The Wager
It is that time of year, when the citizens of the Windy City lose their minds. My husband and I are no exception to this phenomenon. It is fall just before Major League Baseball playoffs; I am a diehard North Sider, Cubs fan and my husband a South Sider, who supports the White Sox. Now this is not just our rivalry, it is Chicago's and there are wagers of all type that hinge the outcome of the City Series. After the City Series, people throughout the city populous performing a myriad of strange activities attributed to wagers made. This year I had a wager with my husband and the terms of the wager were simple or so I thought.

The wager, simple on a cursory assessment and the mutual agreement was that the loser having to do whatever the other wanted for a twenty-four hour period. I was confident that Jeff would be working his butt off when I won. Jeff was cocky, full of himself, and confident of the White Sox capabilities to win. Playing it cool, I took my share of shots at Jeff and his beloved South Siders. Things did not go well for me, the Cubs lost and the Sox played mean ball. Little did I know that Jeff played a mean game like the Sox, but then, what do you expect from a South Sider?
Now it is time to pay off, I envisioned having to clean his Harley or some other bullshit tasks that he came up with for me to do, I was so wrong. I found myself strutting through a crowded mall. Jeff had me wearing black pumps, a pair of black fishnet stockings and a tight, satin, black mini skirt that might have covered most of my ass, but did not. A miniscule, white lace G-string under the mini skirt and a flimsy white blouse over a translucent white lace bra, which my big boobs are spilling over the lacy cups and this, is something I would never wear under normal circumstances. This is City Series madness at its best.

My nervousness is causing tiny beads of sweat to form, trickling down my back and cleavage causing the filmy blouse to cling my skin accentuating my bulging breasts. I had this wager with my husband, over some stupid baseball games, full day. I had his day all planned out: painting and doing all kinds of stuff around the house. I was sure that I was going to win, but here I am in a busy mall looking like a prostitute. If I had known that this is what he wanted me to do, I never would have made the wager.

I feel like a slut on the prowl for business and I know that I definitely look like one, too, but somehow a dark part of me is enjoying this slut strut It is diametrically opposite of my mundane daily lifestyle. Men are staring at me, even some women and that is awakening the lust within me that has been dormant for years. I can feel the moistness between my legs and an inexplicable yearning to show off more of myself.

When I first started out today, I was very self-conscious and kept my arms crossed in front of my chest, but realizing that this just brought more attention to my predicament. Forcing myself to act naturally, I realized that I enjoyed having their eyes undress me. I have even caught myself trying to catch men looking at me, watching their faces as their eyes wander all over my over-exposed body. Earlier, I spied a young man staring at me, and without even realizing what I was doing, I stretched my arms up, pressing my breasts against the blouse enjoying the look on his face as he stared at my breasts straining the fabric of my blouse.

I am supposed to meet my husband in the food court, which is at the opposite end of the mall, he would give me my next task. I was anxious, it was reflecting in my body and I can only imagine what he has planned for me next.

In a mirror, I caught a glimpse of three guys behind me, watching my partially covered ass was my thought. Pausing to look at a window display and in the reflection, I could see they stopped as well and when I moved on, they were right behind me. Feeling a degree of apprehension, and to my surprise, I was also was very turned on.

Oops, I just dropped my purse. As I bend over to pick it up, I can feel this tiny satin skirt ride up my butt, as my nearly naked ass exposed to them and anyone else is looking in my direction. Knowing that these men can see so much of me is making me even hotter. I cannot believe how turned-on I am and I never realized that acting as if I am a slut would feel so sexy, so confident, and give me a weird sense of power. I am not sure if the reason that I am sweating is nervousness or lust. Stealing a glance at my followers, I see that they are stopped, and if I wasn't so turned-on I would have to laugh. They are staring at me with their mouths wide open. I give them a quick smile and I continue walking knowing that they are watching my butt as I wiggle away.

