The Wedding Dress part 4
In less than 24 hours she was going to be Cole's wife and Suezann felt totally detached from the ideal as she could be and still be in the same room with her wedding party. They were having one last meeting before everyone went off to their sleep arrangement to get enough rest to get through tomorrow.

Daniel had called Suezann every hour of every day since the night of the party and she had refused to answer his calls. He had even gotten so bold as to come to her house but unknown to him that her mother and sisters were all staying with her. So all he could do was play the cordial stepfather in-law to be, which he did very well or so Suezann thought until her mother asked her when they were by themselves why hadn't she called off wedding? At first, Suezann look at her mother ready to deny and defend her position and then realized who she was talking to her mother who knew her better than anyone. So Suezann did the only thing she could do,she told her everything. That night with her mother help,they told everyone on their side of the family that the wedding was off. Now she just had to tell Cole.........

Later as she was sitting in the hotel room by herself which she had switched with her mother and sisters to give her time and space to think on how to tell Cole that the wedding was off. She had brought the wedding dress up to the room with her for reasons unknown. Suezann stood there looking at it and remembering how she felt when she had picked it out and had tried it on. The world seems so prefect at that moment. In a faint hope to find it that perfections again she took off her clothes and put the dress on over her naked body. Leaving off the veil she went and stood in front of the full length mirror and looked at herself really hard in hopes of finding some perfection ... some peace... Then she heard the door to the room open and in walked Daniel.............

When he was able to stand and get himself together,Suezann had left the bathroom closing the door behind her. Daniel quickly freshened up and redress before going after her. It gave his mind and bodies a change to calm down and for him to figure out what had just happened. Besides have been on the receiving end one of the best blow jobs he had ever received in his life. As he came out of the bathroom he saw one of the firm's partners with his wife who was in search of a bathroom. Daniel quickly pointed them to the one he had just came out of and went off quickly down the hallway to the stairs in time to see Suezann walking toward Cole who seemed to have just return from taking his mother home. Daniel quickly went down the steps and came out the other side near the garden where he met up with some friends and walked out with them to say good night to their host. As they came around the corner,Daniel notice Cole looking back at the house as he was discussing basketball results with one of the men in the group. Daniel could tell by the way Cole was looking that he was looking for him, which meant that his mother had said something. On arriving home, Daniel was greed with second part of the fallout of his quickly dissolving marriage. As soon as he hit the door, there was Daniel's suitcase waiting for him and a note that he had a room in at a hotel downtown already for him. Daniel dropped the note on the floor and went up to his bedroom to get the a few other things that the maid nor Marla knew about and one of them was the cell phone he used called Suezann and the other was the white silk panties that he had ripped off her the first time he fucked her. Daniel got the items and left the house and the suit case in the hallway along with his note written on the back of the other note...

"I now understand my Cole Senior did what he did and I owe him an apology. "

Daniel drove to the townhouse that he inherit from his mother and calling Suezann the along the way. All of his calls had gone to voice mail until the last call which was blocked. Daniel walked into his home and put a quick call into his lawyer to let him know to start with the divorce proceeding and that the case would be simple since they had prenub before marrying. What she had when she came into the marriage and whatever property he brought for her or them together she got... so that was the house and her car. Daniel had came into the marriage better off then she knew and he had planned on it staying that way. Now he just had to find Suezann. After failing to reach her by phone,Daniel stopped and fixed himself a drink. He let the events of the past hours roll over him and it came to him how and when Marla had found out about him and maybe about Suezann as well. It was the night of the dinner party ....

He came in later, Daniel had done what he had always did go straight to his room. Unpon entering he fall on to the bed unable to let go of the emotional and physical upheaval Suezann surprise seduction had done to him it had lef him still shaking and unnerved. In a need to do something he got up,stripped off his clothes and turned on the shower and got in. Letting the hot warm wash over him eased him some,but it also brougth back memories of Suezann when he started to wash his body.

