The Welcome

I step off the train into the misty drizzle. The platform is buzzing with travelers and I scan the throngs of people for you. Three weeks away is just too much. Phone and skype are no replacement for the real thing. I ache for you.

I see your blonde mane, bright red lips, brown trenchoat from afar at the end of the platform and my steps quicken. We embrace, your smell engulfing me bringing you truly back to me. My hand resting on your hip, pulling you in for a raw, wanting kiss. You lean back, smile a knowing smile, your hand on my chest.

" I have a surprise, babe", you say and you undo the top two buttons of your coat. Your round breasts are in a lacy burgundy bra, no top, as far as I can see you are naked under your coat. I slide my hand under your coat, I feel your skin, your firm abs, your tight ass. I get hard as I lean against you. "Come on", you say, taking me by the hand.

We quickly walk across the station hall. A towncar is waiting for us. We get in the back seat. The driver knows what to do. You have given him clear instructions. He starts driving. I look at you and the wicked smile that I have missed so much. You unbutton your coat completely and I see what I missed even more. Your flawless body in black stockings, a thong and a garter belt that matches your bra.

You lean back, inviting me. I spread your legs and begin to kiss your thighs, working my way, far too quickly, to your pussy. I am delighted to see that you are already dripping wet. I move your thong aside and run my tongue up and down you. Pressing against your clit, just how you like it. You moan loudly not minding the driver. I suck hard on your clit making you moan louder. Your back arches and your legs wrap around my as you press my face into you. Your moans are building, oblivious to what is around us.

I pull your bra down and I grab your firm tits. I massage them hard and work your nipples as you squirm under my touch.

I love doing you like this, but my cock is about to burst. I unzip my pants and take it out. It is hard, stiff and wanting. I stroke it while I am working your pussy with little, hard bites and flicking my tongue at your clit. Circling your inside with pointed tongue, licking you up, tasting you again after a long time.

You say "Come here" and I lift my head, you kiss my mouth covered in your juices and push me back in my seat. You undo my belt and pull down my pants. My cock stands at attention. It is in agony. Dark red, dripping and pulsating. I expect you to bend over and start sucking my cock, because I know how ready I am and that is what you usually do before we fuck. But not today, you straddle me, finally drop your coat to the floor, grab my cock guiding it inside of you. "Fuck me, babe", you say and you start riding me. I feel I am deeper than ever inside of you, feeling every vein in my cock pressing against your walls. I bury my head in our tits as you move on me, riding me hard. We both moan, we both know this will not last long, we are too hungry for each other. The windows are steamed up, once in a while I glance at the driver through the mirror. He keeps his eyes on the road, face expressionless.

As predicted we don't last long. You ride me hard as I suck on your tits, feeling you tightening around me, your gasping for air a few times, and I know that is a sure sign that you are about to come. You erupt in a wave of short, tight bursts and a long moan, while I squeeze your tits hard.

Seeing you come, inspires me. I thrust upwards a few times, hard and long at first, then fast and I explode inside of you, feeling my warm cum spread inside of you. You collapse on me, and kiss me on my neck. My head still thrown back in exhaustion and delight. I feel your hard body on me and it makes me want more. It has been too long and I can not get enough.

The car slows down and comes to a stop. The driver does not say a word. We are at the apartment. You climb down from me, don't even bother to button your coat, just holding it close with your hand. I put my still dripping cock away. We get out of the car, through the lobby, into the elevator, where you let your coat slip open again. As we ride up, you lean against me, my hand on your ass, your hand on my already hardening cock. This time, you will suck it, I will make sure of that.
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