The bike trip
The weekend had arrived. My group of friends and I were heading off for a weekend of exploring the countryside on our bicycles. Three of us were married and to spouses that did not share our love for our chosen sport and had come without those spouses. As the only female on the trip, I was destined to have my own hotel room while the other three guys shared a room. I was ok with this. I knew that I wouldn't be sitting in my own room, that I would be included into the guys camaraderie and in my room only long enough to sleep. We were all great friends but I had become very close to Jeff as we had chatted many hours during long summer rides. I was looking forward to a great weekend of bicycling with my friends.

We all arrived at the hotel at the same time chatting and laughing, our spirits high as we anticipated our weekend. Jeff had organized this trip and reserved the hotel rooms, so he was the one that stepped forward to check us in. When he turned around I knew that there was a problem.
"There was a bit of a problem with the reservation" Jeff said as his eyes looked directly at me. "They only booked one room and they don't have anything else available".
Everyone babbled for a few minutes with the expected questions asking about other hotels in the area. But apparently there was a convention in town and no vacancies. As the situation became clear, everyone turned to look at me. They were all gentlemen and would never suggest anything, but it was clear to me that we had two choices. We could scrub the whole weekend or we could......
"Looks like we are all bunking together!" I laughed, "If ya'll will have me"

The look of relief on their faces was my answer; we would be all piled into the one hotel room together. We quickly finished the check in process and found our room. There was just enough time for a quick bike ride before dinner so we headed out. That evening there was a bit of awkwardness as we settled into the hotel, figuring out who would be sleeping where. It was quickly decided that Jeff and I would share one bed as we were very closer friends and he was the only non-married person in the group, which would eliminate the chance of a jealous wife. We slipped into bed and we were all soon asleep anticipating the next day of riding
The next day passed quickly as we spent the day doing what we had planned to do.....ride our bikes. By the time the evening came we were ready to lounge on the bed and relax our muscles and sleep in preparation for another day of riding. Jeff and I were once again sharing a bed. We lay there quietly talking; both of us mentally wide awake from our invigorating day. Our other friends quickly feel asleep but our conversation kept us engaged and awake.
Maybe we shouldn't have turned the conversation to more personal matters, but Jeff and I had become so close that it just seemed natural. When Jeff started asking me about my marriage I gave in and opened up and shared what so few people knew. I shared how my husband rarely never touched me intimately and how it made me feel so worthless and repulsive. I could feel Jeff's shock as he lay there beside me.
"Your kidding me right?" His voice was incredulous.
I shook my head and then realized that he couldn't see me. "No, I'm being absolutely serious" I answered, my voice sad.
"you know your gorgeous, I've always been attracted to you." Jeff said as he tentatively reached across the bed to wipe the tears the he knew was coursing down my cheeks even as he pulled me into his warm embrace.
Jeff pulled me close to him. As he pulled me closer into a spooning position he leaned in closer and whispered in my ear. "If you ever doubted your attractiveness, you can't know" And he pulled my body back against himself. I could feel his hard body pressed against me and his hard manhood pressing between my legs. "Last night was pure murder to lay beside you...simply because I knew I was laying in bed with one of the most desirable women I know and I wasn't free to touch you."
Neither of us said anything for a while as Jeff just held me close. My mind was whirling and I know Jeff's was. I could feel his body insistently pressing into the juncture between legs. He wasn't making any effort to move away. I wasn't making any effort to pull away. The line had been crossed. We both knew it and we were both content to lay there to allow us each to come to terms grips with our new emotions.
I was the first to move. Jeff's hands were wrapped around me resting on my stomach, nestled under my breasts. I reached up and grasped one of his hands and gently guided it to the juncture between my thighs pushing my sleeping shorts down around my ankles. He needed no other invitation and dipped his finger into my dewy warmth. We groaned at the same time as the sensations coursed through me and as the knowledge that I was turned on invaded his brain. Jeff rose up on his elbow and leaned over me to lightly kiss my lips. I accepted and met his lips with my own. The heat rose between us as his fingers worked within me. My back arched and I ground my backside against his hardness. Our hands roamed freely over our toned bodies in a quest of exploration. The more we explored the more we wanted. The need was palpable between us. Gently Jeff rolled me to my stomach, his fingers slid from within me leaving a trail of my wetness across my burning skin. Quietly he rolled above me and spread my legs with his own. His hardness dipped into me so gently and slowly. I savored the feeling of being filled so completely even as my hips began to rock gently up against his hips as he slowly pumped his body in and out of mine. It was so slick and the passion mounted quickly. His breathing became harsh and choppy against my neck as he kissed and nibbled. I met his thrusts and his kisses. My passion burned as deep and strong as his. We both started to convulse with our orgasms at the same time. Jeff had the presence of mind to whisper in my ear as I began to cum
"Quiet darling, remember we aren't alone"

Somehow we were both able to keep our moans, our sighs and our screams of fulfilled passion to a whisper. Once our hearts stopped beating erratically in our chests we realized how well we succeeded when we heard the gentle snores of our two friends on the other side of the room.
After a few adjustments to our clothes and a deep long kiss, we nestled into the bed fell asleep. We both had large smiles wreathing our faces!
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