No longer trying to be discreet, they are closer to me and I can feel their eyes on my jiggling ass cheeks that were visible. I am almost to the food court and my appointment with my husband. I step onto the escalator with my little hanging back a bit to enhance their view. Looking up my mini-skirt, I suspect they can see the white lace thong and maybe the growing wet spot. I am tempted to give them a good show by putting my hand inside my panties and my finger inside my dripping slit, but I fought off that temptation. I am on the verge of an orgasm, and I feel my legs wobble as I reach the top of the escalator and step off.

I see my husband, Jeff, at a table in the food court; he flashes a wicked smile, stands and walks away as I approach. I see an envelope on the table, and I sit on the chair, my bare butt sitting on the cool plastic. I see Jeff's writing and his instructions are for me to go to the women's restroom and open the envelope. I know that he is watching me, and I remember our deal, it had a nonperformance stipulation, the stipulation is simple. If I didn't follow his instructions, no matter how stupid, exactly as I was told, we would repeat the whole day next weekend. I snatch the envelope and just as I start to stand the three strangers walk by. One of them starts to say something to me, but I just ignore him as I make my way to the women's restroom.

Standing in the empty restroom lounge, I open the envelope, and I gasp, as I come to terms with the next part of my day. I am to remove my bra and my panties, put them in my purse, and continue to walk until I get to a bench in front of a lingerie store on the other side of the mall. I stew about this for a few minutes. The more I think about it, the more pissed I become that Jeff would take such outrageous advantage of me. I decide that I am not going to do this. I'll walk out of this mall right now. Not only is the bet off but that Jeff is really going to catch hell from me.

Instead of leaving, I find myself entering an empty stall. After closing the door, I quickly remove my blouse and my bra. While putting the blouse back on, I cannot help but see how my large nipples tent this flimsy little silk blouse and my dark areolas are completely visible. As I remove my lacy, it is warm, quite damp and the surprises me, along with the undeniable fact that I am turned on.

I put my bra and wet thong in my purse but I am so horny that I have to touch myself for just a second. I sit, pull up my skirt, close my eyes, and start to play with myself. Rubbing my clit feels so good. I imagine that I am doing this in front of a crowd, with everybody urging me on. I am astonished again by how quickly, how powerfully I am overcome by pure, raw lust.

Oh my God, I did not mean to go this far but here it comes... oh my god As I am overcome by my orgasm, I hear myself moan. I try to stay silent but I know that some sounds have escaped my lips.

Now that I have regained my composure to a point, I realize just how turned-on I am by preparing to show off my body to total strangers. I straighten out my clothes and as I walk by the mirror, I can see exactly what I look like, a slut. As I walk, I can feel how my tits are bouncing around. I look at my skirt and see that the bottom is just below my butt. Just the slightest breeze will let everybody see how naked I am under this tiny skirt. Since nobody is in here, I bend over to see how much of me is on view.

Damn, this skirt rides up so high; I best not bend over if I do not want to be arrested for indecent exposure. As I pull down my skirt, I hear a sound from one of the other stalls. I glance around quickly and notice that one of the other stalls is occupied, with the door still open a crack. I can hear someone in there. It sounds like she is masturbating!

My curiosity gets the best of me, so I move closer and ask, "Are you okay?"

I hear her say yes but it comes out more of a moan than a word.

I fight off the urge to open the door, but my curiosity gets the best of me and I decide to wait and see this woman. I stall for time freshening up my makeup, and after a short while, she leaves the stall. I realize that she has been sweating, but has a look of total satisfaction on her face. I guess that she is about my age, mid-twenties, and with blonde hair as opposed to my dark brown. I look her in the eye and she greets me with a playful smile as I notice her beautiful green eyes.

She quickly explains to me that she has been following me, because...

I ask her to repeat the last part because I didn't quite hear it.

I cannot believe it; she just told me that she was following me because she wants to hook-up with me. When I stopped to pick up my purse earlier, she decided that she had to have me, and has been following me ever since. Somehow I didn't notice her.

