The home inspection, part 2
He started to ease his cock from her dripping pussy and when he did, the cum poured out of her and dripped down her leg. It was very erotic. I was on fire.

They both collapsed on the bed to rest while the three of us were intertwined with our arms and legs. They fell in a sort of "spoon" position but my head was toward their feet. We laid there for a while and I could see the cum still dripping from her pussy. His semi-soft cock laid across his belly and I could see his cum dripping from the tip. I reached up and started stroking her pussy and I put my finger inside her. She moaned and I smeared the cum across her clit. I could feel her pelvis moving up and down in a rhythm and I could tell she wanted more.

She grabbed my cock and started stoking it back to attention. One oral orgasm never totally satisfies my desire. The second orgasm is always the best. She sat up and strattled me, guided my cock into her pussy and started pumping me. The young man sat up to stroke her breasts and when he did, his limp dick was very close to my face. I never thought I would ever say this, but it was beautiful. I looked at it for a little while. His dick was thin, but not too thin, perfectly straight, and his blond pubic hair framed his tight ball-sack. The tiny amount of cum dripping from his tip was too cute. I couldn't help myself so I reached up and licked the tip of his dick. His dick lurched and he looked down at me. They, he pushed his dick closer to my face and I slipped his dick into my mouth. Good grief, this was weird. I never dreamt of ever sucking another man, but this scene was intoxicating. I sucked his long, thin cock and grabbed his balls while his girlfriend was fucking me.

She leaned over to whisper in my ear while she fucked my cock.

"Suck his cock, Mr.", she whispered in my ear while pumping my cock with her dripping wet pussy. "I want to see him shoot his load in your mouth".

That was all I could take and my orgasm started building. I grabbed her ass and stuck a finger in her asshole. I reached under him and stuck a finger in his asshole too. That was all it took as the three of us each had a powerful orgasm at the same time. He pumped his load in my mouth, I pumped my load in her pussy and she drenched my dick with her orgasm.

After a while, we collapsed again and drifted off to sleep. Later, I woke up and they were gone, but they left a not near my clothes.

"You were wonderful", the note read. "Give us a call sometime. 555-1224. Love, Becky and Mike".

I can't wait to give them a call.
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