The Visit - Giving and Getting
Your at my house.. It's a Friday evening and my mom, dad and brothers are gone to see my aunt over in NJ for the weekend... I'm home from DC and told them I didn't want to go.. I'd just hang around for a few days and go back to DC. You know that they are gone and that I'm home for the weekend.. You wait for them to leave and then come over. My mom has given you a key so that if you needed to come over you could.

You look around downstairs and I'm not to be found. You hear a noise from upstairs and you know that I'm there. Your standing at the bottom of the stairs. Asking your self ... should I go up? What will happen if I do? What do I want to happen? You know just at the top of the stair and right around the corner the very first door is mine..

Still standing there looking up.. your dressed in your white sweater, black straight skirt and hoses.. Oh yea and heels. After some thought you start up and as you reach the top, you slowly turn and stand in my door way. You don't say a word.. You just stand there and look.. I'm laying in bed... it's a warm evening and I just have a sheet over me.
I have my left hand behind my head on my pillow.... my right is under the sheet... You can tell where it is.. you have an idea what I'm doing... I look over to you and I don't say a word either... and I don't stop what I'm doing. You know that I have been laying there stroking my cock..

You step into the room and stand beside my bed... looking into my eyes and back down to my hand under the sheet. You want to see what I'm doing and without a word you reach for the sheet and lift it off of me.. You see that my hand has been stroking my cock and that it looked so big and hard... My hand was wrapped around it and sliding ever so slowly up and down the shaft.. You watched... No words spoken for either of us.. Again your eyes go for my hard cock to my eyes and then back to my cock... You sit on the edge of the bed... by my side.. The sight of having you watch me stroke it makes me hotter and harder..

Again without any words spoken.. you take your hand and place in over mine as it is sliding up and down my hard shaft... I can feel the heat of your hand over mine.. I want to feel it on my cock.... after a few strokes and you watching our hands.. you look back into my eyes... The next thing I feel is that your are taking my hand from around my cock and wrapping just your fingers around it.. I can feel the excitement running through my body.. Your hand is soft and warm.. your fingers are sliding up and down my shaft and you can feel it getting bigger and hotter as you stroke it... I put my right hand behind my head with my left one and watch.. loving every minute of it.. and yet not knowing what you are going to do next...

The next thing that happens is.... as your hand is holding me and stroking my hard shaft, you lean forward and over me... Looking into my eyes, still no words spoken... and softly bring your lips to mine.. Tenderly brushing them against mine in a sweet and loving kiss... Our lips part a little and I can feel the tip of your tongue sliding between my parting lips....

With my tongue I trace the outline of your lips and I meet your searching tongue with mine... I probe my tongue deeper into your mouth and I can feel your lips tighten around it.. Pulling it and sucking it deeper into you.. Our kisses last a while and all the time your still stroking my cock.. It's so damn hard now...

You sit back up and still no words have be spoken between us... Our eyes are tell us what we want and what to do. You let go of me and stand up next to the bed... all the time looking at me.. My hands are still behind my head and I'm watching you.. I'm wanting you and you know it.. I watch as you reach down and lift you black skirt... You are wanting to get on the bed with me.. As you skirt comes up you get on the bed with your knees.. Holding the skirt up you put one of them over me and now you have me between your legs still kneeling up on them... Your straddled over my waist, my cock is now resting on my stomach. As I look down I noticed that you have on your skirt and hose but no panties...

While you were downstairs and before you came to my room you removed them... Not know what was going to happen but something in side of you told you to remove them.. I reach down and take hold of my cock... Holding it up-right under and between your legs.. It's very close to the slit of your pussy... Its hard to tell but I can feel the hair of it touching the head of my cock... Eyes still locked on each other.. No words spoken... I want you... I want to take you and slide this big hard cock inside of you.. but I don't.. I wait.... Wait to see if you are willing to give it to me.. I know your a virgin and its yours to give and not mine to take...

You start to lower yourself down on me... The tip of my cock is touching the lips of your pussy... I can feel the heat and wetness of them... I want to grab your hips and just pull you down and at the same time shove my cock deep into you but I wait... I feel you lowering your body... I have been moving the head of my cock back and forth with the tip just between your slit... The hair between your legs is so wet... I feel you lower yourself on me again.. This time the head of my cock is in you... You stop and look at me... Wanting to see what I want you to do... I reach out to you and place my hands on your hips but I just hold you.. You can tell, I want you to push down and take my cock inside of you.. You know that there is going to be some pain in giving up your virginity.. but once you have me inside, you will be willing and ready to take me whenever we wish...

You place your hands on my chest and my hands are on your hips to help guide you down on me... The time has come and you know that you want me inside of you... You sit back and lower your self down onto me and at the same time I raising myself up into you... Between the two of us together you have given me your virginity.. I hold you down on me, as your head goes back and I can see your mouth open... Wanting to scream out in pain but you don't. I do hear a little cry and whimper.. We are one.. Our bodies together... I reach and take your arms and guide you forward, down into my arms... While still deep inside of you I hold you.. I stroke your head and hair.. We don't move.. We just lay in each others arms... being as one...

I reach down and take hold of the bottom of your sweater... and very slowly pull it up.. I don't take it off but I do take it so that your breast and bra are showing... I want to feel the heat of your body on mine... I reach behind and undo your bra but I don't take it off... I just move it up with your sweater so I can see and feel your breast... I want to touch you, to make your nipples hard...I want them against me...

We hold each other for sometime... Still no words spoken... Its getting late and you have to get back home...but you know that I will be here alone until sometime Sunday evening... and this is only Friday night.. You sit back up on me.. my cock is still inside you.. you have now taken all of me into you and your pussy is now accustom to it.

Looking down at me I know your saying that you have to go... I look at you and in words.. I ask.. are you ok.. you smile and with a little nod of your head say yes but you need to go.... You get up off of me slowly and work your way off my bed... You stop and look at me... turn and head to the bathroom to clean up a little... When you come back I get up and go...

As I come back to my room I see that your gone and I grab my robe and head to the stairs but as I'm coming down I hear the front door close... I stop... I know.... she's gone.... I'm hopping that she will be back tomorrow.. and the next day... I miss her and want her again already...

We will see what tomorrow brings...
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