I don't know what to say. As I stand in front of her, open-mouthed, she quickly explains to me that she is bisexual, and often comes to the mall to pick up bored housewives for a quickie. When she walked into the women's restroom after me, she heard me moaning and had to go and masturbate too. Afterwards when I was looking at myself in front of the mirror she said, that pushed her over the edge making her climax.

I have always been a bit of curious about what it would be like to be with another woman, but I have never had a chance to find out. Now this beautiful woman is trying to pick me up, and I have no idea how to react.

She explains that many women come to the mall looking for a lover, and she can tell when a woman wants another woman without the woman even realizing it herself. She continues, saying that although I may not realize it, I would enjoy myself so much if I came with her. I start to protest, but she quiets me with a too-passionate kiss that I cannot help but return. She somehow can see the nervous and confused state that I am in. She reaches in her purse and pulls out a business card, writes on it, and tells me to call her soon. I watch her leave, then look down at the card and see her name, work number, and cell number.

I better get going. Jeff is going to be waiting for me. Leaving the restroom, I look around for my three stooges, but they are nowhere in sight. Suddenly I feel self-conscious and lost. I am in the middle of a huge mall, practically naked. As hot as I felt before, suddenly all of that sexual arousal that I had felt before is gone, replaced by embarrassment and humiliation. I better get going and get this over with before I am arrested for solicitation or indecent exposure.

I am almost to my next rendezvous with Jeff when I notice that I have acquired the three stooges. I'm feeling more confident and at ease as I find myself with somebody familiar, even if they are strangers. Feeling daring again, I stop at the fountain, open my purse for some change and leaning forward, I can feel the skirt riding up, giving the boys an eyeful, I toss a quarter into the fountain. I can't see them, but I can somehow feel their eyes crawling up and down my body, but I can sense somebody coming closer to me. My mind of me is screaming, stranger danger! A part of me wants to escape and get out of here, and I actually decide to stand my ground, but just as I turn around, I see one of the three stooges standing next to me. As I look over at him, he gives me a sexy little leer.

Up close, I can see that he is quite handsome with very muscular body and a very appealing bulge between his legs, under his jeans. I smile at him and with that, he moves closer to me taking my smile and my appearance as an invitation. I want to move away but I am nearly frozen in place, not by terror, but something else. I need to see what will happen next. Without even saying anything, he takes my hand and places it on his penis. I really can't believe that I am doing this, but I give it a little squeeze just to tease him and I am filled with lustfulness. All I want at that moment is to have his cock inside me.

Somehow I get the strength to take my hand away, and I feel as if a spell has been broken. I look at him and smile but turn to leave. I hear him say, "You can go if you want, but at least let me get a good look at you."

Turning toward him, I feel so embarrassed yet so sexy. I can see his eyes go over my entire body, undressing me with his eyes. They start at my ankles and slowly move up the entire length of me, pausing at my breasts. When he gets to my eyes I hear him rasp, "Now turn around and bend over."

Shocked by his rude order, I reply.

"What do you think I am? Some sort of plaything for your deviant pleasure?"

"No, but you know that you want to, your aching to flash your pussy, so do it"

I could not argue, he was right, I wanted to show him my juicy cunt. Without the will to fight the urge to let this strange man look at my naked body, I do as he says. As I bend over, I can feel the cool air over my naked wet pussy.

"Now spread your legs so I can get a good look at the rest of you."

Without even looking around to see if anybody can see me, I follow his command not able to stop myself, even if I wanted to. I can feel his eyes almost fucking my exposed slit with his stare.

"Now finger yourself faster."

I then realize that my hand has moved between my legs and that I am actually fucking myself with my finger as he watches me. Realizing that I am masturbating in public, I start to moan and again I feel the flushness of an orgasm about to consume me in the mall.

After what seems like forever but only a few brief seconds in reality, I compose myself and turn to look at my tormentor. He is next to me. He grabs me and I feel his hands on my bare flesh, his lips reaching toward mine and finding my eager lips searching for his. I know what I am doing is wrong, but I can't stop. Soon his tongue is inside my mouth and somehow my hand is grabbing at his cock, feeling the size of him and wanting to feel his bare flesh. I can feel his fingers sliding into me. My inner woman is telling me to stop, the slut is me won't stop. I can't do this, I am thinking that I am a married woman, and this is wrong, and yet it feels so fucking good. He ends the kiss but keeps his wiggling fingers inside me.

