The further adventures of Beth and Sam (A.K.A. NOT HER HUSBAND PT6)

Sam's son Scott asked him if he wanted him to tell Beth about her husband. Sam said no, he would tell her. It would be better coming from him.

Sam walked over to the bathroom door and lightly knocked on it. Beth just responded with a simple, yes? Sam asked her if she could come out of her room so they could talk. As soon as the words were out of his mouth Beth opened the door.

Beth gave Sam a big smile and then when she saw Scott she blushed a little. When neither of them returned her smile she asked what was wrong, why did they look so serious? Even thou she knew why.

Sam told her he had some bad news. Scott said that was his que to go. After Scott left Sam asked Beth to come and sit down on the sofa and he extended his hand for her to take. She eagerly accepted his hand and Sam led her to the sofa.

Once she was seated Beth asked Sam with a feeble smile what was wrong. She told herself she needed to act all heart broken and upset when Sam told her that her husband was dead.

Sam took both her hands in his and then knelt down in front of her. He told her had some bad news. He said her husband had been bitten by a poisonous snake and died before they could get him to a hospital.

Beth just stared into Sam's eyes then a tear slowly slid down her check. She then burst into tears and fell forward into Sam's arms. He just put his arms around her and patted her back shushing her telling and her everything was going to be ok.

Even with her chest buried in his chest Sam heard her say she was going to be all alone now then she said she didn't know what she was going to do. Sam pulled her back from him and held her at arm's length in front of him and told her she didn't have anything to worry about that he would take care of her. He told her that once her husbands' funeral was over he wanted her to come live with him if she wanted and whenever she was ready.

Beth asked him if he really meant it and he told her yes and that he loved her and would do anything for her. She threw her arms around his neck and gave him a big kiss on the lips.

Once she broke the kiss Sam asked her if that was his way of saying yes that she would go live with him. Beth gave him a funny look and before she had a chance to speak he told her he knew it meant yes and that he was just teasing her.

Sam told her he didn't think it would be a very good idea if he went with her to the funeral he didn't want rumors to get started about the two of them. Beth said he was probably right. She did ask him to help her come back after the funeral and help her pack and he said he would be happy to.

Sam told Beth that after they packed up everything she wanted to take with her that he would pay for a moving company to ship everything to his place.

They stayed at Beth's place until after the funeral which was three days later. During those three days they had made plans. Sam told her if she wanted she need only take her clothes and personal belongings with her since he assumed she would be sharing his bed.

Beth told him of course she would be sharing his bed. The night of Jack's funeral Beth told Sam she wanted to make love one last time in her bed if it was ok with him.

Again he told her whatever her little heart desired. Beth took Sam's face in her hands and gave him a big sensuous kiss on the lips. As the kissed Beth unbuttoned Sam's shirt and helped him take it off. Then she broke the kiss and kissed him down his neck to his chest. She loved the smell of Sam's cologne.

Beth closed her eyes and inhaled the scent of his chest hairs. They hadn't made love since Beth found out about her husband's death, and that had been over three days ago. It wasn't that she didn't want to; she wasn't feeling guilty or anything.
She was just too tired with planning the funeral and trying to get everything packed and she was just dead on her feet when it came time to go to bed. She apologized to Sam every night for being too tired and he always told her it was ok.

Now she wanted him more than ever now that they didn't have to sneak around anymore. Beth decided it was best if she didn't tell her parents or anyone else about her and Sam. At least for now and Sam agreed. Beth would just say she had to go away for a while and then when the time was right she would tell people.

It wasn't that she was ashamed of her relationship with Sam. It was just that not many people knew how Jack had treated her. Sam said she didn't ever have to tell anyone about their relationship. He told her she didn't ever have to come back here if she didn't want too.

Beth said she couldn't do that. She had a lot of family and close friends here to not ever come back to visit. Sam told her it was up to her.

Beth started licking and sucking Sam's nipples. Sam loved when she did that and she loved doing it. Sam looked down at her and told her that she didn't have to do that. Beth looked up and asked him if he didn't like it anymore. He said he loved it when she licked and sucked his nipples but under the circumstances...

Beth put a finger to his lips interrupting him. She said it might make her look like a heartless bitch but she was glad Jack was dead and that all the love had gone out of their marriage a long time ago.

Sam wanted to know if them being together had anything to do with her feeling this way about her husband and she told no and that she didn't know what she would have done if he hadn't come to her that first night.

She then kissed his lips and dropped to her knees in front of him and undid his belt and pants pulling them to his ankles along with his boxers and then made his already hard cock vanish into her mouth all the way up to his balls.

Sam closed his eyes and moaned. He loved it when Beth sucked his cock, he also loved fucking her other two holes as well. Sam felt to himself he should feel like a dirty old man since he was old enough to be her dad but he didn't.

Beth didn't normally use her hands when she sucked his cock and she didn't this time either. The first time she sucked his cock she could barely get half his cock into her mouth without gagging and choking. But she was a real trooper. She practiced until she could take his cock down her throat up to his balls without gagging and choking.

The first couple times he showed up at Beth's place to fuck her she was a sex starved slut and Sam was happy to oblige her. Most women would have resisted and fought back but not Beth. She barely resisted at all even from the very beginning.

The first night he came to her for all she knew he could have planned to kill her afterwords. Plus she didn't tell her husband. Then she wanted him to come to her a second time. And she begged him to fuck her. Then she begged him to take her anal virginity even thou he was a lot bigger than her husband.

But Sam told her he loved her just the same and she loved him and that was all that mattered. And now that her husband was dead and Beth was moving in with him they could make each other happy for the rest of their lives.

