The morning after
We rise late in the morning, still close together and comfortable. Our eyes open to each other and we both smile and stare for a few seconds. Feeling the wetness and dryed juices on our bodies we wisper our love for each other.

Reaching toward each other we hug and kiss. Feeling the warmth of each other we embrace ourselves. Our hands find the love spots of each other. My fingers slide through her slit filled with moist juice and I retrieive my hand to taste. I return and bring my hand back for more and my hand is grabbed by my beauty, she wants to taste too. Liking and sucking slowly while looking into each others eyes we share the food of love. I get more than a piss hard on.

Let's get into the shower we both say. I get up first and turn the shower on. The shower stall is large and easily fits two people and has a bunch of jets but just the main shower head is going now. I feel the warm water finally coming through. My babe walks in. She is beautiful and so sexy with the trickel of cum and blood decorating her body extending down her leg. She is my women to me. So femimine with her juices. She comes close and hugs me while testing the water temp. Wraps her legs between mine as she reaches in.
Let's go. I said 'I need to pee first.' 'Just come in with me first' she said. I am hard as steel now, probably can't piss anyway being so horney. We do our first rinse and wash and she craddles her arms around me and pulls me to the opposite wall from the shower. With her back to the wall she reaches for my hard on. It had soften slightly. She pulls me into her closer and puts my penis helmet right on her clit. Pee please do it on my clit. As she is holding it, I am trying to pee and the dick is just throbbing. "I can't go." She said: "okay you hold it there right at the hood and have you penis slit right against my clit. Still can't do it. Just relax baby.she whispers in my ear just relax and let it flow. Relax she said feel the water and the warmth. I'm trying to relax thinking of something else, my dick softens a bit. Finally, a little squirt, hmmmm good she says, come on relax and let it flow. I want to cum this way. Slowly the flow starts slowly and picks up force hitting her clit. A nice warm liquid message. She starts bucking very slowly. Her breathing deepens and her hold on me tightens, she is fucking the stream so sensitive of the warm pee hitting the clit her tongue slips in my mouth to dance
and mate with mine. Her clit is fucking my dick, such a beautiful feeling and, wow, an super explosive orgasm for her.

"Now I'm ready to go my turn." "Hold it for a moment lets finish the shower." "I need a little relief."
I roll my eyes, "whats going on?." "I want to try something new, please." "What's up, I will try anything with you, you know that." She says "I know how much you enjoy my menstrual juice, and I love sharing a part of me with you. I have this "Diva Cup" its a menstrual cup used in place of a tampon. Its going to be a long day before we are together. I want you to cum a nice big load into me and I want to put the cup in place after you cum capturing your juice. Later, I will serve it to you tonight..maybe we both can share it with our tongues?
This is the last big flow period today and I want to capture it for you and I want your cum bathing me all day long. Sweetheart, I love you. I grab her still wet and I take her to the bed. I see her pussy just glisening with anticipation and get two pillows under her butt. Gravity will hold the cum back. I get between her legs, she's hot, I'm hot/ I place my dick between her slit and find the love hole and slide it in with her moans. She cums immediately, I recoil and slam her to her cervix and she clamps down so hard my toes curl as I explode. Ropes and ropes empties into her resevior while she grips and milks me keeping the juice well inside till I'm dry.

Though both of us are wiped out, she reaches for the cup and inserts it. Tonight baby,tonight. We finish getting dressed for work. When we leave the house we kiss and she takes my hand into her mound and kisses and whispers I have part of you all day.
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