The new hire at work
After I got divorced I had to get a better job. I had gotten my degree online and was hired by a distribution company as an office manager. It's a great job and one I still have today. This story took place about 5 years ago. My son was off at college and my daughter was doing her high school thing so I had a lot of free time to myself. I had been dating a few guys and would go out with the girls to have fun now and then. I was 38 and I knew from the looks and attention I got I still hot. I'm about 5' 7" and weighed 110 lbs. I keep in shape by running everyday even though my 36D boobs bounce around way too much. They men in the neighborhood always stop and stare when I jog by.

I have to dress professionally at work which means usually a dress or nice slacks. That doesn't mean I don't tease now and then. There are a lot of guys in and out of our office and also out in the warehouse. When I am feeling naughty and wear a low cut dress or one that is on the tight side they will stumble over themselves to keep walking by my desk for no reason. If I have to go out in the warehouse for some reason the guys out there just stop and stare. It's like they have never seen a woman before.

I handle all the new hire paperwork and one day I needed a new guy in the warehouse to fill a couple of forms out. I walked out to the warehouse and tracked down the warehouse manager. I was wearing pretty flowery dress since it was springtime. It showed off my legs and boobs. I found him and he smiled and said I always make his day. I told him I needed to find this new guy who I had not met. He yelled back to the loading dock calling out the guys name which was John. From a group of guys I saw one of them start to jog over to where we were standing.

John was a very athletic black guy. He had very dark skin and was about 6' 2" and very muscular. His biceps stretched the t-shirt he was wearing. When the warehouse manager introduced me to John he smiled at me and I felt weak in my knees. As I smiled back at him I saw his eyes go down then back up obviously checking me out. From his paperwork I knew he was 21 yrs old and still in college. He was taking evening classes so he could work here during the day. We were both still smiling at each other when I handed him the forms I needed filled out and told him to just bring them by my desk when he was done. He said he would and I turned to walk back out of the warehouse. I knew they were watching my ass swing. I was wearing heels and maybe I made sure they got a show. It felt hot out in the warehouse or maybe it was just me.

An hour later it was break time out in the warehouse and I was at my desk reading a report. I felt someone standing there and I looked up to see John smiling at me. I smiled back at him and suddenly felt warm again. He handed me the paperwork and as I looked it over he leaned over and put his big hands on my desk. I knew he was trying to get a closer look at my tits. My breathing had sped up and I knew they were heaving some. I look up and told him everything was in order. He took his gaze from my chest and looked me in the eye. He asked me where a good place for lunch was around here. I told him there was a little diner across the street that was good. He asked if I ate there and I said yes sometimes. He smiled and went back to work.

The rest of the morning I was very distracted. When I went to the bathroom I noticed my panties were soaked and I knew this guy had really got to me. What was I thinking? When I went back to my desk I couldn't help daydreaming about what he looked like naked. How big was his cock? Something told me it was huge. It had been awhile since I had any really hot sex and it had been a long time since I had been with a black guy. It's a taboo thing to some people but I never had an issue with it. I was always amazed at the contrast in skin color and thought that was hot.

Soon it was lunch time and I walked across to the diner. I was going to just get something to go and eat at my desk. I was waiting to order when I heard my name. I turned and saw John sitting in a booth by himself. He waved me over and against my better judgment I went. He stood up and offered me a seat across from him. I sat down and ordered a salad. He got his meal and as we ate we talked and I learned more about him. He had been a high school football star but had hurt his knee and lost out on a scholarship. He was single and lived in an apartment close by. He seems really sweet and normal and of course was very good looking. I told him about me. I told him how old I was because I wasn't ashamed of it and I wanted to see his reaction. He smiled and said I didn't look my age and was surprised that I wasn't married.

We made small talk for the rest of the meal but by the end of it there was an obvious attraction. It was almost electric and I knew we both felt it. We went back to work and I tried to concentrate for the rest of the day. Over the next couple of weeks we got to know each other better and became friends. I warned him we needed to be careful at the office because I was a manager and he was a warehouse worker. He asked me if I thought someone might think we were having an affair. I smiled and said that they just might. He then asked if I thought that was such a bad idea. I knew at that moment that we would soon be lovers. I looked around and saw we were alone and I placed my hand on his cheek. I smiled at him and said that I thought that might be a great idea. He said that he didn't have school that night and that I should come over to his place after work. My heart was fluttering and I heard myself say yes.

We couldn't leave work together so I got his address. I stayed a little late giving him enough time to leave and get home. Making my way to my car I almost couldn't get the keys in the ignition. I calmed myself down and drove to his apartment. I hoped my car wouldn't be recognized there and I parked away from his door. Getting myself together I walked over to it and knocked. He opened the door and smiled. He had changed into a t-shirt and shorts. He offered me something to drink and I said yes. He was having a beer and he had some wine for me. We sat on the couch and I waited for his move. It didn't take long.

