The fear
I thought I lost you. My heart crumbled to dust in just moments. my last breath felt like it was leaving my lips as I felt emptiness take over.I looked around the shadowed room that we so often had made love in. It was now cold and forbidding.
The only way to relieve even a little pain was to the tears start to fall. I leaned against the door frame as my body started trembling.Then there was a strong hand on my shoulder and the soft familiar voice whispering in my ear. " I love you"
I turned around, tears streaming my face and looked into those hazel eyes that I know so well. My knees weakened and I gasped. Your arms wrapped around me keeping me from falling helplessly to the floor.
"I am so sorry!! I need you, I love you, I was so scared you were not going to come back" The Tears started falling from my eyes faster. I had made mistakes in the past, but to push you away was the worst one I had ever made. You leaned in and kissed me, gently at first, then softly say " You will never lose me." Then you kissed me deeper.
My blood ran hot, desire instantly took over. I was never letting you go again.I grabbed a fistful of your dark hair and pulled your mouth onto mine, tasting every bit of your sweetness.
I leaned in closer to you, feeling the heat from your body,needing that connection, to feel the spark that has always been there. I start a trail of kisses, each one more fervent than the last one.Kissing your chin, your neck, running down to your collarbone. You breath in quickly, and I can feel your excitement start to press against my thigh.Your breathe softly into my ear," Baby it was all a misunderstanding, we were both confused" Your arms start to slide down my back, run over my butt and then you slide the soft t-shirt up over my head and toss it to the floor.
run over my butt and then you slide the soft t-shirt up over my head and toss it to the floor.
I see your tongue run quickly across your lips. With one hand you reach behind me and unclasp my bra, with the other you cup my breast and bring your lips down to it. I moan softly as you suck gently on my nipple. I can feel the wetness between my legs grow.
The fear I felt before is bursting in to raw hot passion as you continue to fondle me. I need more, so much more. I pull your lips back to mine, flicking my tongue between them to get a deeper taste. My hands work on the button on your jeans, as it comes undone and they fall to the floor I rub your rock hard cock. I slide your boxers down and grasp you fully in my hand. Stroking you up and down slowly, from the base of your cock to the sensitive tip that is already starting to drip pre-cum. I keep stroking and licking, feeling you harden, I am so close to the edge just from being there with you and I want to bring you there too. I kneel down and run my tongue over the head of your manhood.n more, not stopping until a soft moan leaves your lips.
Then I take you all into my mouth. sucking you in till I feel you hit the back of my throat. I love your taste. I play with your sac as you start to move your hips back and forth, pulling yourself almost all the way out and then slowly back in. I can feel you coming close, but you don't let me finish. You pull away and look at me deeply. " not yet" you lead me over to our bed. You kiss me deep, your hands undressing me while your mouth keeps my mind in a fog. Before I can clear it you have me naked and aching to feel the rest of you.Your fingers trace my stomach, down to my hips and into the hot wetness waiting. My body response readily as you slide your finger deep into me. Traces of hot white lights flash in my mind as you work your strum my g-spot over and over until I cry out. My back arches and I let out a cry as you take me over.My whole body shutters and shakes, my breath ragged. You give me only a few seconds to recover as you start to flick your tongue over my nipples again.
You spread my legs apart and press yourself deep inside. You start slowly but already I am within seconds of going over again. I can feel every slight move. I have to take my mind away from the intense heat that is taking over so I reach for you and bring your lips back to mine. My tongue running in and out your lips almost in rhythm with our lovemaking. My hands running through your hair not letting you move to far away.
You are close, I can tell, you start moving faster, harder, deeper. I feel your muscles start to tense and I give in, so we cum together.
I feel your hot cum squirting inside me, filling me and I lose all control. I arch hard against you, wrap my legs tight around you and let the stars flash before me.
As I catch my breathe, you collapse against me and we lay quietly as our heartbeats slow back down. I look at you and say " I love you, so very very much."

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