The Visit
Sandy's brother arrived with his daughter. He was recently divorced, and this was his way of bonding with his daughter by visiting with Sandy. I did not know his wife, but his daughter must have inherited her looks. At 18. she was a knockout, and she would celebrate her birthday with us in a few days. Sandy's brother had been looking me over, but that was not unusual as most men do that. He was attractive in a rugged sort of way, and I liked that.

They really kept to themselves going places, but that got old, and gradually they wanted the company of Sandy and myself. We did throw Carrie a birthday party, nothing special, just cake and gifts. Her father gave her a book. Title: ‘Growing Up.' How boring! I gave her a top, which was a little low but nothing she could not handle with her figure. Sandy was a little more intimate with a shorty nightgown. Dad had no comment. We did have fun that day playing stupid games that made us all laugh.

After a week, things became more comfortable for us all. Chet apparently liked what he saw in me, and on occasion, he would get brave enough to test the waters. The first attempt was me standing by the kitchen table with the frig behind me. It was a close space and when he wanted by he held my shoulder and slipped between the frig and me. I certainly knew what was being dragged across my ass. It did feel good, but I never acknowledged I felt anything. Accidents of touching my boobs were next, and it was apparent the man was horny, and I would have preferred he just asked that the ritual we were going through. He was attractive enough for me to put out for him. If he had Sandy's talent, he certainly would be fun.

I couldn't sleep, so I got up and went to the computer. As I started going through my emails, Carried entered the room. She looked fabulous in her new short nightgown with matching panties. It was cut that it showed off her breasts so well. My juices began to flow the more I looked.

"What's the matter Carrie, can't you sleep?"

"I am just having a hard time falling asleep. My mind seems rushed with thoughts."

"Sometimes it is good to talk about it. Would you want to tell me what is troubling you?"

"It is just my boyfriend wants to put it in me, then cum and then he is all done with it. I expected more than that with sex."

"Well sweetie, some men are like that, but there are a lot out there that are not."

She walked over to me and stood by me. My natural reaction was to hug her, but in this position, the only thing I could embrace was her bare leg. So I wrapped my arm around her thigh. She didn't seem to mind that my hand was so close to her pussy. She continued.

"I want the pleasure too just as I give him. I know that you and aunt Sandy are married and make love differently, but..."

"Carrie, your aunt Sandy and I do make love differently. The pleasure I get exploring your aunt's body is very erotic for me. She always makes sure I have an orgasm, and I do the same for her. But you can rest assure that we both enjoy the company of men in bed. Do you orgasm on your own, sweetie?"

"I certainly know what that feels like, but want someone else to make it happen for me."
"Do you have a girlfriend that might help you with that?"

"I know you and my aunt Sandy are married, but would you do the same to me as you do to her?"

I let my hand slide up her thigh and touched between her legs. Her eyes closed. Her panties were very wet. I started stroking her cunt. I heard a door open and stopped just in time as Chet ambled by headed to the bathroom. I pushed her away and whispered, "Later." She made a beeline to her assigned bedroom.

"Up late, Carol?"

"Just catching up, while I can."

His eyes looked at my flimsy robe, and I knew that there were things he saw that he had not seen.

"You are quite a woman. Don't blame my sister for having the hots for you. Anytime you want to change of pace, I would be happy to oblige."

‘Damn, two propositions from the same family all in the same evening!'

I crawled back in bed which disturbed Sandy. On one elbow she smiled and reached for my breast. I always enjoyed the way she handled my breasts and always wound up making my nipples so hard. As she kissed me, it didn't take her long to realize what I wanted. When I felt her lips on my pussy, I knew she wanted to please me. She did. Being satisfied, I took my leg and crossed it with hers and pumped her until she came. We laid there and cuddled in each others warmth.

"You know my love, your brother wants to fuck me."

"Aw hon, that is so obvious. If he turns you on, do it. I will not mind."

"Your niece asked to do her like we just did. Her boyfriend is a stabber only for his pleasure."

"Well, the little girl is not so little anymore. She is now 19, and maybe it is time to explore the pleasures of another woman. I would feel privileged if you would show her the way."

"Thank you, darling. That so nice of you to feel that way."

"If we can get the boyfriend here, I will show him the proper way to treat a woman. Do you know if she is blowing him?"

I told her I did not know, but the plans were in place for Sandy and I to have three new experiences.
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