Closing his eyes he was back in the bathroom at the party and his hands became hers. With soapy hands Daniel grasped his member and began to relive as much as he could of that moment in time. Now with his hips jetting forward with each soapy stroke Daniel lost himself to the reliving it all over again but this time he was in control. Soaping his balls which were swollen and sensitive he remembers how she licked and sucked at them with her lips while massaging the spot between his ass hole and his balls. He started rubbing the same spot as he stroke is cock with a soapy hand. With his head throw back like he as gasping for air in the steam filled bathroom, Daniel started to cum. His orgasm was long and heavy on him. When it hit, he fell to his knees shooting streams of cum all around the shower stall. All the while he was screaming Suezann's name over and over again, with large glob of his come on his chest. Daniel finished his shower,dried off and stumbles to bed. Just as sleep was about to claim him, Daniel noticed that his bedroom door was now closed when it wasn't before. Damn he thought, Marla had overheard him, but he was past feeling bad about as she had long since turn away from him, but he was sorry that Cole had gotten caught in the middle. Now to find Suezann before wedding and stop it was the last thoughts that crossed his mind as he drifted off to sleep.

The next day, it took Daniel the better part of an hour pleading with Suezann's mother to tell him where she was. As a last resort Daniel had gone to her house and found her mother there with Suezann's six sisters, but it was the mother an older lovely version of Suezann who chew him a new ass hole. In the simplest of terms with her other daughters looking on, she called him everything but a child of God and then some. In the end, after Daniel got down on his knees and swore upon his death to be good to her baby. If he failed to, mama and sisters with hubbies and one ex Ranger brother were going to be paying him a visited one night and he would luck if all he did was to end up sleeping with the fishes. Looking at those women he believed every word mama and the six sisters too even though all they did was nod in agreement with mama. After the stern warning she gave her blessing and told him where Suezann was stay. She even went so far as to give him the room key with an all knowing look. Daniel kissed her on the cheek and left to find Suezann. Arriving at the hotel Daniel realized that this is where Marla had booked him a room. He looked at the room key number and caught the elevator up to that floor where it was located. Daniel didn't bother to knock, he just slide the card in and open the door to find Suezann standing there looking like a dream. So long wanting, that hope had been given up was now standing there in her wedding dress. Her dark hair was down flowing freely around her shoulder and down her back the dress bodice was fitted like a corset that gave great definition to her hour glass figure. Her breasts were like great gold tanned globes pushing out of the top of the bodice... the rest of the dress bellowed out from the waist to a long flowing train... He want her now... more than he had ever wanted anyone... and that damn dress was never going to be worn for anyone's wedding not now not ever, Daniel thought as he walked up to Suezann bend down and put her over his shoulder. He did remember to lock the door as she carried her off scream and cursing down the elevator and out of the front to the hotel with people watching and some even clapping in approval.

After threatening to tie her up and gage her, Suezann gave in and rode with him to his town house, where he had to carry her into the house because she barefooted. Once inside Suezann let him having it after giving him the silent treatment all the way to his house, which was exactly like she and her mama had planned it. Suezann was supposed to listen to what he had to say if he showed up and then let him know that the wedding would be off, but since he didn't give her a chance to explain so Suezann just kept quiet until now.

"How dare you on the night before my wedding to your step- son Cole kidnap me from my hotel room?" Suezann screamed at Daniel as he looked up at him.

Normally she didn't have far to look up because she ways was around him in 5in heels and she hit him under his chin, now she hit him at his shoulders.

"Suezann what did I tell you..?" Daniel said in his best lawyer presenting to the jury voice.

"You have been saying no and... What in the hell does that mean?"

"It meant what I told you the first time... You are not marrying Cole, not tomorrow, not ever! In fact take off that damn dress!!"

"NO!!!... "Suezann said as she made a run for the door with yards of white wedding dress trailing behind her.