At this moment, I realized what we are doing and where we are and pull away from him. I tell him that I have to go, and as I turn to leave, I hear him telling me that if I want to leave with him and his buddies, that they will wait for me for a half an hour right here by the fountain.

I have never wanted anything more than to stay and go with them wherever they want, do whatever they want, but somehow I find the strength or is it weakness, to leave. I turn the corner and I see my husband waiting for me, smiling. I sit with him on the bench and then I hear him say that was quite the show I put on back at the fountain. From where he sat, watching, he had a perfect vantage point to see the entire show I put on. I was in complete disbelief he could see everything. He watched as I showed myself off to the stranger, watched as I masturbated and orgasmed in front of everybody, watched as I put my hand on this strange man's cock, watched as this stranger finger fucked me and watch us exchange a very wet kiss. I was pissed!

I never intended for Jeff to see this, but at this moment, he is the last thing on my mind. I gave in to my lustful desires, to a powerful sexual force that I never experienced before. He asks me what the man said to me and I quickly told him hoping to hurt him. I did not tell that I almost went with them. I began to apologize, but Jeff puts his finger to his lips and then reveals the next segment of his dirty plan.

Jeff wants me to return to the fountain and go with them. I can't believe it! What does he think I am? Then he reminds me of what I owe him and I realize that I have to go, not for Jeff, but for me, just to satisfy this stupid wager.

* * *

Walking toward the fountain, I see them sitting next to it. I didn't really take the time to look at them before, but now I can see that all three are built like athletes, They are all dressed similarly, in shorts and sport shirts. The one that kissed me is about six feet one and built like a football player, all muscles. The one next to him is about the same height but a little smaller but with a sweet innocent face and the third is just a bit taller and even though he isn't as muscular as the others, he really is the best looking one of the bunch. He has the body of a dancer.

They finally see me approaching them. The football player gets up first to meet me and without saying a word, grabs me, and kisses me. I have never been so hot in my life. He releases the kiss, takes my hand and wordlessly I follow him with the others right behind us. We walk out of the mall and into the parking lot. We approach a convertible, and he motions me to get into the back seat.

This feels so dangerous, I don't even know their names or even if I will be safe, but it is too late to turn back now. I climb into the back seat, half-heartedly trying to keep my skirt down, but knowing that it is an effort in vain, plus I really do not fucking care anymore. The football player and the dancer climb into the back with me and the other one gets into the car and starts it up. Before I can even think about asking out, we are off.

At this moment, I feel so many different things: embarrassment, terror, but most of all the sexual energy inside of me is trump in this game. I have never felt sexual desire like this before. A han on my bare thigh snaps my back to reality and for the first time I speak.

"I don't even know any of your names."

The dancer looks at me, smiles and tells me that his name is Anthony, the football player is Todd, and the driver is David. I smile back at him and introduce myself as Eva.

A period of pregnant silence follows the introductions and I am tired of waiting. If this is what Jeff wants for me then I will enjoy myself. My hands, one on Todd's thigh, and one on Anthony's thigh and I slowly move my hands up toward their pricks. Finally, Todd turns me to kiss him, and I remove my hand from his thigh while my other hand moves up Anthony's leg and I find his hard, veiny cock.

I break my lips from Todd's, and I start to kiss Anthony, the whole time feeling how large and how hard he is. While I am kissing him, I feel Todd start to massage my breast and then start to unbutton my blouse. Soon I feel the cool wind on my bare breasts and I feel Todd take my nipple into his mouth. I break Anthony's kiss, and push his mouth down to my other breast. I have never had both of my nipples sucked at the same time before and it really feels so decadent.

