The neighbor part 2
Ahh... the next day its bright and hot. I am hanging some clothes on the line I am singing along no buddy around. Warm fresh air feels so great. The new neighbor pops out the door to hang some clothes too.

She thanks me for the use of the clippers and that she is close to finishing up that task.

"I was so very happy to help you yesterday" I said with a smile.

She was wearing a nice lite summer dress where it was apparent there was nothing on underneath.

She said "I just rushed out to hang a few items. Glad to see you today and your help yesterday is really appreciated."

"Is your house partner or boy friend home? I don't think I have spoken with him yet." I questioned.

She said, "No he is on one of his projects again but as I mentioned before were good friends but not romantically connected. Sex takes a back seat for most part. Hold hands, hugs or a kiss. Once in a while... maybe seasonal we screw together but he is not into it."

"I understand, I'm married and the wife does not prioritise a great sex life. I guess time always takes its toll. She is great in all other aspects of the relationship but just not any depth with sex such as trying new stuff, experimenting and such. Even the boring routine sex has wanned off the past years. Try to talk about it usually ends up in a confrontation. Eventually, I learned to avoid the subject."

"It is strange how some people hunger for making love and others like to go shopping or flying a kite better. However, life goes on and choices are made." she agrees.

"Well enough of philosophy! I am going down to the park later for some cool breezes and get my feet into some cool lake water. See you later." with a blink in her eye.

As she is returning to the house she steps into a depression and takes a tumble. She lets out with a scream as she falls. I come running over to her assistance. She has a good ankle twist and has trouble standing up. I reach around and pick her up just below her breasts. We both hobble to the house. I get her into a chair and she gets a chance to rest. After a few momnets, she tries to get up and has differculty putting weight on the foot.

"My whole leg hurts" she moans. I said let me wrap some ice on the ankle. Getting a dish towel, some ice and wetting the cloth, I wrap it around her foot and ankle. Then I noticed some blood leaking down both her legs.

Are you hurting anyplace else" I questioned.

"Just the leg sore to the hip. Why? Do you see anything else I don't think I fell on anything, Please check". she states.

With a dress slightly dirty and with a few bloody drips I check her legs. My hand goes gently up to her groin with both hands around the thighs. It feels very luby not like just blood. I go to the next leg and lift the dress up and assure the legs are okay and have fun smearling her nectar and gently rubbing her lips. She is moaning a bit with delight.

"Continue rubbing my theighs please...takes away the pain in my ankle." she whispers.

"Let me clean you up a bit." I said and proceed with a wash cloth. She grabs my head and pulls me right into her cunt lips.

She says, 'eat me baby and thats the clean I want."

My nose rests on her clit and my tongue is swishing around her lips, sucking and eating all I can. Rubbing my face in the warmth and wetness of her juices. Breathing in and feeling the wonderful aroma and taste of her sex juice.

She starts riding the waves of passion and using my nose to message her pressure hit her clit. The juice is beginging to pour from her love hole. I drink all I can. Menstrual juice is a top 3 turn on for me.

Waiting for her coming big O, I unzip my pants and free the impaler. I want to come in her for that second wave. Here comes the first, I'll make sure she is satisfied and fully benefit that boosted second wave.

Ahh, she is bucking and gyrating her hips. She squeezes my head between her thighs and squirts her juice right into my mouth. I savor the sweet salty taste and swallow it all. Timing is close.

Before the orgasm completely fades, I take my dick and slide it into the lips gathering natures lube. Now finding the magic hole, I slam into her till I feel her cervix. I retract and slam right to her cervix opening and unload my cum by buckets filling her cervix and flooding her vagina till it begins to leak out. She cums harder than the first. The juice runs down and tickles her asshole.

We both relax holding each other.

"How's the ankle" I whisper.

She replies, "When is the next pain management apppointment?"
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