The Whisper of a Thrill (part 4)
The rest of week flew by in a blur after the confrontation and realization of my husband's affair. I was too numb to think or even speak to him about it. Even when he tried one night to be intimate with me the day after I saw him with his mistress. He came to my room after I had fallen asleep and slid into bed with me. I woke up, got out of bed, and slept on the couch.

As far as I am concern we are done, now the question is what to do about Robert,Langston Miller... my husband boss. He was the RLM on the gifts that I had been receiving over the past few weeks. Yes, it had gone pass the lingerie, the journals to include books he thought I might be interested in to music. Then one day .....

I was out running errands,I to stop off for lunch in my favor restaurant. It was a mom and pop with a homey ambianice place my husband hated, but I loved. They had a small patio area in the back that had amazing flower and herb garden. I has asked to be seated back there, I needed the privacy and just the peace that being in nature seemed to give me. I was escorted to a small table for two in their rose garden. I was left there with menu, a glass of my favorite white wine and my thoughts. I closed my eyes to let my other senses drink in the beauty. I don't know if was a mental touch of the feeling of his eyes on me, but I open my eyes to find him sitting there. He was impeccably dress in a grey on blue pinstriped navy tailor suit and white shirt with a grey tie to match. I sat there and just examined him for a bit, taking in his presence. He a soft smile danced on his lips and then he spoke my name ...


I didn't get to order lunch; in fact I never even got to finish my wine. Robert reached out his hand to me and I took it. We left the restaurant hand in hand and went to car. As we drove away from the resturante Robert Langston Miller told me about himself and what he had done ... to get me. When we arrived at his place, a condo just on the outskirts of downtown, I was past shock and speechless.

"Grace now you know that I helped your husband in his affair, allowing you to see the told truth of him. I am sure that you hate me but I am sure that you don't..."

I didn't hear the rest as I slapped him across the face hard using the pin up rage that I felt against my husband and now him. Then I tried to get out of the car as I scream and babbled how much I hated him, telling Robert that he was no better than my husband. Who I knew on some level had only married me to raise his kids and to keep his bed warm for a time.

Robert got out of the car, but before doing so he left a two twenty dollar bills along with a key on the dashboard in front of me.

"Grace, come or go... your choice. The money will get you home and the key will get you to me. The decision is yours, darling. "

I watched him leave through tear filled eye as the rage that ran through me made my headache. I sat there taking deep breaths to calm myself as I wiped my eyes with my hands knowingly smearing my eye make- up. In the quiet enclosure of the car I thought about my past and present,and then I got out of the car. I took the money and the key and made for the lobby of the condo,where I left both with a note for Robert. Knowing I was about five miles from my car I took mass transit and walk the rest of the way... I need the time to think.
It was two weeks later when made my moved, by then I had move out of the house and gotten my own place. I also met my husband mistress, and we talked. The conversation was informative and insightful of which I will not go into, but it helped me make my next move.

I went to Robert's condo and asked at the Desk to let him know that I was there. A phone call was made then directed to the elevator that would take me to his floor. As I got into the elevator I briefly went over my preparations for this meeting. I had spent time and considerable coinage getting ready for this evening all at my husband expense. I had my hair done at the most expensive hair salon in town and spent time at Victoria's Secret. I had purchase something that I thought was proper for this occasion. Underneath the black wrapped dress I was wearing, was a black, all lace, and silk confection which I was sure Robert would love.

When the elevator door open he was standing there wearing jeans, no shirt and bare footed. We just looked at each other, taking it all in and knowing that words at this point were unnecessary. Hell it had all been said, now it was time for doing. I unwrapped letting the dress slide to the floor and pool at my feet. Robert just stood there with his mouth slightly open and the look amazement in his eyes as he took a seat in the nearest chair. I was wearing 4 in black leather heels, silk stockings with garters full body corset that had thong panties. The bodice of the corset left my breasts free but supported showing them at their best .My nipples were making a great show of themselves. Larger, mauve in color and very firm, they held Robert's attention as I slowly walked toward him. I was giving him time to take it all in and to adjust the package that was developing his jeans. I smiled and then I put my plan into action. I figured it was my turn to call the shot. As I had already fixed my husband, it was now time to take care of Robert.

With a "Mona Lisa" smile on my face, continued my approach a little more sway in my walk, which wasn't hard to do in those heel. Within a few feet of Robert,I stopped and turned leisurely in a circle letting him see the whole picture. Then I walked up and stood in front of him to let him see my frontal assets up close and personal. He didn't even flinch much but his cock was about to do itself serious damage as it tried to make a tent in the jeans he was wearing. Robert reached for me and I backed up. Now this was my game and my rules. If I was going out on the limb and lose it all, it was going to be my way. As I stood out of arm reach, shaking my head softly back and forth, I believe Robert got it and that moment I think he may have gotten me. He really got comfortable in the chair, leaning back, up fastening the top of his jeans. MMMM, yes I thought to myself as step forward and straddle him. I leaned forward dropping my breasts on his face then laying a large melon size breasts on each side of his head.

Then moving slowly from side to side I massage his face with my breasts. I heard him moan as the softness of my skin mixed with the firmness of my nipples moved across his face. Robert tried to suck one of the nipples into his mouth, but I kept my moments erratic, keeping him from being unable to do so. Then I stopped and push abreast down on each side of his face encasing his face in warms scent flesh. I pressed my cleavage down until I hit his nose and stopped. I wanted to keep him breathing as he took in my heat. While he did that I ached my back and strongly as I could in the heels I planted my stand . Once that was done I used my hands to intensify the massage. I rubbed my breasts against his face and down his neck then back up to face. I did this repeatedly until he couldn't take it anymore and grabbed my hips. I countered by sliding down his body dragging my breasts over his slightly sweat damped chest to end knelling on the floor between his legs.

