The Window
Finally got to my room, after another trans-Atlantic flight. There have been too many recently. I dump by bags in a corner, take of my clothes and step in the shower to let the warm water sooth my aching muscles. I dry off, wrap a towel around me and wander about the room.

I get a whiskey from the minibar, pour it in a glass, and look out the window. The street below me is busy with business men returning to their offices after lunch, women shopping, kids hanging out. I watch all of them.

My eyes lingering, of course, a little longer on the women walking by. Some in tight skirts, some in low cut tops, some in tight jeans and high heels. Something beautiful on each one.

I begin to think about touching some of them. Standing behind the blonde in the white silk blouse and running my hands over her large tits, pulling up the skirt of the tall brunette kneading her round ass, sliding my hand into the white pants of the curvy blonde coming round the corner. I am getting hard as I watch and fantasize. The heavy cotton towel pressing against my hardening cock.

I take out my cock from under the towel and pull back on it. A jolt goes up my shaft into my balls. I want more. I wrap my hand around my dick and start pumping gently, slowly, but firmly. I stop to run my hand over my firm chest and abs.

It comes to rest on my nipple and I pull on it, which makes my cock tingle. I grab it with my other hand while I keep massaging my nipple. At that point the towel falls to the floor. I stand naked, by the window, with my hard cock in my hand, rubbing my nipples and moaning quietly.

I look down to the street. Anyone could watch me. I focus on passing women and the thought of them looking up arouses me even more. I keep pumping and my cum builds.

The bed is close to the window, I get on it, kneel facing the window and street. I rub harder and faster now, cup my balls, pull on them, putting my hand on my ass. I lean back, my cock sticking out like a flagpole while I milk it. I thrust my hips, rocking back and forth. I am looking forward to coming, to splattering this immaculate bed with my spunk.

As I work up to a crescendo some of the women I saw in the street flash by me. The blonde with the big tits, the tight jeans, the high heels. I come hard, so hard that I topple over. My head on the bed now. I stay there for a moment, enjoying it. Feeling the relief.

I get back up on my knees. I look out the window. I see two women kissing in the window across the street.
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