The morning after
I had to admit I got turned on knowing one of my neighbors had seen my naked backside.

When I walked in the house that morning I was surprised by a friend of my oldest son who was waiting for him in the living room. I don't know if he had been part of my gangbang, but I'm sure he had seen the pictures from that night by the way he grinned at me. I said "hi" and turned to go upstairs to my bedroom.

He said "Nice ass, come talk to me".

In my surprise to see him there I had forgotten I was only wearing an apron. I turned back around and walked to where he was sitting. He slid forward on the couch and put his hands around my waist.

"Jay's in the shower so we have a some time", he said as his hands untied the back of my apron.

He then moved one hand down to my naked ass, the other he brought forward and slid up between my thighs to my slit, slipping two fingers right inside me. I moaned softly. He told me to take off the apron as he dipped his fingers in and out of my wet pussy.

I slipped the apron over my head and tossed it on the floor. Now totally naked I smiled and asked "what do you want?", and licked my lips.

He answered, "Take out my cock and suck it slut".

I said "just a minute" and pulled away and went upstairs. I had to make sure my son was still in the shower, and grab something from my room. I got what I wanted and went back downstairs.

I think he was a little surprised to see me holding a good sized dildo complete with balls. I knelt down on my knees in front of him and went for his zipper. I pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles and gave the tip of his cock a little lick. I started fingering myself with one hand as I licked up and down his shaft, also licking his balls. I grabbed the dildo and positioned it under me, lowering my now dripping pussy down all the way to the base of this rubber cock. His eyes widened as I started riding my toy. Once I got a slow, steady rhythm going, I leaned forward and put my mouth down on his dick, moving in time with my dildo fucking. When I slid down all the way on the dildo I would go down on his cock.

He grabbed my head, pushing his cock easily into my throat. I knew I would cum any minute and started riding faster. He moved my head up and back down at his own pace now, going into my throat on every stroke.

"Oh you're a good slut aren't you", he said as he started moving my head faster.

I moved one hand to my clit and started rubbing fast as I felt my orgasm building. I started sucking harder as I got closer to cumming. I knew he would blow his load any second now. I started pumping my mouth up and down even faster, burying my nose in his pubic hair with every stroke. I felt him tense up and his first shot of spunk let go in my throat, before I had a chance to pull back, his second caught the back of my tongue as my own orgasm hit me, though not as good as I had hoped. I continued to suck on his cock until his spurting stopped, savoring the taste before swallowing it down.

I heard the water shut off upstairs, so I knew we only had a few more minutes before my son would be down. I lifted myself off the rubber cock and handed it to him.

I got on my hands and knees and said "fuck my ass with the dildo".

It was nice and juicy from my pussy. He put is against my asshole and pushed it all the way in. I moaned out loud! He pulled it back all the way out and immediately shoved it back in to the balls. Then he started pumping it in and out with long steady strokes.

I felt another orgasm building up. He started pumping me fast and hard, smacking the balls against my pussy with every stroke. With out warning he pulled the dildo out of my ass and buried it in my dripping cunt. He was pounding away on my pussy, when he paused for a moment and slipped his cock in to my asshole, with the dildo still in my snatch. I guess he must have gotten hard again fucking me with the dildo. I came, this time it was a good one. I could feel my juices dripping down my legs. He started moving his cock in and out while moving the dildo in time with his thrusts. I was on a constant peak, moaning with every thrust.

He stopped suddenly and pulled his cock out of my ass. He then did something I did not expect. He started pressing his cock in to my pussy with the dildo still in place. I could feel myself stretching to fit the second cock. It felt tight, but soooo good. Once he got his cock all the way in he started to slide the dildo out, stopping about halfway. Then he slid his cock halfway out and pushed them both back in together. He started pounding me with the dildo and his cock, and even slipped a few fingers into my asshole. Then he tensed up as I felt his cock start to spasm deep in my pussy. I let out a really loud moan as I came hard again. He pulled his cock out of me and I just rolled over and collapsed onto my back with the dildo still firmly planted in my pussy, totally exhausted. I looked up to see my oldest son standing at the foot of the stairs, staring at me.

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