bare assets into you.

Your laughter is deep and intense with the realization of my situation and your opportunity sinks in. Taking advantage of the situation, you press me face first up against the wall and spread my legs apart.

I heard your breath thick and fast as you examine me. All that bare skin, the warm, heady scent and the promise of what to come.

With deft fingers you examine me.Teasing,touching,and even licking here and there. All I can do it hold on to the wall as I become a whore for you desire and a slut for my needs. I want to fuck me, make me cum out of my mind. Have I screaming your name until it echoes off the walls and is the only think that can be heard. My pussy tightens, and I swear I almost see stars as you caress me with your mouth. I ride your tongue as it dives into every fold of me. Turning my pussy into a tropic zone as my eyes close in pleasure that is rising like a storm from deep in my core and on a long,loud moan,I cum. I cum screaming your name and cursing it ...

"Excuse Miss,"you say as you move past me to enter the building.

I say nothing but watch you as you walk away from me. My eyes are full of you as my body screams your name, but nothing comes from my lips other than a smile at the very thought of you.
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