I open my eyes for just a second and I see David smiling at me in the rear-view mirror. I have to remember that we are still outside and that anybody driving by will be able to see me. Somehow, this thought, instead of deterring me, it makes me feel wanton, salacious, and brazen. I ease Todd's zipper downward, but he smiles at me and tells me to wait until we get to our destination. Todd asks me if I want to go with them or if I want to go home. I knew my answer should have been to go home, but I quickly answer that I want to go with them. They both let go of me and Anthony finishes taking off my blouse, telling me that until we reach his house I am to give them a show.

I close my eyes begin massaging my naked tits, pulling one nipple to my mouth and gently licking it with my tongue. My skimpy skirt is hiked up now and my finger begins to rub my bare mound. I start to put one finger inside of my drenched cunt, let it rub against my clit, and enjoying the pleasure of my own touch. So intensely aroused by the lascivious spectacle that I am purporting coupled with the slight touch of my clit is propelling me to the brink of another aggressive climax. I am rubbing my hot wet pussy and I can hear my screams of pleasure over the sound of the wind rushing by.

Stopped at a traffic light, I sense somebody looking at me. I open my eyes to see a man in a pickup looking straight down at me. The exhibitionist in me overwhelms embarrassment, and I just smile at him and push my breasts together with my arms. As the light changes, we take off with all the three men with me laughing at the astonishment on the guy's face, but I am still in the rush of my orgasm and I feel a shudder run down my body, leaving me with a tingling between my legs and a wet spot on the seat.

We pull up to a gated entrance, and as the gate opens it dawns on me what I am about to do. As I get out, David stops me, kisses me, and starts to run his hands all over me. I feel another set of hands unzipping the skirt and pulling it from my hips. I step out of it and I realize that I am now standing outside completely naked with three horny men ready to fuck me. I am so aroused right now that I barely feel Todd scooping me up and carrying me into the house.

Entering the house, we go through a living room and past a couple of doors into a room with a large waterbed. Todd puts me down on the bed and explains to me that this is going to be a time that I will never forget. I smile at him and unzip his zipper, finally getting my hands and my mouth on a cock. I have never been so hungry for one in my entire life.

Normally, I don't like to give blowjobs, but right now all I want to feel is his cock inside of my mouth and his hot cum going down my throat. I am sucking him to the best of my ability, when I feel another set of hands on me, and soon I feel somebody's mouth kissing my back. I stop my cock sucking blowjob and lay on my back, motioning for Todd to bring his cock back to my mouth.

Soon it is back in and I start devouring him again. I look down and I can see David kissing my legs and moving his way up to my pussy. Soon his tongue is licking my cunt and nothing has ever felt so good to me in my entire life. I quickly have a powerful orgasm, screaming for more.

As I am cuming, David removes his mouth and shoves his cock inside of me. As good as I felt before, I feel even better now. I don't even know if it is the same orgasm or another but I am soon in ecstasy again. As I feel David cum inside of me, I settle down and compose myself by concentrating on Todd's cock inside my mouth. When I see Anthony's hands grab my leg right leg and David grab my left leg, I am too lost in lust to realize what they are doing.

Too absorbed in sucking Todd's cock, I don't even realize what is happening and I soon find my legs handcuffed to the bed. As soon as I realize what they are doing, I free my mouth and start to say something, but Anthony cuts me off telling me to be quiet and to trust them.
I soon feel my hands now handcuffed to the bed and I feel so helpless, spread eagle, naked with cum in my mouth but so turned on. Then I feel all of their hands start to touch and caress me, and any apprehension that I felt before is now gone. I close my eyes so I can lose myself in their touch, barely noticing that a pair of hands has left my body. I can feel the hands run up and down my entire body, momentarily pausing at my breasts and between my spread legs. I feel the other pair of hands push up my head, and I feel something being put around my head, covering my eyes. Not caring and not able to stop it if I wanted to, I let myself be blindfolded.

Soon all I can feel is the touch of their hands on me. I feel a cock, I have no idea whose, start to enter my wet pussy, and at the same time I feel a prick near my mouth and I instinctively move my hands toward them but find them restrained. I open my mouth and feel a stiff cock fill my mouth. Not really being able to suck on it, I feel the cock fucking my mouth. I have never been with anybody but my husband, and both of these are larger than my husband's dick, and I have never had one so far in my throat before. Trying not to gag, I soon find that if I relax my throat I can take the swollen flesh.

