The Way You Make Me Feel
Am I not worth sixty seconds of your time?
To send me a text or an email, just one line.

Just to let me know you are thinking of me;
Instead you say soon you will have more availability.

But it always ends up just another lie;
It has been almost 3 months that have gone by.

You can't even say a simple hello;
To my ego and heart you are a crushing blow.

You are no more available than you ever were;
I am so tired of waiting for that to occur.

Too busy to spend any time with me;
Except when you aching balls need relief.

You don't want to be friends or even lovers;
Yet you say you can't get what you need from any other.

I know I appeal to the submissive, gay, bottom side of you;
But how you treat me like a man leaves me not knowing what to do?

It makes me feel like a giant, stupid, whore;
Because I never get paid but I just keep giving more.

I am trying so hard to want you again;
But your actions leave me cold and feeling defensive.

I am ignoring you in hopes you will fade away;
I am tired of trying; I have nothing left to say.

I don't know how to make you understand;
Of you cold, secretive ways I am not a fan.

You always eventually come back but the next time you do;
I think you have used me all up and I have nothing left to give you.

I don't want to feel sad where you are concerned;
But I am facing the reality that you will never learn.

That the way that you treat me makes me feel bad;
And when I think of you my heart is filled with sadness.

Curious and cautious about the nice things that you say;
You never follow through; my disappointment gets in the way.

I wonder how you treat the new girl that you just started to see;
Show up on her doorstep and anything you want she will agree?

Because that is how you treat me the only one who has your back;
For wasting my time with you I catch a huge shit load of flack.

I think I really want something all together new;
Because the way you make me feel makes me not want you.
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