The beach house
About a month before the end of the semester, George called his old boss to see if his beach house was rented for the next two months. He knew there was a shot that it was available since it was early enough in the season and generally it would not be rented until July 4. He was relieved to see that it was available and further if some work was performed on it, George could have it rent free until July 1st and he accepted the offer and made plans for the end the semester.

Six weeks later, George was driving back east for the next two month. Everything he needed was packed in the pickup. His goal was to live on the beach, read, work on his thesis and relax. The cottage was a Spartan; a one bedroom, small general room and a kitchen. He had no ridged daily plans at all; he would get up go out to the beach with his papers and work; when it overwhelmed him, he would swim, kayak, canoe or bicycle. Three weeks into it he was tan, fit and bored.

On one such break from research, George decided to bike down the beach road when a 1966 green, drop top Mustang passed by. As he admired the car as it passed he noticed the true jewel of it - the driver. He was instantly captivated - her auburn hair tussled in the wind coming over the windshield, sunglasses and bare shoulders. He increased his pace, with the hope of being able to ride aside of her, but in a speed zone of 35 mph he could not overtake her.

For the next hour George rode through various parking areas at each of the scheduled beaches searching for the Mustang and the girl behind the wheel. Not being able to find it, he gave up the search. Drenched with sweat, George stopped at the lighthouse beach, threw the bike over his shoulder and walked across the warm sand to the shore. Laying it down, he peeled off his shirt, shoes and socks and walked into the surf. The cool water washing over his body cooling him down; standing chest deep on the sandy bottom and he scanned the shore - one final attempt in hope of spying her - without success, he resigned himself to fact, he would never see the driver of the Mustang again. George walked back to his bike and lay down in the sand next to it.

After baking for several minutes he dozed off and started dreaming of what the rest of her looked like; random images floated to the surface of his subconscious mind of past lovers, exciting him. A woman approaching him; kneeling beside him; kissing him; bodies intertwined; clothes pushed aside; hands groping hot flesh . . .

He startled awake - a bit disorientated; quickly looking around to get his bearings; realizing he was still lying on the beach, alone, he sat up and pulled his shirt over his lap to hide the arousal of his dream. A girl walking down the beach looked back at him and then stopped turned around and walked back.

"Some dream . . . "


"Some dream you were having." She said. "It sounded and looked like you were enjoying yourself."

George's face reddened in embarrassment. ". . . Oh. . ." was all he could muster in response.

Laughing she said "Don't worry. I think I was the only one who noticed. Do you mind if I sit down." She asked.

"By all means." He said, still not feeling comfortable at all.

"It's not like I haven't had the similar dreams while I lay on the beach. I mean I do all the time. . . just refreshing to know that I'm not alone in having the surf, sand and warm breeze have this affect on me." She said as she was looking out into the lake.

"What affect might that be." Feeling a bit more at ease with the situation, he hoped she would elaborate more.

"The sun heating your skin, the smell of hot flesh; becoming excited . . . horny." She stated as a matter-of-fact. "Want to tell me what you were dreaming about." She asked.

"No. . . . I mean I don't even know you . . . or where to begin."

"From the time you closed your eyes until I walked past."

"I meant in the dream. It was just a collection of random thoughts that appeared in my head is all. I mean with no beginning or end." George uttered.

"Well it didn't look like it ended." She said as she grabbed my shirt and pulled it from my lap. George's erection still present through his bike shorts. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm" was all she uttered as her hand shot out and grabbed his cock through the shorts.

George grabbed her hand to stop what she was doing and looked up at her. Seeing her devilish smile; their eyes met; he loosened his grip as she leaned in and kissed him. Her lips pushing against his as her tongue penetrated George's lips, running across his teeth, over his tongue and on the inside of his cheek. George's head was swimming - she was in control, he was never in the non-dominate position like this. It excited him. George knew she would control the pace and actions and he decided to let himself go and let it happen. She pushed him onto his back; throwing her leg over his, she sat on George's thighs. His hands ran over her tan thighs over her hips sliding up to her breasts. She stopped them, pushing them aside and nodding her head . . . She grabbed the top of his shorts with her fingers reaching under the waist she pulled them down exposing his cock. The precum dripped off its tip. Her fingers delicately rubbed over the head of his cock, milking it getting them wet with his precum.

