The proper canvas (One of a serial)
I dont know what it was that made me audit that art class. Maybe the lack of a better option for my extra class. Some might say it was fate, but I wasnt one to put stock in such superstitions.

At least at first I wasnt. Now? Who knows.

All I do know was I needed the elective class and it hopefully wouldnt be so boring.

I looked around at the almost empty classroom. I had arrived early and hardly anyone else was around. Four others were in the class at the time, either adjusting their books or marveling at the paintings and pictures that adorned the walls.

One of the lookers turned to look at me as I entered the room. My eyes met the most beautiful face I had ever seen. Her pale brown hair framed her face almost as perfect as the paintings in the room. She smiled as she saw my eyes meet hers, a smile that made me smile, almost involuntarily.

But the one thing that I could not help but notice was her bust. They had to be the largest ones i had ever seen in my life (and I hid playboys from my folks...)

I couldn't admire them for long as quickly more people started flooding the room. She hurried to a desk, and i quickly grabbed the empty one next to her. It seemed so juvenile at the time.

The teacher entered with the last wave and the lecturing soon began. I was lucky that he made reference to alot of the paintings on the walls, as it afforded me a shot at her side profile. Even clothed in the black pullover her incredible bust line was clear as day.

The class went for what seemed like forever with the teacher droning on, so the end bell was a godsend. I had just intended to see her naked in my head and leave it at that, but for once I decided that I was gonna take the initiative. I walked up to her.

"Excuse me, am I bothering you?"

She turned to me. "Oh. No, not at all."

"I hope I am not imposing, but I was hoping I may ask you to dinner tonight." What? I hadnt asked out a girl since i was 10(A sad story).

She didnt notice, or if she did, she didnt show it. Instead, she smiled. "You know, I think I would like that."

I was relieved and glad. "Alright. How about at 7?"

She thought for a moment. "I'll be in my dorm room. Can you meet me there?"

I gave my affirmation, and she told me the number. "I'll see you then."

The rest of the day flew by. Mostly because I was daydreaming about her. Got one professor mad.

But 7 o'clock came and I made my approach to her dorm room. But the first knock got me nothing. It took one more to find out the door was open.

I walked into what seemed like an unfinished room, canvas and tarps, the scent of paint prevelent, despite the open windows.

The occupant was standing in front of an easel, her latest work sitting, being scrutinized by its creator.

I was in shock and awe. The black shirt was replaced by a white (at one point) smock, her face had splotches of paint.

I walked over to look at the canvas. As I did, I also startled its owner.

"Oh, god. What time is it?" She looked around, finally spotting a wall clock. "OH! Oh god. I am so sorry. I had a flash of insight..."

I held up my hands. "Its okay. Do you still wanna go out?"

She sighed and nodded. "Just let me get cleaned up."

I nodded. She showed me to a couch and smiled. "I promise I wont take long."

I sat down and she disappeared. For a few minutes I sat, but soon a voice caught my ear. I followed it to the bathroom.

The voice was loud enough over the din of the shower. "Do me a favor. I left the dress I was gonna wear in the dryer. Can you get it?"

I said I would and found her laundry room with no problem. I recovered the only dress in it, a sleek black number that looked mildly small.

I brought it around, but saw no place to put it. When i questioned, the answer was apparent. "Oh, just bring it in here."

I opened the door to a little bathroom, barely big enough for the shower and toilet in it. I set the dress on the sink, and was about to leave, until I saw the shower curtain was slightly open.

I had seen her body covered. Who wouldnt want a sneak peek?

I quietly leaned forward, trying to get anything in view of the opening.

What I got was one of the tightest, roundest asses I had ever laid eyes on. She threw her hair back and her butt didnt move. Her curves took an incredible turn as her bust suddenly jutted out from her chest.

But I may have stared too long. She turned in an instant, maybe for the shampoo bottle near the opening, and her eyes instantly met mine.

Her eyes immediately showed shock, and at first I thought i was in deep. But only for a moment.

Then her hands started running along her body, tracing her curvy figure, and her large bosom. Hey eyebrow cocked, and she smiled. "Like what you see?"

My eyes widened. The shock only let me nod.

She got out of the shower and grabbed a towel. She dried herself, leaving the towel.

She walked to the door, turned and held out her hand. Her heaving tits were practically calling out to me. I took her hand.

She walked me down a small hall to her bedroom. It was a simple setup, but in my lusted mind the bed was the only interesting thing.

She lied down, and i knew immediately what i wanted.

I grabbed hold of the first breast that I could, rubbing the taut nipple in my fingers. She squealed and moaned under my touch. The other nipple was soon engulfed by my lips, licking and sucking it. She shuddered under my licking, her hands reaching down for my pants. She unhooked them and quickly got them off, along with my boxers.

My cock popped out, and her hand was immediately around it, running along the length of the shaft. I lay along her side, my attention to her large bust continuing. She shuddered again, using her loose hand to bring my head up to kiss me deeply. "Do me. You can have the rest of me later."

My ears perked at this. "Is that a promise?"

She laughed, then shifted around so that I was in between her legs. She reached under her hips and spread her pussy invitingly.

I was just as horny as her, so i moved forward and started rubbing my cockhead against her pussy.

She squealed. "Just put it in me!"

I answered her plea, by thrusting deep into her. She screamed as the head of my cock hit her womb.

She shuddered, moaning incoherently. I started to move, but just the act of pulling back made her shudder more, moving down to get more back in her. I started thrusting hard back into her, moving my hips fast. She was panting and moaning, grabbing her nipples to hold her massive bosom from bouncing all over. I reached up and grabbed hold of each tit, rubbing and squeezing them. She braced her arms against her thighs, matching my thrusting cock. I reached down and started rubbing her clit, trying to tease her more. What I got was more panting and moaning, and her arms returning to play with her now vacant breast. Her vice tight pussy was pushing me closer to the edge. Her bucking hips told me the same. I started slamming deep into her and her screams became louder.

Quickly her pussy clamped around me, her orgasm running through her body. I barely had time to pull out of her vice tight pussy to loose my load of cum all over her belly and the underside of her tits.

She lay panting, not moving. She then looked past her cleavage at me.

"Hey, you wanna go out now? I may need to shower again."

I shook my head. "I think we can save that for another time."

She sat up and kissed me deeply. "And I promise there will be other times."
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