I finished my wine and I leaned forward to set the glass down. When I sat back he reached for me and pulled me close to him with his strong arms. He kissed me deeply. My hands were on his chest and I felt the muscles there. His lips were soft but insistent. His tongue danced with mine. He had taken a shower and smelled fresh and masculine. As he kissed me I felt his hand start to fumble with the buttons down the front of my dress. He got a few undone but I helped with the rest. He reached in and cupped my large breast with his hand and squeezed it. I was wearing a low cut demi bra and he was able to expose my nipple. It was rock hard and he broke our kiss to bend down and take it in his mouth. I closed my eyes and sighed at the feeling.

I let him do that for a moment then I started to pull his t-shirt off. He let go of my nipple as it came off over his head. I stood up and let my dress fall off. I didn't wear pantyhose or stockings that day so all I had on was my bra and thong. I stood above him smiling and he smiled back. I sat down on his lap straddling him. My tits were in his face so I reached around and unhooked my bra. When released my boobs feel out and I tossed the bra aside. He took a boob in each hand and said he knew that the were this great. He began to lick and suck on a nipple and switched back and forth between them. I held his head to my chest as he worked on them. He would flick them with his tongue and then gently bite them. I was soaking my panties and started to grind my pussy on him. I could feel his mass start to grow.

After thoroughly wearing out my nipples he slayed me on my back on his couch. I was breathing hard and fast. His powerful hand gently peeled my thong off leaving naked and exposed beneath him. He leaned forward to kiss my flat stomach. I felt butterfly's there as he moved down lower. My pussy was perfectly smooth as always. He kissed my mound and I felt him inhale my scent. I knew I was very wet and aroused. His tongue reached out to lick my outer lips. He was very good at this and went to work on me. Soon he had my hips bucking off the couch and he hadn't ever touched my clit yet. When that happened I came instantly and shook uncontrollably. He stuck his big tongue deep inside me as I pinched and pulled my own nipples. I couldn't believe how hard I came. He let me lay there for a moment to catch my breath. He stood up and finally took his shorts off and there it was.

His cock was a monster. It was hard but too big and heavy to stand up. It was very dark and had to be 12 inches long. It seemed to go down to his knees. His balls were just as dark and were huge too. His body was hairless and he groomed himself down there. He had well defined muscles in his stomach and legs. A perfect male body. I knew he wanted me and I was a little afraid. It was so long that I knew it would all fit. I hoped he would be patient. He knelt between my spread legs. My pussy was soaking wet and open. He took his huge cock in one hand and steadied himself with the other. I had to sit up some to watch this. He rubbed his bulbous head across my wet lips. It was soon glistening. We hadn't said a word since we started. His big head felt very hot as it rubbed up and down. Finally I guess he thought it was wet enough because he lined things up and pressed forward.

I couldn't take my eyes off this sight. His big head had started to go inside me. I felt a little burning pain as I was being stretched. He was gentle but insistent. He was going in. I was being stretched so far and I winced. I then felt it pop in and let out the breath I was holding. Not stopping he pressed forward more and his black shaft started to disappear into my white pussy. He said I was very tight. My pussy walls gripped his cock as he withdrew a little then went back in. Each time more of him went in me. Soon he let go of his cock with his hand and let his hips takeover. I rolled my hips up so the angle was better for him to get deep. He was soon stoking steadily. I felt his big head hit my cervix. There was still part of his cock left to go in. I wasn't sure how that would happen but we both wanted it. I brought my knees up and but my hands on his muscular ass urging him on.

I looked between our now sweating bodies. His dark black skin against my white body. It was springtime so I hadn't got a tan yet. Even with a tan we would contrast dramatically. I could see his wet shaft come out of me and then plunge back in. I took my gaze from that and looked up. His face was one of concentration and his eyes were closed. He opened his eyes for a moment and saw me looking at him. He continued to pound me as our eyes locked. Our bodies were joined in a primal way. I could see his desire for me in his eyes. I hoped mine told him how much I desired him. He bent down and kissed me passionately again.

As we were hungrily kissing each other his pace was picking up. Naturally his strokes were becoming more forceful. He had stretched my pussy as far as it would go but he was till not all the way in me. He was far enough in to where I could feel his big balls bounce against my ass. When I felt them tighten up I knew he was close and so was I. He was kissing me still when I felt him groan into my mouth. His ass and stomach tightened up and I felt it. He was shooting his black seed deep inside my white pussy. He broke our kiss to get some air as he continued to shoot in me with each deep stroke. My pussy spasmed around his cock as I came as well. We were cumming at the same time and I always loved that. He looked almost as if he was in pain as he drained himself in me. Finally finishing he collapsed on me and I held him to my breasts.

After catching our breath he pushed up on his hands above me. His huge cock was still firmly locked in my pussy. He smiled and said that was the best sex he had ever had and I was hotter then any woman he knew. I rubbed his black chest and stomach with my hands and smiled back at him. He then asked me if it had been OK for him to cum in me since we hadn't talked about condoms or him pulling out. I did a quick calculation in my head. I wasn't on the pill and I hated condoms. This had all happened so fast that I forgot to look at the calendar. It was too late now since he had shot a huge load up in me. I was close to my risky time but still had a few safe days. I assured him that things were fine. He slowly started to pull out of me and his shaft seemed to go on forever and finally my pussy released him.
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