The secrets out
She woke up to the sounds of soft rain hitting the roof. The bedroom was dark except for the light of the moon shining in the open drapes. Last night was amazing. She still can't believe he knows her secret.

She had found out about this site with erotic stories and decided to check it out, first just reading then even chatting asking questions and then writing some of her own. She found it a way of expressing herself with out being judged. It was really very freeing.

He had laid her back on the bed and was caressing her all over admiring her, telling her how beautiful and sexy she was as he trailed kisses down her neck towards her hardening nipples.

His hands skillfully playing across her skin. The warmth of his touch left goosebumps where he touched her. He knew her so well, knew just where and how to tease her. Arching her back pressing into him wanting more.

Nipples standing up as she feels his breath nearing, then the warmth as he takes her in his mouth gently sucking and flicking his tongue across the hard bud. "You like that baby?" he asks as his hand caresses her ribs and down to her hip towards her sweet hot sex.

Nothing matters except the now, his tongue teasing and his roaming hand leaving her tingling and wanting. She loves his touch, the heat of his skin on her own.

As he moves so they are in a spooning position pulling her back and down so she can feel his hardness pressed against her. He kisses her neck sending shivers thru her body.
Arching her back thrusting her chest out and her ass against his hardened shaft. Mmmm she moans as she wiggles her ass.

She is moving her hips back and forth up and down against him, knowing how much he likes the feel against his member. Her body is on fire from the combination of knowing he knows and his touch. He continues kissing her neck as her reaches around caressing her breast and down to her hot pussy.

He shifts and she feels him slide between her legs, feel his shaft against her swollen lips. Feeling her wetness as she glides back and forth coating him. Her mind a whirl with sensations. As they both are thrusting back and forth teasing each other.

She feels his engorged head pressed against the entrance moving her hips against the head covering it in her juices, knowing how he loves this. He thrusts forward...Oh yes baby, that's it as he sinks in deep to her warm depths.

He pushes her forward so that the only place they touch is where they are joined. Slowly stroking in and out. Her pussy so hot and wet gripping his cock. He fills her completely, listening to her moans knowing from her stories this is what she likes.

He's driving in and out faster loving the feel of her pussy wrapped around him and her ass pressed against him. With every outward stroke she grips him tighter pulling him back in. He wants to be as deep in her as he can.

As he thrusts harder forcing her onto her stomach so he can really drive into her. She is moaning and bouncing from the force of him.
She swears she can feel him at the center of her body as he pounds her hard and deep, his balls slapping against her as she moans out as her orgasm takes over and she cums,

Just as he feels her spasms he drives in long and hard as she milks his member and empties his hot load deep inside her.

As they lay holding each other knowing their love is strong and wondering whats to come next.

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