The Wedding
John asked to marry me after six months of nothing but hot sex anywhere we could find that was private. I will admit, we did do it in public also, and I am not sure others saw us. Anyway, it was a hot six months of fucking and sucking. I always wanted the traditional wedding with the gown and all that waste of money. John agreed, and I started picking out my bridesmaids. That is usually easy because the single gals think it is an excellent opportunity to meet eligible men. I did pick one married gal. A longtime friend of mine, who was older than me by three grown children. Martha was still very sexy. She sometimes hid that fact that she was a mom. It was vanity I guess.

Most bridesmaids hate the dresses they have to buy. I tried to solve that problem by letting them collectively decide on the dresses. That was probably a mistake, as the dresses were very low cut. A thing you would not expect in the church. I was worried that I was showing too much, but they beat me out with those dresses. I had even shown my dress to my pastor, and he gave it the OK. I am not sure if he OKed it for his enjoyment or passed the mustard for wearing in church. I found out later he was more interested in me than the dress exposure. It is unusual for the man who was going to say the ceremony to starting to try to kiss you in his study. He finally calmed down, and I went on my merry way.

There I was standing in the waiting room of the church,, looking in the mirror, thinking ‘This dress is too fucking low!' I decided to take another pee before this whole thing started. I made my way to the ladies room, and when I passed one of the dressing rooms, there was my good friend Martha with her tits over the top of her dress, blowing my husband to be. The look on John's face gave no indication he was going to stop her. Her eyes closed with all of John's cock in her mouth, she never saw me. I wondered if she had the chance would she fuck John also. She always bragged that her husband did her so much she would never stray on him. Things either changed, or it was bullshit all along.

I convinced myself that I would forgive John unless he decided to make that a habit with Martha or others. If he did, it was open season for me too. I knew I would pay Martha back for this little dalliance. How I would do it I did not know, but I am sure it would come to me. Besides her husband, she had two grown sons and one daughter. All of the age that they were fuckable. I decided right then that she would have to witness whatever I did with them.

John and I exchanged vows while the reverend pondered my tits. Not to say he was that distracted from my bridesmaid's dresses. I think those dresses made all of the men in the church staring at them, or should I say what they did not cover. The reception was the usual drunkenness, and the singles all trying to make out and the marrieds trying to look sexy. I kept a close eye on Martha, making sure she and John were not alone. The party all concluded with I am sure some of the singles got laid, and even maybe one or two of the married ones struck gold with somebody's spouse. I did walk mistakenly walk into a storage room at the hall and discovered some strange gal blowing one of the groomsmen. He did look cute in his tux with his cock in the ladies mouth. She did have on a wedding ring. Oh well, girls will be girls.

Our honeymoon bedding was not that great. Our first fuck as husband and wife was constantly interrupted by thoughts of John's cock in Martha's mouth. But that drifted away when he went down on me. I never think about anything other than a tongue lapping me. Later fucks were great as pleasure can make you forget about my good friend. We had great fun in the Caribbean, where I even got to go to a nude beach. I certainly liked the way the men looked at me, which pissed John off. I just thought, ‘Didn't seem to bother you having your cock in Martha's mouth!' I do believe that at least half of the men on that beach would love to fuck me, or maybe all of them. I felt pretty high thinking that. My walk alone down to the water, I did get propositioned by a few laying there with there member's showing. I hate to say this, but if I were alone, I would have accepted. Funny how seeing your husbands cock in another woman's mouth will make you think that way. I initially had no attention of straying on John, but I was not so sure anymore.

I wanted to sun again at the nude beach, but John was more interested in gambling and dropped me off at the beach. When those saw me without John, their attention became more prominent. I ever heard a few ‘Whoa's!' as I shed my top and bottom. I adjusted the towel way too long as I wanted all of them to get a good view of me. I think I am vain as hell. I did parade down to the water's edge, but no propositions this time. I waded into the water far enough to still be exposed to the others on the beach. As I returned to my towel, a man said hi to me, and started walking with me. It did bother me to watch his cock swing as we walked. He held the conversation with me all the way to my towel. We stood there chatting with each other, when he asked, "Your alone today. I hope you didn't have a spat with your husband."

"No, he likes to gamble, I like to sun."

"Well, I am glad. Can I buy you lunch?"

"That would be nice, but hubby is picking me up in a half hour."

"Will you be here tomorrow? Maybe lunch and I could show you the island."

I answered, "I should be. I would enjoy a tour of this paradise." I was having trouble not staring at that hanging cock of his and he knew it. I knew in my heart; he had more on his mind than lunch and a tour of the island. It was more like a tour of me that he kept admiring. I hoped that standing here nude and looking at that delicious hanging thing of his that I would not have my natural lubrication running down my leg. He departed, and John came and picked me up, asking me if I had enough sun. I did not even hesitate by saying, "Well, maybe just one more day." John was snarky with, "Damn! We could be fucking you know." I thought, I probably will be.' John was very horny that night in bed, and I will admit he gave it his all. My thoughts were of the ‘no named' island man on the beach, as I humped John back as he was humping me. Both of us had a beautiful cum!

The next day arrived, and one more time John dropped me off at that beach. I was becoming a fixture there. I was still drawing admiring glances, even one woman who I thought had things on her mind about her and me. I had experimented in college with a little of that, but my thoughts and deeds since college had turned to men. Before I could disrobe, Mr. ‘no name' was standing next to me. "Shall we go?" he inquired.