The cock that is fucking my pussy starts to pump faster and harder and I can feel him start to moan and hear him say that he going to cum. I feel him pull out of me and feel empty, but soon hot sperm starting to land all over my stomach and my breasts. Then I hear the other one start to say that he is cuming. As he starts to cum, I realize that he is going to cum inside of my mouth, a new experience for me. I soon feel his hot cum filling my mouth and running down my throat, and I hungrily start to swallow all of it. I can feel it drip past my lips but as hard as I try, I can't swallow it all and it runs down my chin.

I feel another cock, this one shorter but wider than the others enter my pussy, stretch my cunt. I am so close to cumming again, I am grinding on the turgid shaft, trying to get all the thick cock in my cunt. I wanted him to fuck me harder, faster, filling me. I could hear someone screaming, words I never heard when Jeff and I screwed. Moans, groans, pants and gasps, peppered with FUCKS, FUCK ME HARDER, FASTER words I never used and then I realized it was my voice screaming those words. My cunt is on fire, I am cumming yet again, forcefully, slamming against someone's pubic bone as he buries their bone in me. I am blacking out.

I wake up in the same bed alone, sitting up, realizing that I am now free to move. Even though I am naked, I don't feel ashamed about it. I have never felt so calm and relaxed. I stand on shaky legs and look around. Opening the door, I hear music and familiar voices down the hall. I follow the sound and enter the room. The guys smile at me and whistle as I start to move to the rhythm of the music, feeling my bare breasts bounce and their eyes all over me. They wave for me to come closer, and as I dance toward them; I feel so free, so liberated, so sexually awake and so ready to fuck again.

I get to them, and with a little smile on my face, I start to bend down, unzipping David's zipper, freeing his cock. I get on my knees, with my ass sticking out and start to lick his cock. Soon I have his entire juicy cock inside of my mouth. Hands on my ass, my cheeks spread and I feel a cock penetrate my sloppy pussy. Without a thought, not even looking back, I start to get into a rhythm with the music and the fucking. Soon I feel the cock pull out of my pussy, and I look over to see Anthony lying on the couch, his long, hard cock pointing straight up. I go over to him, straddle over his cock, and slowly lower my cunt down, feeling his entire shaft enter me.

I feel Anthony pull my head toward his, and our mouths meet in a wet eager kiss. Then I feel something start to lubricate my asshole, and a finger starts to enter it. Feeling this, I stop pumping on the cock that is filling my wet pussy. I am feeling a finger probing an area of me that had never been touched. I have always rebuked Jeff's attempts to butt fuck me. Now I want this finger to fill me, I am fearful of the pain, I tell him to stop, but my body defies my wishes and I continue to push against the finger. Soon it is completely inside of me, it did not hurt as I expected, and then in an instant with extraction of this finger it is leaving me with an unsatisfied desire.

Anthony's cock is fucking my pussy. I am on top of him with my ass open for the taking. Soon I feel something wider and bigger than a finger, straining against my anal ring. Knowing what was coming next didn't prepare me for the burst of searing pain as the bulging is penetrating my virgin sphincter, the head of a cock stretching me, and filling my ass. The cock was entering me gradually and the pain replaced with pleasure is a myth, but I do have an overwhelming propensity to have it all inside of me. Slowly I could feel it fill my hole. Feeling the two cocks inside of me start to move is a feeling that I cannot describe. I can feel them almost rubbing against one another, soon they start pumping me faster and faster, I open my eyes and I see Todd in front of me, masturbating, I smile at him and lick my lips and as he moves closer. I am in ecstasy as I put my lips around his cock. At first there is an awkward moment of an uncoordinated effort, but we quickly develop a rhythm and I am completely lost in my lust as these three cocks fill all three of my holes.

