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Lying back gasping for breath his body slowly recovered he stared up at her the lightly tanned breasts encased in the silk half cups of her bra quivered as she knelt smiling at him then giggling as he calmed, his gaze travelled down over her stomach to the silk covering her pussy, he could see between her thighs a patch of darker material moist with her juices.
His hand slid up the soft warm skin of her thigh until it reached the silk covered junction of her thighs. He let his finger tip run gently over the moist smooth fabric he heard her gasp softly as he applied more pressure. He pressed the flat of his hand against her and circled feeling her hips part and push down, he could hear her gasping quietly.
His finger slid to the edge of her panties, the elastic stretched tight he wriggled and worked his finger between the silk and her skin. He could feel her juices coat his finger tip and worked his way to her clitoris gently rubbing and circling it, she whimpered her head dropping forward so he could only see her long blonde hair hanging as she gasped. Easing his finger back he slipped it slowly between her wet pussy lips and deeper into her feeling her juice run over it, slowly he pushed then drew back making her hips jerk, he pulled out completely and with both hands snapped the side of her thong so he could slip 2 fingers into her, making her cry out her hips jerking faster.
Looking up he saw her staring down biting her lip, she winked then pulled the cups of her bra down under her breasts her fingers rolling her nipples making the swell, she smiled down at him licking her lips then cupping her right breast he lay entranced as her tongue flickered over the tip, her lips closed around her nipple and she sucked it stretching until it popped from her lips all shiny, she winked smiling then he saw her white teeth close around it holding it gently, his fingers pumped faster, his cock now hard again, she nipped the nipple and cried out, he felt a flood of warm juices gush from her as he screamed her hips thrashing against his hand, she whimpered gasping for breath crying out
"fuck fuck fuck"
He knelt up pushing her back onto the bed, the smell filling his nostrils, grabbing her ankles he smiled shuffling forward he felt the warm moist entrance, he pushed forward making her scream as his hard cock slid deep into her in one long slide, her ankles on his shoulder she was stuck as he pumped his hard flesh into her faster and faster the squelching noise filling the room, gasping. He felt his balls tighten, his cock erupted pumping his hot spunk into her, she screamed as she came again. Letting go of her ankles her legs dropped over his thighs, she could feel their mixed cum running out of her over her ass and onto the bed. As they gasped for breath they could both feel his cock soften until it slid from her, reaching round her swirled his fingers in their mixed juices offering her a finger she greedily suck and licked it clean, biting at his finger before she did the same and he a little reluctantly tasted the sweet cocktail.
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