Cole didn't chase her, he just put his foot down on all that white material trailing behind her. Suezann's flight from him came to an abrupt stop that was so abrupt she would have fallen back wards on to the floor if he hadn't caught her. Once having her in his arms, Daniel started ripping the dress off her and it was then that he realist she was only shoeless but naked as well. Once she was standing in the ruins of her wedding dress, Daniel notice Marla grandmother engagement ring on her hand... that had to go as well.

"Suezann give me that damn ring,Cole and Marla will be getting that back tomorrow if not tonight," Daniel said still dangerously calm.

His green eyes had like hard green ice as he looked at the hand that she was using to hold piece of her once beautiful wedding dress to her body to shield her nakedness from a man who had already seen it more than once. Suezann looked at him and then at the ring and knew he was right,the wedding had been over not just in the last few hours but ever since the day they met for the first time. She handed him the right as she stood in the ruins of her wedding dress. Daniel put it on the table and turned back to look at Suezann, who now was standing there looking like a frighten little girl peeking at him from the shelter of her wildly tossed hair and thick eye lashes. Then he watch as a change came over her and in a blink of an eye gone was the shy frighten girl to a seductive woman who dropped the wedding dress on the floor and walked on it as she came to him. Standing there she looked up at him with a wicked look in her eyes and a Mona Lisa smile on her lips.

"Suezann this is what is going to happen in the 24 to 48 hours, this townhouse has 3 floors 4 bedrooms one is a master bedroom suit then there is the library family room living room my office kitchen 4 bathrooms a huge basement and wine cellar plus a garage... I am going to take you in every room that I have mention at least one time or as many times as I can in the stated time frame,". Daniel said as he started taking off his clothes.....

Sometime later,they reached the master bedroom after fucking in the living room which was where they started, followed by the library kitchen, family room. Then the basement and even his wine cellar were Daniel bent her over the table and fucked from behind as he had a glass of wine. Suezann had tried to get him to let her give him a blow job using the wine but he wouldn't. He said her mouth was a legal weapon that should be registered with the police department. Then showed her why his should be as well, when he put her on the table and pour his wine in her pussy and suck it out will she screamed and beg him for mercy. Daniel just laughed and kept eating her pussy as he finger fucked her asshole, which he when finished the job fucked her in the garage. With the door open onto the street so anyone who was out that late at night could hear her moaning as she laid face down on the hood of his car with him deep in her ass hole teasing the hell out her clit and nipples. They stopped by one of the bathrooms that had a shower and took one together which end up him back in her ass this time fucking her up against the shower tiled walls. By now Suezann had come so many times she had forgotten and he hadn't cum once. As they now lay in the ruins of her once beautiful wedding dress on the master bedroom king size bed Suezann had to ask the question that had been eating at her for a while...

"Why... why did you risk it all and possible may lose it all for me?" Suezann asked not sure if she really want to know... but she needed to know.

"The first time we met, I saw me in you, stand there next to Cole with so much love in your eyes for him. Then as I watch you two, I saw it slowly dying and getting replaced with something that I never want to see again... acceptance of someone inability to love. Neither Cole nor his mother know how to love anyone not even themselves. I live for years in loveless marriage and thought that it was all there was for me, until I saw you in your wedding dress. I had to have you... "

Suezann didn't know how to feel at that moment, for over a year this man had made her feel unwanted and out place. Then he changes and becomes obsession with her and takes her in a way that leaves her feeling for Cole in the dust. Now she is lying in the ruins of her wedding gown in the - after- glow of love or orgasmic bliss with realization of what they had done slowly comes back to her in quiet seductive whispers. She had just fucked her father- in- law on the night before her wedding, and she loved it.


The wedding of Suezann and Cole was cancelled,but the divorce of Marla and Daniel went on without a hitch. All parties at the end went on their way with little to no regret.

Two years later on a beach with all of her family,mama and sisters with her brother to give her way Suezann married Daniel in the wedding dress.

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