Robert was looking at me like he going to jump and breathing like he had already. I put my hand on his cloth covered cock and squeezed. I smiled in response as I watched him close his eyes and let his head fall back moaning as he arched his body into the squeeze. I could feel it warm and throbbing under my hand. My mouth went dry than wet as my heart beat speed-up. Went on my knees, reached for the buttons on his Levies as I chewed on my bottom lip I unfasten them. He was going commando! Damn that excited me even more. So I got him to stand up and pushed his jeans down to his ankle covering his bare feel OHHHH MY GOD!! I thought to myself as I stood up and walked around Robert now standing in all of his naked glory. Lord there is nothing more beautiful and awe inspiring than a man with a hard-on, especially when he is looking at you as if you are the sexiest woman alive. Now my smile grew into a full grin as I stood behind Robert admiring his lovely sculpture back and ass. I push the chair out of the way and leaned my breasts into his back moving my upper body in tight circles as I stroked his ass with my nails. Then I reached around did the same to the front of him with my nails.

Robert sounded like was sucking wind as I felt his hot skin begin to form a thin layer sweat against my breasts. I stepped away from him and walked round to the front of him picking up two large pillows as I went. Once there I place them at his feet one of top of the other. Kneeling down on them brought my breasts at level with his now red, thick, hot precum dripping cock. I looked to see a questioning look in his grey eyes and then I lifted up my breasts. With a smile on my face I sandwiched his cock between them. His and my heat joined to make it and incredible hot coupling. Which only got hotter as I started to massage his cock with my breasts and pulling back and pushing forward as I did so? It didn't take Robert long to catch on, he matched my movements with his own... yes breast fucking. To get better control, Robert held on to my shoulders as he deepens his thrust forward pushing past the sauna condition between my breasts to slide up my throat to my chin. While all of this was going on, I was watching his face, seeing him fight to hold on to his control. Then to realize that it was slipping away with every touch and stroke that was between us. He gave up and gave in to his desires ... and mine. A wild look came into his eyes, his lips parted and teeth clenched as his body pistol whipped itself into the first of his orgasms of the evening.

Robert came spraying his hot cum from between my breasts to cover my upper chest,shoulders,neck and even my lower face. He held on my shoulders to steady himself as his orgasm rocked him only to let go and fall to his knees in front of me. Now we were at eye level and I could see him looking at me through eyes that hungry,lustful and desiring more. As I watched this play of emotion,I rubbed his hot sticky essence on my skin creasing my breasts and nipples. Then I moved up to rub into my neck and shoulders as I slowly licked the drops that had fallen onto my bottom lip. Robert hissed and began to mumbling as he watched me.

I stood up and started to walk to down the hall where I thought his bedroom might be. I glanced over my shoulder to see him still kneeling there looking at me as if in a trances still muttering.

"Are you coming," I asked then putting a cum coated finger in my mouth and slowly sucking it clean.

Robert got up off the floor in one fluid move and stepped out of his jeans leaving them there spattered with cooling cum.

"Yes," he said as he looked me up and as if he was looking at his last dream. Robert stroked his cock from based to head taking his time to put on a nice show for me.
Yes,it was pleasing and heartfelt,I thought as my own juice dripped down past my knees.

"You lead, and I will follow," he said still stroking his cock.

I turned back around and swaying my thong wearing ass down the hall with Robert walking behind me stroking all the way.

Well,we left no sexual position or untried that night and I even got my ass fucked. It was around 10 am in the morning when he passed out and I left about 30 minutes later. I left carrying the remains of my outfit wearing a pair of his jeans and one of tee-shirts I have found among the thousand dollar suit in his closet. I left nothing of mine behind, other than what I had done to his body and mind.

Went I arrived back at my apartment I took a long hot bath and then went to bed. I slept with the knowledge I had dealt with both men on my terms and leaving them both. I awoke, later that evening to find the envelope on the pillow beside me and to my phone ringing. I reached for my phone and saw that it was my soon to be ex. He left a message that he was voyeur from the other office the night of the party and that he had not been alone. He has seen all that had taken place between Richard and I ... it turned him on. He now wanted a second chance and that he still loved me.

I opened the envelope and a key fell out I looked inside and found the short message written in beautiful script on expensive paper. I read it a few times as I layed there naked in bed feeling my body get hot and wet from the possibilities of it all. I lost myself to that thought as my fingers found something to play with. Still a little sore from last night and this morning's activities it didn't stop me. In my imagination as I stroked my clit,feeling the heat building in me they touched me separately and then together. Stroking, licking sucking... tasting me as I there yearning for more, my back arching as a cock entered plunging deep and hard into me. I gasped to find a cock sliding is way into my mouth. The only thing was missing, was one in my ass then I felted something there as well. After that I was lost to the fucking and the cumming. I came so hard that there was ringing in my ears as I went blind deaf and dumb as I squirted my release and swallowed the release of another's.

When my other senses found their way back, I could feel the warmth of the bodies round me. Then they drift away with the last remains of orgasm as heard the door bell and my phone ringing.

Decisions,decisions,to stay or to go...

I got out of bed, picked up my phone as I walked to answer the door. Naked with my body still humming with the whispers of a thrill, I walked to the door. Once there I took a deep breath,clicked the phone to answer and I opened the door...

Michael McDonald: You Showed Me

George Howard ft John Pagano: Shower You with Love

Timbaland : Scream

Nelson Randell: I Will, I Do

Dave Matthews Band: Crash In to Me

Thomas Newman: Whisper of a Thrill (Meeting Joe Black)

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