Sam was completely naked now and Beth was doing a great job sucking his cock. She had he hands behind her and she was slowly deep throating his cock. She slowly y slid his cock into her mouth up to his balls then she would slowly pull her mouth off and just suck on the head and tongue his pee slit.

Sam loved when Beth tongued his pee slit. She was the only woman he had ever been with who did it. She also the only woman that ever rimmed his ass. And he loved rimming hers.

After she had deep throated him about half a dozen times Beth stood up. Sam asked her what she was doing he hadn't cum yet.

She told him she didn't want him cumming until he was deep inside her. Of course he didn't have a problem with that. Beth gave him a kiss on the lips then turned her back to him and took a few steps forward and turned around and did a little striptease for him.

Once she was completely naked she got on the bed on all fours and wiggled her ass at him and looking back and giving him a big smile and told him to pick a hole and fuck her.

Sam gave her a big smile and crawled up on the bed behind her and grabbed her hips and started licking and planting kisses on her ass cheeks. Beth loved the feel of Sam's tongue and lips on her bare ass and his tongue in her ass. Something her husband never did for her.

When Sam started kissing and licking her ass cheeks Beth moaned and said, mmmmmmm, that feels soooooo good! Sam then told her she was a bad girl and needed a spanking. He then gave her small ass cheeks a hard slap with his hand. Sam spanked her so hard it brought tears to Beth's eyes.

Beth's ass was so small and Sam's hand was so big one hand covered both her ass cheeks at once. After half a dozen spankings Beth's ass cheeks were beet red. Sam then spread her ass cheeks and buried his face between them finding her rosebud with his tongue.

When Sam started tonguing her asshole Beth forgot all about the pain in her ass cheeks from the spanking he had just given her. Sam loved licking Beth's asshole plus it made her feel good. He would do anything to make her feel good.

Sam spent a few minutes tonguing her ass and Beth was loving it. She screamed over and over, God yes! Suddenly without warming Beth stood up. Sam wanted to know what she was doing. Again Beth told him she wanted him deep inside her before she came. Beth then reached into the night stand and got out the bottle of baby oil.

Beth then handed the bottle to Sam and told him to be a good boy and fuck her. Sam asked her which hole. She told him he could choose. Sam took the bottle from her and told her to get back on her knees. She gave him a big smile kissed him and then done as he told her.

Sam put the tip of the bottle into her asshole and squirted a generous amount into her ass. Even thou she wasn't an anal virgin anymore she was still tight. It still hurt a little when he fucked her ass but not as much as it would if they didn't use any lube at all.

Once Sam had fingered Beth's ass to make sure she was lube up good he squirted some oil in his hand and stroked his cock with it to get it good and lubed up. He then asked Beth if she was ready. She turned her head back to look at him and smiled and told him to fuck her. Sam told her to spread her ass cheeks for him and she happily obliged.

Sam put the head of his cock to her rosebud and in one quick thrust shoved just the head of his cock into Beth's asshole. Using only the head and no more. He fucked her with just the head of his cock, moving it in and out a fraction of an inch teasing her.

Beth so wanted to push back and fill her ass with Sam's cock but she knew better. It was worth the teasing in the end. The pleasure she received when he finally slid his cock deep into her ass more than made up for the little bit of teasing now she told herself.

Sam slid about 2 inches of his cock into Beth's ass. Now he had the head and two inches in her ass and that was all he was fucking her with. Sam saw Beth move a hand down between her legs and start fingering herself. He told her to put her hands behind her and keep them there. Then he reminded her that she wanted to wait until he was deep inside her before she came.

Beth did as Sam told her and put her hands behind her. Sam thought she had been teased enough and slid the rest of his cock into Beth's ass up to his balls. She let out a long moan as he slid deep into her ass.

He then slowly pulled out of her ass until just the head of his cock was in her ass then slid in again. He did this about half a dozen times going a little faster and harder each time he slid into her.

By now Beth was moaning and just about screaming at the top of her lungs begging him to fuck her harder and faster. She couldn't help herself and her hand shot down between her legs again and she started to finger her pussy again.

Sam slowed down almost to a stop fucking her ass and told her again to put her hands behind her. Beth did as she was told and Sam used one of his hands to hold her wrists together behind her back.

He then began to fuck her ass in long slow strokes. Every time he buried his cock into her ass he would slap her ass with his hand. Not hard enough to really hurt. He did it because he loved doing it and he knew she loved it also.

He continued to fuck her with long slow strokes as punishment for fingering herself after he told her not to. Beth kept begging him to fuck her harder and faster but Sam just ignored her.

After he fucked her another half dozen times with long slow strokes she was in tears and still begging. He decided she had suffered enough and did what she was begging him to do. He fucked her as ass hard and as fast as he could and they were both cumming in not time.

Once he came in her ass he collapsed on the bed beside her out of breath. Beth slid down and licked his cock clean of their combined cum. She then kissed him on the lips letting him taste his own cum.

She then whispered in his ear asking him if he had enough cum for her other to holes. He told her for his pet he did. Before Sam could move Beth was straddling his cock and sitting on him burying it in her pussy up to his balls. She told him she was going to do the work this time.

As Beth bounced up and down on Sam's cock she moved both hands up to her tits and squeezed them and played with her nipples. She let out a long moan because her nipples were so sensitive. She was so horny she didn't waste any time and bounced up and down on Sam's cock as fast as she could. With his cock pounding her pussy and her playing with her sensitive nipples she knew she couldn't hold out for long and in no time they were both cumming.

After both their orgasms had subsided Beth collapsed onto his chest out of breath. Both out of breath they stayed like that until Sam's cock went limp in her.

With his cock still in her cum filled pussy she rose up off his chest and looked down at him and he told her he was sorry but he didn't have another load in him. She told him that was ok and she layed her head on his chest and they were soon fast asleep.

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