The Visitor
The early morning sunlight was just starting to cast the bedroom in its soft shadows when she slipped silently out of the big bed. The male body in the bed stretched into the space that she vacated and nestled down into the blissful realm of sleep, his arms outstretched across the bed. She leaned down to gently cover his outspread limbs, smiling at the memory of how only hours earlier those same limbs had been wrapped around her body in the age old dance of love. Kissing his forehead gently she moved away from the bed. Her feet padded softly over the hard wood floor as she moved around comfortably in the pre-dawn lighting. Stopping at the chaise lounge, she picked up the white silk robe that lay in a heap, having been discarded the night before in a frenzy of urgent sexual tension. The only sound in the room was the soft rustling as she gracefully slid her arms into the sleeves and tied the robe closed at her waist. With one last glance at the peaceful form of her lover in the bed, she moved out of the room. Walking down the hallway, she could see a light flickering from the guest room where their friend had been ensconced the previous evening upon his arrival for an impromptu visit. The door to the guest room was open, casting the soft light into the hallway as she approached.

She walked toward the light, wanting to make sure that their guest had everything he needed. Stepping into the doorway she stood quietly not wanting to startle him. He sat upright in bed, his back against the heavy walnut headboard his legs outstretched before him. The covers lay twisted in a heap at the foot of the bed. His laptop sat open next to him the screen flickering against his bronzed skin. She interestedly allowed her eyes to follow his muscular legs up to his torso. A spear of desire curled through her body at the sight of the bulge that was hidden behind the soft fabric of his boxers. Involuntarily her tongue darted out and traced a path around her plump lips as she watched as his hand idly stroked through the fabric as his eyes remained transfixed upon the computer screen, unaware of her presence. Having always admired his well toned body, she could remain still no longer. She moved out of the hallway shadows and into the softly lit room. Startled he jumped and immediately pulled up his legs to hide his swollen member. His hand reached out slammed shut the laptop from her view as she moved further into the room. He hands moved to the knotted belt at her waist. His eyes grew wide with shock as the belt loosened allowing the robe to fall open. Slowly she pulled the robe from her slender body. Her magnificent cleavage gave way to allow him to view her abundant breasts. Feasting his eyes upon her body he breathed deeply as her flat stomach was revealed to him and outright groaned when the robe fell totally away to reveal her shaven mound. Her skin glowed in the whispery lighting that the dawning morning sun cast upon the room. Her body remained still as he feasted his eyes on her spectacular body. His body shook at the sight as he contemplated giving into his most basal desire for this woman. This same woman that he had dreamt about for years, but who he thought was unattainable.

She took the decision out of his hands as she moved toward him. The bed dipped slightly as she put first one knee and then the other onto the bed. Her eyes glowed as she crawled up the large expanse toward him. He could feel the softness of her body as she inadvertently brushed against his legs until she was close enough for their lips to touch. Her lips touched his lightly at first, tentatively. With no further thought for the ramifications he deepened the kiss and pulled her lithe body tightly against his. Her growl of satisfaction at his action spurred him onward. His hands traced up her hip, around her waist and reached her perky breasts. Her nipples immediately tightened and hardened upon his touch. Reaching up she ran her hands through his thick head of hair and pulled him closer to her, her tongue tracing his lips and tangling with his as he searched her mouth. They both surged toward each other, wanting to feel and experience all that the other was offering. Her arm brushed against his fully distended cock causing it to jerk and twitch. Her eyes light up as she leaned over and kissed the tip of it. Here eyes sought his as she opened her lips and lowered hip mouth ever so slightly to allow just the head to slip into her moist mouth. Her lips tightened around his ridge, he tongue darted all around as she tightened her mouths suction on his engorged member and pulled him slowly, ever so slowly into her mouth. Leisurely her mouth moved up and down the length of his cock. Her fingers encircled the base of his cock, her thumbs caressing and lightly teasing his balls as her mouth lulled him to the blissful edge of orgasm. His body shook as he pulled back from her intimate embrace. Taking her pliant body in his arms, he twisted until her back was firmly against the mattress and he as poised above her. She arched her hips upward trying to feel his cock within her warm folds. Acquiescent, he pressed forward until the head of his cock slid into her warmth. Pushing forward in one swift movement he impaled himself within her. He smiled a predator's smile as she gasped in shock and desire as her body was stretched around him. Her legs automatically came up to engulf his body and pull him closer. He groaned as he slipped even deeper into her honeyed body. He closed his eyes as her pussy pulsed and squeezed his cock, milking him and causing him to start to rock his hips back and forth. She matched him thrust for thrust, as her hands caressed his sweat slicked skin. Their bodies pushed and pulled. They thrust and withdrew. Until they were each shaking with their impending releases. Her scream of fulfillment sent him spiraling over the edge. His cock pumping and filling up her pussy with his hot cum as she gripped his arms, her whole body shaking with the force of her orgasm. Spent they both fell to the bed, their breathing harsh and choppy.

It was long minutes later when she extracted herself from the tangle of limbs on the bed. She stood up and gathered her robe in her arms as she moved toward the still open door. Her footsteps paused momentarily as she stepped into the dim hallway. She quietly pulled the doorway closed behind her recent lover and turned to face the man waiting in the hall.

"You saw all that?," she asked quietly of the man that she had originally left sleeping in bed, pointing toward the closed doorway hiding the man that she had just left.

HE shook his head smugly before taking her hand and pulling her close. She gasped as she was pulled up tightly against his body. She could feel his hard body throbbing against her as his arms lifted her off the ground. His cock grazed her body as he lifted her up and pushed her against the wall. Her legs wrapped tightly around his waist as he lifted her supple body up and lowered her onto his thick cock. Her body, sensitive from the pounding that she had just taken arched and she screamed out as her body began to immediately convulse upon his turgid dick. The sexual gyrations of and within her body sent him coiling toward his own release. His grunts were replaced by moans of her name on his lips as he shot his load deep within her churning body. Exhausted she slumped against him unable to hold herself upright after the numerous poundings that her body had just taken. He tenderly gathered him in his arms and carried her back to their shared bed where he held her while she peacefully slept.
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