I feel myself almost immediately start to orgasm, but not wanting this feeling to end, I keep my composure and I can feel many almost mini-orgasms start to come over me in waves. Lost in all of the moaning, I can instinctively feel that all three are about to cum almost at the same time. First Anthony starts to cum inside of my pussy. Feeling his cum spurt inside of me brings me completely over the edge. Soon I feel Todd start to unload inside of my mouth. I hungrily try to swallow it all but again I feel it start to drip all over me. At the same time I feel David let loose his orgasm inside of my asshole.

The three of them filling me with their hot cum brings on an orgasm like the one I had before, and as I hear myself moan and scream, I am on the threshold of another mind-blowing orgasm, I remember that the French refer to an orgasm "the little death" and I black out again.

Waking to an empty house, my clothes beside me with a note, and I read the note.

"Thank you, Maria. I am sorry that I couldn't be with you right now but I would love to keep in touch (and more than touch) with you. Feel free to help yourself to the shower, the sauna, whatever. Here are the keys to my car in the garage, feel free to use it but just return it to me in the next couple of days. I am looking forward to seeing you again. David"

I reflect for a while on what has happened to me today, and I realize that my life has just changed. A sexual beast inside of me has arisen and I will never be able to ignore it anymore. Suddenly I realize that my relationship with my husband has changed, but I know (hope) that he will understand, but then again, maybe not. After all, it is not every man that has to put up with a wife changing from a demure suburban housewife to a nymphomaniac slut with a burning need for sex. But after all, it was his idea.

I find the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror. I no longer see a bored suburban housewife. I see an awakened sexual animal. I hop in the shower and bring myself to another orgasm with the hand-held shower massage. Before today, I always felt a tinge of embarrassment and guilt whenever I masturbated, but not anymore. I walk back to the bedroom and lie on the bed listening to the radio as I put on my clothes. I hear the time and I realize that I have been in this house for six hours. I find the nearest telephone and I frantically call my house. Jeff calmly answers the phone and asks me how I am doing. I answer seductively, it was even better than I ever imagined, beyond even your wildest dreams.

He then reminds me that I am still his for the day, but asks me if I have anything that I would like to do. I remember the woman that I met at the mall, and I slyly tell him about my encounter with her. He laughs and tells me that I would never do anything like that. I tell him that I will, but he still doesn't believe me. We come to an agreement on another wager. Same as this one, the loser is the others for a day. I quickly agree and tell him I will be home soon, but not too soon.

I open my purse and pull the business card out. I dial her home phone and when I hear her answer, I almost hang up, but I quickly introduce myself, and she laughs, saying that she was waiting for me to call. She gives me her address and soon I am out the door on the way to her place.

In the garage I realize that the car that is left for me to borrow is the same black convertible that I arrived in. I leave the house, leaving my blouse open at the waist, reveling in the feeling of the wind blowing across my naked breasts, making my nipples hard. A couple of guys in trucks honk at me but I barely bother to acknowledge their stares. Soon I find myself at the address that she gave me, and as get out of the car I suddenly hear a voice inside of my head telling me that this is all wrong and I should just go home. I quickly put that thought out of my mind as I reach her door and ring the bell.

She opens the door, and I see that she is dressed in tiny denim shorts and an orange bikini top. I enter her house and close the door behind me. The next thing that I know is that I have grabbed her and started to kiss her lips. She kisses me back, softly yet hungrily. I have never been kissed like that before by a woman, and then breaks my kiss. I try to pull her back to me but she is stronger than I am, and laughs at me saying that she knew I would come to her. I try to get closer to her again, wanting to feel her touch, her lips pressed against mine, but she again tells me to do as I say. I try to force the issue again and soon I find myself laying on her floor, forcefully pushed back by her. She is sitting on top of me not laughing at me, but smiling at me.

