The best friends revenge
My girlfriend Lucy was in the kitchen with her best mate Emma and I saw an oppertunity to wind up Emma, Emma had left her phone in my sight so I updated her facebook status saying she liked taking it up the bum . I then went to the bedroom to get ready to go out. Emma burst into the bedroom. ''you are going to die'' she were'nt happy.

Emma was quite short massive boobs not fat but a little dumpy. I was getting dressed so I was only wearing a buttoned shirt and tight boxers. Emma pushed me on the bed and pinged me down I just laughed. Lucy came in too and while Emma pinned me down Lucy tied me to the bed.

I went along with it, in a way I was calling there bluff cos I did not think they would do much. Lucy normally quite a goody goody had me tied like an x to the bed, Emma ripped my shirt off and scarily cut my shorts off with sissors, I was now naked and turned on.

The girls went on to put pegs on my nipples and balls and Emma started taking photos on her phone.
Then Lucy got out a 7 inch vibrater! I thought the girls were going to play how wrong was i?
Emma took the vibrater and started to poke my arse. I was not laughing no more and was begging her not to do it only to be told I should not have messed with her facebook.

Emma was enjoying this and my brain was not talking to my manhood as it appeared I was enjoying this torture. Emma pushed the vibrater deep inside me telling Lucy that I did'nt even need lube.
I was being fucked! I so needed a blow job to relieve my aching cock but the girls just giggled at me.
The feeling when the vibrater came out for last time was just weird like I wanted more.

Then Emma wanted to add the photos to Facebook, I was begging her not to (shameful) but Emma who did not have a boyfriend asked Lucy if you let me fuck him I wont share the photos? Lucy agreed!
Now I did'nt even fancy Emma but I was hard and Emma just saddled me. I had not consented to this but Emma felt really good, her pussy was tight and her bum was great bounncing on top of me. Her bum was less boney than Lucy's. Emma was biting my now very sensitve nipples and then released her massive boobs on my face. This was not torture anymore.

This was amazing tied to the bed fucking my girlfriends best friend, lucy however warned me not to suck Emma's nipples. Emma worked me hard and I warned her I could take no more but she kept on bouncing her peaachy bum on me til I exploded in her.

Emma sat her hairy pussy on my face and I was fed a mixture of juices then my ordeal was over.
Emma did not share the photos on Facebook but refused to delete them. After Emma left I had more amazing sex with Lucy only this time she was tied up.

Sorry this was typed in secret on a shit phone.

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