The flight was too short
America Airlines flight 1177, from Orlando to Washington DC, was scheduled to depart at 1PM. I deliberately took this Saturday mid-day flight to avoid all the children pumped up from a week of Mickey Mouse and Harry Potter. This flight also provided me the best opportunity for an upgrade. Unfortunately, many Diamond members had that same idea so First Class was completely full. I was, however, rewarded with a row in the back of the plane entirely to myself.

I had settled back in my seat with my seat belt fastened, eyes closed, and earphones filling my head with Stevie Nicks. I felt someone stepping over me to reach the window seat. As I opened my eyes, to move into the aisle, a soft hand hand restrained my movements to release my seat belt. My vision cleared and was filled with the top of a deep blue dress with a wide slit revealing ample breast cleavage.Three small freckles on the inside of the right breast seared my brain like a tattoo. I could feel soft blond hair on my forehead and her perfume set my heart racing. In the flash of her moving past me I immediately new she was slender, well proportioned and not wearing any bra. She hesitated slightly, with one leg trapped between mine, to remove a black bag that was hung at her side. My instinct was to reach out to steady her movement, bringing my nose within scant inches of her left breast that was nearly fully revealed. My hands came into contact with the silk of her dress, just below the top of her hips. My sense of touch registered there was no evidence of any panties between her dress and the soft skin I had briefly held.

As she completed her traverse across my lap, her left leg perceptibly moved from the inside of my leg and over the knee. Although not a word had been spoken, my mind raced as that contact clearly was deliberate. Standing in front of the empty middle seat she then slowly and deliberately bent at the waist to slide her bag under the seat in front of her. Quickly I glanced around to confirm I was the only witness to the slow rise of her short dress above the tops of her shear white hose with a faint knit pattern. What should have been the bottom of even the smallest of panties was nothing but bare skin flowing smoothly into a round firm butt. I found myself leaning slightly towards her, hoping for a glimpse of any soft blond curls. What I saw was the very end of what must be some very large and vary bare nether lips.

As she lifted the arm rest between us she slowly turned and slid into the window seat all the while facing the window. I continued to stare at the back of her head waiting for her to look towards the safety demonstration that had begun. Her soft shoulder length blond hair drew my attention to the slit in the back of her dress, even more revealing than the one in the front. In her twisted position, to face the window, the dress had drawn apart and I noticed that same triangular pattern her left shoulder had. She never glanced back and too much time had passed in those brief seconds, and the intimate contact, for me to suddenly begin a conversation.

As the plane moved towards take off I was keenly aware of my swollen cock now trapped uncomfortably under the tightened seat belt. As the plane began to climb, I slowly released my belt hoping that the soft "click" would not now draw her attention. She remained motionless as I adjusted myself to where my cock-head was just below the belt of my slacks. I decided to leave the belt unfastened until my erection subsided.

Her soft voice spoke just loud enough for me to hear, "I know you are uncomfortable, but you need to fasten your seat belt for saftey."

Fumbling to comply I muttered, "Thank you," as I clamped my belt together.

We sat like that for several minutes. She, looking out the window, and me, with a rock hard erection trapped above my seat belt. Just as I began to relax she turned more towards the window and drew her feet up to rest on the seat between us. Somehow she had managed to quietly remove her shoes. Once again her blue dress was pulled above her stockings. The shear knit stockings did not conceal her tiny toes and bright red nail polish.

A flight attendant walked by, catching my attention. My mind registered that since we were the only two in the last ten rows we would not be seeing her again for awhile. As I looked back at my mystery woman I noticed her left had was gripping her arm rest and the right hand was against the plane wall, just below the window. Firmly anchored, she then began to move her legs very slowly against each other. Each stretch of her leg brought her foot within inches of my thigh. Glancing down I could see a ripple of movement by her toes before the leg was retracted. For at least ten minutes I was transfixed by the sensual undulation of her lower body reaching for me but never really connecting.

Satisfied she had my full attention she smoothly returned to an upright position. As she slouched slightly in her seat, her legs opened to either side of the folding table she had quietly lowered. I waited for her to finally turn her head, but instead my constant gaze was rewarded with her right hand slowly reaching up and pulling her dress aside. As her left breast came into view I thought I would explode. Firm and uplifting, her C sized breast was capped by a long firm nipple pointing into the air. She was illuminated by the light from the window and her nipple merged with the light like the end of a bright rainbow. Her left hand did not move, it just held the dress open for me to see her breasts bobbing with each breath. Her nipple was signaling a desire to be licked and sucked.

Movement of her right hand under the table caught my attention. She pulled her dress up so I could look between the table tray and her flt tummy to see she was clean shaven. Her hand slowly caressed her stockings and moved between her legs just briefly touching the area above her clit. I was so focused on her movements I almost missed that same triangle of small freckles on the wrist of her hand. As she finally slipped a finger inside, her left hand released her dress and began to knead her breast through the material. I was mesmerized as she began to thrust two fingers inside, followed by a wipe of her entire slit and then a fast rub of her clit. Her legs began to shake as her climax built. The seat belt was trapping the blood in my cock but I could free the pre-cum begining to dribble out and onto my shorts.

I tried to lower my tray, so I could release my cock, but there was not the room I needed.

In a quite voice she said, "That won't work." Then added, "Just wait."

Pulling her legs up off the floor, my companion had thrust three fingers deep inside, leaving her thumb to continue the direct contact with her clit and outer lips. The squishing noise of wanting fingers meeting hot, wet, flesh was releasing her sexual aroma all around us. The fierce thrusting of her hand, coupled with the bouncing motion of her legs filled my eyes and mind with the most erotic display. She froze, head still against the window, breast in hand and fingers deep with her pussy. Only the shaking of her legs revealed the climax flowing through her body.

"We are at 30,000 feet," announced the Captain, "So I'm turning off the seat belt sign."

I released my belt and braced as my cock sent spurt upon spurt of hot come within my slacks.

I fell asleep only to awake to find my seat belt had been reattached. When we landed she quickly arose, still keeping her face from me.

"Me first," was all she said.

As she began to climb over me she kept her back towards me.

"Take it out," she demanded.

I quickly complied and brought my still thick cock out into the air. Reaching back she guided me into her. Grabbing her soft hips I pressed her down hard and felt the heat and the wet softness blend into one in one passionate stroke.

As she stood back up all I heard was, "Good-bye."

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