She pulls her bikini top up and looks at me saying, "Is this what you want? She leans down and lets her nipple linger near my lips, as I start to lick it she pulls it away from me. I can see her nipple glistening with my saliva as she looks down at me, smiles and removes the bikini top, and then lets her breast come to my mouth, moaning in pleasure as I suckle on it. She pulls it away again and it is replaced by her lips. We softly kiss and my aggressiveness is soon overcome by her firm but gentle kiss. I soon realize that this will be very different from the animal sex that I had with David, Anthony, and Todd.

She moves so that we are side to side. I feel her hands start to gently caress my skin, making tiny circles on my stomach, slowly moving up and circling each breast, making more tiny circles around my nipples. The entire time she is doing this we are still kissing, probing each other's mouth with our tongues. I find my hands gently massaging her soft skin, moving down past her taut stomach and past her cutoffs, to the bare skin of her supple thighs.

As animalistic as I felt before, I feel the calmness of sex this time, and I gently massage her spreading thighs. My fingers find their way to the buttons of her shorts, and I unbutton them one by one, never removing my lips from hers. Too soon she breaks our kiss, and she stands, motioning for me to follow her.

I do and follow her to her bedroom. She removes the rest of her clothes and removes what little clothes that I still have on. She softly hugs me and pulls me to her mouth for another kiss, this one even softer and gentler than the one before. I start to feel the hunger inside of me and I start to kiss her harder, but she pulls back, telling me to relax and to let her teach me how different it is with another woman.

She lays me back on the bed, and lays on top of me, first kissing me again on my lips, but then slowly working down and starting to nibble on my ears and neck. I can feel the goose bumps all over my body as this familiar, yet different sensation consumes me. After what feels like forever she moves her lips to my breasts, and starts to playfully lick them and suck on them gently. I have always had sensitive nipples but for the first time I actually cum from her touch on my nipples. This orgasm is so different from what I have been feeling all day, so calm, so relaxed, yet intensely passionate.

I moan and she gently continues to massage and suckle on my aching nipples. The orgasm subsides as gently as it came, and I feel her mouth start to move down my body again. Slowly she kisses my stomach, working her way down to my sweet wet pussy. She soon gets there and starts to kiss and lick me in a manner that I had never imagined before. I feel another climax coming, and she slowly inserts her finger inside of my pussy, not forcefully, as others have done to me tonight, but softly, rapidly putting a part of it in and pulling it out, never inserting it all the way but just enough that I can feel it slipping in and out of my slick cunt. Ecstasy ensconces me once again and I can hear myself moan as another orgasm rips my body.

I open my eyes and I see her standing there, and then she sits on top of me, straddling my stomach. I close my eyes as she starts to massage my upper body, starting at my chest but working her way to my shoulders, moving her body up at the same time. I can feel her wetness as her pussy rubs against my body. I open my eyes, I see her vagina in front of my face, and I can smell her womanly scent. As her bare pussy gets close enough to me, I start to lick her, trying to duplicate what she did to me. Even though I have never done this before, I must be doing it right because I can hear her start to moan as she moves her body against my tongue and mouth. Soon she is screaming from an orgasm taking over her body. She collapses next to me and she hugs me as I cuddle against her and I find myself drifting off to sleep.

When I awake, I feel her body against mine. I slowly get up trying not to wake her, but she feels me stirring and as she awakens, she smiles at me and beckons me to kiss her. As I do, I tell her that I have to go. She smiles again at me and tells me that she understands. I quickly find my clothes and then I realize that I need something to prove to Jeff that I won the bet. I notice a Polaroid camera sitting on her dresser, and I smile at her and ask her to pose for me. I quickly take the snapshot of her nude body. She stands and kisses me, opening my blouse and starts to caress my breasts. She takes the camera, sets it on the dresser, and as she kisses me again, I see the flash of the camera catching us, freezing this moment forever. She gives me the pictures and kisses me for the last time as she shows me to the door.

On the way home I reflect on the day. I vow never to let the sexual animal inside of me remain caged. I just hope that Jeff will understand. After all, it is his fault that I have undergone this sexual awakening. In addition, since I won the second wager, I hope that he can handle the plans that I have for him. Moreover, I don't plan on him doing household chores anymore. Pay back is a bitch named Maria.
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