"You can call me Carol, and you are?"


"Are we off to lunch?"

"Later, but a tour would get you hungry."

I knew damn well; his tour included a private area where he would attempt to get into my bikini bottoms. His tight swimming trunks did show the outline of what I had a dream about last night. We hopped into his Jeep and started down the road with his monologue at full volume. I did ask him if he would mind if I took off my top as it was binding. Of course, he agreed, and as I slipped it off a seductively as I could, he almost ran off the damn road. With one arm out the window and the other arm to the back of his seat, it gave him a lovely view of my assets. He said, "If you want to take off the bottoms, that is OK." I surprised myself with the answer of, "No, I am going to leave that for you to do." With that, I think the tour was cut short, and the private area was the main priority.

The private area turned out to be a secluded beach. He grabbed a large towel, and we walked through the sand where he spread the towel and laid on it while pulling me down on it too. He said, "You need some more sun," as he untied the bikini bottoms and took them off of me. Once more I was naked with this man and watched him take off his trunks as we laid there. I wanted to fuck him bad, and I used the excuse to do so, was John's cock in Martha's mouth. His first kiss was exploring while his hand found my breasts and made my nipples very hard. We necked for quite awhile. He manipulated my pussy, spreading my lips to find my clit. I held him in my hand. Stiff and fleshy but oh so big. He made his way to my cunt, and his tongue took over for his hand. I was so fucking hot laying here in front of open waters. He swung around that his cock was in my face as he went back to licking all the right places of my pussy. I took him in my mouth. I never dreamed I would be doing sixty-nine on a beach, but I was and it felt wonderful. I said to him, "Darian, fuck me please." He turned pinned my legs with his arms and entered me. I felt each stroke of him in me. I was going to cum in short order. I turned my head and saw a man standing on the beach watching us. It was too late the cum was a screamer, me trying to out do the sound of the waves pounding the shore. He fired at my screaming and he just laid on me, feeling the softness of my body. We laid there with the old man watching and let Damian get soft and slip from my pussy.
I thought, ‘There John, we are even, but not you Martha.'

"Did you see that man?"

"What man?"

"The older gentlemen who was standing on the beach watching us!"

"Time to get back."

He was right. It was close to the time for John to pick me up. He flew to the public beach and made it in time. I put my top and bottom on as he drove. We got to the beach in time for 5 minutes later John showed up to take me to the resort. He offered no comment on the way back, and I did the same. I had just given myself to a stranger on the beach while a man watched us. I had only been married for one week. I got back to the room and showered and douched, just in case John was horny. He was, and I took him inside me for my second cock of the day. If I felt loose, John never said anything. Just in case I moved my cunt in a wiggle motion, and he seemed to like that.

The next day, Damian never showed at the beach. I was disappointed because I had decided to go again with him on that private beach. John picked me up and he wanted to go to town for an early dinner. As we were walking in the restaurant, I spotted Damian walking with a white woman and a couple of kids. Didn't take me long to figure it was his wife and kids. The kids were hanging on him and she seemed to enjoy the attention he was giving them. It had to be his wife. We entered the restaurant and ordered. I was not happy with what I had seen. I intended to blow him on that beach, so he would never forget me. Before the food arrived, I needed to go to the ladies room. It was hard to find, and multiple directions were necessary. As I started to enter the push door, an older man spoke to me. I did not quite hear him. He leaned closer to me.

"Miss, your performance today on that beach was superior to what I have ever seen; His pickups are not that usually good. I missed you today. You husband get in the way?"

I just stood there.

"Gave me a hard on to watch you move like that with your legs in the air. I would like to take you there myself and do the same for me He never ate your pussy, but I will.. I hope you are willing. Meet me in front of the casino at one, and we can go there. He might have another one out there himself."

With that, he said the magic words ‘he might have another one out there himself.' I said, ‘I will see you at one." I wanted to confront dear Darian about his wife and children. The children were interracial, so there was no doubt in my mind that he favored white women, as he married one. At one I was at the designated spot as my husband wanted to gamble more than he wanted to keep me company. I later found out after we divorced he was screwing a lady dealer. I didn't feel so sorry after that about fucking Darian.

When we got to the beach, I asked the old guy to see if Darian had shown up yet. I kept him happy by letting him feel me up. As long as he had his hand on my tits and pussy, he was happy. And right on time, Darian showed up with a cute young thing, probably on her class trip. She had already lost her top on the drive to here, and she let him immediately shed the bottom of her bikini. He went right at her fucking her and maybe even taking her virginity. I walked over to them, with him driving it home, and said, "Hi Darian, your wife know you are out playing?" She let out a scream, pushing him off of her and trying to cover up. Her only clear words were, ‘WHAT THE FUCK!' Of course, his words were directed at me calling me a bitch and a whore and a few others. They stomped back to his Jeep, and I got into old guy's truck, took off the bikini, leaned back, spread my legs and let the old guy eat me as he promised. He did it so well I did get out of the truck and let him fuck me on the beach. My only thoughts were married a week and had three different men. Too bad it didn't last John was outstanding in bed...

Note: This will be my last fantasy as I am getting married to a beautiful woman. We are going to Las Vegas to be married, and settle down loving each other. You all would like her too. She beautiful, sexy, and is more than I can handle in bed. You all have been wonderful to me, and I will miss you all...Carol

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