The new couch cover
Some time ago I got home from work after a long day, with lots of meetings that really worn me out. My wife was not yet home, so I got myself a beer from the fridge and sat down on the couch and switched on the TV. After I got through half of my beer I must have dozed off, as I suddenly woke up from feeling something rubbing against my trousers.

When my wife got home she must have seen me sleeping on the couch. She changed into the very hot set I got her some time ago: a deep-red bra that was just large enough to fit her breast, and a matching small string. My wife is only partly shaved, and some very dark hairs just peaked out over the top of the string and the part that was covered was shining though, just the way I like it.

Her bra was small, showing a lot of her beautiful, large breasts, without overflowing. They were also very thin, allowing her nipples to be visible. The bra was pushing her breasts up slightly, and het nipples were pushing out and very hard, showing that she had already played with them.

When she noticed I was getting awake she bend over towards me and kisses me. "How was your day, honey? Did you have a very hard day?", she said with a soft and sensual voice, then kissing me again, not expecting an answer.

Seeing her like that bending over me, her firm breasts pushed together by the bra, made me slowly become harder and harder, as I was still waking up. I kiss her back, put my hand behind her head and pull her closer and suck her lip, then sliding my tongue inside. Her hand is still rubbing me, and now my dick is pushing hard against my trousers. She feels that as well, and opens my belt and zip, allowing my now hard staff to stand up. She puts her hand around it and slowly moves it up and down, careful to not touch the top.

With one hand still pushing her head close, my other hand moves onto her bra, softly caressing her breast, and feeling het nipple standing very firm. I put two fingers around one and squeezed it though the fabric. She moans softly into my mouth, and I could feel her breathing becoming deeper and her kissing more intense.

She now starts to remove my tie and slowly unbuttons my shirt. She moves her head down and her lips follow the unbuttoning, kissing my skin when the shirt opens up. I start to moan from pleasure, as her head slowly moves down towards my hard dick. While she moves down her breasts slide down over me, and I can feel her nipples though her bra and my shirt. When they reach my dick she pushes them together, around my dick and slowly move them up and down, giving me a boob-job. She looks up at me and I can just see the head of my dick between her full breasts. She then moves her head down and starts to kiss the top, moving down kissing it. One hand takes my balls and squeezes them lightly.

When her mouth reaches the end she kisses my balls and then sucks on them, one at a time, before moving up again, her mouth now around one side and her teeth rubbing along the side, and then she slides her lips around the top, her tongue slowly moving around the head and her teeth lightly scratching against the side just below the head. Her head moves slowly down, and I can see most of my dick disappear into her mouth and feel her lips and tongue around it. She then starts to move up and down, sucking harder and harder. I feel that some pre-cum already slips out, and I grab her head and push my dick deep inside and keep it there for a few seconds, then fucking her mouth a couple of times. I then slide it out and pull her up again and kiss her again. I can taste some of myself, which always arouses me very much, and I now push her besides me onto the couch, still kissing her.

I get up and drop my pants and shirt, and then slide on top of her, kissing her again long and deep. I sit up, now sitting on her belly, and my hands move onto her breasts, fondling both of them though her bra. I slide one finger inside both of the cups, making sure not to slide the cups down, and play with her nipples inside the cups. She closes her eyes, and moans slowly and softly. I then move the cups down in one movement, flipping her soft breasts out. As they are very soft and full, they move to the side a bit, but my hands push them together and I bend over and start to suck her nipples. They are very close together, so I move from one to the other quickly. They become even harder and fuller when I suck them and putting my teeth on them, careful not to bite too hard.

She grabs my dick with one hand and my balls with another, and starts playing with them. This surprised me so I bite a bit harder than I would, making her jumping a bit, partly from a bit of pain, partly from pleasure, but she does not say anything, besides moaning harder.

After some time I slide down, kissing her belly and licking her belly button, but my hands are still on her breasts. When I reach her string she opens her legs, so I can move my head between them. Her string is already becoming moist from the inside, and I start to lick the outside and I can feel her bend her back, and her moaning and breathing becomes more intense. I grab her string and she lifts up so I can pull it off of her, revealing her nicely trimmed bush, a beautiful triangle pointing down at her clit. My fingers move though it slowly moving down though it, then letting two fingers move along both sides of her clit following the lines of her outside lips. I then open her legs further and kneel down between them, kissing around her pussy. I can see her pussy slowly start to glister, as she becomes wetter and wetter, but I make sure not to touch it.

After a few seconds she can't take it and grabs my head and pushes it hard between her legs, my nose pressed against her clit, and my lips onto her pussy lips. My tongue mow moves between them and I slowly move up, circling her clit, then putting my lips around it and sucking on it. That makes her yell from excitement, and I quickly slide two fingers deep inside, causing another hard moan. From her movements I can feel that she is getting very close to an orgasm, so my fingers move hard and fast and my lips and tongue play with her clit. It does not take long before she cums, grabbing my head and sliding it up and down her pussy hard. I can feel her pussy juice all over my chin, mouth and nose and licking it directly from her pussy.

When I feel her relax a bit I move on top of her again, sliding my hard dick inside her still pulsating pussy. She start to kiss me deeply, licking her juices of my face. I slowly start to move in and out, and she squeezes her pussy around me. I feel her breasts rubbing against my breast, while I continue to move slowly. She put her arms around me, pushing me closer and kissing me deeper. After some time I start to increase the speed, and move as deep as I can. She moves her legs around me, pushing my into her even deeper and I put my arms underneath her, grabbing her shoulders for grip. As the speed increases our bodies start to slap against each other, harder and harder. I can't keep this very long, as she squeezes me harder and harder, and I explode deep inside her, unloading a large load into her soaking wet pussy. This makes her cum again, squeezing me very hard, sucking the last cum out of me.

I drop down onto her and we lay there for a couple of minutes, recovering. Then I kiss her again, slowly at first, with my still hard dick still inside her. I slide slowly down a bit so I can suck her breasts again, and then move off her sitting next to her. I pull her upright and close to me, kissing her again, and then I get up and grab both of her hands. She slowly gets up, and kisses me and puts her arms around me and pressing her body against me. We then move to our bedroom, to continue with what we started. She makes me cum again, while I manage to make her cum a number of times before we fall asleep.

The next day, when we get into the living room we see some very large stains on our couch, which remind us of what happened last night. But we can't show this to our visitors, so we get a nice cover, for the couch and the chairs, so everything looks like we just redecorated.

But once in a while, when I come home, I see that the cover is removed, and my wife is waiting for me on the couch......
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