The rock cries out

We lay on the large rock in the woods.  I was still fully clothed.  You had eventually kicked the rest of your clothes free after your climax that had you breathing in a short choppy rhythm.  You were comfortable with your nakedness.  I could see the satisfaction that just oozed from your pores.  Satisfaction at the incredible blow job that you had just received but also the wonderful relaxing properties of the hot sun beating down upon you and the gentle soothing warmth of the large rock below you.  I lay on my side, watching your body relax.  Your finger traced a path up my clothed thigh and over my stomach.  Your touch was electric.  I sucked in my breath as your finger moved slowly back down my body.  Up and down, your finger roamed.  Never stopping anywhere for long.  I wriggled under your touch.  I wanted more and you knew it.  You didn't disappoint either.  On the next path up, your finger slid under my shirt. Your fingers first, and then your hot hand resting on my stomach singed me with the sensual electricity that coursed between us.  I could feel the wetness pooling between the juncture of my thighs.  I was on fire and there was only one person to put out the flame.  You were very dexterous as your undid my shorts and slipped your hands inside. I knew what awaited you and I fought the urge to close my eyes as I savored the sensation of your finger sliding into my warm heat.  I wanted to see the look of desire and passion leap into your eyes as you encountered what awaited you.
I was not wrong.  When your finger slipped into the hot wet folds of my womanhood you moaned out loud. You loved how wet I got.   I knew that your mind was already focused on the taste of that wetness.  Your eyes glazed over with that desire and you pushed my clothes off my body.  Wantonly, I spread my legs anxious to feel what you so desperately wanted to give.  I wasn't disappointed.  First I felt your hands on my thighs, caressing touching.   And then I felt your movement over me as you moved into position.  I was so sensative that your breath was a hot caress against my aching skin.   Finally, I felt your tongue.  You always started out so tenatively in a teasing manner, just lightly brushing the tip of your tongue over my long slit.  I breathed in a deep breath.  Your tongue cooled my burning skin in a way that only made me burn hotter as it licked up and down. You lapped up my wetness with delight.   Your teeth lightly nipped at my lips. Your tongue probed.  Eventually you reached my swollen clit and I writhed under you as my first orgasm ripped through my body.  Your hands were firm on my hips as you held me tightly against the warm rock.  I raised my head to look at you laying between my legs.  Your eyes were fastened upon my face.  I could see the look of merriment in your eyes as you paused for just a quick bit until I regathered my composure before recommencing with your tongue.  Over and over you brought me to the edge of bliss and pushed me into that great state of being.  I screamed out your name.  I grasped at the rocks, I pulled at your body and I lost utter control as your tongue worked it's magic upon my womanhood.  I lost track of how many times I came. 
I was quivering with a combination of spent passion and as of yet  unfufilled desire when you moved up my body to kiss me deeply. You knew I was aching to be filled with your hardness. Our tongues mingled and I could taste my juices on your tongue. I could feel your hardness between our bodies, pressed against the juncture of my thighs.   My body arched against you and I could feel your head slip into my tightness.  You grasped my hips to hold me still and you gently and slowly slide your length into me.  My eyes closed with sublime bliss at the feeling of your penetation, at that wonderful feeling of being filled with your hard cock.  My breathing was deep and heavy as you began to move.  I wrapped my legs around you and matched each thrust with a circular movement of my hips that I knew drove you wild.   I was not mistaken.  Our combined efforts soon had us both panting and ready to explode.  I was the first to lose absolute control.  I screamed as I came.  My body pulsing and spasming around your manhood quickly pulled you  into the orgasmic throes that I was already enjoying.  We clung together as our bodies rode out the waves of passion coursing through us.  Exhausted, we collapsed in a heap and under the warm sunshine, fell into a blissfully relaxed sleep.
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