Staring into in his eyes, she moved her fingers to her mouth sliding the wet digits into her mouth she sucked them deep into her mouth with her lips wrapped around them. The only thought in George's mind was his wish it was his cock in her mouth. She knew this. Smiling she returned her hand back to his cock, stoking him with her thumb running over the underside of his head. She moved her free hand over her stomach and up and under her bra. George's eyes widened as he watched her play with her nipple under her bra; rolling it between her fingers and pulling it in time with her stroking of his cock. She moved the fabric aside revealing her pale breast in comparison with her tanned torso. She continued to pull at her dark nipple as she leaned slightly forward; pursing her lips she allowed some saliva drip down to her breast. She rubbed it into her nipple smiling at George. George had new thoughts enter his mind.

Again he reached for her and again she moved his hand away. George did not mind he was enjoying the show but she was not content with just this. Determined that George would not interrupt her again, she slide up over his stomach and placed his wrists under her knees. In this position her pussy was just above his cock. George could feel its warmth and wetness through the thin fabric that separated their sex. He imagined he could feel her as wet as him.

Having restrained his arms she went back to work on his cock reaching between her legs she pressed its head against her bikini clad pussy; forcing his head hard against her, as she continued to play with her nipple. George lifted his head off the sand and looked down to watch her handle him. He now could feel and see how wet they both were. The feeling of the wetness of her through her suit pushing against his head was overwhelming - George was unable to delay his pending orgasm. "I'm going to cum." he moaned. She only pushed him harder against her and moved faster. His stomach contracted, shoulders lifting towards her, legs tensing, fingers grasping the sand beneath them. He stared into her eyes as streams of cum shot from his slit, soaking her suit and through her fingers, splashing over his stomach. She did not let up even through the sensitivity of his orgasm. His chest heaving as she wrapped her hand tightly around him, milking every drop from him.

She released his cock and sat back on it. Both her hands moved to capture his cum on stomach. Smiling as she rubbed George's cum over his chest - another new experience for him. Her wet fingers moved to her chest, releasing her other breast she massaged his cum over her breasts and nipples. With her hips grinding her pussy against him, George remained hard.

As George's breath began to return to normal she moaned as she said "I'm not through with you yet." She lifted her knees off his wrists and once again he reached for her. She coldly snapped "NO." She stood placing one of her feet on his wrist; she looked up and down the beach. Her thumbs slid into the side of her bikini bottoms and she pulled them down, leaving it to fall on his trapped hand. Her cum soaked tits glistening in the sun; bald lips fully swollen and wet, exposing her clit as she stepped over his body with her other leg and placed her foot on George's other hand.

She squatted over him and lowered her body down. She grabbed his still erect cock. She rubbed his head against her drenched pussy. Placing the tip against her opening, she abruptly sat down on him forcing the cock all the way inside her. She let out a gasp as her void was so blissfully filled and smiled. She moved her body up and down him, impaling herself with each thrust. Her breasts bounced and thighs ripped with each thrust; their bodies slapping loudly as they met. She fucked him hard; violently slamming her body against his. She placed her hands behind her on his thighs and thrusting downward harder. Taking him all inside her - his head hitting against the bottom of her canal.

He was being taken; fucked. There was only the raw desire for sex. George lifted his head up to look down at their point of union and she contorted her head to watch his glistening cock slide out of her only to be devoured again by her. They watched as her lips move over him - pulling him in. She could not help but to moan with each downward thrust as their bodies slapped together. The muscles of her pussy clenched and pulled at his cock with each upward movement only to be released slightly as her body collided into him.

"I'm cummmmiiinnnng" she muttered. Her eyes closing tightly, her abdomen contracting as her walls closed and clenched around his cock. Her legs shaking uncontrollably with each movement, her head tossed back, she arched her back, her nails digging into his thighs, as she squeezed his cock. She let loose a scream.

She stayed still for a moment - panting trying to catch her breath. She relaxed her back letting it curve back towards the earth, she lifted her head and grinned. Leaning forward, feeling her feet digging off his hands, placing her hands on his chest, she grinded her pussy against him rubbing her clit against his pubic hairs. Feeling her nails digging into his chest, George stared into her eyes; she rocked slowly back and forth. She was determined to make him cum again. Grinding so that his head was firmly against the end of her. His head shot back and it was his back that arched as his cock pulse inside her, filling her. Her movements slowed - she had reached her goal. She leaned into him kissing him gently.

She abruptly sat up and swung one of her legs over him, pivoting over his cock that was still inside her. Picking up her suit bottoms she shook the sand from them and slid them over her feet. Standing up George's cock slid out of her and plopped on his stomach. Strands of their juices draining out of her over his side and into the sand. Her bottoms slid over her ass and she placed her breasts within her bra, looking down at him smiling "Let's swim."

She turned and walked to the surf. George sat up and pulled up his shorts up from his calves and followed.

As they walked into the waves George grabbed her hand and asked "Do you drive a Mustang?" She shook her head no and dove under the water.
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